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Pioneer Clubs

Discovery Clubs:  The Pioneer Clubs Small-Church Solution

This practical format meets the unique needs of churches with fewer children.  The structure of the Discovery program builds on the strengths of the small-church setting to create the perfect environment for a life-transforming ministry.  Kids develop healthy relationship - with each other, Christian adults and, ultimately, Jesus Christ - through Bible study, Scripture memory and skill-building activities.

Discovery Club offers two curriculum choices for fun, effective and easy-to-use children's ministry. Your choices are: Adventures with God and Discovering God's Love. Kindergarten through grade 6 can meet together with Discovery's Clubs multi-age-level curriculum. Everything you need is in one box.

Each kit contains:
2 leader books, 6 kids handouts for grades k-2, 6 kids handouts for grades 3-6, all the Bible and Skill Awards you'll need for 12 club members, memory verse stickers for 12 club members and a worship music CD. Additional student materials can be ordered separately.

For more information visit:
Call:  1-800-694-2582 or visit


Pioneer Clubs

Pioneer Clubs is a unique ministry designed for today’s children, age two through middle school.

Pioneer Clubs offers three distinct programs-Pioneer, Exploring, and Discovery. Each program is fun, challenging, exciting, participative, Bible-based and Christ-centred. At Pioneer Clubs, children learn life skills and study the Bible, earning badges to acknowledge their accomplishments

Pioneer Clubs programs:

Age-specific clubs: the Pioneer program.
Created to minister to kids using traditional age-level groups. The Pioneer program offers five separate clubs for children age two through middle school.

Large-group format: the Exploring program.
Designed for easy use with lots of children. The Exploring program gives you the convenience and high-energy fun of a large-group presentation, plus the relationship-building aspects of small groups.

Small-church solution: the Discovery program.
If ministry to a single small group of children ranging from kindergarten through grade 6 is your challenge, the Discovery program is your solution!

Watch Pioneer Clubs’ new video, “A Window Of Opportunity.”

Contact Pioneer Clubs directly for a free information packet and full consultation at: Pioneer Clubs, Box 788, Wheaton, IL 60189-0788 USA

Order by phone through Floyd Hendricks 1-800-692-2582, ext. 5743

For more information visit: Pioneer Clubs

Email: Use the Contact Page on

Payments: The Salvation Army, Christian Education Office, 2 Overlea Blvd., Toronto, Ontario, M4H 1P4


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Pioneer Clubs

Discovery Clubs:  The Pioneer Clubs Small-Church Solution This practical (More)

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