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In Our Backyard...And in My Backyard

CCM Appreciation Resource

Apr 30, 2012 Add comment
CCM Recognition Sunday is scheduled for Sunday June 3rd, but each corps will recognize this ministry as it fits into the corps calendar.

This year, our theme will be “In Our Backyard”.  The idea of the theme is to live counter cultural to the NIMBY (Not in My Backyard) voices that recognize ‘something needs to be done to help people, but please, NOT IN MY BACKYARD!’  I do trust that you will take the time to review what CCM is called to be in your own community.

As we live in our communities—serve in our corps— grow in our relationship with Jesus, let us      continue to learn from the examples and teachings of Jesus.  He gave us lessons for life, how to interact and care for one another in the story of the Good Samaritan.  Let us keep our eyes, our good deeds, our compassion on those He has placed on our path to reach for Him.  Let us learn and live out our faith In Our Backyard.

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