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Junior Soldier Prep Course

God's Big Picture Includes... ME!

The newly written junior soldier preparation course provides young people between the ages of 7-12 with a clear understanding of what if means to be a soldier for God, and a soldier within The Salvation Army. This course has been written to give the young people an understanding and assurance that with God's help they can live up to the Junior Soldier Promise they are asked to make at the end of the 6 week course. Download an Application for Junior Soldier Enrolment
This 6-week course material comes complete with reproducible instructor resources pages and student take-home sheets. The take home sheets have two different reading levels and can be given out accordingly. Also included are reproducible postcards and letters to the parents which can be mailed home each week to help extend the lesson outside of the classroom. The easy-to-use instructor's guide also comes with one full-colour poster which can be used to advertise your course. Additional posters are also available.

Lesson 1 - God's Purpose 
The young people will discover that we are all made in God's image, and that God has a purpose for each of us: to love, worship and serve him.

Lesson 2 - God's Plan
God has a plan for each of us. He has an ABCDE Plan - it's a plan of salvation.

Lesson 3 - God's Protection 
God provides each of us with protection from Satan's attacks, the Christian Armor, but we must first choose to put it on.

Lesson 4 - God's Church
God created the "Church" so that we could encourage each other. The Salvation Army is a part of God's Church.

Lesson 5 - God's Helper
God not only wants us to come together to encourage each other, he wants us to help each other, especially those in need.

Lesson 6 - God's Witness
God keeps all his promises and will help us keep ours. God will help us live up to our Junior Soldier Promise.

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