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Corps Ministries November News… Check out the newsletter for November with links to: ADULT … Nov 20, 2014
10 Ways to Get Involved This C… Choose at least one way you can impact the lives of others t… Nov 18, 2014
Christmas Praise & Worship col… Here are some worship choruses that you may already use, tha… Nov 17, 2014
Promote Gifts of Hope Gifts of Hope is a great way to teach your teens about a bet… Nov 13, 2014 - Common Comp… 1.  TOO many steps to get to find MinistryHelps! "… Nov 10, 2014
Celebrate Recovery Are you looking for programs to reach out and make a differe… Nov 5, 2014
Search for Christmas Program I… You can find lots of great Christmas program ideas on www.Mi… Nov 5, 2014
Eternal Father - Remembrance D… Download the powerpoint responsive reading or the print-read… Nov 3, 2014
Guitar Music for Christmas Are you looking for guitar music for Christmas? Now you… Nov 3, 2014
Bullying Awareness Week November 16-22, 2014 is Bullying Awareness Week in Canada.¬≠… Oct 29, 2014
Children's Outreach Program This program outline has everything you will need to run you… Oct 29, 2014
Cobourg, ON Adjusting to new appointment Entering our first Christmas… Oct 27, 2014
Remembrance Service - Ideas A time of remembrance in our Sunday service is a great way t… Oct 27, 2014
We are on Social Media If you are using FACEBOOK to keep up with friends and family… Oct 23, 2014
Brampton, ON Thank you for lifting us in prayer to the Father. We are cel… Oct 22, 2014
God Is Our Refuge - Remembranc… Download the powerpoint responsive reading or the print-read… Oct 22, 2014
Territorial Project Women's groups in the Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda … Oct 21, 2014
My New Life in Christ People beginning the journey of walking with Christ have beg… Oct 20, 2014
Renewal Journey - Tele Learnin… Upcoming opportunity... Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at … Oct 20, 2014
You Asked - SAMIS Over the past 9 months the SAMIS help email has received 46 … Oct 17, 2014
Advertise Website Resources To advertise Canadian Army web resources for your leaders, c… Oct 14, 2014
What are you thankful for? Embedded Content Oct 10, 2014
All About Pioneer Clubs Find out everything you need to know about running Pioneer C… Oct 6, 2014
Home Missions Focus Fund Embedded Content Oct 6, 2014
Thanksgiving Slide Background … FREE¬≠ THANKSGIVING RESOURCES Sunday Slide Series #1 e-I… Oct 1, 2014