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Discover What We Believe - Junior Action Unit 6

— in an age where anything goes you have the exciting challenge of helping young people discover what The Salvation Army believes.  The journey of discovery will begin with an examination of the last six commandments.  They provide the foundation of our relationship with others.  In fact, many of the laws we obey today reflect the  commandments of God.  Next, we will move on to discover what makes The Salvation Army a unique place of worship and service of God.  Finally we will look at doctrines 5 through 10 of The Salvation Army to discover further what we believe.

Lesson Titles

Section 1
Lesson 1 - Discover Honour
Lesson 2 - Discover Forgiveness 
Lesson 3 - Discover True Love
Lesson 4 - Discover Honesty
Lesson 5 - Discover Contentment
Lesson 6 - Discover The Greatest Rule

Section 2
Lesson 7 - Discover God’s House
Lesson 8 - Discover A Place For Prayer
Lesson 9 - Discover The Sacraments
Lesson 10 - Discover Army Ceremonies
Lesson 11 - Discover Evangelism (Optional)
Lesson 12 - Discover The Power of Print (Optional)

Section 3
Lesson 13 - Discover Our Likeness To God
Lesson 14 - Discover The Consequences 
Lesson 15 - Discover Salvation
Lesson 16 - Discover Obedience
Lesson 17 - Discover Holy Living
Special Presentation—Yes, We Believe!

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