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A Heart For God - Junior Action Unit 5

Junior Action Unit 5

"A Heart for God" - This unit of the Junior Action program strives to make young people aware that there is joy in obeying God, and while it is not always easy to obey him, he is right there to help and give us strength to obey his commands. The first few weeks of this study will be spent looking at the first four commandments that God has given us. They are the basis of our relationship with him. The young people will also be introduced to the work of the Holy Spirit. They will learn that he is someone who will work, teach, guide and live in them. Finally, this unit of materials introduces our Partners in Missions Appeal and countries where The Salvation Army's work is established: The Philippines, Africa, India, South America and Japan.

Lesson Titles
Section One

Lesson 1 - God's Law
Lesson 2 - God First
Lesson 3 - God Only
Lesson 4 - God's Holy Name
Lesson 5 - God's Special Day

Section Two
Lesson 6 - He Is God
Lesson 7 - He Is Promised
Lesson 8 - He Has Come
Lesson 9 - He Works in Me
Lesson 10 - He Helps Me
Lesson 11 - Growing Like Him

Section Three
Lesson 12 - A Heart for Others
Lesson 13 - A Heart for The Philippines
Lesson 14 - A Heart for Africa
Lesson 15 - A Heart for India
Lesson 16 - A Heart for South America
Lesson 17 - A Heart for Japan

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