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First Steps

First Steps Brochure First Steps: (an umbrella for ministries to infants and preschoolers) First Steps Ministries may include: Cradle Roll/First Steps Roll, Mom's and Tot's Morning Out, Baby Song, Sunday Morning Nursery Program, Pre-school Play Groups.

Vision Statement: A ministry where every child between 0-4 years of age is valued and nurtured in a loving and caring Christian Community (corps).

Purpose: To see whole families making a commitment to Jesus Christ and worshipping with the Christian Community (corps).

If your corps is interested in reaching out to this age group (0-4 year olds) and those who care for them through evangelism and Christian nurture, then First Steps can help you achieve this goal.

This unique ministry provides you as a First Steps care giver, an opportunity to touch the lives of very young children and their families. It will also allow you the joy and privilege of being a positive Christian influence upon the lives of those you care for and their families.

There is a wide variety of materials available for running this program which include: Information Pamphlet, Dedication/Membership Certificates and picture frame folders, Handbook with program suggestions, Patches for clothing, Birthday Cards.

To see samples of these and for ordering information visit under Infant/Toddler.



Commissions and Certificates

Commissions and Certificates

Are you enrolling new leadership this spring? ­Wondering where to find the proper Commission certificate?

Here is a list of the Commissions/Certificates available through SP&S:
  • Youth Leaders Commission
  • Youth Musician Commision
  • Musician Commission
  • Music Leaders Commission
  • Senior Local Officers Commission
  • Women's Ministry Warrant
  • Over 60 Warrant
  • Sunday School Teachers Warrant
  • Volunteer Appreciation
Also available:
  • First Steps Promotion and Certificates
  • Cradle Roll Certificate
  • Adherents Handbook (includes certificate)
  • Sr. Soldier's Covenant

  • Junior Soldier's Unit Certificates
  • CROSSzone/CROSStraining Unit Certificates

To order Commissions and Certificates call Supplies & Purchasing.

The Salvation Army­Supplies & Purchasing
Toronto, ON, ­­­416-422-6100

St. John's, NL ­­709-579-3291
May is First Steps/Cradle Roll Month

May is First Steps/Cradle Roll Month

Why First Steps?
The first four years of a child’s life is a time filled with firsts; there’s the first smile, the first word, the first tooth and also, the First Steps.

First Steps Ministry represents a child’s ‘first steps’ into the Christian community through the ministry of The Salvation Army.

First Steps Ministry may also be, for many parents, an avenue through which they will make their own ‘first steps’ into the fellowship of the Christian church and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

First Steps Materials can be ordered through the Online Ordering Catalogue.­ There are several product options: Poster, Flyer, Handbook for leaders, Dedication Promise folder (for dedication of salvationists), Thanksgiving Promise folder (for dedications), Stickers, Patches for clothing, Dedication certificates, and Birthday Cards.

Cradle Roll certificates are still available for dedication ceremonies through Supplies and Purchasing.