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Corps - Pastoral Ministries

As the Salvation Army moves into the 21st Century, the Great Commission mandate to make disciples of all nations is as foundational a command to His church as ever. But the challenge to which we must rise is that of contextualising this mandate in a rapidly changing world, a world unwilling to slow down and wait for the church to catch up. As disciples, our task is to reproduce ourselves, to see new disciples as the result of our ministry.

Church Planting - At the heart of corporate discipleship is church planting, the establishment of new congregations, and the replanting of selected congregations which have experienced significant decline.

Divisional and Territorial Headquarter are committed to facilitating, supporting, helping resource and providing consultation for church planting across Canada and Bermuda.

To find out more about The Salvation Army and church planting please contact us.

Natural Church Development (NCD) is a tool available for our congregations to analyzeand improve the quality of church ministries. The Leadership Centre Willow Creek Canada, BC, spent years in intensive international research in over 1,000 congregations to put together this tool. Since 1999 the Corps Ministries Department has been working with Divisional Headquarters implementing and processing NCD throughout this Territory. To find out more follow the link above to Natural Church Development.

Stewardship - The goal of the Salvation Army Stewardship program is to assist the corps leadership in education and mentoring of financial stewardship, for corps, small groups, and families.  Several tools are available for this use.

Multi-Cultural Ministry - To reach out and incorporate believers from every nation is the ideal for The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda.  Find resources for reaching out to new groups, and ways of incorporating all groups into regular worship and the congregation.

Community and Family Services

Mar 19, 2015
Community and Family Services
Corps based Community and Family Service support has been an obvious need for some time.  Typically the Social Service department has been the support for this doing most of the heavy lifting, However, we recognize that for smaller corps based centres that are not accredited the standard of services and support for program development has been a struggle. CFS is our largest and most community connected work across the territory.  As a result the CMD will soon be posting for a new position of a consultant in this area.  To support this work an operating resource template has been developed to guide corps officers and their CFS workers with an eye on supporting our reach into the community. 

Rural Ministries Round Table

Mar 16, 2015
Rural Ministries Round Table
This work began with the agreement we would meet annually in a face to face meeting and two other meetings per year by teleconference.  The final face to face meeting of that journey is planned for October 11-13, 2015 in Halifax.  At that meeting we will be determining what next steps look like for rural ministry.

Songbook App for Devices and PC

Mar 13, 2015
Songbook App for Devices and PC
The USW territory has developed a great mobile apps site and you may like to access it:  visit - go to the Song Book tab and click - you'll find this is an easy to use app and lets the user see words, music, information on the song or author, related songs, alternate tunes and has a built in player so that they can hear what the song and it's most familiar tune is like.  It's FREE and very user friendly!  And yes we know that a new song book is coming....but in the meantime.




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