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To send mail, click on a name below.  For details about services provided visit: Corps Ministries Department.

Mission and Program

Mrs. Yvonne Namasivayam Administrative Assistant, Corps Ministries
Major Fred Waters Corps Ministries Secretary
Ms. Paula Marshall Consultant for Immigrant and Refugee Services
Major Wendy Waters Adult Ministries Secretary
Lt.-Col. Deborah Graves Integrated Missions Secretary
Mrs. Darlene Stoops Corps Ministries Communications Consultant
Mr. Hartley Goldenthal Research Analyst, SAMIS
Dr. James Watson Consultant for Church Planting and Congregational Revitilization (read more...) or join James on Twitter

Children and Youth Department
Ms. Stephanie Hung Administrative Assistant
Major Keith Pike Territorial Youth Secretary
Major Shona Pike Assistant Territorial Youth Secretary
Mrs. Valerie Pavey Territorial Children's Ministry Consultant
Kevin Slous Territorial Director of Discipleship
Mrs. Sheryl Slous Youth and Children's Ministry Consultant
Mr. Clint Houlbrook Editor

Music and Gospel Arts Department
Major Kevin Metcalf Territorial Music and Gospel Arts Secretary
Mrs. Kim Garreffa Contemporary Music Consultant
Major Ken Smith  Assistant to the Territorial Secretary for Music and Gospel Arts

Women's Ministries Department
Major Jane Shirran Administrative Assistant
Colonel Sharon Tillsley Territorial Secretary for Women's Ministries
Lt-Colonel Verna Hynes Assistant Terr. Secretary for Women's Ministries & Silver Star Secretary

Field Based Consultants
Mr. Howard Bridger Stewardship Resources Consultant - Newfoundland
Captain Mark Dalley Rural Ministries Consultant
Captain Shari Russell  Territorial Aboriginal Ministries Liaison
Major Donna Millar  Multicultural Secretary


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