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Careforce Lifekeys Facilitators

Before Careforce Lifekeys programs are introduced at a local setting there must be in place a Trained Facilitator who will in turn follow the Policies and Procedures Manual provided by Careforce Lifekeys, Mt Evelyn Church, Australia.

There are presentlyTrained Facilitators in The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territory.­ For a contact in your Division please contact your Divisional Headquarters or Adult Ministries Department at Territorial Headquarters.

For further information on receiving facilitator training please contact the Divisional Headquarters for your area.

NOTE: Police Checks - The Salvation Army policy that all leaders who are involved with any vulnerable population (ie. Youth, elderly, emotionally or physically unwell. . . really every aspect of our ministry!) is required to have a Police Record Check completed.

Contact your Divisional representative:

Alberta & Northern Territories Division

Bermuda Division

British Columbia Division

Maritime Division

Newfoundland & Labrador Division
Lt. Col.

Ontario Central East Division
Lt. Col.

Ontario Great Lakes Division

Prairie Division

Quebec Division


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