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Bible Correspondence Course Information

The Bible Correspondence Study Program provides seven courses for individual study.

Purpose:  These correspondence courses are designed to increase knowledge of Biblical, doctrinal and historical realities, and to enrich your spiritual pilgrimage. They are not designed for students seeking academic credit.

Registration:  We recommend you complete each course  within six months of enrolment.
A fee of $5.00 for each course is requested to cover the shipping and handling as well as the printing  expenses associated with each course.   However, if you choose to download the documents this fee will be waived.

Procedure:  Once you have registered, you may access the study electronically, or request to have them mailed (fee applies).  Studies can be returned by mail or email (depending on the method chosen) and they will be marked and returned.

Recognition: Upon the successful completion of  each course, you will be awarded a Blue Certificate.  Also, when the seven courses are completed, a Gold Certificate will be issued  to you indicating the Basic Bible Series has been achieved in its entirety.

Studies:  To access the courses you must complete the registration process indicated above, and you must use this link to register on this website.  When both parts of your registration are complete, you may log in using the username and password sent to you by email.  After you log in you can access  the downloads  here.  After log in you will also see a fly-out option under Adult/Bible Correspondence Studies -  Courses.

If you have questions or concerns regarding these courses, please contact the