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Stock Up on Useful Pamphlets

Available through the Corps Ministries Department websites

Jul 30, 2010 Add comment
The Corps Ministries Department has a number of useful pamphlets that will keep your congregation up-to-date on resources.  Here is a selection of what is available:

Information about Ministry Resources and Personnel at THQ, website resources, and more. A great resource for local leaders!
Youth Discipleship Program - description of Bible Study, Mentoring, and Ministry Training programs. (
Basic information about Junior Soldiers. (Trade Item)  Helpful for new parents and families. Information about the Micah Challenge and Fair Trade Products - (Free Download -  Great for small groups, and your literature stand.
Web Safety Pamphlets - one for children, one for youth, one for parents. Also available in French. Great for your foyer table or welcome package. ( In the booklet "My New Life In Christ", new believers will find solid teaching about this new life by working through this book, preferably with one or two mentors who will disciple them. (
Decision Pamphlets - 4 age groups, Have these available for your Sunday School children. ( Follow Up Pamphlets and leaders' guides for each age group. (
First Steps Introduction pamphlets. (  Great for your information stand or welcome package. Immigrant & Refugee - Private Sponsorship pamphlet, and Facing Facts - general information, order the Army pamphlet through, download the government pamphlet here.

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