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April e-TIPS Read this month's children & youth leaders newslette… Apr 13, 2015
Mother's Day e-Blast Graphic Use this graphic to remind your congregation about your spec… Apr 10, 2015
Generating Annual Review Repor… Here is a quick 3 STEP instruction page on how to get the re… Apr 9, 2015
Celebrating Soldiership Watch the 2014 Celebration video of new enrollments from acr… Apr 8, 2015
Ideas for Meeting Needs Here are some innovative ways to meet the need for food in y… Apr 2, 2015
Immigrant & Refugee Services Here are two great new downloads that help you understand th… Apr 2, 2015
Partners In Mission Resources New resources have been posted on… Apr 2, 2015
Volunteer Appreciation Week Every year The Salvation Army in Canada ministers to million… Apr 2, 2015
Chocolate or Chicks? What will it be this Easter - chicks or chocolate? Instead o… Apr 1, 2015
Holy Week - Daily Broadcast Daily during Holy Week at 12:30 p.m. EST.  Tune in to … Mar 30, 2015
WM Integrated Roll Starting in 2015 Women's Ministries require ministry uni… Mar 27, 2015
Community and Family Services Corps based Community and Family Service support has been an… Mar 19, 2015
Holy Week Ministry Resources 50+ ministry ideas for Holy Week AVAILABLE AT:  www.Min… Mar 16, 2015
Rural Ministries Round Table This work began with the agreement we would meet annually in… Mar 16, 2015
Aboriginal Round Table Discuss… The Salvation Army in this territory are exploring how to be… Mar 13, 2015
Congregational Health - TeleLe… New Tele-learning event for SPRING 2015! Don't miss t… Mar 11, 2015
SAMIS - Changes to WM Membersh… There have been changes to SAMS affecting where to collect m… Mar 10, 2015
Upcoming Women's Events MARK YOUR CALENDAR! Information about ONTARIO CENTRAL-EAST,… Mar 9, 2015
Decision Sunday Resources April is a Decision month in the Salvation Army, during whic… Mar 2, 2015
SAMIS Rolls Updates If you are trying to update your ROLLS in SAMIS, and didn… Feb 26, 2015
Annual Review Document The Annual Review Document for 2014 includes a new focus on … Feb 25, 2015
5 Must Do's to Encourage Your … Here are 5 easy things you can do, to increase the probabili… Feb 23, 2015
Membership & Roll Updating View the .ppsx file - Understanding Rolls Management Feb 23, 2015
Spring Program Ideas If you are looking for some ideas for spring programs, here … Feb 23, 2015
Senior Soldier Renewal Sunday Here are some resources, developed especially for Senior Sol… Feb 17, 2015