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Corps - Pastoral Ministries

As the Salvation Army moves into the 21st Century, the Great Commission mandate to make disciples of all nations is as foundational a command to His church as ever. But the challenge to which we must rise is that of contextualising this mandate in a rapidly changing world, a world unwilling to slow down and wait for the church to catch up. As disciples, our task is to reproduce ourselves, to see new disciples as the result of our ministry.

Church Planting - At the heart of corporate discipleship is church planting, the establishment of new congregations, and the replanting of selected congregations which have experienced significant decline.

Divisional and Territorial Headquarter are committed to facilitating, supporting, helping resource and providing consultation for church planting across Canada and Bermuda.

To find out more about The Salvation Army and church planting please contact us.

Natural Church Development (NCD) is a tool available for our congregations to analyze and improve the quality of church ministries. The Leadership Centre Willow Creek Canada, BC, spent years in intensive international research in over 1,000 congregations to put together this tool. Since 1999 the Corps Ministries Department has been working with Divisional Headquarters implementing and processing NCD throughout this Territory. To find out more follow the link above to Natural Church Development.

Stewardship - The goal of the Salvation Army Stewardship program is to assist the corps leadership in education and mentoring of financial stewardship, for corps, small groups, and families.  Several tools are available for this use.

Multi-Cultural Ministry - To reach out and incorporate believers from every nation is the ideal for The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda.  Find resources for reaching out to new groups, and ways of incorporating all groups into regular worship and the congregation.


Summer Prayer Guide

Jul 6, 2015
Summer Prayer Guide
We are seeking prayer warriors to bathe God's work in prayer this summer.  Here are some ways to generate support.

Poster - Download, print and post this poster around your Ministry center (8.5 x 11)

Digital Image - Download and insert this image into your weekly bulletin. Download and use this image to email your corps list, your ministry board, or other interested individuals.  Post it on your corps webpage, FB or other social media!

Sample poster:

Sample Graphic:

For more Prayer resources, visit and search 'prayer'.

Summer Children's Ministries

Jul 6, 2015
Summer Children's Ministries
Children's Summer Ministries to pray for:
  • Camping ministries
  • Day Camp
  • Vacation Bible Schools
Pray that God will bless the ministry that takes place this summer, and that His kingdom will grow!
Pray that God will call workers to this ministry!
Pray that God will prepare the hearts and minds of the children who will attend, for the ministry of His word!

Can't Attend Congress? Pray!

Jun 30, 2015
Can't Attend Congress?  Pray!

Keep up with events:

Upcoming Women's Events

Jun 24, 2015
Upcoming Women's Events
Information about ONTARIO CENTRAL-EAST, AND ONTARIO GREAT LAKES Women's events: (View Now)


Farewell Orders

Jun 24, 2015
Farewell Orders
It's that time of year again in the Canada & Bermuda Territory, and many officers will receive farewell orders - meaning they will be leaving one appointment and taking up another.

There are lots of things to be taken into consideration when changing appointments. ­Here is a helpful document outlining some 'best practices' for leaving and appointment, and 'best practices' for entering a new one.

Download: ­Tips For Officers Changing Appointments.

Administrative Model - 2013 Location Choice

Jun 16, 2015
Administrative Model - 2013 Location Choice
Every year included in the Corps Review process, units complete a form regarding the Administrative Model that is used in their location.

As of August 2014, following the collection of information submitted at that time for the 2013 calendar year, the following chart was created demonstrating the results.

Program Ideas Father's Day

Jun 15, 2015
Program Ideas Father's Day
Find Father's Day program ideas on   Program ideas include kids craft's, event ideas, skit, and activities, graphics for sharing, and more!

New resource includes video and music suggestions, craft idea, sermon outines and more!

Canada Day Ministry Resources

Jun 15, 2015
Canada Day Ministry Resources

Canada Day weekend is a time of celebration, relaxation and family. ­As you look forward to Canada Day, keep in mind some resources available for Sunday worship to recognize our Country.

Here is a worship service resource, complete with song suggestions, a prayer, responsive reading, sermon and video ideas. ­To download click here: ­Canada Day Worship Resources

Use this link to download the full-size FB cover/Email blast image: ­Canada Day FB Cover

Also available: ­Powerpoint Presentation which includes the two recommended verses of the National Anthem, the responsive reading and prayer. ­

National Aboriginal Day of Prayer

Jun 11, 2015
National Aboriginal Day of Prayer
June 21st is National Aboriginal Day of Prayer, when we celebrate First Nations, Inuit and Métis people in Canada and uphold them in prayer. 
Download a set of slides and/or a bulletin insert to promote and focus on the   National Aboriginal Day of Prayer in your Sunday service.

If you would like to raise awareness in your children/youth programs, download a children's activity from the resources provided by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.  These resources include games, puzzles, crafts and more.  You can also find a wealth of information about the background of National Aboriginal Day, and information about these rich cultures.

You can find other worship service resources on The Anglican Church of Canada.

This Month's e-TIPS

Jun 2, 2015
This Month's e-TIPS
Read this month's children & youth leaders newsletter - e-TIPS!  Great ideas for Infant/Toddler ministries!

Father's Day Ministry Ideas

Jun 1, 2015
Father's Day Ministry Ideas
Are you looking for Father's Day ministry resources?­ Check out Promise Keepers website, where you can find all kinds of ideas - small group studies, bulk order giveaways and more!


What's New In Fair Trade

May 26, 2015
What's New In Fair Trade
Did you know that about 3 million tonnes of cocoa is produced each year (double the amount of 1974), and that the average North American consumes between 2 1/2 to 4 pounds a year!

Fair Trade Chocolate is becoming more readily available.  Recently Cadbury announced that their UK and Ireland leading chocolate bar (Cadbury Dairy Milk) will achieve Fairtrade certification by the end of Summer 2009.

For more information about this decision and to follow future developments in Fair Trade visit or

To read more about Fair Trade issues visit: or


Refugee Update

May 26, 2015
Refugee Update
Every summer thousands of desperate refugees make the dangerous crossing of the Mediterranean Sea to safety in Europe.  Pray for thier safety, and a place of refuge.

Download the powerpoint slide:
Download the .pdf

Pray for Our Officers

May 26, 2015
Pray for Our Officers
This week we are praying for corps in the following locations in the BC Division.
North Vancouver
Prince Rupert
Powell River
Salmon Arm
Prince George

Pray for the health of the officers, corps leaders, new converts, those who are sick or injured, families of officers.


KINDNESS - CCM Appreciation Package

May 26, 2015
KINDNESS - CCM Appreciation Package
This year the theme is KINDNESS.  This resource pak includes 3 sermon outlines, video suggestions, song ideas, bulletin cover, scripture quotables, children's ideas and more!  Resource paks have been sent out to every corps, and can also be downloaded using the link above.

POSTER SAMPLE IMAGE -  You can download a copy of the theme image as well.

This poster has been sent to every corps.  Also available in French through Quebec DHQ.
External content from Theme Online Theme Online

New Book of Piano Solos available

May 22, 2015
New Book of Piano Solos available

Encore features a collection of 40 piano solos, from very easy to more difficult, based on familiar hymns and worship choruses.  Ideal for the new pianist as well as more seasoned ones, it can be easily used in services for preludes and offeratory. All arrangements were written by well-known Army composers including Leonard Ballantine, Norman Bearcroft, Ivor Bosanko, Harold Burgmayer, Kenneth Downie, John Larsson, Kevin Larsson, Andrew Mackereth, Robert Redhead, Ray Steadman-Allen, Duncan Sutton, David Mallett and David Jones.
To order, E-mail or phone 416-422-6100 (Canada).

Summer Ministry Options

May 20, 2015
Summer Ministry Options
This means that it's time to start planning for your summer children and youth ministries.­ Are you aware of your options?­ Here are a few for you to choose from:

Vacation Bible School Programs - Click here:­ VBS

Camp Curriculum ideas/programs (can be used for residential or day camps) - Click here:­ Camp Bible Curriculum

Scripture Press June Quarter (July, July and August) - Click here:­ Scripture Press

WordAction Summer Quarter (June, July and August) - Click here:­ WordAction

SONday'SCOOL Summer Materials - Click here:­ SONday'SCOOL

Don't forget that Scripture Press and WordAction also have options for young adults and adult ministries!

How Many Fellowship Groups?

May 20, 2015
How Many Fellowship Groups?
Here's a graphic showing the fellowship groups functioning around the Territory during 2014.  FELLOWSHIP GROUPS provide multiple opportunities to connect with people from the community on many different levels.  In Canada & Bermuda a wide variety of fellowship groups gather weekly, monthly or quarterly, providing friendship, spiritual encouragement, common interest focus, exercise and personal development opportunities.  This graphic displays the number of groups which meet across our great territory!  Click the image to view a large version.

Larger image.

*Note - the statistics in this image are compilations of various groups.  The numbers represent the number of groups that occur across the territory any given month during 2014.

Pentecost Sunday

May 19, 2015
Pentecost Sunday
New resources for Pentecost Sunday have been added to
  • Sermon Outline
  • Resource Ideas - includes music ideas, video links, song suggestions, prayer, and more.
  • Inspirational Graphic for sharing on social media.
  • Powerpoint presentation with Responsive reading of Acts 2, and the lyrics for Send the Fire!

View all these FREE resources!


New Visitors

May 19, 2015
New Visitors
This website is a tool designed to keep members and leaders of Salvation Army ministry units up to date on new ideas, curriculum, programs, development and inspiritation for ministry!­ Using the main menu above you can find information about programs for every AGE and every STAGE - infants through seniors, and under HOT TOPICS you will find information about Integrated Mission, Prayer, Outreach, and much more.­ You will find guidelines and leadership tips for ministry in all types of ministry groups.

If you are new here, take a minute to sign up for our monthly newsletters.­ These newsletters function as great reminders, right into your email box, about upcoming ministry themes, and let you know about new ideas and programs available.

You can also use our site on your social media; at the bottom of each article you can choose to 'SHARE' or 'TWEET' the news article so that others in your FB account will see it.­ This is a great way to communicate with other local officers and leaders in your community.

Our resources website,, has over 800 free downloadable ministry resources!­ Every program idea there is free - register now!

You can also connect to our resource personnel.­ See a detailed list of the personnel available to help with your inquiries, under HOME -> CONTACT US.

This website is managed by The Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters, Corps Ministries Department.

You Asked - SAMIS

May 8, 2015
You Asked - SAMIS
The SAMIS help email address receives many requests for new programs to collect monthly statistics in SAMIS.­ Many of these requests are for programs that are already available in SAMIS, but units are sometimes not aware of the steps to activate programs for their ministry unit.
If your ministry unit is running programs that do not currently appear in your SAMIS listing, use the 'Request a New Activity' button to submit the details and we will respond with the information you need.

For instructions on how to activate a program/activity for your ministry unit, view this page: Activate/Deactivate
The following is a list of requested activities, and the 'Activity' in SAMIS that units were instructed to use for collecting their stats.
Requested PROGRAMS Use This in SAMIS

Baby/Children Dedication

Cradle Roll - count the children dedicated
Special Events - if the Dedication took place in a service other than Sunday worship, but attendance & #mtg here
If Dedication took place during Sunday worship, don’t count the meeting or attendance­ separately.


Weddings - yes, there is an activity where you can count this.

Community Outreach Events (Rally Day picnic, BBQ, etc)

Special Events - Corps­­

Walk Off The Pounds

Outreach Programs­ OR WM - Healthy Lifestyles

Youth Drop-In

Drop-In Corps­­ OR Youth Outreach Event

Community Outreach

Outreach Programs

Coffee House

Drop-In Corps

Prison Ministry
Worship Service in an Institution

Outreach to Social Services

Sports Outreach: Adult & Children

Outreach Programs

Senior’s Home Service

CCM Nursing Home Visits­ OR­ CCM Retirement Residence Visits

Church Fellowship Meal

Corps Fellowship

CRU Ministry & CRU Call Outs

Disaster & Emergency Response

Student Placements

Volunteers - Regular

Community Response Vehicle - non emergency runs

Street Ministry­ OR Outreach Programs


Outreach Programs

Ministry Board/Corps Council

Ministry Board/Corps Council

Fun & Food Camp (week long day camp at corps)

Day Camp - Corps Run

Sports Camp (run at corps during day)

Day Camp - Corps Run

Sponsored Campers

Camps - Sponsored Campers­ *this item is designated DHQ USE ONLY, however, CORPS must count sponsored campers here

Adult Athletics

Outreach Program

Corps Bridal/Baby Shower

WM - Special Events­ OR­ Special Events - Corps

Baby Song

Baby Song

Community Dinner (3 x year)

Community Feeding Program­ OR Outreach Programs

Soldier/Membership classes

Soldier/Membership Preparation Classes

Women’s Support Group

WM - Healthy Lifestyles


Vacation Bible School

Bible Studies - multiple groups

Prayer or Bible Study Group - count # groups, then combine totals for # mtgs and #attendance­

Youth - Jr. & Sr. Planning Meeting

Community Ministry Management Team Meeting

Committees- Other

Provide lunch for school

School Feeding Program

Pioneer Club

Pioneer Club

Jr. Music Program (not band, singing co, or timbrells)

Music Education Program

Mid-Week Worship

Worship - Non Sunday

Caregivers Support Group

­CSP - Support Group

Mother's Day Program Ideas

May 8, 2015
Mother's Day Program Ideas
Great Mother's Day ideas available for different age groups at­

ARE YOU CREATIVE?  We are always looking for fresh ideas to share as well, so if you have come up with an idea that can be shared, please forward it to 

Simple Mentoring Guide

May 5, 2015
Simple Mentoring Guide
Here is an app useful for officers and youth leaders/workers.  A free application from TSA Australia Territory.

Google Play

Also available on the App Store.

Summer Park Ministry

May 4, 2015
Summer Park Ministry
This summer if your corps or ministry unit are going outdoors to evangelize or raise awareness in your community, why not consider ordering copies of these booklets to give out?

"Lots of good stuff comes from the Internet, but with the good comes the bad.  Keep these things in mind when you're online."

Be Smart Be Safe: Safety tips to share with your children and teens (parents)
Designed for the parent, this pamphlet clarifies exactly what parents should be aware of, what children need to know about online safety, what teens should practice while surfing.

World Wide Web or Spider Web? Tips to help protect your children and teens online (teens)
This pamplet outlines tips for young people while using the web, provides parents with safety suggestions and signs to watch for so that they can know if their child is at risk.

Your Safety's On The Line: Heads up for risk-free surfing (for teens)
Besides the basics, this pamphlet outlines truthfully the dangers online of Bullying, Cyber stalking, and Pornography.

These resources were created by Nancy Turley, Territorial Abuse Advisor and are a great way to show parents that you care.

Copies can be ordered through the Online Ordering Catalogue (direct product link)


May is First Steps/Cradle Roll Month

May 1, 2015
May is First Steps/Cradle Roll Month
Why First Steps?
The first four years of a child’s life is a time filled with firsts; there’s the first smile, the first word, the first tooth and also, the First Steps.

First Steps Ministry represents a child’s ‘first steps’ into the Christian community through the ministry of The Salvation Army.

First Steps Ministry may also be, for many parents, an avenue through which they will make their own ‘first steps’ into the fellowship of the Christian church and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

First Steps Materials can be ordered through the Online Ordering Catalogue.­ There are several product options: Poster, Flyer, Handbook for leaders, Dedication Promise folder (for dedication of salvationists), Thanksgiving Promise folder (for dedications), Stickers, Patches for clothing, Dedication certificates, and Birthday Cards.

Cradle Roll certificates are still available for dedication ceremonies through Supplies and Purchasing.

Dignity Project Resources

Apr 29, 2015
Dignity Project Resources
Find  'Dignity Project'  resources on, under the Dignity Project category.  Resources found there include sermon outlines and devotionals.

Recommended Reading
GOSPEL IN LIFE:  an eight session Bible study with  DVD written by Timothy Keller (ISBN 978-0-310-32891-9 )
This Bible study focuses on The Church working in the world as agents of Grace and would tie in nicely with an emphasis on dignity.

Guide To Action

Apr 23, 2015
Guide To Action
Based on a national, interdenominational study of how congregations are assisting immigrants (, the Guide to Action provides multiple options for working with newcomers to Canada. It is intentionally designed to provide an opportunity for discussion of how the Bible can motivate our care for immigrants, refugees and migrant workers and provokes reflection on the many ways God's people are responding across Canada.

Corps Ministries #BYNUMBERS 2014

Apr 23, 2015
Corps Ministries #BYNUMBERS 2014
A graphic showing key Corps Ministries statistics for 2014.  Click the image to zoom.
2014 Corps Statistics

Post Review Updating Rolls in SAMIS

Apr 22, 2015
Post Review Updating Rolls in SAMIS
Following the Ministry Reviews it is often necessary to adjust the figures that appear in SAMIS to reconcile the end of the previous year.  In order to do this, the designated divisional representative has been given system permission to re-enter 2014 and adjust figures as needed.

Click the image below to zoom.

Earth Day Bible Study

Apr 22, 2015
Earth Day Bible Study
It's Earth Day!  Are you looking for a Bible Study to use with a small group?  The Salvation Army Ethics Centre, study on the Environment is a good start!

Find this image on our Facebook page and SHARE!


Summer Camping Ministry

Apr 21, 2015
Summer Camping Ministry
This summer hundreds of children will be exposed to the message of love and salvation, through the camping ministry in Canada and Bermuda.­ Camping ministry is a rich opportunity to teach and encourage children and youth who have already made a commitment, as well as to evangelize and spread the good news through Bible programming and Christian examples.

Start praying now for:
  • Children and youth who have never heard about Jesus' love and sacrifice for them
  • Children and youth who need encouragement in their Christian walk, facing the challenges of every day
  • Hiring and training process for staff
  • Camp staff and leaders, as they provide for the practical and spiritual needs of the campers
For more information on The Salvation Army camping ministry and a listing of our Canadian camping locations, visit

Community Care Sunday

Apr 21, 2015
Community Care Sunday

This is the time to recognize your CCM workers, and to highlight the ministry of the CCM. ­This year's theme is "KINDNESS" - you can find the complete program resource pack on ­

This package includes:­ song and video ideas,­ devotional, bulletin cover, poster, quotables, responsive reading and more.

Mother's Day e-Blast Graphic

Apr 10, 2015
Mother's Day e-Blast Graphic
Use this graphic to remind your congregation about your special service for Mother's Day. ­Available at, along with 15 other Mother's Day program ideas.

Send out an email invitation, or use it on your church/corps FB account to remind everyone to come out.


Generating Annual Review Reports

Apr 9, 2015
Generating Annual Review Reports
Here is a quick 3 STEP instruction page on how to get the required reports for the Corps Review process from your SAMIS account.

Remember, what is put in to SAMIS is what will appear on the reports.  If numbers have not been entered, they will not appear on the reports.

Celebrating Soldiership

Apr 8, 2015
Celebrating Soldiership
Watch the 2014 Celebration video of new enrollments from across the Territory!

Embedded Content

SHARE it on your corps Facebook page:
Download the .mp4 to use in your Sunday service:

Partners In Mission Resources

Apr 2, 2015
Partners In Mission Resources
New resources have been posted on  These resources include pictures, bulletin inserts, poster masters, logos, music and more!


Immigrant & Refugee Services

Apr 2, 2015
Immigrant & Refugee Services
Here are two great new downloads that help you understand the challenges of new immigrants and refugees, and find ways to reach out and help them during their adjustment period.

Newcomer Arrival - Settlement Checklist

Notes on Settling Newly Arrived Refugees

See also:  New resources for Refugee Rights Day - which can be held in April or in June.

Ideas for Meeting Needs

Apr 2, 2015
Ideas for Meeting Needs
Here are some innovative ways to meet the need for food in your community!

1.  School Snack Program - provide the school with a supply of healthy snack items to be given to students who do not have any.

2.  Healthy Lunch Program - include in your Food Bank items, designated items useful for healthy lunches for children.

3.  Produce Boxes - include a box of fresh produce or provide information for the Good Food Box program - encouraging healthy food choices.  Subsidize families.

To collect statistics for these ministries in SAMIS, check out the options under ACTION -> MANAGE PROGRAM ACTIVITIES.  Activate new items as needed.  Click here for FAQ's about SAMIS.

Chocolate or Chicks?

Apr 1, 2015
Chocolate or Chicks?

What will it be this Easter - chicks or chocolate? Instead of pigging out on chocolate this Easter why not ask for some chicks and help out a family overseas this year?

Ask for chicks... give chicks!
Resurrect hope and sustainability this Easter!

Play it on your church website/blog/facebook -
Play during announcements: download here - ‪

Share this vid with your peeps on Facebook & Twitter!

*PS - remind your congregation that if they are going to get or give chocolate to ask for or buy fair trade chocolate so they can indulge with a clean conscience!

Holy Week - Daily Broadcast

Mar 30, 2015
Holy Week - Daily Broadcast
Daily during Holy Week at 12:30 p.m. EST. 
Tune in to

Speaker: Dr. V. Shepherd
Special Music:  THQ Women's Chorus

WM Integrated Roll

Mar 27, 2015
WM Integrated Roll
Starting in 2015 Women's Ministries require ministry units to keep a WM Integrated Roll.  This roll keeps track of every woman who attends any group, and also records which groups each woman attends.

The total count of women on this list is to be entered into SAMIS under WM - Members - # WM Integrated Roll.  The other members are still to be entered into SAMIS separately:  # HL Members, # Jr Miss Members, # Outer Circle, # Life Members. (These are all now moved from the various Activities (ie. WM - Home League, WM - Jr Miss etc) to WM-Members.

Download the WM Integrated Roll


Community and Family Services

Mar 19, 2015
Community and Family Services
Corps based Community and Family Service support has been an obvious need for some time.  Typically the Social Service department has been the support for this doing most of the heavy lifting, However, we recognize that for smaller corps based centres that are not accredited the standard of services and support for program development has been a struggle. CFS is our largest and most community connected work across the territory.  As a result the CMD will soon be posting for a new position of a consultant in this area.  To support this work an operating resource template has been developed to guide corps officers and their CFS workers with an eye on supporting our reach into the community. 

Rural Ministries Round Table

Mar 16, 2015
Rural Ministries Round Table
This work began with the agreement we would meet annually in a face to face meeting and two other meetings per year by teleconference.  The final face to face meeting of that journey is planned for October 11-13, 2015 in Halifax.  At that meeting we will be determining what next steps look like for rural ministry.

Holy Week Ministry Resources

Mar 16, 2015
Holy Week Ministry Resources
50+ ministry ideas for Holy Week AVAILABLE AT:

HOLY WEEK FAMILY TABLE DEVOTIONS:  Print and use around your family table during Holy Week - Bible readings, questions, activities and more!

HOLY WEEK Take-away Bible inspiration cards:  Customize the back to reflect upcoming church events, contact information etc.  Print and distribute on Palm Sunday for congregants to reflect during the week.


Sr Soldier Preparation Material

Mar 13, 2015
Sr Soldier Preparation Material
New senior soldier preparation material has been under development for a number of months now with the aid of Major Phil Davvison and a working committee from across the territory.  It is my hope we will be able to provide you with a good look at the finished product at the November 2015 TLC and it will be ready for distribution and use by January 2016.  In the meantime the current materials are available for down load from for FREE!

Sports Camp Bible Programs

Mar 13, 2015
Sports Camp Bible Programs
Are you running a summer Sports Camp or Day Camp?

Do you have your Bible Program already set up? ­If not, relax! ­We've got it covered.
We are more than conquerors through Him who loved us! Romans 8:37 In sports and in life all of us want to be undefeated, but on our own this is not possible. This Bible program teaches campers that being undefeated is only possible with God. Here are some of the key points campers will discover:
1. Being undefeated doesn't last forever except with God
2. God wants us to be undefeated!
3. Like in sports, to be undefeated in Christ, you need to practice what you do
4. We might face set backs, but we can live a life in victory if we persevere
5. We have to decide to be undefeated by choosing God and finally
6. We have to listen to discover what God is saying to us and how he is leading us.
This Bible program uses a large group - small group teaching style with dramas, group activities and station activities. Also included are cabin devotions which could be used as small group discussion times when your campers need a break from their physical activity or as a final teaching time at the end of the day.

God invites each of us to join his Amazing Race! This Bible program teaches campers what it means to be in this race and invites them to join it. Here are some of the key points campers will discover:
1. God's Race is for everyone
2. What is God's Race? It's God's Course for us
3. The Finish Line is life with God in heaven forever
4. Sin takes us off course
5. God strengthens us in the race, and
6. God's grace put us back on course
Key verse for the week is 2 Timothy 4:7: I have competed well; I have finished the race; I have kept the faith! May your campers be able to echo these words of the Apostle Paul.
This Bible program uses a large group - small group teaching style with dramas, group activities and station activities. Also included are cabin devotions which could be used as small group discussion times when your campers need a break from their physical activity or as a final teaching time at the end of the day.
We are more than conquerors through Him who loved us! Romans 8:37 In sports and in life all of us want to be undefeated, but on our own this is not possible. This Bible program teaches campers that being undefeated is only possible with God. Here are some of the key points campers will discover:
1. Being undefeated doesn't last forever except with God
2. God wants us to be undefeated!
3. Like in sports, to be undefeated in Christ, you need to practice what you do
4. We might face set backs, but we can live a life in victory if we persevere
5. We have to decide to be undefeated by choosing God and finally
6. We have to listen to discover what God is saying to us and how he is leading us.
This Bible program uses a large group - small group teaching style with dramas, group activities and station activities. Also included are cabin devotions which could be used as small group discussion times when your campers need a break from their physical activity or as a final teaching time at the end of the day.
Get in the Zone! Just as an athlete needs to "get in the zone" before a sports event we need to be in the zone with Jesus. ­Using the key verse "Fix your eyes on Jesus!" from Hebrews 12:2 this Bible program looks at the following key points:
Be DETERMINED to focus on the zone - life with Jesus - Luke 21:19
DISCOVER who Jesus is - Philippians 2:10-11
Follow Jesus' DIRECTION for your life - John 8:12
DECIDE to have life with Jesus - Romans 3:23-24
Be DEDICATED to live each day in the zone - Colossians 2:6
This Bible program uses a large-group small-group teaching style together with drama, group activities and station activites. ­Also included are cabin devotions which could also be used as small group discussion time at the end of the day during a day camp.

Using each of the letters of the word "HEART" campers will learn that while man looks at the outward appearance God looks at the heart. ­The theme verse for this 5-6 day camp is from 1 Samuel 16:7. ­This program was written for use with campers between the ages of 8-14 years old.
Hope - Put your Hope in God, Isaiah 40:31
Excellence - Strive for Excellence by relying on God, Philippians 4:13
Attitude - Have an Attitude of humility like Jesus, Isaiah 66:2b
Risk - Take Risks for God, Deuteronomy 31:6
Time - Spend Time with God, 1 Corinthians 9:24
This program uses music, games, original easy-to-use dramas, and small group discussions to teach each day's Bible truth.
This program can be easily adapted to the day camp setting by running the Bible program as it is and then using the cabin devotions for break out times later in the day when the kids need a break from the physical activity of a sports camp.
Get in the Zone! Just as an athlete needs to "get in the zone" before a sports event we need to be in the zone with Jesus. ­Using the key verse "Fix your eyes on Jesus!" from Hebrews 12:2 this Bible program looks at the following key points:
Be DETERMINED to focus on the zone - life with Jesus - Luke 21:19
DISCOVER who Jesus is - Philippians 2:10-11
Follow Jesus' DIRECTION for your life - John 8:12
DECIDE to have life with Jesus - Romans 3:23-24
Be DEDICATED to live each day in the zone - Colossians 2:6
This Bible program uses a large-group small-group teaching style together with drama, group activities and station activites. ­Also included are cabin devotions which could also be used as small group discussion time at the end of the day during a day camp.
Looking at each of the letters of the word "REACH" campers will learn what it means to "Run toward the Goal ... Life with Christ". The theme verse is Philippians 3:14 (CEV). Program was written for use with campers between the ages of 8 - 14 years old.
R - Respect God - trust him and he will help you, Psalm 115:11
E - Endurance - in order to reach the goal we need to keep focused on God even in difficult times - James 1:4
A - Attitude - having an attitude like Christ helps us reach the goal - Philippians 2:5,8
C - Courage - it takes courage to decide to live for God - Joshua 1:9
H - Hope - Jesus puts hope into our hearts -Psalm 119:114
This program uses music, games, original easy-to-use dramas, and small group discussion to teach each day's Bible truth.
DOWNLOAD FREE from or order a printed copy from

Songbook App for Devices and PC

Mar 13, 2015
Songbook App for Devices and PC
The USW territory has developed a great mobile apps site and you may like to access it:  visit - go to the Song Book tab and click - you'll find this is an easy to use app and lets the user see words, music, information on the song or author, related songs, alternate tunes and has a built in player so that they can hear what the song and it's most familiar tune is like.  It's FREE and very user friendly!  And yes we know that a new song book is coming....but in the meantime.

Shelby and Rolls Management

Mar 13, 2015
Shelby and Rolls Management
With the conclusion of Shelby and our migration to Agresso many have asked what will happen to their membership rolls that are currently managed on Shelby.  With the current hold on new programs during the IT review we have been unable to resolve this issue entirely.  Of course the system of white binders and paper rolls is available for corps who wish to migrate to that but admittedly many will not.  Shelby can be kept in service for the interim and it is our hope we will have a solution shortly.   We are exploring off the shelf solutions as well as software developed by other territories.

One Army Study Series

Mar 13, 2015
One Army Study Series
Here is what the IHQ have said about these studies:
"... integral aspects of the Army will be presented for information, inspiration, discussion and response. They will show what the Army is, what it teaches and what it does. The series will be presented using various forms of communication and include participation and interaction. Especially, it will be presented in the context of how each life can find its own place in the will and purposes of God. This being so, One Army can:

Give everyone an opportunity to find the joy of using their one life for their creator God.
Show how a life given back to God can be transformed and enriched, and of a quality only he can give.
Reveal how The Salvation Army emphasises personal relationship with God as being at the heart and meaning of life."...­ (read more)

EVERY ministry unit in Canada and Bermuda have now received a copy of the ONE ARMY binder, DVD, and first study book.­ To find out more about this series visit:

Aboriginal Round Table Discussion

Mar 13, 2015
Aboriginal Round Table Discussion
The Salvation Army in this territory are exploring how to be more pro-active in our work with the aboriginal population and develop leaders from within. We have identified aboriginal Salvationists, young and old, officers, soldiers/adherents and employees.  From that group we are working on the first of what we pray will be a series of discussions about the future of our ministry in this area.  A small invited group will meet at Pine Lake Camp, May 1-3, 2015 in the Alberta & NT division.  We are pleased that Colonel Mark Tillsley will be joining us at the beginning of the weekend and we are seeking others who will pray for this important gathering.

Congregational Health - TeleLearning Events

Mar 11, 2015
Congregational Health - TeleLearning Events
New Tele-learning event for SPRING 2015!
Don't miss this opportunity to share in learning and discussion!

To see a list of the upcoming events, visit:


­ Email

SAMIS - Changes to WM Membership

Mar 10, 2015
SAMIS - Changes to WM Membership
There have been changes to SAMS affecting where to collect members for Women's Ministries. Beginning in 2015 members for all groups are entered into the Activity WM - Members.

This item has been activated for all corps units. The boxes for entering # members in WM - Home League, WM Jr Miss, WM - Outer Circle, WM - Life Members have been moved inside this new Activity, and you will not longer see WM - Outer Circle, WM - Life Members in your Program Activity list.

ALSO included is a new box # WM Integrated Roll. This number should reflect the total number of names on the new Integrated Roll. Units are no longer required to enter # Regular Attendees in the other WM groups, but each name should be counted once on the WM Integrated Roll.

WM Integrated Roll word document.
Revised WM SAMIS monthly collection brochure.

Decision Sunday Resources

Mar 2, 2015
Decision Sunday Resources
April is a Decision month in the Salvation Army, during which congregations are presented with an intentional opportunity to make following Jesus a personal decision.­

There are a number of resources which can be helpful in recognizing this emphasis.­ Through the Corps Ministries department you can obtain Children and Youth decision pamphlets, which come in four age ranges:­ 4 - 6 year olds, 6 - 8 year old, 8 - 10 year olds, and young teen.­ These booklets can help teachers and leaders to walk a young person through making a decision for Jesus.­ Find these items in the Online Ordering Catalogue.

Also available are the follow-up manuals for each age range, which provide a six weeks of daily devotions to help develop spiritual disciplines.

For Sunday School and Kid's Clubs, You Give ... God Saves! provides openings, object lessons and ideas for decision times.

This event also provides some extra motivation to give Sunday School teachers and Youth Workers training on how to lead a child to Christ.­ Use this link to download the training slide presentation and workbook "Leading a Child to Christ" free from H.E.L.P.S.­ or invite a representative from your Divisional Headquarters to sponsor a regional training event.

There are also a number of ideas available as free downloads, on

A great idea to offer special opportunities for decisions to adults, is to host a public viewing of The Jesus Video, or The Passion of the Christ (especially helpful at Easter).­This can also be a great evangelism tool for your community.

Use this link for other ideas and tools for children's evangelism.

SAMIS Rolls Updates

Feb 26, 2015
SAMIS Rolls Updates
If you are trying to update your ROLLS in SAMIS, and didn't get time to complete the SAMIS training, here is a document that will outline for you:
-  how to move members between rolls,
-  how to complete your documents for the Corps Ministry Unit Review.

View this presentation - before you UPDATE YOUR ROLLS!


Download a PDF version here:  Updating SAMIS Rolls PDF Handbook


Annual Review Document

Feb 25, 2015
Annual Review Document
The Annual Review Document for 2014 includes a new focus on Soldiership and Discipleship.  Take a few minutes to discuss this page with your Ministry Board, Corps Council or Pastoral Care Council before the divisional staff come for their visit.

Make use of the handy page checklist - to keep track of your preparation!


Spring Program Ideas

Feb 23, 2015
Spring Program Ideas
If you are looking for some ideas for spring programs, here are a few suggestions - programs which are available as free pdf downloads through our program resource website:

Decision Sunday program:­ Righteous Rain
Decision Sunday in Spanish:­ Righteous Rain
Sunday/Kids Club:­ Creation Celebration
Decision Activity:­ Get the Dirt
Fundraiser: Partners In Mission - Olympic Theme
5 Week Opening Series:­ Spiritual Fitness
Penelope Green Story and Slides
PIM Children's Story:­ An Enchanted Evening

Fair Trade Awareness:­ Amazing Grace
30 Hour Famine

Joy Senior's Meeting

Beauty Within
Decorating A Home Without Creating Debt
God Created Lavender

Partners In Mission Fundraising
Go Challenge - Six weeks of sermon ideas, coupled with a fundraising challenge for Partners In Mission
Partners In Mission Challenge - Get the whole family involved in fundraising

Membership & Roll Updating

Feb 23, 2015
Membership & Roll Updating
View the .ppsx file - Understanding Rolls Management

5 Must Do's to Encourage Your Guests to Return

Feb 23, 2015
5 Must Do's to Encourage Your Guests to Return
Here are 5 easy things you can do, to increase the probability of having guests return again sooner!

1.­ Make sure you have greeters with name tags at your door, to welcome people, and give assistance as needed.

2.­ Advertise your upcoming sermon series, special community or fellowship events, Easter,  special Mother's Day service, Canada Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and fundraisers - either in your printed material or from the pulpit.­ Remember to use inclusive language.

3.­ Prepare a slide, series of slides, or printed handout to promote upcoming events. Make sure you include your contact information, website or facebook address!

4.­ Use a visitor card system or have your greeter personally introduce visitors to the pastor and collect contact info.­ This gives you even greater opportunity to follow up later.­ But, don't use them and NOT follow up!­

5.­ Place key people at the door as people leave, to recognize and intentionally speak with every visitor/guest.­ Provide a handout as they go, with information and contact numbers.


Senior Soldier Renewal Sunday

Feb 17, 2015
Senior Soldier Renewal Sunday
Here are some resources, developed especially for Senior Soldier Day of Renewal.


Print-ready, four to a page -  print on light card stock and trim to the edge (finished size 3.25" x 5").  Designed to be folded in half, becoming wallet size.

VERSION 1 - MY PROMISE                                     Download



VERSION 2 - MY COVENANT                                              Download



Available as a large print version, folds to 1/4 letter size paper - half cut, no trimming required.

Soldiership Training Materials

Feb 11, 2015
Soldiership Training Materials

A DVD called “We Believe” is available through the online bookstore, under “Bible Studies" and then "Salvation Army”. This DVD is a recording of interviews with SA officers on the doctrines that was part of a Sunday night series in 1994. Study questions are included, and it sells for $15.

At this website under “Downloads”, you will find SA101, SA201, SA301 FREE OF CHARGE!  These are beginner to advanced training manuals that provide excellent information to those wanting to know more about the Salvation Army and those interested in becoming soldiers. Useful for both teen and adult classes, it is best done with a facilitator.

"Preparing for Battle", a study written by Major Brian Slous on the eleven Salvation Army doctrines. Available as a 98 page download free of cost through HELPS. Use the direct product link above.

4. Chosen to Be A Soldier. Available through the Salvation Army bookstore ( Tried but true Soldiership training tool.

Chosen To Be A Soldier

5 Love Verses Every Christian Should Know

Feb 11, 2015
5 Love Verses Every Christian Should Know
But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God .1 John 4:7

And so we know and rely on the love God has for us.God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. 1 John 4:16

Keep yourselves in God’s love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life .Jude 1:21

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers,  neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:38-39

MEMORIZE the Bible one verse at a time!

2014 Documents

Feb 4, 2015
2014 Documents
2014 AMR/TMR documents are now posted on SAMIS.  

1.  Log in to your SAMIS account
3.  Complete all the steps on the 'Preparation' information before you generate reports from SAMIS.
4.  Choose the 'Documents' tab.
5.  Click the link for the Annual Ministry or Triennial Mission Review documents.

Women's Ministries SAMIS Collection Form

Feb 3, 2015
Women's Ministries SAMIS Collection Form
Use this form to help you collect statistics for Women's Ministries.  Just download, copy and distribute monthly.  Then collect and submit to your SAMIS representative!

Download the form:  WM SAMIS STATISTICS

Please note changes starting in 2015!

Video Resource - DOCTRINES

Feb 2, 2015
Video Resource - DOCTRINES
Here is a video resource you can use in a service for Soldiership renewal, enrolment or doctrinal teaching focus!

Embedded Content

For Soldiership Renewal resources visit:

Snow Day Spiritual Opportunities

Feb 2, 2015
Snow Day Spiritual Opportunities
A snow day presents lots of time for those things that we often do in a hurry, or perhaps don't take time for at all.  Here are a few ways to take advantage of a snow day - spiritually speaking.
1.  Take some extra time to pray, check out the Facebook Page - Prayer Walking with The Salvation Army

2.  Meditate on your daily Bible reading - ask 'What does this passage teach me about God?", "What does this passage teach me about myself?"  "How should I respond to this?"

3.  Surfing the web will be popular today - why not search for new resources and tools to help you in your ministry.  Visit and check out the ideas for upcoming days - Valentine's, Easter, Partners In Mission.....

4.  Catch up on your SAMIS entries - Annual Reviews are coming soon - now is a great time to update 2012 in SAMIS.  For helps and tips, check out our SAMIS HELP, and ANNUAL REVIEWS pages, or do the SAMIS on-line training (Lotus Notes - Training - SAMIS)

5.  Read one of the discipleship books sitting on your shelf that you haven't had time to read yet, or order a new one!

6.  Put your faith in action - find a random act of kindness to do today!

7.  Call someone that is shut-in to check up on them.

8.  Organize your sermon folder - and while you are at it, if you find one you really like, email it to us - we'll post it on for sharing.  PS.  We are looking for all kinds of resources - responsive readings, programs ideas for infants, children, women, older adults, and more!  Send us your great ideas to share!

9.  Work ahead on your sermon schedule (OK, maybe this is work, but you will feel better for it!)

10.  Listen to some inspirational music.  No matter what your taste, music enriches our spiritual walk. 

Bonus activities:  Like us on Facebook!  Follow us on Twitter!

Add your own great ideas for a snow day to the comment box below!

Valentine's Program Ideas

Jan 26, 2015
Valentine's Program Ideas

Looking for Valentine's ministry ideas?

You can find Openings, Outlines, Bible Study, Worship, Fellowship and Games ideas for Valentines
on (link direct to Valentine's ideas).
Sample:  Printable pdf for Valentine's Cards

ALSO, start planning early for Easter program needs.

Over 21 Easter related programs, with ideas for Seniors', Women's Groups, Children, Sermon and Worship ideas and more!

Prairie East Regional CCM Training

Jan 23, 2015
Prairie East Regional CCM Training
Date: Saturday March 21st, 2015
Time:  10:30 - 3:30 p.m.
Place:  Heritage Park Temple
Register:  contact Darlene Anderson through Lotus Notes

What's happening with Refugees

Jan 20, 2015
What's happening with Refugees
Here are some current statistics regarding the current Syrian Refugee situation.

Download the slide for sharing with your congregation:  IRS - Syria 2015

What happens to your AMR/TMR?

Jan 20, 2015
What happens to your AMR/TMR?
You asked!  Here is the answer to the question: What happens to my AMR/TMR after I submit it?  Does anyone look at it?

Contribute or follow on Twitter:  #MinistryReview

View larger image



Jan 20, 2015
View this info-video to get an overview of this resource!
Embedded Content

Also available:­ Three powerpoint slide backgrounds for advertising at your location!­ Available at:­

My New Life in Christ

Jan 20, 2015
My New Life in Christ
People beginning the journey of walking with Christ have begun a new life, and there is lots to learn! In the booklet "My New Life In Christ", new believers will find solid teaching about this new life by working through this book, preferably with one or two mentors who will disciple them. Eleven lessons, plus bonus materials will answer questions new believers may have, such as: Can I Be Sure I'm Saved? What are God's promises? How do I get to know God? Does God want to use me? What Does Holiness Mean? In addition, memorization of Bible verses is encouraged, and memory cards are provided for participants.


Formerly:­ From Mercy Seat to Spiritual Maturity - now three volumes in one.

Getting Ready for the AMR/TMR

Jan 14, 2015
Getting Ready for the AMR/TMR

Excerpt from the 2014 Annual Ministry Review & Triennial Mission Review document.

Call and Commitment Sunday

Jan 9, 2015
Call and Commitment Sunday
Call & Commitment Sunday is held in February.  Resources have been posted on - which include a variety of tools to assist with planning and preparing for this special focus Sunday.

2015 resources include sermon and meeting outline suggestions:  click here

Follow this link to the  Call & Commitment Sunday resources from previous years, available for FREE DOWNLOAD on MinistryHelps.

For multi-media resources, here is a list of movie clips you can download.
OFFICER PROFILES - Promotional Videos for Call & Commitment Sunday:
Louise Wareham
Ron Cartmel
Rod Bungay

CFOT Video 2013
If We Would Just Wake Up

There are also other links to video clips to purchase in the resources document.

If you have questions or comments about Call & Commitment Sunday or Candidates, contact

Teen Bible Studies - Winter 2015

Jan 8, 2015
Teen Bible Studies - Winter 2015
2015 is coming quickly.  Order your units now!

Growth History Overview

Jan 8, 2015
Growth History Overview

The Growth History Overview is part of the 2014 Corps Review process.  This document is generated from SAMIS based on the statistics you have entered for your location.  To make sure that your GH Overview report accurately reflects all ministries at your locaiton, make sure you have entered all your relevant 2014 statistics.

Some of the changes to the report include:  reflection of Music and Gospel Arts activities, more Children & Youth activities have been included in the calculations, a reflection of Community & Family Services statistics.

To run a sample of your Growth History Overview report log in to SAMIS, choose CREATE REPORTS, choose the 'Growth History Overview' report, set the dates to Jan 2014 - Dec 2014, choose submit.  View your report on the View Reports tab. The system generates an Excel document, however, fields are locked and cannot be edited. 

It is important that you make sure all your 2014 statistics are completed as soon as possible, since SAMIS will be closing soon for 2014 entry.


15 Blues Busters

Jan 2, 2015
15 Blues Busters
Beat Blues' Monday

According to the news, today is the day most people feel the 'blues'!  Here are some things that you can do today to brighten your day and someone else's day.  Don't let the BLUES get you down!

1.  Smile and say hello to someone you don't know
2.  Connect with a friend that you haven't talked to for a while
3.  Compliment someone
4.  Knock something off your 'To-Do' list
5.  Memorize a Bible verse ( Romans 8:38-39 )
6.  Tell someone how much you appreciate and/or love them
7.  Make a donation to a good cause  (Gifts of Hope)
8.  Extend your prayer time, and mediate on how much God loves you  (Creative Prayer Ideas)
9.  Phone a shut-in, and tell them you thought about them today
11.  Read a story of hope
12.  Listen to this song
13.  Change your Facebook cover/status to something fun and uplifting - and Like Us for future updates and information, and use the 'FACEBOOK'  button below to share this article with your friends.
14.  Tweet a happy thought (Follow us on Twitter too!)
15.  Rest in the knowledge that God is in control!


Great Prayer Resources

Dec 31, 2014
Great Prayer Resources

A variety of program ideas are available on  Resources have been divided by age appropriateness: Children, Youth, and Multi-Age. These programs include ideas for prayer walks, prayer rooms, prayer breakfasts, ways to teach prayer, prayer activities, and much more.
Documents on MinistryHelps are free, but you must register at to access resources.

Here is a sampling of what you will find:

Answers to Prayer - A children's game teaching truths about how God answers prayer.
Encouraging Children to Pray at Home - A guide for teachers with ways to teach children about the importance of private prayer.

Delicious Prayer Walk - A prayer walk for youth using our tastes to teach different aspects of prayer.

A Time To Listen - A women's prayer walk idea.
How Deep The Father's Love - A prayer brunch

Boundless - The Whole World Reading

Dec 19, 2014
Boundless - The Whole World Reading
The heart beat of General Andre Cox includes a world wide Salvation Army united in being grounded in the Word of God.  To that end, the International Army has provided an excellent resource to enable all Salvationists to be reading the same Scriptures during 2015 - one chapter per day for five days a week.  What a fabulous idea!!

There are many ways to participate: on your computer, on your Android or iOS device, or follow a paper copy of the daily readings. 
Google Play App Store
Search “Salvation Army  Bible Challenge”.
Visit  using Safari and follow the link to the download.
Engage using Social Media:
Twitter using:  @BoundlessBible,  #BoundlessBible

To find out more about this reading challenge, visit

Corps resources:  Bulletin Insert Advertisement, Powerpoint Promo Slides

Great gift idea

Dec 3, 2014
Great gift idea
Are you looking for Fair Trade Chocolate for entertaining or to give this Christmas?  Check out these chocolate products available at Bulk Barn, and Loblaws chains.

Here are some great ideas:

Camio assorted chocolate products:

Hot chocolate, chippits, cocoa, candy bars and more.

Makes great hostess gift:  $8.00


Great for the children in your life:  $4.00

Perfect for the chocolate lovers:  $3.50
Available in Orange Milk Cocolate, White-Strawberry, Dark-Raspberry, Milk Chocolate

Great afternoon snack:  $2.00
Available in Milk, Dark, Milk-Orange, and White.

Gift box:  $8.00 12 x 14g bars of Milk and Dark chocolate.
Makes great teacher gifts, or hostess gifts.

“Divine Chocolate is a farmer-owned fair trade company that keeps hundreds of cocoa cultivators in Ghana employed, uses earth-friendly growing methods, and puts its proceeds towards medical care, education, and clean drinking water for the locals.”

Vacation Bible School 2015

Dec 3, 2014
Vacation Bible School 2015
Read this month's e-TIPS (Tips for Youth Workers) to get an overview of the new 2015 Vacation Bible School kits that are available for ordering now.

Or visit the page on this website outlining the kits being promoted by the Children and Youth department here:  Vacation Bible School

Corps Ministries November News-Blast

Nov 20, 2014
Corps Ministries November News-Blast
Check out the newsletter for November with links to:
ADULT - Daily Readings for December - booklet to print and distribute
CHILDREN - Advent Calendar - brochure style - a Bible verse and Name for Jesus for December
5 Service Outlines -  Advent Sundays and Christmas Eve - full outlines
10 Ideas to rally your congregation to Christmas outreach ideas!  Customizable document/info for your bulletin, website or FB.


10 Ways to Get Involved This Christmas

Nov 18, 2014
10 Ways to Get Involved This Christmas

Choose at least one way you can impact the lives of others this season!

1.  Help pack Christmas hampers, or sort donations through your local Salvation Army Christmas effort,
2.  Volunteer on a Salvation Army Christmas Kettle,
3.  Support Gifts of Hope by purchasing goats or chickens for families in needy countries, or encourage a group you attend to raise funds for a Gift of Hope.
4.  Volunteer with your local Community Care group who visit nursing homes and distribute Sunshine Bags,
5.  Host a group (Youth Teachers, Ministry Board, Musical Sections, Family Services Workers) from your Corps for Christmas Cider and Goodies, and give them a thank you card for their service.
6.  Get sponsors and run in the Santa Shuffle ( - happening in cities across Canada on December 6.
7.  Watch for people in your community who need assistance, and direct them to the local Salvation Army for Christmas relief.
8.  Random Act of Kindness - purchase 10 gifts cards for your local coffee shop with enough money for a coffee and muffin.  Distribute them randomly to people you see in need over the Christmas season.
9.  Invite someone from your neighbourhood to the Christmas Sunday or Christmas Eve service at your local Salvation Army.
10.  Support The Salvation Army Toy Drive in your community with a new, unwrapped toy!


To find a Salvation Army location click here:  Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda

Christmas Praise & Worship collection

Nov 17, 2014
Christmas Praise & Worship collection
Here are some worship choruses that you may already use, that you might not have thought about using during Christmas:

1. Here I Am to Worship (Hughes)
2. You’re Worthy of My Praise (Ruis)
3. Hope of the Nations (Doerksen)
4. You Are Holy (Prince of Peace)
(Imboden, Rhoton)
5. Lift Up Your Heads (Fry)
6. Come, Now is the Time to Worship
7. You Are My All in All (Jernigan)
8. When the Music Fades (Redman)
9. When I Look Into Your Holiness (Perrin)
10. We All Bow Down (LeBlanc)
11. Open Our Eyes Lord (Cull)
12. O Lord You’re Beautiful (Green)
13. Isn’t He (Wimber)
14. I Stand in Awe (Altrogge)
15. Enough (Tomlin)

Christmas Songs you can try:
1. The Glorious Impossible
(Cartee, Beck, Wills)
2. Immanuel (Townend)
3. In the First Light (Kauflin)
4. What Kind of Greatness (Kendrick)
5. Offering [Christmas lyrics] (Baloche)
6. Rejoice! (Rebuck, Huntsinger)
7. Rose of Bethlehem (Alexander)
8. All is Well (Smith)

Promote Gifts of Hope

Nov 13, 2014
Promote Gifts of Hope
Gifts of Hope is a great way to teach your teens about a better way to give this Christmas.­ Challenge your teens to a fundraiser, or to bring an offering, and use it to buy a Gift of Hope.

The Catalogue of gifts includes some great new items such as an eco-cooker, and mosquito nets.­ For a full listing or to order online visit - Common Complaints

Nov 10, 2014 - Common Complaints
1.  TOO many steps to get to find MinistryHelps!
"I have to log in to Lotus Notes, then find the link from the drop-down list."  NOT SO! - You can open any web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome) and enter into the address bar or search bar and you will get there a lot faster!

2.  Why do I have to log in?  There are 800+ resources on MinistryHelps, and it is helpful for the THQ Corps Ministries Department to know what kind of resources people are downloading, what areas of the Territory we are reaching, and how many times an item gets used.  In order to capture this information, we ask our customers to Log In.

3.  It's too many steps to get the downloads!  We've noticed a trend here - many customers add 1 item to their 'PICKS' folder, and then go through the FINISH process.  SAVE TIME - you can add as many items as you wish to your 'PICKS'  folder, and then go through the FINISH process once!  This will save you a lot of time.

4.  I can't find the files after I download them! You can change the settings in your browser of choice - to always save downloads into the same place for easy retrieval. Google how to do this for your preferred browser.

View this easy-read PDF file, with step by step instructions and screen captures to help you!  How To Download Files from

Celebrate Recovery

Nov 5, 2014
Celebrate Recovery
Are you looking for programs to reach out and make a difference in your community?­ Check out these resources for Wholeness and Healing programming.

Celebrate Recovery visit:­


Children's Outreach Program

Oct 29, 2014
Children's Outreach Program
This program outline has everything you will need to run your own "Breakfast With Santa", a great idea to reach new families in your neighbourhood over the Christmas season.

Complete with sample schedule, registration details, guest ideas, a family friendly version of the Christmas story, and a table game.­ All you have to do is advertise, invite Santa, and provide a continental breakfast.­

Download this program from HELPS, and while you are there, check out other Christmas program ideas for all ages.

We are on Social Media

Oct 23, 2014
We are on Social Media
If you are using FACEBOOK to keep up with friends and family,
why not LIKE our Facebook page, and you will see

reminders for ministry,
­new resource downloads,
and interesting articles you can SHARE!

VISIT OUR PAGE TODAY!­ Click the image below!

PS.­ If you don't use FACEBOOK, don't worry, our page is public - which
means you can visit as often as you like and still benefit from the news and information!

Territorial Project

Oct 21, 2014
Territorial Project
Women's groups in the Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territory raise funds each year to support an overseas project.­ This year we are supporting South America East.

Target: $75,000

Funds raised will support a program for victims (women and children) of domenstic violence.

Operating out of the Corps Community Centres, the program will deal with prevention and follow-up; providing orientation, information and spiritual support as well as creating an awareness of this issue in the community.

Posters that were ordered have been sent out to ministry units. Posters are still available on request from the Women's Ministries Department - see HOME/CONTACT US page for Women's Ministries contact information.

DOWNLOAD THE POWERPOINT for promotional purposes




Advertise Website Resources

Oct 14, 2014
Advertise Website Resources
To advertise Canadian Army web resources for your leaders, copy and paste all or part of the following information into your Sunday bulletin, Ministry Board meeting outline, or corps/church flyers. - information and details about Salvation Army program materials for all settings.­ News about new products and information on how to order materials. - Online ordering of Christian Education materials, CROSSzone/CROSStraining curriculum (High School Bible Studies), women's resources, pamphlets, Baby Song, First Step supplies, and more... - formerly the printed H.E.L.P.S. (Helping Every Leader Prepare for Service) this resource is now available online, as free downloads.­ Program ideas cover every area of ministry - from Infant and Toddler ministries right through to Seniors' and Womens' ministry.­ You can search by age category or by program type (games, illustrations, outlines, programs). - a music resource for worship bands, providing guitar lead sheets for over 150 songs from The Salvation Army songbook.­ One time membership fee of $15.00 applies. - the latest news of The Salvation Army, Canada and Bermuda Territory.­ Keep up with all the current news and events, link to Twitter and Facebook. - news and articles, current discussion and thought about The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda. - order uniform items, books, music and more online. - a youth website where young people can discuss and read about current issues, connect and find information on events, be challenged in their daily walk and social justice issues.

Home Missions Focus Fund

Oct 6, 2014
Home Missions Focus Fund

Embedded Content

WHAT:­ Home Missions Focus Funds are collected and disbursed by DHQ on selected ministry projects.­ This LOVE OFFERING supports local mission needs, allowing ministries to begin, enhance or maintain relevant community ministries.

HOW:­ Every ministry unit is encouraged to contribute to this fund raiser, by collecting donations from members and friends during a Sunday meeting in October.­ This is not a community fund raiser, nor a fund raiser for missionary efforts.­ The Home Missions Focus Funds will be given to ministry units in your division, to help them develop ministry and mission!

HOME MISSIONS FOCUS FUND - a whole new series of resources, available electronically, customizable to your congregational needs.

Posters will be forwarded from your DHQ when they are available. Posters will be customized by Division, giving indication of what types of ministries funds will be allocated towards.

Envelopes are available for ordering on-line. ­They come in packages of 50. ­Place your order now, through the Online Ordering Catalogue.

The Bulletin Cover, Bulletin Inserts, and extra Graphics for promotion are now available for download, at


All About Pioneer Clubs

Oct 6, 2014
All About Pioneer Clubs
Find out everything you need to know about running Pioneer Clubs in your ministry unit.­ Great children's ministry option and great for reaching out into the community!

e-TIPS October 2014
External content from Theme Online Theme Online

Thanksgiving Music

Oct 6, 2014
Thanksgiving Music

Looking for something new to sing with your congregation this year for Thanksgiving?­ Then check out this song list...

­ 1.­ Come Into His Presence (Baird) - Hallelujah Choruses, volume 4, #51
­­2.­ Give Thanks (with a grateful heart) (Smith) - Hallelujah Choruses, volume 4, #55
­ 3.­ Haven’t You Been Good (Steve Earle) - (Sovereign Grace version)
­­4.­ He Has Made Me Glad (I Will Enter His Gates) - Maranatha Praise (purple book) volume 2
­­5.­ I Will Sing of the Mercies of the Lord Forever - Maranatha Praise (purple book) volume 2
­­6.­ In Thanksgiving Let Us Praise Him (Cloninger) - Celebration Hymnal (hymn tune: Austria)
­­7.­ It is a Good Thing to Give Thanks Unto the Lord - Celebration Hymnal
­­8.­ Let All Things Now Living (Katherine Davis) - Celebration Hymnal (hymn tune: The Ashgrove)
­­9.­ My Tribute (Andrae Crouch) - Hallelujah Choruses volume 11, Celebration Hymnal
10.­ Sing and Make Music (John Larsson) - Hallelujah Choruses volume 1, Happiness & Harmony
11.­ Sweeter (Cindy Cruse-Ratcliffe, Israel Houghton) - - (either Lakewood or Cottrell version)
12.­ Thank you Lord for Saving my soul (Sykes) - Maranatha Praise (purple book), volume 2
13.­ We are So Blessed (Gaither, Nelson) - Celebration Hymnal
14.­ When I Think About the Lord (Huey) - (Jason Breland version)
15.­ Forever (Tomlin) -
16.­ Worthy is the Lamb (Zschech) - Hallelujah Choruses volume 12
17.­ This Thankful Heart (I Will Offer Up My Life) (Redman) - Magnify, #27
18.­ Forever Grateful (Altrogge) - Celebration Hymnal, Maranatha Praise (green book) volume 4
19.­ Giver of Life (Tim Hughes) - (Songselect service)
20.­ Above All Else (Vicky Beeching) - (Songselect service)
21.­ Indescribable (Chris Tomlin) -
22.­ Famous One (Chris Tomlin) -
23.­ Gracias (Marcos Witt) - (Songselect service) - english lyrics here
24.­ I Sing the Mighty Power of God - Celebration Hymnal
25.­ O Come Let Us Sing for Joy to the Lord (Mason) - (Songselect service)
26.­ Thank you Lord (Paul Baloche & Don Moen) - (Songselect service)
27.­ 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) (Matt Redman) -,, CCLI­Songselect
28.­ Thank you Lord (Sykes, Laeger) - Hallelujah Choruses volume 19
29.­ Because of Your Love (Paul Baloche & Brenton Brown) - CCLI Songselect
30.­ I am Blessed (Garreffa)
31.­ How Could I Ask for More (Morgan) - CCLI Songselect
32.­ Thank you for giving me the morning - SA Tunebook #807, Sing for Joy Songbook
33.­ Lord I Thank You for the Joy of Living - Sing On Songbook #81


Great Clip Art Resources

Sep 29, 2014
Great Clip Art Resources

Check out Ron Wheeler's website, where you will find all kinds of great resources to be used in your corps/church communication.­ Everything from clip art to cartoons - available for an annual membership of $30.00.

Follow this link to register for a 5 day trial, or annual membership: Ron's Image Vault

To surf the site and get an idea of the wide variety of resources, follow this link:

You can also find free Christian Clip Art at, and

Also find great resources at a steeper price at­ This site provides great powerpoint slide backgrounds, videos, flyer masters and a lot more -­ annual membership is around $100.
If you are looking for someplace to find a large selection of general images, consider ­

Great Stewardship Resource

Sep 26, 2014
Great Stewardship Resource
God’s Family First: Learning to Be Good Stewards Together in Faith, Community and Worship (Leader’s Guide & @home booklet)

Produced by Stewardship Resources,
Corps Ministries Department, THQ

Order through:­
­ This resource can be used in your corps setting and at home with corps members either over a weekend, weeklong, or 4 week long emphasis. It is comprehensive, including sermon helps, corps family dinner ideas, prayer night/room ideas, spiritual gift assessments and a service option survey, corps family fun night ideas, stewardship teaching, and more. Try this self-contained resource to enrich the spiritual health and life of your corps family-God’s family!

CHECK OUT THE STEWARDSHIP area of our website for recommended tools and resources!­ Small Groups, Individual and Family, and more!

Community Care Sunshine Bags

Sep 22, 2014
Community Care Sunshine Bags
Every year hundreds of Community Care workers and volunteers gather together during the late fall months, to pack Sunshine Bags (baggies of goodies) for distribution in­ Canadian and Bermudian nursing homes, hospitals and other care facilities.­ These special bags often contain personal care items, such as hand cream and tissues, useful for residents and patients.

Sunshine Bags are distributed during December to thousands of people, along with a blessing and an offer of a Salvation Army periodical.­ During 2013, over 42,000 bags were given out in 65 communities through this volunteer ministry of Salvation Army Corps!

2014 Christmas CD

Sep 19, 2014
2014 Christmas CD
It is amazing to already be thinking about snow and Christmas but its exciting to introduce the­ 2014 Christmas CD, now available for pre-order.­ The price is still the same as in previous years, $1.25 each, and it is a fantastic stocking-stuffer, an easy-to-hand-out gift for your congregation, social services staff & clientele, and a great way to say thank-you to the public at large as well as to businesses, media and political offices who support the Army in your community throughout the year.

As in previous years, the back cover leaves room for stamps and mailing address if sending by post (note - must be sent out as "non-bendable mail"). The CDs come unsealed so you can insert personal messages, business cards or invitations from your ministry unit.­ Sealers will be provided with your order.

This year features The Canadian Staff Band, North York Temple Band, Mountain Citadel Band, London Citadel Band, Legacy Brass, Stonechurch Brass, as well as the 2013 Festival Chorus, the Ontario Central-East Divisional Youth Chorus, Toronto Northern Lights and soloists Marjory Watson, Karen Gross, Deliah Williams, Craig Woodland, William White, Steve Brown, Robert Rawlins, and Wendy Woodland.­ That's about 80 minutes of music on one CD!

If $1.25 is still too high for your budget,­ previous years' CDs are available for as low as 50 cents each.

Simply fill out the order form and return it as instructed.­ It's that easy!


Thanksgiving Program Ideas

Sep 15, 2014
Thanksgiving Program Ideas
Powerpoint Resources:
Thanksgiving Powerpoint Slide Backgrounds
Give Thanks - Powerpoint Background

God's Harvest - Print Version (Responsive Reading)
God's Harvest - Powerpoint (Responsive Reading)
Thanksgiving Responsive Reading
Hymns of Adoration - Powerpoint (Responsive Reading)

Thanksgiving Bulletins (Order from Trade)

Barnyard Blast (Halloween)
In The Dark (Halloween)

Thanksgiving Crafts (from
Coloring Pages and Activities (from

Senior's and Women's:
Ways to Help Children Focus on Thanksgiving (Women's Program for Mothers)
Canadian Thanksgiving (Women's Program Outline)
Give Thanks (Senior's Program Outline)
Harvest Basket (Drama)

Youth Group Ideas:
Activities (from

Thanksgiving Music Suggestions - a list of contemporary songs that work really nicely with Thanksgiving - submitted by Kim Garreffa

Looking for Prayer Ideas

Sep 15, 2014
Looking for Prayer Ideas
If you are looking for new ways to experience corporate prayer, check out the ideas found on­ You will find ideas for Prayer Stations, Prayer Walks, responsive readings, slide presentations, activities for children and youth, and much more.

Pioneer Clubs

Sep 10, 2014
Pioneer Clubs

Pioneer Clubs is a unique ministry designed for today’s children, age two through middle school.

Pioneer Clubs offers three distinct programs-Pioneer, Exploring, and Discovery. Each program is fun, challenging, exciting, participative, Bible-based and Christ-centred. At Pioneer Clubs, children learn life skills and study the Bible, earning badges to acknowledge their accomplishments.

Read all the information on this site:­ Pioneer Clubs.

Missions Internes - ressources

Sep 10, 2014
Missions Internes - ressources
Les ressources ci-après sont offertes en version électronique. Elles peuvent être téléchargées à partir de l’adresse Internet indiqué plus loin.


Home Missions - Powerpoint Infomercial

Sep 3, 2014
Home Missions - Powerpoint Infomercial
Get your FREE powerpoint infomercial - to run before your service as an announcement for the upcoming Home Missions Focus Fund offering!


Corps Planning Calendar

Sep 2, 2014
Corps Planning Calendar
This is the time to set all your dates for the upcoming season!­ Here's our list of recommended dates to keep in mind, with quick links to hundreds of resources!­ CORPS CALENDAR

Activate - Deactivate Activities

Sep 2, 2014
Activate - Deactivate Activities
Keep your SAMIS account current by activating new programs as you initiatie them! View other articles under SAMIS help for tips and tricks that will help you manage SAMIS!

The SAMIS committee have received many requests for New Program Activities showing a wide variety of interesting new programs taking place across our territory.­ Things like Coffee House, Slow Cooker Class, Toy Lending Library, Laundry and Shower, Homework and After School Clubs, Prison Ministry, Sports Clubs and Anger Management are just a sampling of requests.

To Activate/De-activate items for your location:
1.­ Log in to SAMIS
3.­ Using the Activity drop down, find the Activity you want, and click 'Select' in the right hand column.
4.­ Enter an 'Open Date' and 'Save All'.
After you do this, you will be able to see the new Activity listed in your customized Activity list on the Enter Statistics page (beginning from the date you entered).

If you have questions about where to put statistics for programs you are running, email


Aug 25, 2014
Visit to download resources and view the videos for this new International study series!

Spanish Praise & Worship

Aug 25, 2014
Check out this list of songs, available in Spanish for your worship team or accompaniast:­ Spanish Song Resource posted on www.

If you have other Spanish resources that we can recommend, please email

Global Leadership Summit

Aug 25, 2014
Global Leadership Summit
Did you know that over 250 Officers were sponsored to attend the Global Leadership Summit last year in over 21 locations in Canada?­ Working out the reality of Bill Hybels quote:­ "Everyone wins when a leader becomes better", delegates had opportunity to hear many high profile guest speakers who set forth the challenges of leadership, service and mission for Christ.

Here are some samplings of reactions:

“How come I have never attended any conference like this before?­ This was awesome! All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW”.­­­ This conference was perfect timing and what was needed at this moment of ministry as a Corps Officer to the people I pastor.­ A time of refreshing and renewal. ­

Initially I found the Leadership summit format a bit odd for my taste.­ I prefer a “live” speaker.­ However within the two days I did connect with another officer and we chatted about the content we were learning.­­ A common theme amongst the speakers throughout “it is a privilege to be in ministry/leadership”.­ Condoleezza Rice brought a lovely blend of dignity and humour to her talk.­ It was a pleasure listening to her speaks of the honour of service.­ Craig Groeschel’s topic of respect and honour was refreshing in an age and environment that increasingly demonstrates less.­­ Jim Collins analogy of leadership – comparing story of the Amundsen and Scott Antarctic expeditions is one that I will want to go back to for further consideration.

It was a great opportunity to be able to take entire staff.­­ Inspired to sharpen our current discipleship process even further by integrating our Vision, Purpose and Mission statements as a church into our 3-pronged discipleship approach (Begin – Belong – Become).­­ It is nice to network with other church leaders and ministries in our own city and know that our challenges are not just unique to us.

Everything that was heard from the speakers was helpful.­ Bill Hybels said “if you want more trees, then you have to plant more seeds”.­­ In terms of ministering to youth, Craig Groeschel said “authenticity trumps cool every time”.­ Next time I would take the ministry team it would be more beneficial to take away the same message and work together.

Start Getting Ready for BOUNDLESS Prayer!

Aug 7, 2014
Start Getting Ready for BOUNDLESS Prayer!
The wave will hit CANADA & BERMUDA in February - mark your calendar and get your prayer resources from

Boundless ... the Whole World Praying is a year-long prayer initiative began on 1 July 2014 and will condlude on the last day of the congress (Sunday 5 July 2015). In a message from General André Cox to Salvation Army leaders, Boundless ... the Whole World Praying was described as 'a wave of prayer that will roll over from one territory to another', intentionally focusing Salvationists in continued united intercession for the Army, the world and in preparation for the congress. The initiative is a working out of the International Vision Plan mission points 'We will unite in prayer' and 'We will deepen our spiritual life', and the General's message says the 2015 International Congress 'is a timely opportunity to continue forward in these mission priorities'.

The prayer initiative will be facilitated by the congress office with the Centre for Spiritual Life Development (CSLD). Salvation Army territories have been assigned specific days of prayer throughout the year to ensure that the anniversary preparations and celebrations are bathed in constant prayer, although this should not be seen as a discouragement to people from the rest of the world! Go to for more information.

What the Statistics Tell Us

Aug 5, 2014
What the Statistics Tell Us
We have such variety and diversity of services carried out by Ministry Units across Canada and Bermuda, that it is sometimes difficult to get a good summary picture of what we do.­ Here is a graphic, taking into account all kinds of ministries - everything from Toddler outreach to visits to Nursing Homes, and summarizes our imact to the communities we live in.­ These numbers represent totals for the 2013 calendar year, as indicated on the diagram below (click the image for a close up view).

Let First Steps Enhance Your Cradle Roll

Aug 1, 2014
Let First Steps Enhance Your Cradle Roll
If you thought that First Steps was a new program meant to replace the Cradle Roll program, we have news for you.­ First Steps is an 'umbrella' program - which means it can be used in conjunction with your existing program(s).­ It is designed to link all your programs for infants and pre-schoolers together in order to maximize their impact.

First Steps Ministries may include: Cradle Roll/First Steps Roll, Mom's and Tot's Morning Out, Baby Song, Sunday Morning Nursery Program, Pre-school Play Groups, and more.

There are a variety of First Steps products that can be used a-la-carte to meet your needs.­ If you are running programs for infants, toddlers or pre-schoolers, you can present each child with a First Steps welcome certificate to recognize them as part of a group.­

You can choose to send out Birthday Cards or All Occasion cards to any family associated with your ministry unit.

You may choose to use the First Steps Dedication Certificate (and Folder) instead of the Cradle Roll certificate, and you may need the First Steps Thanksgiving Certificate (and Folder), which is for dedications of non-member families.

The benefits of having 'umbrella' materials include:
  • the option of one 'infant/toddler/preschool' new year kick-off or end of year celebration under one function - which can bring families from different groups together,
  • a unified material with a child-friendly theme­ that can be used to make contact with families,
  • bring all your infant/toddler/preschool ministries under one management system, which may help in goal setting, strategizing and planning initiatives.
If you have not considered using First Steps because you don't want to replace Cradle Roll, reconsider!

To see all First Steps products visit­ and look under the Baby/Toddler category.

Promote Booth College at your Corps/Church

Jul 28, 2014
Promote Booth College at your Corps/Church
Advertise in your Sunday Bulletin or send out an email blast to your high school students.­

Whether you’re teens are in senior high school years­ – or are thinking about transferring in from another institution – encourage them to think about the option of Booth College.

For more information visit:


Fall Junior High Bible Study

Jul 24, 2014
Fall Junior High Bible Study
Be Tru2U

Be Tru2U (Junior High Bible Study/CROSSzone)
FALL 2014

In this course you will help your students discover a new way of thinking and living as taught by Jesus in the Beatitudes and Parables. Exploring the paradoxical truths of the Beatitudes and discussing relational behaviours will challenge them to develop in new ways.

For more details visit: B TRU2U Xtreme M8K OVR

To order:­ visit.­ - under Youth.

Family Devotional Materials

Jul 23, 2014
Family Devotional Materials
One of our greatest responsibilities and challenges is to help families encourage their children to regularly spend time with God. Finding the tool that fits each child and family is not always easy. So we've got a few resources that you might want to direct your families to consider:

Word Of Life Quiet Time - These materials provide devotional books for ages 6-8, 8-10, 10-12 with each age group looking at the same topic so that families can spend time during the week talking about what they've read and learned, and to encourage each other in their spiritual walk.

Legacy Press - Has a line of devotional books for girls ages 3-5, 6-9, 10-12 entitled God and Me, and a line for boys ages 3-5, 6-9, 10-12 entitled Gotta Have God. There are three books now available for each age level. They also have fictional novels and books to help preteens discover more about themselves as they discover the changes that are happening to their bodies.

Zondervan - Not only does Zondervan have a large variety of Bibles for all ages, they also have devotional books that will appeal to boys, girls and young sports enthusiast. Browse their site to find devotional material that will fit your family's needs.

Focus on the Family - Developing strong families has always been the mission of Focus on the Family. They have a wide range of family devotional books that can be used around the dinner table to help develop family bonds. (Focus on the Family has partnered with to sell their product)

Cleaning Up Your Activity Listing

Jul 18, 2014
Cleaning Up Your Activity Listing
When you select ACTION -> ENTER STATISTICS, do you see a lot of numbers in the bottom frame, like in this image?­ If so, either your Ministry Unit is very large, or you have a number of Program Activities which have been activated for your unit, but are probably not being used.

Download the following document, and follow the detailed instructions to clean up your listing so that you only have Program Activities available for which you are actually collecting statistics.

SAMIS Clean Up Your Listing.pdf

Useful Logos to Keep Handy

Jul 17, 2014
Useful Logos to Keep Handy
INSTRUCTIONS: To save a copy to your computer, right click on the image, choose Save Image as.. or Save Target as...­

Use the 'Comments' link below to request other logos that you think might be helpful.

Salvation Army Shield Pioneer Club logo
Community Care logo Careforce Lifekeys logo
Baby Song logo

Youth Discipleship Materials

Jul 16, 2014
Youth Discipleship Materials

Check out the Discipleship Scope and Sequence page to see the latest curriculum for ordering.

Or go straight to­ and order your supplies.

The Elevator Story

Jul 16, 2014
The Elevator Story
Identifying the Elevator Message for our Congregation
In thirty seconds or less, tell me why I should consider attending your church,
instead of the other churches in your town/city.
There are times when we try to invite someone to our church but talk too long and often about the things that don’t really matter.­ That’s why maybe we should teach our congregation how to focus and say the things that are important.
This is sometime referred to as an “Elevator Pitch”.­ The simple definition is as follows;
­ “ An elevator pitch is a brief yet concise speech given by one person to another person(s) in order to explain a product or service that they either represent and/or sell.­ The purpose of an elevator pitch is to quickly inspire the listener to consider purchasing and/or using that particular product or service.­
The Process of Figuring Out Why We Exist and Steps for Creating a “Spiritual” Elevator Pitch
Here are 7 things you would need to define and/or answer in order to create an effective elevator pitch for your church.
  • For what purpose does our church exist?
  • What do we hope to accomplish each and every time we meet as a congregation?
  • What are some of the “key” ministries that we offer/provide?
  • What are some of the “key” ministries that we offer/provide BUT are not offered or provided by the other churches in our community?
  • What are the demographics of the people that attend our church?(Are we a church composed primarily of elderly saints, young families, college-aged young adults, or do we have a diverse mixture of worshipers?)
  • What type of person is our church hoping to attract each and every Sunday?
  • Does our church exist to be primarily discipleship-oriented (ministering to saved Christians) or are we more of an evangelistic, outreach-oriented church?
Okay, okay.­ I know what you’re thinking.­ You’re thinking (“Perish the thought!”) that an elevator pitch sounds a bit commercial, “worldly” even, and you’d never even consider such a thing at your church!­ I suppose that is understandable.
But let me ask you this, if I asked you to tell me why I would want to consider attending your church versus the “popular” one just around the corner, would you have any idea what to say to me?­ More importantly, do you think the average person sitting in your pews would be able to articulate an appropriate answer to me?
Probably not.­­ And that’s just the problem.
Maybe your church should consider developing an elevator pitch? If nothing else, it would spark wonderful conversation amongst the members of your congregation.
And just imagine how valuable a tool it could become with regards to pointing your congregation down the path you’re hoping to lead them!
Excerpts taken from (By Charles Specht).­ This article was included in the Annual Review documents as a suggestion to every Corps.


Women's Ministry Promotion Week and Sunday

Jul 9, 2014
Women's Ministry Promotion Week and Sunday
Get ready for your FALL programs!
Download it today!


2014 theme:

available on Week

If it's your first time using the website, visit the Home page and
look for the INSTRUCTIONS link for details
on how to download FREE program ideas.


Reminders for Movers

Jul 9, 2014
Reminders for Movers
Here are some things you need to remember to do, if you have recently changed appointments. -
If you have recently changed appointments and you are registered at either of these websites,, please log in and change your address using the My Account link in the upper menu bar.

Don't forget to have the Location Information changed on other system accounts. ­Once you have access to your new location, make this a priority. ­

DID YOU KNOW? ­The public web service for people searching for Salvation Army churches or services, is populated by the information you put into SAMIS. ­If your location information is out-of-date it will not be helpful. ­To check the public information ­available for your current location - visit­


Tips for Effective Powerpoint Slides

Jul 7, 2014
Tips for Effective Powerpoint Slides
Using slides for congregational singing, responsive and Bible readings is the norm in many places. ­When you create your slides keep the focus where it should be by following these tips:

1. ­Choose a background that is not too busy - if your background has too much going on, it will reduce the visibility of the other content you want on your slide.

2. ­Add a drop shadow or outline to your text, to ensure visibility over backgrounds which change from dark to light.

3. ­Use a large heavy clear font (minimum 24pt) so that words are legible from anywhere in your room.

4. ­Don't put large blocks of text on a single slide - break it up so that it is manageable both for reading aloud and following along.

5. ­If you are using images other than your background - always use the corners for resizing so that you do not distort the image.

6. ­Limit the number of transitions and animations you put into your presentation - pick one or two and stay with them - don't try to display the wonders of Microsoft Powerpoint all in one presentation.

7. ­Don't use a different background for every slide. ­Presentations are more desirable if they have one or two effective backgrounds used throughout the presentation. ­This will keep the focus on the content.

8. ­Copy and paste your song lyrics from a reliable source - and triple check for typos.

9. ­If your screen is not elevated or suspended from the ceiling, try to keep text near the top and leave the bottom third of the slide blank. ­This way when the congregation is standing, those with people in front of them will not have to do the 'sway and pop' to see all the words.

10. ­Put a blank (either just background or a black slide) slide between each song, or element in your service so that if you have to pause while someone speaks, you have a slide to 'wait' on.


Jun 25, 2014
This new website, developed by theTerritorial Secretary for Spiritual Life Development at Territorial Headquarters, seeks to provide tools and resources to enhance spiritual growth.­ Ideas for great reading, prayer life, events and more!

Visit today:­

World Refugee Day

Jun 20, 2014
World Refugee Day
Pray for refugees around the world!­ Find and SHARE the prayer suggestions on!

"In just 1 minute a family who was happy and safe can be torn apart by violence and persecution.
In just 1 minute a home can be destroyed by war.
In just 1 minute everything can be lost. Loved ones, cherished mementos, a sense of security.
In just 1 minute everything can change."­ Read the whole article here:­ In Just 1 Minute

Welcoming Refugees

Jun 19, 2014
Welcoming Refugees
Not all refugees come to Canada the same way. They can come as asylum claimants, arriving in Canada and asking for protection. Or they may arrive through one of our resettlement programs that brings approximately 7,500 people to a new safe home in Canada each year.
What connects them all is that once they have permanent status in Canada, they are no longer “Refugees” but Newcomers, eager to get on with their lives and leave the trauma of the past behind.
There are many challenges to adjusting to life in Canada. Learning the language, getting your credentials recognized, the tension of so many different cultural norms and expectations.
Those of us who have grown up or lived in Canada for many years, often don’t realize how hard it is for Newcomers to figure out how to keep hold of their traditions while learning to fit into their new community. We don’t stop to think how strange it must be to navigate through a grocery store with new and unfamiliar foods. We don’t realize how difficult it is to be understood when no one else speaks your language.
On top of all the adjustments immigrants have to make, former refugees also have the trauma of being uprooted from a home they didn’t want to leave.
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has developed an online game that helps us understand what life is like as a refugee. From having to flee, to finding safety in a bordering country, and the adjustments of life in a new country.
Give it a try to see how you would fare if you had to go through life as a refugee. Share it with your friends to see if they would do any better. Visit ­

Proud to Protect

Jun 18, 2014
Proud to Protect
Over 35 million people are displaced around the world right now. While many of those people will hopefully be able to return home someday, by 2015 the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is estimating about 1 million people will need to be resettled as their only permanent solution. Keep reading this article:­­ Proud to Protect

Visit ­ and participate in today's social media challenge!

Not Who You'd Expect

Jun 17, 2014
Not Who You'd Expect
Take a look at today's story - Not Who You'd Expect!­ And visit to participate in today's challenge social media activity.

Not Who You'd Expect

Did you enjoy this information?­ Here's more information on refugee stories that might interest you...­ More Stories

World Refugee Day 2014

Jun 16, 2014
World Refugee Day 2014
Today's Challenge:
Visit or and post a picture of what you'd take with you and tell why it's important to you.­ Don't forget to add #sawrd2014 to your twitter post.

Download today's story:­ Monday - Forced to Flee

"I'd bring my Bible and pictures of family, as much money as I had, any identification documents I could find, and as much food and water as I could carry. The Bible and photos are for comfort, the ID for registering with UNHCR and money, food and water are for surviving until I get someplace safe."

If you want to partiipate in promoting World Refugee Day, here are daily suggestions that you can post on your social media too!

The Story

Jun 11, 2014
The Story
How would you like 31 weeks of your preaching/teaching, Bible Study, and Sunday School curriculum packaged and ready to go for the fall?­The creators of ‘THE STORY’ have done just that!­ The ministry kit includes studies, lessons, videos and more – all ready to go!­ Your children follow the same teaching plan as your adults, and it’s all included!

What gets your attention faster than a good story?­ Jesus’ teaching was almost always in story form:­ The Good Samaritan, The Sower & The Seed, The Rich Man, The Good Shepherd, and many more.­ So here’s a great resource for every corps called The Story.

The Story, published by Zondervan, is an approach to learning and understanding the Bible using the same message and theme for your entire congregation each week for 31 weeks.

I remember being at a hot air balloon festival, where there was a large balloon floating overhead.­ A boy excitedly pointed out the balloon to his parents, saying look – a boat with animals in it.­ No one seemed to be aware that that boat came from a story in the Bible, with a lesson attached to it, with a message from God to His people.­

Many people now a days did not grow up going to Sunday School and hearing the fundamental stories about God’s interaction with His people in the world around us.­Telling The Story responds to our cultural norm where people respond to images!­ We need to be telling and teaching the Bible stories that God has given to His people.­
Imagine the conversations your members could have on the way home and around the dinner table,
talking about what was learned in Sunday school this week by parents
who heard the same portion of scripture taught
in their sermon.



Included in the start up kit are ministry materials and plans for all ages to be studying, adult, youth and children’s ministry.
  • Work through 31 Bible stories in a chronological order.
  • The story of God’s great love us and know and understand your part in God’s plan
  • Gain an understanding of how the Bible lesson works itself out on this earth and how it fits into God’s bigger plan
  • Curriculum and DVD resources for each age group
  • Bibles for each age group that read like a story
  • Materials are also available in Spanish
For more detailed information visit
Order -­­
Harper Collins Canada:
Tony Federici
OR CALL ­1 800 387 0117


Children's Ministry and Media

Jun 11, 2014
Children's Ministry and Media
With the increased use of social media by congregations, remember that when it comes to children's ministry there are some important guidelines to keep in mind at all times. ­Even though people post images and videos on their own personal FB page or Instagram, leaders must be very careful in deciding what to share on social media.

Nils Smith, in his book Social Media Guide For Ministry (2013) reminds leaders:
"You cannot post pictures or videos of minors without parental permission. ­Whether you are a small church or a very large ministry, this applies to everyone!....The best practice is always to protect yourself and the children in your ministry by having written persmission from the parents of every minor whose picture you might show on your website or on any social network." (p.76)

If you want to use pictures, make sure you get written permission from parents!
External content from CSB - Canadian Staff Band CSB - Canadian Staff Band

Empress of Ireland 100th Anniversary

Jun 2, 2014
Empress of Ireland 100th Anniversary
On the night of May 29, 1914, the S.S. Empress of Ireland was hit by a Norwegian collier in the icy waters of the St. Lawrence River. Of the 1,477 souls on board the ship, 1,012 died. Among those lost were 167 Salvationists en route to The Salvation Army’s third international congress in London, England, including many of the top leaders and all but nine members of the original Canadian Staff Band. It was a crippling blow to The Salvation Army that has left its mark on the Canada and Bermuda territory to this very day.
On a bright, sunny afternoon – May 25, 2014 – Salvationists, friends and family members met at Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of this tremendous tragedy. Though the event has largely been forgotten, The Salvation Army continues to hold an annual memorial service to remember those of its members who were lost.
This year, the present-day Canadian Staff Band was honoured to participate in this significant occasion. A good crowd was present, including visitors and descendants of some of the victims who had travelled from England and the United States.
Led by Colonel Mark Tillsley, chief secretary, and members of the territorial cabinet, the service included appropriate songs and Scripture readings, as well as an address by Commissioner Brian Peddle, territorial commander. Staff Bandsman Steve Pavey spoke of his own experience in researching the story for his historical novel Pursuit of Grace Aboard the Empress of Ireland. In retelling the tale, he cited specific examples of Salvationists who lived up to their Christian calling on that dreadful night and the impact their witness had on generations yet to come.

Staff Bandsman Steve Pavey

Commissioner Brian Peddle, territorial commander, spoke of the legacy left behind by those who perished on that fateful night, recalling the impact their deaths had on the young Salvation Army in Canada, and why it is important to remember their memory. Appropriately, the Canadian Staff Band presented an arrangement by Noel Brooks of the last song their 1914 predecessors played while the great ship pulled away from Quebec City: God Be With You Till We Meet Again. CSB Executive Officer Major Kevin Metcalf represented the band in laying a wreath at the base of the monument honouring all Salvationists who died on the Empress.

On Thursday, May 29, a group of seven CSB members travelled to Rimouski, Quebec, to take part in four days of official ceremonies commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Empress of Ireland tragedy.

The ensemble, consisting of Bandmaster John Lam, Executive Officer Major Kevin Metcalf, Sherie Keogh, Rick Allington, Steve Pavey, Craig Lewis and Scott Gross, represented The Salvation Army at various memorial services, playing music and paying tribute to the band’s 1914 predecessors, so many of whom perished in the disaster. They were accompanied by Colonels Mark and Sharon Tillsley, chief secretary and territorial secretary for women’s ministries, who led and spoke in some of the services.

Empress of Ireland Museum, Rimouski

Events included a visit to the Empress of Ireland Museum for the unveiling of a commemorative piece of art commissioned for the 100th anniversary. The group also played at a memorial service for Canadian Pacific, the company that owned the ship, held at the site of a mass grave that includes 20 known and 68 unknown souls. Present were a large group of immediate descendants of the victims.

Canadian Pacific Memorial

On Saturday, the CSB ensemble played for a reception hosted by The Salvation Army for both descendants of victims and the general public. Steve Pavey gave a presentation and Major David Ivany, a descendant of one of the original staff bandsmen, gave his own family tribute. The ensemble also provided music for a Sunday morning mass at the local Roman Catholic Church.
For more detailed information and pictures of the group’s activities, check out our CSB Facebook page.

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Empress of Ireland 100th Anniversary Memorial Service

May 21, 2014
Empress of Ireland 100th Anniversary Memorial Service

Please join us Sunday May 25th, 2014, 3 p.m. at Toronto's Mount Pleasant Cemetery for the Empress of Ireland's 100th Anniversary Memorial service, rain or shine, featuring Commissioner Brian Peddle with The Canadian Staff Band.
Click here to download a poster of the event.

New in SAMIS

May 15, 2014
New in SAMIS
Here is a list of NEW activities that are now available in SAMIS for statistic collection.­ If you are running any of these programs, you need to activate the items in SAMIS so that you can enter statistics.­ Follow this link for details on how to 'Activate' an Activity.

Outreach to Social Services - Any outreach to a social institution excluding CCM, such as visits, conducting services or events
Partnership Outreach - Any outreach or service in partnership with another Church, Service Group or Organization.
Soldier/Member Preparation Classes - Jr or Sr - Classes to disciple and educate into membership. Only collect Junior Soldier Preparation classes here if you do not count them in Junior Soldiers.
Youth Mentoring - Any formalized mentoring program for youth, involving a mentor and mentee, for the purposes of spiritual discipleship or leadership development.
Ready To Serve - A DVD based Army discipleship curriculum.
Day Camp - Corps Run - A full day program run in the Corps for children or youth, with a focus to Outreach.­
CCM Other Institutions and Centers - Regular visits to other institutions and centers, ie - social institutions,
Counselling - Other - For units who offer individual or group counselling, other than spiritual counselling.
Committees - Other - Finance committee, Advisory committee for Thrift Store, Committees for special corps-run events, Special Focus Committee, Youth Committees, etc.­ NOT TO BE USED for Ministry Board /Corps Council
Parenting Group - Any group which meets for the purpose of improving parenting skills, communicating or education about parenting.
Feeding Program - Other - A local, regular, feeding program, other than Community Feeding Program and School Feeding Program.
Music Education Group - Programs to teach music, particularly for outreach purposes into the community.
Leadership Development - Youth - A youth program designed to foster leadership in youth.
Mens Focus Group - Regular group held for men on various topics - spiritual development, men's issues, etc.
Preschool Sunday Time - Sunday Infant-Toddler or nursery time - NOT already counted in Sunday School or Sunday Worship - AM.
Warming Cooling Centre - Opportunity for people to come in from extreme weather.

Celebrate Spring Enrollments

May 12, 2014
Celebrate Spring Enrollments
The spring season is a popular time to enroll and welcome new members.­ Across the Canada and Bermuda Territory, this season welcomed many new members!­

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Promote Dignity Project in Your Corps

Apr 28, 2014
Promote Dignity Project in Your Corps
Six ways to promote DIGNITY MONTH in your Corps.
  1. Link to the Dignity Project website from your local corps website.
  2. Purchase some Dignity Project merchandise as promotional items or for recognizing volunteers.
  3. Tap into the Dignity Project sermons and outlines available on
  4. Use a video or promotional slide in your Sunday services leading up to May.
  5. Print a Hope Story in your bulletin leading up to Dignity Month.
  6. Get your congregants involved in the 31 Day Dignity Challenges!

Commissions and Certificates

Apr 21, 2014
Commissions and Certificates
Are you enrolling new leadership this spring? ­Wondering where to find the proper Commission certificate?

Here is a list of the Commissions/Certificates available through SP&S:
  • Youth Leaders Commission
  • Youth Musician Commision
  • Musician Commission
  • Music Leaders Commission
  • Senior Local Officers Commission
  • Women's Ministry Warrant
  • Over 60 Warrant
  • Sunday School Teachers Warrant
  • Volunteer Appreciation
Also available:
  • First Steps Promotion and Certificates
  • Cradle Roll Certificate
  • Adherents Handbook (includes certificate)
  • Sr. Soldier's Covenant

  • Junior Soldier's Unit Certificates
  • CROSSzone/CROSStraining Unit Certificates

To order Commissions and Certificates call Supplies & Purchasing.

The Salvation Army­Supplies & Purchasing
Toronto, ON, ­­­416-422-6100

St. John's, NL ­­709-579-3291

Worship Team Resources

Apr 16, 2014
Worship Team Resources
If you are involved in a Worship Team, take note of these resources that you might find helpful for the upcoming season:

Guitar lead sheets for songs from the songbook, and other Salvation Army songs, are available through  At this website you will find lead sheets for over 400 songs, provided in either pdf or Finale format.  Often there is a choice of key as well.  While this website requires a one-time membership fee of $15.00, it is well worth it.  For more information click on the image below to visit now.

It is especially more difficult to find worship songs for special occasions. Check out the worship song lists available at (Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, etc)  At this website you can get free downloads for all kinds of program needs - from Infant/Toddler right through to Seniors.  There are program ideas for events, special days, crafts, sermons and much more.  All you have to do is register, and then start collecting downloads.

If your worship team are learning new music, check for demo music on  A wide variety of videos featuring worship tunes are posted, and can be helpful viewing in preparation for the worship team members.

MinistryHelps - Top 5 Anytime Programs

Apr 14, 2014
MinistryHelps - Top 5 Anytime Programs now has over 800 free downloads to help you in your preparation and planning for all kinds of group events.  Here are the top 5 useful for  'ANYTIME' downloads.

1.  Preparing for Battle (2012 Edition) Training course for Senior Soldiership.  Downloaded 395 times!

2. Footprints - Women's Programs.  A women's devotional based on the famous poem about footprints in the sand. Downloaded 203 times

3. Ya Just Gotta Laugh.  A senior's program, complete with songs, games and devotional. Downloaded 166 times

4.  Friends - God's Way of Taking Care of Us.  A full Home League program, including poems, games and songs, all about friends and friendship. (Downloaded 165 times)

5.  And God Created Lavender.  A spring program.  Downloaded 156 times.

That's over 700 downloads for just these 5 program ideas.

 Did you know that has provided over 10,000 program downloads since 2010!!!

Easter Slide Backgrounds

Apr 9, 2014
Easter Slide Backgrounds
Here are some Slide backgrounds that are free to use. Use the link underneath each image to download a full version of the background.

Download Download
Download Download
Download Download

Children's Partners In Mission Resources

Apr 9, 2014
Children's Partners In Mission Resources
Another children's resource for the Partners In Mission campaign, designed and written by an 11 year old writer and painter living in Montreal.

This tool for raising children's awareness is available as a pdf in your Partners In Mission kit, or as a download from

Also available Penelope Green Loves The Ocean, written by Major Denise Walker (Territorial Secretary for Children and Family Ministry), illustrated by Carmina French.

Ideas for Friendship Buildling

Apr 4, 2014
Ideas for Friendship Buildling
If any of you are involved in pre-teen and teen ministry you are very aware of how important friendship is.  Young people want to hang out with their friends, and if their friends are not at church, they won’t want to hang out at church.  This makes it important that we help our children to make friendships that will last at church.  It’s important to build “friendship building” into our ministry.  Here’s a few friendship building ideas you may want to try:
  • Small Groups.  Build time into your Sunday school or kids program for small group activities. These could be breaking into small groups for crafts, Bible story life application, or prayer groups.  By using small groups you give kids the opportunity to spend a bit of time each week with others around their own age, providing them with an opportunity to get to know one another and share themselves with each other.

  • Service Groups.  When people work together to serve others or be involved in a ministry they develop a common bond.  The same is true for children.  If they work together on a service project or join a ministry group they have an opportunity to do good for someone else, but they also connect with each other.  Young people will develop lasting relationships as they spend time at singing company or band rehearsals, drama practice or cleaning nursery toys together.

  • Social Activities for Families.  If possible try to schedule a monthly family event.  Encourage families to come together to have fun getting to know other families and to encourage their children to develop relationships with other kids at church.  Here are some events you might want to plan (or send us ideas you have used):
January – Sledding or skating party
February –Family Movie night
March – Roller Skating Party
April – Easter egg hunt
May – Gym or Swim night at a local community centre
June – Frisbee Golf Tournament
July – World Largest Water Fight
August – Family BBQ or Picnic
September – Longest Banana Split
October – Hay ride and apple picking
November – Family Games Night (bring out those board games and put a new spin on them)
December – Christmas Party and Carol Sing
(Be sure to check out for more ideas, just search for “family”)

Spanish Supplies for SA Ministry

Apr 2, 2014
Spanish Supplies for SA Ministry
Are you looking for Army resources in Spanish.  The Salvation Army USA East and Central Territories have a number of Spanish resources.  While Canadian locations cannot directly order from their store, Supplies and Purchasing at THQ will place custom orders for you if you are interested in these resources.

To see the selection of items available, visit  This web-page requires log in, however, the information for logging in is provided on the page.  After you log in click on 'Spanish Resources' from the left menu, and browse.

If you would like to place an order for supplies, include all the product information in an email to, (Supplies and Purchasing - Canada) indicating that you wish S & P to place an order on your behalf.

Some of the resources available include:

The Sacraments  (Clifford Kew) In Darkest England
Chosen to be a Soldier Manual of Salvationist

Salvation Army active wear, and Bibles are also available.

Fantastic Salvation Army Guitar Resource

Apr 2, 2014
Fantastic Salvation Army Guitar Resource
The Salvation Army Music and Gospel Arts Department hosts, giving members access to hundreds of transposable lead sheets (melodies with guitar chords) of songbook hymns, popular Salvation Army songs and choruses (such as "They Need Christ" and "If Crosses Come"), Sunday School choruses and much more!  Although there is a one-time, lifetime access fee of $15.00 (Canadian funds) in order to view the website, it is ideal for guitarists and worship bands who would like to play tunebook hymns or Salvation Army melodies, but have no guitar chords to guide them.

The tunebook songs have been put into more guitar-friendly keys, and often lowered to suit contemporary congregations better. Chords have also been simplified and tailored to be more guitar-oriented . Using the free Finale Notepad download, keys, chords, notes and even lyrics can be modified to suit particular corps situations.

This website will continue to grow over time, offering more and more services to make life a little easier for worship bands and corps who may only have a guitarist to provide music. Well worth the small membership fee.

Central African Republic

Mar 20, 2014
Central African Republic
Use this infograph all about Central African Republic and the Immigrant needs to guide your prayer time.  Remember, April 4 is REFUGEE RIGHTS DAY!  Why not share this info graph on your website or FB and general prayer support!

Penelope Green Loves The Ocean

Mar 18, 2014
Penelope Green Loves The Ocean
Penelope Green Loves The Ocean is the story of a young girl who makes a startling realization about something she has taken for granted her entire life – water. When she learns of children who have to walk for miles to get water for their family, she realizes how careless she’s been with this precious resource. But not anymore! By putting into practice the simple and practical water saving tips – Penelope Green becomes a good steward of God’s creation!

This booklet will help encourage young children to value water as a precious resource – better saved than wasted. It will also make them aware of children who do not have the same “water-experience” and inspire them to do what they can to make a difference for the global community.

Written by Denise Walker (Captain) Children's Ministries Secretary at Territorial Headquarters, as part of the 2009 Partners in Mission resource kit, illustrated by Carmina French.

If you want to place an order for copies of this book, visit

Knowing Why They Call It War

Mar 11, 2014
Knowing Why They Call It War
Part of our continuing focus on Partners In Mission - watch and SHARE this video!

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Marriage Enrichment

Feb 19, 2014
Marriage Enrichment
Doing couple care?  Here's a great  tool to enhance marriages and help couples prepare for a lifetime together!

Along The Way and Couple Care both written by Bob and Penny Armstrong are two of several pastoral  resources which are available through the Online Ordering Catalogue (see link to the right).

About Couple Care (Also available in Spanish):  Successful marriages are built on a solid foundation that enables couples to experience all that the marriage relationship is designed to be. Based on biblical principles you will find in this manual teaching, personal examples, humour and interactive questions that address relevant topics such as: Expectations, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Intimacy, Family of Origin, and Oneness.  Order Now


Email Orders:

"An excellent resource that explores all the relevant matters of marriage with an emphasis on the biblical foundation." Doctor Robert L. Docter, Ph.D., O.F./Licensed Family Therapist
"A very useful, practical tool for guiding couples toward laying a strong Christian foundation for their lives together." Jonathan S. Raymond, Ph.D., President, Trinity Western University, Langley, BC

About Along the Way: The real work of marriage takes place in the years following the wedding. Based on biblical principles and illustrated by personal examples and humour, this book provides practical assistance for couples who desire to journey well together. Included in this travel guide are relevant topics along with interactive questions that will help couples assess relational health in each area.  Order Now

Use this link to see other pastoral resources like this available on the Online Ordering Catalogue.

Adherents Handbook

Feb 19, 2014
Adherents Handbook
To be an adherent member means a number of things that can add richness and significance to your everyday life:
• Adherent members belong to The Salvation Army and enjoy a fellowship with Salvationists all around the world.
• The corps officer/pastor will prove to be a friend who will support you and give spiritual counsel, especially at such times as marriage, dedication of children and bereavement.
• Officers/Pastors have been ordained by God and trained an commissioned by The Salvation Army to lead the corps in its mission.

This handbook outlines some of the privileges and responsibilities involved in becoming an
adherent member in The Salvation Army.

To order individual copies of the Adherent's Handbook please phone Supplies and Purchasing (416-422-6100). 

To order multiple copies for Corps use, order online: Adherents Handbook

Territorial Congress 2014

Feb 12, 2014
Territorial Congress 2014
Wondering what will be happening at this Territorial event?  Check out the schedule of events and find out how to register, and where to stay at

Rideau - Mississippi Lakes, Ontario

Feb 5, 2014
Rideau - Mississippi Lakes, Ontario
  • Relocation of Thrift store and Family Service office in Perth
  • Spiritual growth in our corps
  • Malcolm's hip surgery Mar 3

Have Your Chocolate...And Eat It Too!

Feb 3, 2014
Have Your Chocolate...And Eat It Too!
What would Valentine's be without Chocolate?  It's probably not the answer you want to hear, but it would be a lot more 'humane'.  We can each make a difference in the lives of thousands who are traffiked by choosing Fair Trade chocolate products to enjoy and celebrate this year.  

To find out how you can help change the habits of the next generation, visit  On their website, under "Resources for chocolate action" you will find all kinds of information about making informed choices, and/or participating in the World's Largest Fondue Party.

Also available are resources for Youth Groups, Churches and Businesses to share information about Traffiking.

Great Idea for Your Corps:
Why not raise awareness by having your Junior and Senior youth groups take orders for home-made chocolates before Valentine's Day.  Choose Fair Trade Chocolate to make them, and include a small information card about Human Traffiking in the chocolate industry with each order delivered.  Proceeds can go to your local Partners In Mission efforts.

To help make your efforts long lasting, you could also present some material from the program outline Chocoholics Annonymous available as a free download from

Winter Outreach - Valentine's Idea

Feb 1, 2014
Winter Outreach - Valentine's Idea
Here is an idea to share God's Love with your community and raise public awareness of your presence in the community with one event.  WE (Heart) OUR COMMUNITY - is a corps organized community based event idea, giving your corps an opportunity to get out into the community on a Sunday morning, with the intention of inviting them back to the morning service.

Download this event idea at

Valentine's Purchasing

Jan 29, 2014
Valentine's Purchasing
If you are thinking about buying Fair Trade chocolate for your loved one(s) for Valentines, here are some brands that you can find in Canada.  If you usually give a box of chocolates, why not buy two or three varieties of Fair Trade chocolate, and wrap them up with a bow!

These brands are available in most Loblaws, Shoppers Drug Mart, Organic Health Food Stores, No Frills, Ten Thousand Villages.

Look for the Fair Trade Logos:

For more information on Fair Trade products visit:, or

Slides for Sunday

Jan 27, 2014
Slides for Sunday

To save the following slide backgrounds for use in powerpoint presentations, use the link to the right of the thumbnail and save to your computer.

Great for February - Psalm 119:11  "I have hidden your word in my heart...that I might not sin against you."

Use this link:  Psalm 119:11 - Slide Image

Challenge Parents and Teachers

Titus 2:1 - "You must teach what is in accord with sound doctrine."

Use this link:  Titus 2:1 - Slide Image

Proverbs 22:6 - "Teach a child to choose the right path, and when he is older he will remain upon it."

Use this link: Proverbs 22:6 - Slide Image

Acts 1:8 - "You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my the ends of the earth." 

Use this link:  Acts 1:8 - Slide Image

Great Easter Program Ideas

Jan 27, 2014
Great Easter Program Ideas
Find lots of great ideas to get ready for Easter on (Helping Every Leader Prepare for Service)

At this site you will find over 50 Easter related programs, with ideas for Seniors', Women's Groups, Children, Sermon and Worship ideas and more - are available as free downloads.

Here are some samples of what you can find:

Check out the Easter sermons which are part of these series:
Lent Series - 2008 Series developed by Major Ray Harris and Major Bruce Power, available on HELPS as a free download - complete 7 week series with sermon notes, and bible study guides, includes Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.
Luke's Journey to Easter 2010 - an 13 week series availabe on this website for download.  This includes more than just the Lent period, but can also be used beginning at Lent.  This series also includes worship tools, Bible study notes, and sermon notes - a collection by Major Ray Harris, Major Bruce Power, and Kim Garreffa.

Tenebrae Services for Good Friday:
The Seven Words from the Cross - submitted by Captain Gerald Reilly
The Service of Shadows - submitted by Majors Dave and Beth Pearo

The Way of the Cross - 14 short readings each outlining an event from the last days of Jesus life - submitted by Major Jane Shirran.
Holy Week Bookmark - Daily readings for Holy Week on a bookmark - to give out to your congregation - submitted by Major Beth Pearo

Easter Prayer Walk - an outdoor experience designed for youth, walking through the holy week experiences of Christ - submitted by Captain Corinne Cameron.
I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked - prayer walk.
Journeying With Jesus - Holy Week Prayer Room Stations
Stations of the Cross - a worship experience moving between prayer stations - submitted by Major Loriann Metcalf

Easter Egg Hung - Make Easter an outreach opportunity in your community.- - submitted by Valerie Pavey and Catherine Rawlins (Richmond Hill Community Church, Ontario)
Easter Worship Suggestions for Kids - opening program for Sunday School or Kids Club.
Preparing for Easter - Easter Bible Verse A Thon - submitted by Valerie Pavey and Cathering Rawlins (Richmond HIll Community Church, Ontario)

Senior's and Women's:
God's Lavish Grace - games, devotional thought, music suggestions.
Thoughts for Easter - fellowship, education, service and worship for Easter.

Easter Music & Good Friday Music Suggestions - a list of contemporary songs that work really nicely with Easter - submitted by Kim Garreffa

Healing Waters

Jan 24, 2014
Healing Waters
Read a great review of this resource, and consider using this fo a small group Bible Study.

Review and order.

A great addition to your Healing and Wholeness library!

SAMIS - Closing Date

Jan 22, 2014
SAMIS - Closing Date
CLOSING DATE:  The closing date of a prior year of statistics in SAMIS is scheduled near the beginning of a year, and affects the prior annual period.  Your statistics for 2013 should be entered now!

WHY DO WE CLOSE SAMIS?  The system must get closed so that THQ can collect the final numbers for the IHQ report.  Any figures in the system as of March, are the figures that will be used for the IHQ report.  Closing the year ensures that the statistics that are sent to IHQ will not change as we move forward.

Here is a check list of things to do before SAMIS closes.
  1. Make sure all your statistics have been entered.
  2. In order for you to ensure that your membership rolls are correctly updated, it is important for the YP and SR  Pastoral Care committees meet to discuss membership and roll changes.  These changes will be finalized when the Annual Review is completed for your location, but need to be entered into SAMIS so that the reports reflect these changes.
  3. If you have been running programs, and not entering them into SAMIS because you are unsure of where to count them, email with your questions.  We will tell you where to count the stats.
  4. Activate any new program activities that you need to complete your statistics.
  5. In order for your financial information to be ireflected on your reports  make sure your SHELBY entries are also up to date.
  6. Review and update your LOCATION information. 
  7. Run a test set of REVIEW documents, to make sure the information you get is what you expect.
  8. Check to make sure all months are 'Closed' once you are done entering/editing your stats.
If you need assistance/information on how to perform any of the above tasks, check the SAMIS HANDBOOK - available on Lotus Notes home page, upper left corner link to IT ONLINE TRAINING -> SAMIS - you will find a link to the handbook in the lower right hand corner.

Freedom of Forgiveness

Jan 20, 2014
Freedom of Forgiveness
Based on Matthew 6:12-15, 18:21-35, Romans 3:23-26, 12:17-21, Isaiah 43:25

To order, or for more information visit

Understanding Grief: Helping Yourself Heal

Jan 17, 2014
One of North America's leading grief educators, Dr. Alan Wolfelt has written many books about healing in grief. This book is his most comprehensive, covering the essential lessons that mourners have taught him in his three decades of working with the bereaved.

In compassionate, down-to-earth language, Understanding Your Grief describes ten touchstones—or trail markers—that are essential physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and spiritual signs for mourners to look for on their journey through g

Resources on Grief

Jan 17, 2014

Other resources on grief.  Use the hotlink or copy and paste the url into your internet browers address bar.
Insight Books






Elder Care

Dealing With The Emotional Wounded

Jan 17, 2014
Emotionally strong, healty and truly free.  Based on Titus 2:1-15, Mark 5:28, Luke 8:47.

Order here:  Today's Christian Woman

Resources from Sperling Church Supply

Jan 14, 2014
Samples of material available:

Grieving with Hope - Leaning on Jesus:  small booklet, 10 brief chapters

Facing Difficult Days with Hope - Leaning on Jesus: small booklet, 8 brief chapters

Remembering My Someone Special - Jesus Gives Me Hope:  small workbook to use with children ages 7 - 12 to process their grief in a healing way.

Click here for more:

Resources from Insight books

Jan 14, 2014
Special Care series by Doug Manning

Discovering Series:
Permission to Grieve

To order or for more information visit

You'll Get Through This

Jan 10, 2014
You'll Get Through This
"In this six-session small group Bible study, pastor Max Lucado offers refreshing assurance. Max reminds participants God doesn't promise that getting through trials will be quick or painless. The study guide includes help for leaders and discussion questions. It is designed to be used with the You'll Get Through This: A DVD Study."

by Max Lucado

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New Advent Series

Dec 16, 2013
New Advent Series
# 1 - 5 now posted on - of a new Advent responsive reading series - available in powerpoint slides or print-ready pdf.

NOTE:  If you are having a Christmas Eve/Day service, use #4 on Sunday Dec 22, and # 5 for the last one.
If you are NOT having Christmas Eve/Day service use #5 on Dec 22 - The Christ Candle - A New Lord.

#1 A New Light

#2 A New Law
#3 A New Land
#4 A New Life
#5 A New Lord

Included in this series is the use of a song written by Chick Yuill, THE LIGHT HAS COME ( Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God Among Us)

You can preview a brass arrangement of this song here:
The LIght Has Come - music & words, Chick Yuill:  Piano Acc

Emmaline Rabbit

Nov 20, 2013
Emmaline Rabbit
Are you looking for Social Justice resources for children?  Here's a great new book, published by The Salvation Army Australian Southern Territory.

Emmaline Rabbit tells the story of a family of rabbits that must flee from the forest and find a new home in the jungle.  It is a story of persecution, displacement and, eventually, acceptance.  The book is specifically designed to discuss refugee issues and includes a short explanation of the issue.  However, the story could also work well when discussing the value of acceptance and belonging generally.

Written by Rachael Castle,
Illustrated by Nicholas Wight

Purchase copies from
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NEW! Creative Worship Service Resource

Nov 8, 2013
NEW! Creative Worship Service Resource

This series contains eight complete worship outlines, including song resources, call to worship and responsive scripture readings, dramas and sermon outlines.

Week one:  Me to you - a shift in orientation from focusing on ourselves to focusing on others

Week two:  Slave to child - a shift in identity from serving God to loving God

Week three:  Seen to unseen - a shift in values from embracing things that are temporary to embracing things that are eternal.

Week four:  Consumer to steward - a shift in ownership from acquiring things for ourselves to offering what we have to God and others

Week five:  Ask to listen - a shift in posture from asking others to listening to God

Week six:  Sheep to shepherd - a shift in influence from following the crowd to leading like Christ

Week seven:  Me to we - a shift in priority from individualism to community

Week eight:  Stuck to unstuck - How do I get where I want to be?

Click here to see sample pages from the series

The series can be ordered through Supplies and Purchasing (Canada) by contacting

INSANE - Book Review

Oct 30, 2013
INSANE - Book Review
INSANE: The Stories of Crazy Salvos who changed the World
Author: Nealson Munn & David Collinson
Publisher: SALVO Publishing

The history of The Salvation Army for the next generation: The Salvation Army takes the music industry by storm! Salvation Army Fair Trade – Fair wages for fair work! Human Trafficking dealt a crippling blow!

INSANE has eleven chapters detailing ten milestones of The Salvation Army’s work starting with William and Catherine Booth’s mission in the East End of London, and continuing through to today.

This book would work extremely well as a group study book, and it is adapted specifically for youth and young adults. The chapters are short and straightforward, but still have enough of the details to clearly communicate solid Salvation Army history to a generation on fire for social justice issues. The stories have been carefully selected in order to display a broad range of topics. Short term missions and Gap Years aren’t just a recent trend – historically, sixteen year olds started Salvation Army work in cities half the world away. The Australian Salvation Army revolutionized the film industry - all for the sake of spreading the gospel; and when mainstream supplies of tea and matches were found to have origins in slavery, The Salvation Army produced and promoted their own lines of Fair Trade merchandise.

Some of those battles are still being fought today (human trafficking etc), and some new ones are all our own (internet pornography, AIDS); but the Salvos of the past have done their part. A key feature of INSANE is that it addresses personal involvement – rather than just leaving it in the ‘interesting but irrelevant’ history section, we’re brought home to current issues, and actions that can be taken in a local context. Each chapter concludes with study questions, challenges or suggestions on how this can be acted out.

Ultimately, the book is left incomplete – as the last chapter is dedicated to us and what we will choose to make of our opportunities. Fantastic resource – I strongly recommend it.

Stephanie Hung is the Administrative Assistant for the Youth Section of the Corps Ministries Department, THQ.

Remembrance Day Resources

Oct 28, 2013
Remembrance Day Resources

This Remembrance Day resource contains lyrics for several traditional hymns: Faith of our Fathers, Eternal Father, For the Healing of the Nations, O Canada.

It also includes a 'Choral Reading', and the lyrics for the contemporary song 'O Church Arise'.

You can also insert your own content on the Remembrance Day style slides.

Also available:  Remembrance Day praise and worship song suggestion list.

Download it FREE - from

Ready To Serve - Register Now!

Oct 23, 2013
Ready To Serve - Register Now!
“Yes Ma’am (or Sir), We’re Ready to Serve!” is what children across our territory will soon be saying!  “Ready to Serve” is a new media-driven children’s discipleship program that has been developed by the Territorial Children and Youth Ministries Department.  With a mix of DVD, in-class instruction and on-line follow up, children ages 7-10 will be given mission assignments that will help them discover how much God loves them, his plan for their lives and how to live out the Christian life in today’s world.

View a video clip of Episode 1 - on

What are the “Ready to Serve” Objectives?
  • To disciple young people through a relevant, age-appropriate, inter-active and multi-media curriculum
  • To awaken in every participant a desire to know and love God and to serve Him
  • To provide churches with a discipleship curriculum that can be used either in a traditional Sunday school or midweek children’s club setting
  • To further classroom study by providing on-line resources and activities
  • To introduce young people to The Salvation Army and its mission
What Does a Typical “Ready to Serve” Class Time Look Like?
  • Weekly lessons are directed by a local Squad Leader
  • Class time begins with engaging Pre-Mission Activities to draw in the recruits (students)
  • A unique group of teaching characters called the “Ready to Serve Recon Team” are featured in the exciting DVD segments
  • There are three Mission Uplinks (DVD segments) with the Recon Team who give the recruits their missions
  • Each class time features two mission (learning) assignments and one field mission (life application) assignment
  • A key feature to every week is a Prayer Huddle which is a significant opportunity for the recruits to spend time in prayer with God, praying for themselves, each other and the world around them
What Are Some Special Features of “Ready to Serve”?
  • It provides a large group/small group format which helps fit the program into any size group or setting
  • The material is user and leader-friendly with easy to follow DVD and lesson prompts
  • Lesson material is delivered in an easily downloadable format from the website
  • Leaders can post questions, comments or additional teaching ideas on the leaders’ website
  • Recruits have their own web site with a local squad page where they can post prayers, prayer requests and check out their field mission reminders
  • This program is fully funded by THQ and is available FREE of charge for the first year

For more information and to register, visit

Christmas Drama Ideas

Oct 21, 2013
Christmas Drama Ideas
There's just enough time to get rehearsing for your Christmas drama.  Need drama ideas for your Christmas Sunday? Christmas Eve? Children's Christmas Program?  has a number of dramas written by esteemed Army writiers such as Gweneth Redhead, and Stephen Pavey.

Use the link above to take you directly to the list of dramas found on MinistryHelps.

For more challenging Christmas musicals and vocal cantatas, visit

World Food Day

Oct 16, 2013
World Food Day
October 16th, 2013 is WORLD FOOD DAY.­ It provides a great opportunity to become more aware of the world food crisis, and what each of us can do to improve conditions.

Take the challenge today to do something - donate food to your local food bank, volunteer to help sort at the food bank, make a donation to World Missions to help provide for a community, make the decision to purchase Gifts of Hope - there are lots of opportunities.

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank - of which The Salvation Army is a member church, has a "Fast for Change" program to encourage church-wide response.­ Resources can be found at­ Download a general resource kit (pdf): Fast For Change

For more information on the United Nations World Food Day visit

New Website To Promote and Enhance Spiritual Development

Oct 9, 2013
New Website To Promote and Enhance Spiritual Development
Announcing a new web presence useful for everyone,
designed to promote ongoing spiritual development.

from the office of the
Territorial Secretary for Spiritual Life Development



Save the image and help us promote this website!
Corps Bulletin
Corps Website
Corps Facebook
Email Blast
Corps Newsletter

 Save the image: - Image file

THANKSGIVING Email Invitation Graphic

Oct 1, 2013
THANKSGIVING Email Invitation Graphic
Does your corps use social media or email blasts to communicate with your members?  Here's a THANKSGIVING service reminder.

Great ways to use this graphic:
1.  Email to your members.
2.  Post it on your Facebook - and ASK YOUR MEMBERS to share it with friends and neighbours.
3.  Put it in your bulletin.
4.  Add to your website.
5.  Create a slide as part of your announcements.
6.  Create a poster for your doors or windows where people will see it.

Right-Sizing Ministry

Oct 1, 2013
Right-Sizing Ministry

A short conversation with Major Mike Hoeft about key indicators of effective ministry regardless of the size of the congregation.

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Home Missions 2013 - Spanish Resources

Oct 1, 2013
Home Missions 2013 - Spanish Resources
The Home Missions Focus Fund 2013
 Bulletin Cover and Bulletin Insert
 are now available in Spanish.

Fonds Dedicado para Misions Locales

If you would like other resources created in Spanish, contact
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Songs About Social Justice

Sep 20, 2013
Songs About Social Justice

The weekend of September 27th - 29th 2013 is a prayer-focus on the issue of human trafficking in The Salvation Army.  In light of that, below is a listing of worship songs fitting to that theme, and the theme of social justice in general.  Most songs can be found through CCLI Songselect, musicnotes, or praisecharts.  In some cases, Salvation Army source publications are listed.

A Song for the Nations (Rutledge)
Abide with me (SA Songbook 670)
Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) (Tomlin)
And Can it Be (SA Songbook 283)
Ascribe Greatness to our God (Kirkbride-Barthow, King)
Beauty for Brokenness (God of the Poor) (Kendrick) – The Source volume 1
Candle of the Lord (Webb)
Canticle of the Turning (Mary's Song) (Cooney)
Christ Has Called Us to New Visions (Rontgen, Huber) – SA Tunebook 408 or 435
Compassion Hymn (Getty) - available through CCLI Songselect
Day of Freedom (Bourgeois, Eaton, Morgan) - lyrics here
Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble (Smith)
Dreams of Your Heart (Laeger) - chord chart here
Embrace the World (Garreffa) - piano chart here
Face of Christ (Rice)
Faith of Our Brothers (Peterson, Walton) – SA Tunebook 499
Faithful (Ruis)
Follow You (Mooring, Cash)
Friends of Christ (Ivany) - contact Josh Ivany on Lotus notes
Go Light Your World (Rice)
Go Make a Difference (Angrisano, Tomaszek)
God of Justice (Hughes)
God of This City (Boyd, Bleakley, Comfort, Kernaghan, McCann, Jordan)
Great is the Darkness (Richards, Coates)
Hear Our Praises (Morgan)
Here I Am Lord (Schutte)
History Maker (Smith)
How Long (Townend)
How to Grow Up Big and Strong (Heard) - lyrics here
I Want to Meet You There (Park)
I Will Go (Neufeld, Salmon)
I’ll Fight (N. Rowe)
In the Heart of the Darkness (L. Rowe) - contact Lynnette Rowe on Lotus notes
It's Time for the Reign of God (Doerksen)
Just One Touch from the King (Birtill)
Let Justice Roll (N. Rowe) - guitar chart here
Let Justice Roll Down (Gibson)
Lord, Let Your Kingdom Come (Samuel) - contact Nick Samuel on Lotus notes
Love Will Save the Day (Laeger, Mikles) - lead sheet here
My Brother's Keeper (Garreffa)
Power of Your Name (Brewster) - available through CCLI Songselect
Reach Out in Love (Garreffa) - piano chart here, also in Hallelujah choruses volume 16
Revolution (Starfield)
Soldier's Hymn (Laeger, Mikles) - Hallelujah choruses volume 18, lead sheet here
Stir Your Church (Price, Butler)
Storm the Forts of Darkness (SA Songbook #696)
The Basin and The Towel (Card)
The Spirit of the Lord (Kendrick) – Magnify Songbook
The World for God (Laeger, Mikles) - lead sheet here
They Need Christ (Gowans, Larsson) - Hallelujah chorus series volume 19
Thou Art the Way (none other dare I follow) (Wiggins) – SA Songbook 529
Through Your Eyes (Garreffa) - piano chart here
You Said (Morgan)

Social Networking for God's Purposes

Aug 28, 2013
Social Networking for God's Purposes is now on Facebook.  We are adding social networking to our strategy to let as many ministry leaders as possible know about great resources.

Help us to spread the news by visiting us at, and 'LIKE' us.

If you see an article on our website that you want to share on Facebook or Email to a friend, use the links at the bottom of the article to share it.
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2013 Territorial Christmas CD now available

Aug 23, 2013
2013 Territorial Christmas CD now available

"A Christmas Interlude" features almost 80 minutes of quality music from The Canadian Staff Band, North York Temple Band, Meadowlands Corps Band, Mountain Citadel Band and St. John's Temple Band, as well as from soloists Barbara Allen, Deliah Williams, Hayley Cann, Katelyn Bird, Karen Gross, Kathryn Tansley, Craig Woodland, Marked by Love, Canadian actor/orator Colin Fox, OCE Brass Quartet and the 2012 Festival Chorus.   At only $1.25 each (Canadian funds) these CDs make great stocking stuffers and ministry-tool give-aways at Christmas parades, kettle ministry, Family Services clientelle, as a PR promotional tool, etc.  

Click here to download an order form. 

Click on the picture above to see a close up of the cover. 

Click here to see a complete song line up.

Previous Christmas CDs are also still available, starting as low as 50 cents each (see above order form).  These include:

A Christmas Tapestry (2008) - 50 cents each

Christmas Past and Present (2009) - 50 cents each

Glad Tidings (2010) - 75 cents each

A Christmas Offering (2011) - $1.00 each

A Portrait of Christmas (2012) - $1.25 each

Billy Graham - My Hope

Aug 19, 2013
Billy Graham - My Hope
Find out how to get your congregation excited, trained and involved in this evangelistic outreach approach.  "Friends Sharing Jesus With Friends".  Watch this video and share it with your ministry team to find out if this tool will enrich the spiritual life of your congregation and open doors of opportunity for them to share Jesus!

Embedded Content

Find out more at

Find lots of promotional material available on the website:


Using Social Media in Ministry

Aug 12, 2013
Using Social Media in Ministry
5 FB Tactics to Avoid

A lot of Corps/Churches have developed a FB presence to help promote events and community.  Here are some things to make sure you avoid - so your viewers stay engaged.

1.  Avoid sharing posts that ask people to 'click in 30 seconds' to see unique things, or share if they want certain outcomes!

2.  Don't post a new status every 5 minutes.  If you have several things to post in a day - spread them out over several hours. 

3.  Don't post pictures & video of your Corps/Church people, without warning, and preferably get  'permission'.  When you are taking your pictures get in the habit of telling people you would like to post the picture, and invite anyone who may object to speak to you privately.

4.  Don't air your pet-peeves.  Sometimes we like to play 'devil's advocate' to get conversation going - but your Corps/Church FB page is not the place to make controversial statements, especially if your page is public.

5.  Don't write messages to individuals on your status - use the message feature to keep it private.

Looking For Inspiration in Spanish Ministry?

Jul 15, 2013
Looking For Inspiration in Spanish Ministry?
If you are helping to resource Spanish ministry and need some helpful resources for sermon writing, check out the Salvation Army Spanish Sermons posted on ­If you use the advanced search tools for Denomination - and click on The Salvation Army, you will get a lengthy list of sermons - many of which are in Spanish!


Corps Ministries Department Newsletters

Jul 3, 2013
Corps Ministries Department Newsletters
Find the latest news and reminders from our office, by subscribing to our office newsletter.

Use the following links to view current and past newsletters.

2013:  January | February | March | April | May | Summer

2012:  February | March | April | May | Summer | September | October | November-December

2011:  January | February | March | April | May | July | August | September | October-November | December

2010:  July | August | September | November

To subscribe to this newsletter through email complete the Registration Form.

What is Baby Song?

Jul 2, 2013
What is Baby Song?
"Baby Song" began as a Salvation Army initiative in Sweden, and quickly spread to both Norway and Denmark in the early 90's. It has since been picked up in other countries as well, including The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, The United States, and has now come to Canada and Bermuda.
Baby Song has been successful in reaching un-churched families in many places. It is more than just a program - it is about relationships and fellowship. It is about making a positive impact, through music, singing and dancing.

This resource book has been put together specifically for the Canada and Bermuda Territory. Parts of the material have been translated and adapted from Swedish, Norwegian and Danish materials. Captain A. A. Margareta Ivarsson played a vital role in starting "Baby Song" within The Salvation Army, and much of the original Scandinavian material is her work. It includes the following chapters:
"Music Matters ... A Developmental Perspective"
 - written by Captain Lori Miller - who holds a degree in Child Development);
"Link To The Corps" - details on how to connect your participants
"Getting Started" - suggestions for running the program
Budget ideas, Session Planning, Forms, Post Card template, sample Certificates and more.
And best of all - it includes a Song Book, complete with over 100 songs for infants.

To order a copy of this resource visit

Keep In Touch

Jul 2, 2013
Keep In Touch
First Steps is an umbrella for ministries to infants and preschoolers. First Steps Ministries may include: Cradle Roll/First Steps Roll, Mom's and Tot's Morning Out, Baby Song, Sunday Morning Nursery Program, Pre-school Play Groups.  Read more about First Steps.

First Steps Birthday Cards are a great way to show young families that you care about them.  Don't forget your infants with birthdays over the summer.

View all First Steps Products available for ordering at

Other First Steps products available include: dedication and thanksgiving certificates, clothing patches, stickers.

NOW AVAILABLE... a new package of cards: Get Well Soon, You Are Special, Jesus Loves You, We Missed You!

Prayer Sessions - Resource Book

Jun 24, 2013
Prayer Sessions - Resource Book
Are you looking for prayer ideas?  Do you want to grow deeper in your spiritual walk?

Here is a free download of Jude Gotrich's book 'Prayer Sessions: 30 Days 30 Ways - a month's supply of prayer ideas'.  This resource is available for download on TSA US website - click here

Canada's Response to the world Refugees

Jun 21, 2013
Canada's Response to the world Refugees
And finally, for a more uplifting conclusion to this series:  

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World Refugee Day

Jun 20, 2013
World Refugee Day
Day four focuses on people who are displaced for different reasons.

Embedded Content

World Refugee Day - Dadaab, Kenya

Jun 19, 2013
World Refugee Day - Dadaab, Kenya
For Day 3 we are focusing on Dadaab, Kenya - The Largest Refugee Camp in the World.

And here's the video of the day

The Syrian Crisis

Jun 18, 2013
The Syrian Crisis

Check out today's thoughts about the World Refugee situation, particularly the syrian Crisis.  View today's video.



What is a Refugee?

Jun 17, 2013
What is a Refugee?
Watch for more articles this week to recignize World Refugee Day on June 20th.  Also, see link above to other postings on this website with resources for worship - useful for a Sunday worship time.


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Social Media and Ministry

Jun 17, 2013
Social Media and Ministry
Do you think Social Media should be engaged for Ministry purposes?  Do you personally follow any Social Media specifically to glean information and ideas for ministry?  

An article on Mashable states "How about most popular social networks? That would be Facebook, with 67% of adults using the Zuckerberg-founded service. A distant second was LinkedIn with 20%, with Twitter coming in third at 16%, and Tumblr falling dead last at 6%."

TSA recently published a new Social Media Policy outlining guidelines for the use of this type of communication, which states "The Salvation Army seeks to advance its mission, vision and core values in the social media community.  All communication must be in accordance with these organization declarations including that of Salvation Army doctrine and faith."

What do you think about Social Media and ministry?  Give us your responses below by clicking on the 'Comment' link.

Bible Correspondence Studies

Jun 17, 2013
Bible Correspondence Studies
If summer is a time when things grind to a halt, people are travelling and programs are not running - here is an idea to promote to your congregation to keep them actively involved in their spiritual formation.

 The Salvation Army provides Bible Correspondence Studies - 7 courses designed for personal study and reflection.  These studies are available free online, and can be submitted when complete for marking and comments.

Anyone can participate - at their own time - in their own space - at their own pace!

For details visit:

Careforce Lifekeys - Healing and Wholeness

Jun 12, 2013
Careforce Lifekeys - Healing and Wholeness
What is it?
Through a system of small groups, participants are able to share together in  an environment of unconditional love, acceptance and confidentiality, all ingredients necessary for recovery.  These programs have been developed by the Board of Management whose members are qualified in areas of social work, psychology, teaching and theology.

Careforce Lifekeys Model aims to provide;

  • A way for the leadership of a church to disciple more people,
  • A means to effectively use the healing power of community through the creation of small groups,
  • A place to belong and feel safe to work through issues,
  • An opportunity for people to feel safe because their issues are normalized, i.e. ‘I am not the only person with this problem.’

Careforce Lifekeys does not replace personal pastoring and care!

Check out the latest in resources:

World Refugee Day - June 20

Jun 12, 2013
World Refugee Day - June 20
The resources within this package are designed to celebrate Refugee Rights Day on April 4 and World Refugee Day on June 20. The United Nations has declared June 20 of each year to be World Refugee Day.

The following resources are available for use on June 23rd, 2013 - to recognize World Refugee Day.

The following resources can be downloaded from
-  a dramatic reading
- a devotional thought
- four responsive readings and prayers
- a Prayer Points pamphlet highlighting three areas of the world with significant refugee populations
- a PowerPoint presentation with some basic information about refugees worldwide and in Canada
- a PowerPoint presentation with new lyrics for the song “Jesus Loves the Little Children”
- Song Suggestions for Congregational Songs, Songsters, Band and Children’s Time/Sunday School
- website links to short videos made by and about Refugees

Men of Integrity

May 22, 2013
Men of Integrity
Men of Integrity presents short, thoughtful daily devotionals designed to challenge and inspire every man in your church.

Order bulk at discount -

Church Plant or Corps Plant?

May 10, 2013
Church Plant or Corps Plant?
The Canada and Bermuda Territory hasn't planted a new corps - new church - in quite some time.  In fact looking at the stats we've been doing more amalgamation and revitalization than anything else.  I'm not suggesting for a moment that those are things we shouldn't be doing but I'm wondering about doing something new.  With the Territorial Review taking place in April we've been talking about how we define a church plant and how long does it remain a plant.

At one time we thought of a new corps as a plant for the first 5 years.  Some research suggests now that 5 years is no longer enough time to establish a new corps, that it takes as long as 10 years.  And beyond the age of a plant what should be the markers that mean it is now a corps?   Is it established leaders and a stable set of programs?  Is it financial stability?  Some of our corps that have been operating for 100 years struggle with financial stability.

So far we know a plant is not a corps - has not reached those determining markers.  And we know that a plant is not something that is 25 years old.  But what is a plant?  We are suggesting we define it is "where things are focused on starting".  And of course in revitalization we speak of things being focused on re-starting.   What's your thinking?  We would love to have your feedback. 

Join the conversation by clicking on the 'Add Comment' link below.

Share this article on FB using the SHARE links below, or email it to your leadership team!

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Songs for Mother's Day

May 2, 2013
Songs for Mother's Day

One of the most difficult themes in regards to songs and planning a worship service has to do with Mother's Day, and parenting in general.  Below I've provided a list of songs that might make your planning a little easier. Click onto each songtitle in order to download lyrics, music, or to listen to them in advance.

En Mi Hogar (In My Home) - translated from the Spanish SA Songbook.  Sung to Tunebook #529, "The Glory Song".

A Christian Home - sung to Tunebook #643, "Finlandia".

The Family Prayer Song

I Choose Life - listen to it here

Today (Doerksen)

O Happy Home (tune: Hold Thou My Hand, Tunebook #543)

I'm Something Special (Gaither)

Love Will Be Our Home (Steven Curtis Chapman)

My Mum (Gowans and Larsson)

For the Sake of the Children

For more Mother's Day ideas, click here.

Prayer Stations and Other Prayer Resources

May 1, 2013
Prayer Stations and Other Prayer Resources
The Salvation Army USA website provides a number of resources for Prayer and for Human Trafficking.  Resources include - Prayer Stations, Sermons, Fasting guides, Book suggestions and Bible Studies.

Visit: to access these resources.

Compassion CCM Sunday

May 1, 2013
Compassion CCM Sunday
This year's CCM Sunday resource pak is focused around the theme 'Compassion'.  Everything you need is included: song and video ideas, responsive reading, bulletin cover, etc.

Download this free resource at

Community and Family Services Programs

Apr 29, 2013
Community and Family Services Programs
Are you running Community Kitchen, English as a Second Language (ESL), Computer Training, Community Garden, 12 Steps, Budgeting, and Employment Programs

If you are running any of these programs, whether you are a Corps or a Community and Family Services unit, make sure you have the Program Activity  CSP - Lifeskills activated. 

For information on how to activate/de-activate programs for your ministry unit, visit the SAMIS Help area of this website.

A New Book on Preaching

Apr 29, 2013
A New Book on Preaching
Here is a great book on Wesleyan heritage and preaching.  

Here is the description from
"John Wesley was once asked why so many people came to hear him preach. His response was, “When you set yourself on fire, people love to come and see you burn. While the question pushed to understand why the masses were so intrigued with Wesley’s pulpit, we might well ask today, what is really happening in our pulpits to capture the interest and the attention of today’s listener? If we were to survey local congregations, perhaps we would be surprised to learn how many people would like to see a little more fire burning in the pulpit on a Sunday morning! It presses us to ask what preaching is accomplishing in today’s contemporary world. Is preaching waking people up or is it painfully lulling them to sleep? Is preaching inspiring, motivating and reaching people where they are, or has the relevancy of this time-honored tradition within the Christian Church lost esteem and effectiveness?

Using these initial questions as a launching pad, the pages that follow seek to put the reality of the contemporary pulpit in conversation with a place in history where homiletical fires burned with notable intensity. Drawing from the richness of The Salvation Army’s story, we reach back into the Victorian and Edwardian eras (1819-1930) to encounter the aggressive proclamation of a disturbing gospel.... Is there still a place for confrontational preaching in the contemporary pulpit? Does this approach to preaching help to address some of the very real challenges we are facing in engaging today’s listener?"
You can order it online, through S & P, or download it from Amazon for Kindle.

Summer Ministry Resources

Apr 23, 2013
Summer Ministry Resources
Looking for Summer Ministry Resources?
Use the following links to order your supplies.  Be sure to place your order by April 22 to ensure on-time delivery!
Looking for VBS materials?  Click here [ VBS ]
Looking for WordAction Summer materials?  Click here [ WordAction Summer Quarter ]
Looking for Scripture Press Summer materials?  Click here [ Scripture Press June Quarter ]
Looking for SONday'SCOOL Resources?  Click here [ SONday'SCOOL ]
Wanting to check out the new Ready to Serve children's discipleship program?  Click here [ Ready to Serve ]

Wycliffe Booklets on Evangelism

Apr 19, 2013
Here is a great set of booklets on Evangelism.  They are quick reads, and very practical.  You can get these as free PDF's if you register at The Institute of Evangelism, purchase a print copy, or read it online for free!.

The Wycliffe Booklets on Evangelism
#1 Preaching the Church's Mission
#2 Just the Basics
#3 Unwrapping All Our Gifts: A Neglected Key to Evangelism
#4 Doors Into Faith: Inviting Friends to Join the Big Game
#5 Connecting Young People and the Gospel: How Trinitarian Love Shapes Youth Ministry
#6 From Visitor to Disciple

Soldier or Adherent Enrollment

Apr 15, 2013
Soldier or Adherent Enrollment
If you had a Soldier's or Adherent's enrollment this spring, don't forget to update your SAMIS information.  You don't have to wait until the end of the year to do additions and removals in the SAMIS system, so record them in the months they occur!

For information and details on training, or how to update your Rolls in SAMIS, view this page:  SAMIS Help.

Great Article!

Mar 21, 2013
Great Article!
Here is a link to a very helpful article on Public Speaking, and it only takes a few minutes to read. 

To read the article follow this link:  7 Mistakes In Public Speaking

You will also find lots of other helpful information on his website for those in ministry!

Holy Week Slide Backgrounds

Mar 20, 2013
Looking for a suitable background for Holy Week or Good Friday - check out the new resource on  Download the powerpoint which contains three layouts.

Partners In Mission Challenge

Mar 6, 2013
Partners In Mission Challenge
Historically in The Salvation Army, Lent has been used as an opportunity to give up something in order to give more to God's work.  Self Denial is what we used to call it.  Partners In Mission is now the title we use for this observance, and proceeds from Partners In Mission are delegated to specific partner countries.

The partner country for 2013 is Malawi, and the World Missions department have provided some great video's for the sharing and promotion of Partners In Mission. 

If you want to engage your congregation in a four-week challenge, visit for a free downloadable document with weekly handouts and information on how to run the "Dollar -a-Day: Give Thanks Challenge".

Small Group Lenten Resources

Mar 4, 2013
Small Group Lenten Resources
If your small group is interested in focusing on Lent between now and Easter, and you don't yet have a study or ideas of what you could do, here are some resources you might find helpful.

Lent and Easter Bible Studies from Christianity Today. You have to buy these, and the range goes from $4.45 to $39.95 - lots of links, interesting articles, etc.

The Elements of Easter - 2 minute video to download for $1.99 from

What Comes to Your Mind When You Think of Easter? - less than 2 minute video - $1.99 from

Sacrifice - a downloadable lesson from (see description below)

"What would you give your life for? This lesson accompanies the encouraging video illustration called Sacrifice. This resource helps guide a group leader or individual to cultivate discussion on Jesus’ sacrifice for all mankind."

Lenten Series with small group studies by Major Bruce Power and Major Ray Harris - download from H.E.L.P.S.

Holy Week Prayer Stations - A H.E.L.P.S. download giving guidelines and readings for Prayer Stations

Also from H.E.L.P.S.
Confessions With Charcoal
Give each member of your group or congregation a piece of charcoal at the beginning of the service.
Tell them they must hold on to it and not put it down. Then sing your opening song.
The congregational members will become a bit frustrated while singing, as they realize their hands are becoming
blacker and blacker the longer they hold on to the charcoal. Following the song, lead the congregation in a time of prayer,
allowing them to search their hearts before God and silently confess their sin. Each person then comes forward to the
church altar to place the charcoal in designated bowls, on a tablecloth on the holiness table, or at the foot of a cross.
Have basins available where they can wash their hands. Encourage them to take a moment to pray at the altar and
thank God for His promise to “cleanse us from all unrighteousness” and “remove our sin from us.”
- submitted by Sandra Ryan (Major)

Another resource from SGM Canada (Scripture Gift Mission) looks really good, with great animations and audio readings of Scripture.
Find it at:

Easter04: Highway Video - VO3 - 2 short videos "What is Easter?" (person on the street interviews) and "From the Tomb". Available through:

The Bible - Mini-Series

Mar 1, 2013
The Bible - Mini-Series
This BIBLE mini-series, from the producer of Touched By An Angel, begins this Sunday on the History Channel and concludes on Easter Sunday.  Check your local listings for times in your area.

For more information and for pastoral/ministry resources such as study guides, etc, visit:

Other resources available include: Facebook discussion group, Bible study guides, Videos, and more.  See these links: - interesting input and articles by recognized church leaders like Bill Hybels, Rick Warren - advertising tools, church package, etc. - ongoing discussion with members around the world, reaction and interaction (you have to register to participate and read these discussions)

View the trailer:
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Corps Membership - Additions/Removals Page

Feb 6, 2013
Corps Membership - Additions/Removals Page
In the past, names assosicated with the Rolls Updates were entered onto two separate pages - in preparation for the Annual Review.  Names being added were entered onto the ADDITIONS page, and names being removed were entered onto the REMOVED page.

These two pages have been merged into one page, and names only need to be entered once. Examples are found below.

1.  Jane Doe has been enrolled as a Sr. Soldier - from the Sr. Recruits roll.  An 'A' has been entered under 'ADD - Sr. Soldier', and a 'T' has been entered under 'REMOVE - Sr. Recruits'.   This shows movement between Rolls.  a 'REASON' is not required for this entry.

2.  John Smith has been removed from Jr. Soldier.  An 'R' under 'REMOVE - Jr. Soldier' indicates this change.  And a 'check' has been entered under 'REASON - To Other Church/Corps' by way of explanation.

3.  Mary Brown has been enrolled as a Sr. Soldier - from the Adherents roll.  An 'A' has been entered under 'ADD - Sr. Soldier', and a 'T' has been entered under 'REMOVE - Adherents'.   This shows movement between Rolls.  a 'REASON' is not required for this entry.

4.  Tom Thumb has been removed from the Sr. Soldier roll - and the reason indicated is PtoG/Deceased.

When completed it will be easy to see which names require a Divisional sign-off, by scanning down the REASON column and highlighting those under REMOVE - Verified NonAttendance, and those with 'COMMENTS' explaining other reasons which may apply.

1.  If a person is being removed due to P/G or transfer to another corps/church, you may enter the number in SAMIS before the close of the year under review and before your review meeting with divisional staff. It is not necessary to wait until after the review to enter these numbers.

2.  If a person is being removed for non-attendance, a letter indicating their desire to be removed must be procured before removal will be approved.  If you have this documentation, you may enter the number in SAMIS before the close of the year under review and before your review meeting with divisional staff.  Have this documentation available for your review meeting.

3.  If a person is being removed for 'other' reasons, and you have already had discussion with your divisional staff and verbal approval that they should be removed, you may enter the number in SAMIS before the close of the year under review and before your review meeting with divisional staff.  Otherwise, you may wish to wait until after the review meeting to complete the removal in SAMIS.

4.  At the review meeting with divisional staff, the divisional representative will be required to sign-off on ALL removals to complete the removal process.

5.  Following the review meeting with divisional staff, the divisional representative will have access to make any changes to your Rolls for the year under review, so that your rolls will be accurate in SAMIS.

6.  Please reference the Orders and Regulations for Corps Officers, Section 4 'Revision of Rolls'  No.4 for further information regarding reasons for removal.  The O&R can be found on Lotus Notes under the O & R section.


NOTE:  This only works on the second Additions/Removals page.  If you do this on the first page it will through off all the layout.

To create more lines in the table, RIGHT click your curser into the bottom line of the table on the second page provided, and choose  INSERT ->Row Below

or after clicking into the bottom of the table, use the Table Tools - > Layout Tab - Insert Below button to insert several rows.

Territorial Church Planting Strategy

Jan 21, 2013
Territorial Church Planting Strategy
At the November 2012 meeting of the Territorial Leaders' Conference the Corps Ministries Department presented on the subject of Church Planting.  The language of planting new Salvation Army expressions of service and our development of the same has diminished over the past few years.  Yet the population of Canada continues to climb and the need for people to be saved with it.  Who will have eyes to see the fields white for harvest?  We believe there are Salvationists who would feel called to missions right here - in their own neighbourhood.  The models of these new expressions of ministry can be varied and may not look like anything we've done up to this point in history. 

Our strategy can be summarized in these points:
  • Work so that the Territory’s priorities can be realized in divisional strategies
  • Provide educational resources for divisional leadership
  • Facilitate the identification of planters, partners and places for church planting
  • Provide support and resources for planting
  • Address the challenges for church planting at divisional and territorial levels
Download the full document here:  Territorial Church Planting Strategy

SAMIS Revised handbook

Jan 21, 2013
SAMIS Revised handbook
Brush up your SAMIS skills, and get a copy of the revised handbook.­ You can find the revised version handbook on the Lotus Notes Notice Board, under CANADA AND BERMUDA -> INFORMATION-PROGRAM -> TRAINING called Documentation - SAMIS.

Mentoring Youth

Jan 14, 2013
Mentoring Youth
It's never too late to get your youth on a Bible reading and prayer plan.  Use the Student Connection Planner which guides youth through these disciplines!

The Student Connection Planner 2012/2013 is still available FREE OF CHARGE through the online Catalogue.  You pay only for shipping.  Order one planner for each student, and one planner for each mentor so that they can work together over the year.

Use this link for more details about the student connection planner

Effective Prayer and Bible Reading

Jan 14, 2013
Effective Prayer and Bible Reading
Not Just A Children's Song...

A great and interesting way to pray is to follow this website’s direction and take 10 minutes out of each day and engage in meditative reflection and prayer. Find it at:

Audio Bible: If you’re a commuter, why not listen to the Bible while you travel to and from work? A couple you could try are:
Inspired by the Bible Experience: The Complete Bible on Audio CD, Zondervan (ISBN-10: 0310926300)
The Word Becomes Flesh: The Complete NCV New Testament on CD (

Salvation Army Resources from USA

Articles and resources from Charles Swindoll:

Whatever you decide to do, remember the words of Hebrews 4:12-13 (NIrV)

The word of God is living and active. It is sharper than any sword that has two edges. It cuts deep enough to separate soul from spirit. It can separate joints from bones. It judges the thoughts and purposes of the heart. Nothing God created is hidden from him. His eyes see everything. He will hold us accountable for everything we do.

Junior Soldier Renewal

Jan 9, 2013
Junior Soldier Renewal
The Junior Soldier Renewal and­ Commitment Sunday provides an excellent opportunity for the Junior Soldier program and Ready To Serve to be highlighted and to make the senior corps aware of all that takes place.

This special day each year allows junior soldiers (or members) to be reminded of the promises they made to God and have an opportunity to renew their promises to him. This day should be a special day with an emphasis on the young people. Invite a guest speaker who relates to this age group and have all junior soldiers and junior action participants take part in the program.

Renewal and Commitment Sunday is also an opportunity for the corps officers to see how the young people are progressing in their spiritual development and its an opportunity for him or her to make himself visible to the young people as the pastor of their church. You may even wish to make this a whole weekend centred around the young people with a special supper and social time together on the Saturday evening.

Program ideas can be found on-line at and renewal cards, bulletins and posters can be ordered through our on-line catalogue at

Small Group Support

Jan 7, 2013
Small Group Support
If you lead small groups, or participate in one, first of all, good on you! You’re investing in something with secure dividends that offers eternal rewards—there’s no better deal out there!

Christianity Today magazine online has a website that offers some great insights for small group enthusiasts. If you visit:, you’ll find tips, articles, and even free Bible studies you can download (look under “Free”, then “Bible Studies”. There are lots of studies you can purchase as well, and they keep them quite affordable (look under “Shopping”, then “Bible Studies”.

Recommended Study:
BibleSense by Group Publishing. This series offers DVD teaching, and Bible interaction through activities, group projects and more for 6 New Testament books: Philippians, 1 Peter, 1 John, Galatians, Ephesians and James.  Go to:

Where do I find the O & R?

Jan 2, 2013
Where do I find the O & R?
Having trouble finding the O & R?  You can access these from the saDashboard, or 'Home' page of your SA Lotus Notes account.

Every Salvation Army Location should have a Lotus Notes account.  If you need an account send a request email to

1876 - William Booth Writes....

Dec 18, 2012
In this historical document, William Booth outlines the focus and purpose of a Mission Station. 

Here is a brief excerpt:

"If there be one character which above another God must abominate, angels weep over, and devils despise, it must be the autmatical preachers who can discourse by the hour about the love of Christ, the worth of souls, the terrors of judgment, and the sorrows of the lost, with a flinty indifference or a ranting fervour which hardly lasts the service over, and whilch all can see is put on for the occasion!"

Read the whole article:  How To Manage A Mission Station

More information on William Booth

Small Group Bible Studies

Nov 7, 2012
Small Group Bible Studies

We're thrilled to share with you a series of small group studies we've developed that are inspired by the Position Statements and written by some of our most respected Canadian Salvation Army authors and teachers.

The following group studies are available as free pdf downloads, through (H.E.L.P.S.). The links below will take you to the document description in HELPS, and provide instructions on how to download them.

SAMIS Updates

Nov 2, 2012
SAMIS Updates
The following new functions have now been added to SAMIS. 

1) The menu item 'Activate-Deactivate Program Activities' has been changed to 'Manage Program Activities'.  Select this menu item to open, close, or rename a Program Activity for your location.

2)  You can now RENAME some Program Activities so that your Enter Statistics list displays your local names.  (eg.  Rename Seniors Fellowship to 'Dinner Club')  

Examples of items that CAN be changed include activities such as:  Adult Fellowship, Men’s Fellowship, Older Adult Ministries, some music items. 
Examples of items that CANNOT be changed include:  Social Services items, Women’s Ministries Items, most Administrative items such as Finance, Sunday Worship AM.

This means that you no longer have to rely on memory to remember where you collect statistics for programs for which your location is not using conventional names. 

In order to rename a Program Activity,  choose  ACTION -> MANAGE PROGRAM ACTIVITIES.  Find the Program Activity you wish to rename, and 'select' it.  In the area on the right enter your new Local Activity Name, choose 'Save Local Activity Name'.

Your new activity name will now appear both in the drop-down selector list, and in the table listing.

3) The Update Rolls page has been enhanced to display ALL CHANGES for ALL ROLLS for the selected month.  

4)  Adjustments to the Women's Ministries (Enter Statistics items) include carrying forward the #groups, #members, and # regular attendees, and auto-filling the input boxes so you don't have to enter these numbers every month unless you have a change. To make a change, highlight the number in the box, delete, enter the new number and save. 

Download the attached document: SAMIS Rename Activites, Rolls Updated Chart Instructions

Street Ministry in the 21st C

Oct 15, 2012
Street Ministry in the 21st C
Our September Poll focused on the relevance of street ministry.  Here are the results:

How relevant do you think street ministry is in our current cultural environment?
Highly relevant:  15/29
Relevant:  7/29
Mildly relevant   4/29
Not relevant at all  3/29

How often does your Corps/Church hold outdoor meetings in the summer?
Not at all  16/29
Once a week  6/29
Every other week  3/29
Once a month  4/29

While not by any means a conclusive study, it is interesting that while the majority of our readers feel street ministry is 'highly relevant' the majority of our Corps/Churches are not holding any outdoor summer meetings.  Why the discrepancy?

Street Ministry has changed so much in the last 30 years.  The traditional Open Air meeting that most Corps engaged in 30 years ago, has gone by the wayside.

Street Ministry needs to take on a new face.  Give us your ideas about what might work, what doesn't work, and what types of resources you know of or would like to see developed.  Use the 'Add Comment' link below to submit your comments.  Keep in mind that all comments on this site require moderation, so expect some delay in viewing all comments.

Our Popular Teen Mentoring Program Just Went Bi-Linugal

Oct 1, 2012
Our Popular Teen Mentoring Program Just Went Bi-Linugal
Le programme de mentorat a pour but de fournir aux jeunes de l’Armée du Salut un outil qui les encourage et les aide à poursuivre leur cheminement spirituel de façon constante, particulièrement par l’étude de la Parole de

Dieu, sous la responsabilité d’un chrétien mature capable de les encadrer et de les guider dans le développement de leur foi.

Programme De Mentorat

Programme de Formation De Jeunes Disciples

Spanish Song Book

Sep 26, 2012
Spanish Song Book
Did you know that you can access Spanish lyrics for the Salvation Army Song Book through Lotus Notes?  If you have Lotus Notes through the Salvation Army, look on the Dashboard for General /Reference, and you will find the Spanish song book under Reference.

If you are interested in accessing this resource and do not have a Lotus Notes account through TSA, please contact for assistance.

Spanish Ministry Resources

Sep 4, 2012
Spanish Ministry Resources
Are you looking for Spanish Ministry tools?  Here are a few suggestions for music resources that have been useful in other ministries.

A great website to check out for Spanish lyrics is this:  Note that there are 40 pages of lyrics at that site!

Here is a helpful online English-Spanish dictionary:

The other thing that has helped immensely is Youtube. There are all kinds of Spanish worship videos (with lyrics) there. They are great in that not only can they be downloaded and played in a worship service, but it will also give your live worship band an idea of how to pronounce Spanish, and where to place all the syllables in a song.

Some sample titles to try are:

How great is our God (Tomlin)/Cuan Grande es Dios
He is the Mighty one of Israel/Elpoderoso de Israel (Paul Wilbur)
Agnus Dei/Agus Dei(Marcos Witt)
Trading my sorrow/ Cambiaré mi Tristesa
Mighty to Save/Cristo Puede Salvar (Hillsong)
At the Cross/En la Cruz (Hillsong)
King of Majesty/Rey de Majestad (Hillswong)
You are Holy/Eres Santo eres Digno
Jesus we celebrate your victory/Cristo tu triumfo Celebramos
I want to See Jesus Lifted High /Queremos a Cristo Proclamar
Renew Me /Renueveme
Lord I Lift Your Name on High / Tu nombre levantaré (note - there is more than one translation of this piece)
David Danced (Salvador)
Worthy is the Lamb / Digno eres Señor
Via Dolorosa (Sandi Patti)
You are here / Tu estas aqui de Jesus
You are my King (Amazing Love) / Inmenso Amor
Power of Your Love / Por el poder de tu amor (or simply, el poder de tu amor) - there are two popular translations of this piece

Itunes also has many of these pieces for download: simply type in the Spanish name of the song under Power Search. Once you find one title, you can investigate all of the performer's recordings... this will lead you to more and more songs.

We have also posted here a zip file that contains Spanish lyrics for 13 songs including:
Come, Now Is the Time to Worship
David Danced
Lord I Lift Your name on High
Open The Eyes of My Heart
The Power of Your Love
Trading my Sorrow
Via Dolorosa
What a Friend
Worthy Is The Lamb
You Are My King

Spanish Worship Songs

Where to find Adherent Information

Aug 24, 2012
Where to find Adherent Information
If you are having membership classes, here are some resources you should know about!

Senior Soldiership
For a list of training materials, visit the page on Soldiership.

Certificates for soldiership must be ordered through S & P.

There is an Adherents Handbook available through Supplies and Purchasing ( which outlines the guidelines for adherency, and has a sample of the certificate.

Certificates can also be ordered through S & P.

Don't forget to include both your membership class in "Soldier/Member Preparation Classes", and your new Soldiers or Adherents in your SAMIS statistics.  Use this link for help with updating your SAMIS Rolls,
External content from Theme Online Theme Online

National Music Camp 2012

Jul 23, 2012
National Music Camp 2012

The Salvation Army Territorial Music Camp, August 25th to September 1st 2012
Jackson's Point Conference Centre, Jackson's Point Ontario Canada
Ages 16 - 30

Click here to download a full poster

Click here to download an application

Sally's Kitchen Cooking Program

Jul 9, 2012
Sally's Kitchen Cooking Program
The following new program was funded through the Home Missions fundraiser in the Maritimes Division.

As a member of the Sussex Vibrant Communities Poverty Committee, The Salvation Army commenced a Food Mentoring Initiative called Sally's Kitchen to benefit and better equip our Family Service Clients and others living on low incomes. Sally's Kitchen is a six week program that teaches basic cooking skills through a hands-on cooking experience that includes money-saving tips and techniques on how to shop economically, meal planning, budgeting, food safety, and nutrition. Our objective is to provide an opportunity for single moms and those living on low incomes to learn how to better provide healthy nutritious meals for their families on a low budget during these touch economic times and rising prices.

Requirement: Selected participants must make a commitment to attend and participate in all six sessions. Upon completion of the six week program with attendance at all sessions, each participant will receive a $100. gift card for groceries to stock their pantry with cooking supplies!

Food Safe Certificate: Upon completion of this six week program, we will provide an opportunity for those wishing to obtain their "Food Safe Certificate" to gain employment in the food industry.

We received about 20 applications and choose 7 participants who were similar in age and situations. Together with 5 leaders we commenced the Sally's Kitchen program on April 12th from 10:am to 2:00 pm. Sally's Kitchen provided the forum, the learning atmosphere where the participants and leaders came together to learn how best to survive and thrive during these difficult times. It was wonderfully apparent during our first session that they had much to contribute and bring to the table. Each week a couple of the ladies would share their recipes and insights. This is the ingredient that has made this program so successful and exciting for everyone.

We started each week with an inspirational thought for the day and immediately went into our first educational session. We discussed topics including: safety, menu planning, shopping tips and how to stay within your budget. It was amazing when one young woman excitingly told us that she had saved $50. on her grocery bill. Her husband certainly sang her praises. She said it was because she planned and went shopping with a focus, she had a menu plan, knew where the sales were, and shopped for what she needed. Her husband is also enjoying the meals she is now making or at least for the most part. Then its into the kitchen where the cooking and fun begins. Its back to basics with learning how to make bread, healthy meals and snacks, throw a birthday party on a shoe string, by making your own pizza crust and sauce, birthday cake from scratch, how to create a variety of dishes with pasta, rice, potatoes, meat dishes, BBQ Kabob's, and delicious healthy summer salads, etc.

We have been so pleased with this program. There's an excitement in the air when we're all together and everyone is sad to see it coming to an end. Sally's Kitchen is a place to have fun and to learn. The laughter and fellowship with these young mothers is infectious. We celebrated our final week, with a Turkey Dinner celebration and they invited their family to join us. We presented them with a certificate of completion and their gift certificates. Three of the women want to take the Food Safe Certificate and all of them want to continue meeting together. Next week we are meeting to decide where we go from here. It is our plan to offer the Sally's Kitchen program in the fall.

Submitted by: Major Judy Folkins, Pastor/Corps Officer
The Salvation Army Sussex Community Church

Get Your Teens Into Bible Study

Jul 9, 2012
Get Your Teens Into Bible Study
Curriculum for Teens

Every lesson comes complete with
3 optional warm-up activities,
color student pages for classroom interaction, and a
growth challenge to encourage you the make intentional change in their lives!

 Choose Junior High(ages 11 - 13) Bible Study or Senior HIgh (ages 12 - 14) Bible Study
for a sample lesson, lesson breakdown and more...

CCM Newsletter

Jun 29, 2012

We know that when we have the right tools to accomplish a task we feel more equipped for ministry.

It may seem expensive to have some of these resources on hand, but try to remember sometimes these can be ‘investment tools’ to leave God’s message of care and comfort with those you minister to. Other ‘tools’ will be a means of training and equipping others to feels confident in ministry. CCM identification badges are available for your members to wear when visiting as a means of introduction. It has become more difficult to fill the Sunshine Bags with the items you perhaps included in the past. Food items are being scrutinized by hospital and nursing homes across the country.

Supplies and Purchasing is working on items with Salvation Army identification which can be included in the sunshine bags. A sample pack of items will be sent to each DHQ shortly containing a variety of the products that may be available. Items will include tissue packets, brush/combs, toothbrush kits, sugarless cookies and candies, teddy bear, lap blanket and socks. A bulk-order form will be sent out in September for your Christmas Sunshine Bags. Don’t forget bookmarks, blessing cards and The Christmas Story pamphlet are available to tuck into the Sunshine Bag.

A few tools that are available from the SonShine Society who offer resources for nursing home ministry— . Songbooks with large print and music written in lower keys are available in accompaniment editions and print only editions. Three books are available; SonShine Songs & Scriptures (Victory Edition), Heaven, Heart & Home and Heavenly SonShine.

Hope & Help and Onward & Upward are resource and devotional books containing sermonettes, poems, etc. Strength & Peace is a devotional walk through the scriptures, Genesis through to Revelation with commentary.

Letters To Live By offer study guides for Bible studies of the epistles.

Another company with tools that are available is from CTA—Christian Tools of Affirmation. This is not an advertisement for their products, only creating an awareness of their resources.

The CTA resource website is If you have used this resource in the past, I would encourage you to revisit the site as they continue to update and add new resources. Although this is an American site, Canadians can order through Sperling’s Church Supply in Waterloo. Many of these tools can be less than the cost of a greeting card.

While there are many categories available on the website, I would invite you to review the Care Ministries category, then Care & Comfort. There are bookmarks with scripture references, scripture card wallets, and booklets for illness, difficulties and grief.

Also available is a children’s soft covered book “Remembering My Someone Special: Jesus Gives Me Hope:, to help 7-12 year old process their grief in a healing way.
THE BEGGAR KING (Author Unknown)
"Once there was a time, according to legend, when Ireland was ruled by a king who had no son. The king sent out his couriers to post notices in all the towns of his realm. The notices advised that every qualified young man should apply for an interview with the king as a possible successor to the throne. However, all such candidates must have these two qualifications: They must (1) love God and (2) love their fellow human beings.

The young man about whom this legend centers saw the notice and reflected that he loved God and, also, his neighbors. One thing stopped him, he was so poor that he had no clothes that would be presentable in the sight of the king. Nor did he have the funds to buy provisions for the long journey to the castle. So the young man begged here, and borrowed there, finally managing to scrounge enough money for the appropriate clothes and the necessary supplies.

Properly attired and well-suited, the young man set out on his quest, and had almost completed the journey when he came upon a poor beggar by the side of the road. The beggar sat trembling, clad only in tattered rags. His extended arms pleaded for help. His weak voice croaked, "I'm hungry and cold. Please help me...please?"

The young man was so moved by this beggar's plea that he immediately stripped off his new clothes and put on the tattered threads of the beggar. Without a second thought he gave the beggar all his provisions as well. Then, somewhat hesitantly, he continued his journey to the castle. A king's attendant showed him in to the great hall. After a brief respite to clean off the journey's grime, he was finally admitted to the throne room of the king.

The young man bowed low before his majesty. When he raised his eyes, he gaped in astonishment. "'s you! You're the beggar by the side of the road."

"Yes," the king replied with a twinkle, "I was that beggar."

" are not really a beggar. You are the king for real. Well, then, why did you do this to me?" the young man stammered after gaining more of his composure.

"Because I had to find out if you genuinely love God and your fellow human beings." Said the king. "I knew that if I came to you as king, you would have been impressed by my gem-encrusted golden crown and my royal robes. You would have done anything I asked of you because of my regal character. But that way I would never have known what is truly in your heart. So I used a ruse. I came to you as a beggar with no claims on you except for the love in your heart. And I discovered that you sincerely do love God and your fellow human beings. You will be my successor," promised the king. "You will inherit my kingdom."

Community Care Ministries Newsletter - May

May 31, 2012
We know that when we have the right tools to accomplish a task we feel more equipped for ministry.
It may seem expensive to have some of these resources on hand, but try to remember sometimes these can be ‘investment tools’ to leave God’s message of care and comfort with those you  minister to.  Other ‘tools’ will be a means of training and equipping others to feels confident in ministry.  CCM identification badges are available for your members to wear when visiting as a means of introduction.
It has become more difficult to fill the Sunshine Bags with the items you perhaps    included in the past. Food items are being scrutinized by hospital and nursing homes across the country.
Supplies and Purchasing is working on items with    Salvation Army identification which can be included in the sunshine bags. A sample pack of items will be sent to each DHQ shortly containing a variety of the products that may be available.  Items will include tissue packets, brush/combs, toothbrush kits, sugarless cookies and candies, teddy bear, lap blanket and socks. A bulk-order form will be sent out in September for your  Christmas Sunshine Bags.

Don’t forget bookmarks, blessing cards and The Christmas Story pamphlet are available to tuck into the Sunshine Bag.

A few tools that are available from the SonShine Society who offer resources for nursing home ministry— . Songbooks with large print and music written in lower keys are available in accompaniment editions and print only editions. Three books are available; SonShine Songs & Scriptures (Victory Edition), Heaven, Heart & Home and Heavenly SonShine. Hope & Help and Onward & Upward are resource and devotional books containing sermonettes, poems, etc. Strength & Peace is a devotional walk through the scriptures, Genesis through to Revelation with commentary. Letters To Live By offer study guides for Bible studies of the epistles.

Another company with tools that are available is from CTA—Christian Tools of Affirmation. This is not an advertisement for their products, only creating an awareness of their resources.

The CTA resource website is If you have used this resource in the past, I would encourage you to revisit the site as they continue to update and add new resources. Although this is an American site, Canadians can order through Sperling’s Church Supply in Waterloo. Many of these tools can be less than the cost of a greeting card.

While there are many categories available on the website, I would invite you to review the Care Ministries category, then Care & Comfort. There are bookmarks with scripture references, scripture card wallets, and booklets for illness, difficulties and grief.

Also available is a children’s soft covered book “Remembering My Someone Special: Jesus Gives Me Hope:, to help 7-12 year old process their grief in a healing way.

THE BEGGAR KING (Author Unknown)
"Lord, when did we see you naked and clothe you...and He replied, when you clothed the least of my children -- thank you, for you were clothing Me, and you didn't even know it."      Matthew 25: 38,40 paraphrased
"Once there was a time, according to legend, when Ireland was ruled by a king who had no son. The king sent out his couriers to post notices in all the towns of his realm. The notices advised that every qualified young man should apply for an interview with the king as a possible successor to the throne. However, all such candidates must have these two qualifications: They must (1) love God and (2) love their fellow human beings.

The young man about whom this legend centers saw the notice and reflected that he loved God and, also, his neighbors. One thing stopped him, he was so poor that he had no clothes that would be presentable in the sight of the king. Nor did he have the funds to buy provisions for the long journey to the castle. So the young man begged here, and borrowed there, finally managing to scrounge enough money for the appropriate clothes and the necessary supplies.

Properly attired and well-suited, the young man set out on his quest, and had almost completed the journey when he came upon a poor beggar by the side of the road. The beggar sat trembling, clad only in tattered rags. His extended arms pleaded for help. His weak voice croaked, "I'm hungry and cold. Please help me...please?"

The young man was so moved by this beggar's plea that he immediately stripped off his new clothes and put on the tattered threads of the beggar. Without a second thought he gave the beggar all his provisions as well. Then, somewhat hesitantly, he continued his journey to the castle. A king's attendant showed him in to the great hall. After a brief respite to clean off the journey's grime, he was finally admitted to the throne room of the king.

The young man bowed low before his majesty. When he raised his eyes, he gaped in astonishment. "'s you! You're the beggar by the side of the road." "Yes," the king replied with a twinkle, "I was that beggar."

" are not really a beggar. You are the king for real. Well, then, why did you do this to me?" the young man stammered after gaining more of his composure.

"Because I had to find out if you genuinely love God and your fellow human beings." Said the king. "I knew that if I came to you as king, you would have been impressed by my gem-encrusted golden crown and my royal robes. You would have done anything I asked of you because of my regal character. But that way I would never have known what is truly in your heart. So I used a ruse. I came to you as a beggar with no claims on you except for the love in your heart. And I discovered that you sincerely do love God and your fellow human beings. You will be my successor," promised the king. "You will inherit my kingdom."

Decision Materials

Mar 19, 2012
Decision Materials
This great resource tool that will help you lead children and youth to Christ has been reprinted and is now available through

Order your copy today and find the ministry help you are looking for with this most important task. Here are just a few of the subjects you will find inside:

- A Child's Viewpoint: understanding what children understand
- Every Day is Decision Day
- The Gospel Message
- Partners With God: tips for leading a child to Christ
- Follow Up

ALSO AVAILABLE:  Decision pamphlets for 4 age groups.  Use this direct product link to see details:


New Program Activities

Mar 19, 2012
New Program Activities
Since the launch of SAMIS4, over 60 requests for New Program Activities have been submitted through the system.  There are all types of new ministries taking place across the Territory, which Corps are attempting to document through the system.

Some of the common programs, that will be helpful for many locations include:
Soldier/Member Preparation Classes: Classes to disciple and educate into membership (Soldiership/Adherents). Only collect Junior Soldier Preparation classes here if you do not count them in Junior Soldiers.

Corps Fellowship: Fellowship meetings for Corps members regardless of age or gender. Examples include pot lucks, movie nights, musicals, sporting events etc.

Drop-In Corps: Drop-in conducted by a Corps. Includes homework help, coffee house, homeless assistance and community outreach drop-in

Outreach to Social Services: Any outreach by a Corps group to a social institution, excluding CCM.  For example:  Men's Fellowship outreach to Prison.

If you are running programs that fall into these descriptions and haven't been collecting your statistics, go to ACTIONS -> MANAGE PROGRAM ACTIVITIES from the SAMIS menu.  Choose the month that you wish to begin collecting statistics for, and activate the desired program by selecting it by name from the Program Activity drop-down listing, and entering an Open Date.

Soldiership Training Resources

Mar 7, 2012
Soldiership Training Resources

Without soldiers the Army would die. It depends on soldiers to fight the battle against evil. It needs soldiers who know God’s hand of guidance is on them. It needs soldiers who dare to trust God with their lives. It needs soldiers who obey their Lord, and who know how to say ‘Yes’ to him.”
- Called to Be God’s People


The following are resources and training materials to help you discover what it means to be a soldier in The Salvation Army.

Salvation Story
A comprehensive study of Salvation Army articles of faith, published in 1999 to replace the previous Handbook of Doctrine.
· Includes reflection questions on each chapter
· Suggests ways to incorporate worship into the teaching of Salvation Army doctrine and mission
· Comes with a book and workbook set
· Can be downloaded from IHQ website
Available through the supplies and purchasing Online Store

Manual of Salvationism
Revised in 1985, this has been the standard book for Salvation Army soldiership training for years. However, the text is dense and the student workbook does not lie flat for writing answers. An updated version is planned.
· Comprehensive coverage of Salvation Army doctrines
· Teaching about the Army’s stance on the sacraments
· Information about the Articles of War (now Soldiers’ Covenant)
· Details of the Army’s history and present work
· A glossary of terms and recommended further reading
Available through the supplies and purchasing Online Store

Battle Orders
A well-written soldiership training manual that is appropriate for both teens and adults.
· Organized in a way that makes working through the doctrines simple
· Participant workbook helps focus learning and provides useful questions for discussion
· Leader’s manual provided
· Available in English and Spanish
Available through the supplies and purchasing Online Store

Preparing for Battle
Provided as a free download, this course is available at Provides a balanced approach, though it may be difficult to keep younger students interested and its military style of presentation needs an update.
· Outline provides a progressive learning experience
· Course reflects both the doctrines and the Army’s covenant statements in balance
· Participants are challenged with Army beliefs, life application and commitment consistent with our theology
· Useful in a seminar-style format
· French translation coming soon
Available through THQ downloadable

SA 101
This relatively new course, also known as Salvationism 101, provides participants with a “jump in head-first” introduction to The Salvation Army’s origins and present-day mission. Early Army endeavours are described and challenges for the present are given that attest to the level of commitment required of soldiers. Material is offered to cover everything from basic to advanced levels of training.
Available at

A Cause to Die For
This set of four DVDs from The Salvation Army in Australia has a fast-paced presentation. It is historically accurate and inspiring for those who would dare to be modern-day warriors in The Salvation Army. An excellent supplement to traditional workbook-style soldiership preparation classes.
Available at

We Believe
A DVD produced from a 1996 sermon series in Toronto where Salvation Army officers were interviewed about the doctrines. Includes study questions. Useful to augment traditional workbook-style soldiership training classes.
Available through the supplies and purchasing Online Store

As a Salvationist, many doors of opportunity to serve Jesus Christ will be yours. But don’t expect an easy life; rather, soldiership is about sacrifice and a life lived in joyful service to God and others.

Father, I believe that you want me to serve you as a soldier in The Salvation Army. Please give me the courage to step out in faith and to accept the privileges and responsibilities of soldiership.
- Chick Yuill, Battle Orders



Mar 1, 2012
Why does it matter if I update my location information?
You might be tempted to think, THQ knows all, so why bother updating my SAMIS location information if I'm the one using it.  However,  did you know that the Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territory location finder, displayed on public websites such as, and  draws  information directly from what you provide in SAMIS.  In other words,  if the public choose to find your location using this web tool, they will find the information about your location, operating hours, phone number and email information that you see on your SAMIS system.

Why does the new system require updating of rolls on a monthly basis?
In order to get an accurate, up-to-date picture of the Army's growth health in Canada and Bermuda, it is important that the rolls pages are updated monthly.  In SAMIS 3 your rolls were only required to be updated for your annual inspection, which meant that a health profile report produced in August, would give a very outdated view of membership numbers.  By updating your rolls monthly this type of report would be up to date.

What happened to all the other 'rolls' from SAMIS?
On the Update Rolls page you will find the five required rolls for our territory:  Senior Soldiers' Roll,  Junior Soldiers' Roll, Adherent's Roll, Sr. Recruits' Roll, and Friends' Roll.  These five rolls are the only rolls used for collecting membership totals - therefore, every regular attendee in your ministry unit should be counted on ONE of these five rolls.  Other rolls, which include Cradle Roll,  Home League Roll, Jr. Recruits Roll, Sunday School Roll, can still be maintained as registers, but the numbers there are for your own use, and do not get added into the membership total.

New William Booth DVD

Nov 21, 2011
New William Booth DVD
Introduce children to the action-packed story behind The Salvation Army and its founder, William Booth. The pub owners and their hired thugs are ready for William and his ragtag followers when they come marching into London's East End. With clubs and rocks, the thugs are set to chase this preacher out of town once and for all. But William and his Salvation Army are not so easily dissuaded! Armed only with Bibles, musical instruments and their unflinching faith in God, they march in to face their most dangerous opponents so far. Who will win the spiritual battle for the hurting souls of this forgotten corner of London?

Torchlighters is a series of animated programs for youth ages 8-12, presenting the lives of true-life heroes from Christian history. When kids see what God can do through a "Torchlighter" who is devoted to carrying out His will and purposes, they too may want to carry a torch of faith by serving Him.

Bulk Order Form (PDF):  William Booth Story Order Form


Sep 28, 2011
Here is a great tool for outreach into your community and for building up God's family!  The movie Courageous will hit theatres in North America this weekend.  Created along the same vein as Fireproof and Facing the Giants, it provides a faith-based challenge for men to step up to a godly roll as husbands and fathers.  For details about the movie visit Use this link to download a Bulletin Insert.

To enhance this experience, groups can purchase advance tickets in a special deal.  If you order 100 tickets for your local showing, your ministry unit will also receive Bible Study books and other related resources for use following the movie.

If you are a Christian leader and you would like to get in on a leaders pre-screening, visit

Fast For Change

Aug 3, 2011
Fast For Change
Canadian Foodgrains Bank and its members are encouraging Canadians to Fast for Change, and to consider how our daily activities are linked with hunger.

Resources are now available which include a prayer and reflection booklet, prayer plate, worship elements, and a youth event which are all designed to help people focus their attention on what is required to grow and raise food for our human family.

Register your support
and have the option to download or receive these resources at no cost to you.
External content from CSB - Canadian Staff Band CSB - Canadian Staff Band

Welcome of New Territorial Leaders

Jul 7, 2011
Welcome of New Territorial Leaders

On Wednesday, July 6, a large crowd of Salvationists and friends gathered on the lawn of the Jackson's Point Conference Centre for the official welcome and installation of Commissioners Brian and Rosalie Peddle as the new leaders of the Canada and Bermuda Territory, conducted by General Linda Bond.

The Canadian Staff Band was happy to be on duty to provide music for the occasion, along with the Ontario Central-East Divisional Youth Chorus under the leadership of Cathie Koehnen. In addition to the CSB's main selection for the evening, Major Ken Smith's Songs of the Pioneers, the band accompanied various songs as well as providing celebratory music behorehand and afterwards. The CSB worship team also led in a time of praise and worship.

Click here for a full report and more pictures of this event.

Contact Candidates

Jul 4, 2011

There’s a challenge before us. Everywhere we look there are people in need. There are people who have lost their dignity in the struggle of life. Some need food or shelter. Some need acceptance and love. Some are looking for someone to listen to them. Some feel lost and alone. There’s a challenge before us and it is big.

We’re looking for people, called by God, who are up to the challenge. We are looking for people who want to make a difference in the world, who want to set aside their own desire, their own agenda, and to get engaged in meeting this challenge. We are looking for followers of Jesus who want to serve effectively, compassionately; we’re looking for people who are given to mission!

Maybe you are one of those people. Maybe God is speaking to you through: The Bible, The Holy Spirit, The Church. Maybe even your family or friends have sensed this in you and have raised it! Maybe you are one who is up to the physical, emotional and spiritual challenge.

If you think you are, and you can meet the requirements of The Salvation Army to be a Salvation Army Officer we would like to hear from you. Read our FAQ page and if you’re interested in more information contact our office. If Officership isn’t likely in your future there are other ministry opportunities you can discover here.

Major Shona Pike
Candidates Secretary

Major Keith Pike
Assistant Candidates Secretary


Jun 21, 2011

This program was written by Stephen and Valerie Pavey, Richmond Hill Community Church, ONCE Division.

We are more than conquerors through Him who loved us!  Romans 8:37  In sports and in life all of us want to be undefeated, but on our own this is not possible. This Bible program teaches campers that being undefeated is only possible with God. Here are some of the key points campers will discover:

  1. Being undefeated doesn't last forever except with God
  2. God wants us to be undefeated! 
  3. Like in sports, to be undefeated in Christ, you need to practice what you do 
  4. We might face set backs, but we can live a life in victory if we persevere
  5. We have to decide to be undefeated by choosing God and finally
  6. We have to listen to discover what God is saying to us and how he is leading us.

This Bible program uses a large group - small group teaching style with dramas, group activities and station activities. Also included are cabin devotions which could be used as small group discussion times when your campers need a break from their physical activity or as a final teaching time at the end of the day.

This program is available through - search 'sports'.

Boom Chicka Boom 2 Disc CD Set

Feb 7, 2011
Boom Chicka Boom 2 Disc CD Set
Boom Chicka Boom is an Amazing and Embracing CD for children all the way from the safety of the womb until long into childhood, and for the adults who care for them. Older children will also enjoy listening to the CDs. Boom Chicka Boom has playfulness and excitement, it also has peacefulness and intimacy. A double CD with over 40 songs and nursery rhymes. Boom Chicka Boom a must have supply for your Nursery or BabySong Programs or to give away to new parents.

This CD can be ordered through or from The Supplies and Purchasing Department.

Stock Up on Useful Pamphlets

Jul 30, 2010
Stock Up on Useful Pamphlets
The Corps Ministries Department has a number of useful pamphlets that will keep your congregation up-to-date on resources.­ Here is a selection of what is available:
In the booklet "My New Life In Christ", new believers will find solid teaching about this new life by working through this book, preferably with one or two mentors who will disciple them. ( Youth Discipleship Program - description of Bible Study, Mentoring, and Ministry Training programs. (
Web Safety Pamphlets - one for children, one for youth, one for parents. Also available in French. Great for your foyer table or welcome package. ( First Steps Introduction pamphlets. (­ Great for your information stand or welcome package.
Decision Pamphlets - 4 age groups, Have these available for your Sunday School children. ( Follow Up Pamphlets and leaders' guides for each age group. (

Youth Group Discussion Starter

Jul 26, 2010
Youth Group Discussion Starter
The Ideas Factory: 100 Adaptable Discussion Starters for Teens, by Martin Saunders, editor of YouthWork Magazine.

How many times have you looked for something just to start some discussion with your teenagers?  Here is a resource which provides you with a jaw-dropping story, and then gives you the questions to get the ball rolling. 

Get them talking about Revenge, Emotion, Racism, Hypocrisy, and much more.

Check your local Christian bookstore, or visit

Teens & Culture

Jun 23, 2010
Teens & Culture
Two books to help you bridge the issues with your teens and the lastest fad in teen culture.  These books help your teens to  see things from a Biblical and Christian perspective, and gives them the insight into background teaching and how it can affect their Christian walk.

Touched by a Vampire

The Twilight Gospel

Check your Christian bookstore, or visit

AmazinGrace Sports Camp

Jun 9, 2010
AmazinGrace Sports Camp
God invites each of us to join his Amazing Race! This Bible program teaches campers what it means to be in this race and invites them to join it. Here are some of the key points campers will discover:

1. God's Race is for everyone
2. What is God's Race? It's God's Course for us
3. The Finish Line is life with God in heaven forever
4. Sin takes us off course
5. God strengthens us in the race, and
6. God's grace put us back on course

Key verse for the week is 2 Timothy 4:7: I have competed well; I have finished the race; I have kept the faith! May your campers be able to echo these words of the Apostle Paul.

This Bible program uses a large group - small group teaching style with dramas, group activities and station activities. Also included are cabin devotions which could be used as small group discussion times when your campers need a break from their physical activity or as a final teaching time at the end of the day.

This program is available through - search 'sports'.
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41st Anniversary Festival

Jun 3, 2010
41st Anniversary Festival

An air of excitement and anticipation swept through the audience at Scarborough Citadel, Toronto, as they awaited the entry of the Canadian Staff Band for its 41st Anniversary Festival on Saturday, May 29. This year’s guest was the founding bandmaster, Lt-Colonel Norman Bearcroft, so the night was sure to be entertaining as well as musically satisfying and spiritually uplifting.
The band commenced with James Curnow’s scintillating Hallelujah!, followed by the congregation joining in heartily on Norman Bearcroft's Happy Song, led by Deputy Bandmaster Major Ken Smith.
Following a prayer and greetings from Colonel Floyd Tidd, chief secretary for the Canada and Bermuda Territory, Bandmaster John Lam welcomed the audience and introduced Lt-Colonel Bearcroft. In response, the colonel recalled the circumstances under which the band was formed in 1969 and remarked that it was good to see it still going strong 41 years later.
For its first major item of the evening, the band delivered a sparkling rendition of Shostakovich’s Festive Overture (arranged by William Gordon), much to the delight of the audience. Then it was on to the first of three instrumental solos newly written for CSB soloists. Ralph Pearce’s meditative Incarnation is the result of a request by trombonist Craig Lewis, and has special significance in that it features the hymn tune Armadale, written by Craig’s wife’s grandmother, Mrs. Colonel Lily Skinner.
In a complete change of mood, the CSB presented Leonard Ballantine’s Daniel’s Band. Written in 1975, it is an imaginative and colourful setting of the timeless children’s song “Dare to be a Daniel.” Major Ballantine’s presence in the audience was acknowledged following the band’s presentation.
The second solo of the evening was the world premier of a new work by Colonel Robert Redhead, who was invited to the platform to introduce it. Salvus, featuring euphonium soloist Stephen Pavey, features Martin Luther’s “A mighty fortress is our God” and the contemporary worship chorus “I cast all my cares upon you.” Written as an expression of the faith that Steve and his wife Valerie demonstrated during the serious illness of their daughter over the past two years, this major work is based on the promise of Psalm 91 that God is our refuge and strength and will keep us safe (Latin ‘salvus’) when we put our trust in him. The presentation was warmly received by the audience.
For a complete change of pace, Cameron Rawlins presented the vocal solo What a Friend. The bright, energetic arrangement by Darren Bartlett also featured Major Ken Smith on piano, Doug Elvin on bass and CSB alumnus Gordon Mayer on drums.
To round off the first half of the concert, the CSB then presented a new major work by James Curnow, The Ellacombe Chronicles. Featuring a set of diverse variations on the hymn tune of the same name, it is based on a musical interpretation of Isaac Watts’ well-known hymn, “I sing the mighty power of God.”
The intermission gave opportunity to purchase Colonel Bearcroft’s new book, In Good Company. The limited supply of books went quickly, and many took advantage of the chance to greet the author and get his signature.
The second half of the program featured no less than four Bearcroft pieces, starting with the march To Regions Fair. Then it was the popular Just Like John, introduced and conducted by the composer in his own inimitable style. During the playing of this old favourite, written for the Canadian Staff Band during its formative years, the audience enjoyed a slide presentation featuring humorous and light-hearted CSB memories from the previous four decades.
The third new solo of the night featured CSB Executive Officer Major Kevin Metcalf in Down by the Riverside by Jeff Christmas. Based on the spiritual of the same name, the music is arranged in the style of a New Orleans street band complete with the distinctive “second line” swing. 
A complete change of pace took place once again with the presentation of Randall Thompson’s popular choral work, Alleluia, in a new setting by Major Len Ballantine. Then, after some brief devotional comments by Colonel Bearcroft, more than 20 former CSB members joined the present band to sing The Calvary Track, Bearcroft’s male-voice setting of Albert Orsborn’s song, “I know thee who thou art.” It was a moving moment as bandsmen representing 41 years of CSB ministry lifted up the words:
     Let nothing draw me back or turn my heart from thee,
     But by the Calvary track bring me at last to see
     The courts of God, that city fair,
     And find my name is written there.
To conclude the program, Colonel Bearcroft had chosen one of his most well-known and popular works, Songs of Newfoundland. Introducing the piece by telling of its origins in preparation for the CSB’s tour of Newfoundland in 1971, he then went on to conduct the band in a memorable performance that was much appreciated by the audience.
Following the concert, CSB alumni shared in an informal reception with Colonel Bearcroft and present band members. It was significant that four CSB bandmasters were present for the occasion—Lt-Colonel Norman Bearcroft (1969-76), Colonel Robert Redhead (1976-85), Brian Burditt (1985-2002, 2006-08) and John Lam. It was a wonderful occasion to renew acquaintances and share old memories—the perfect end to a wonderful night of music and fellowship.
The CSB is grateful for the assistance of alumni Ted Sparks (cornet) and Gordon Mayer (percussion), who helped us out with this year's anniversary festival. We also thank CSB alumnus Major Gary Venables for taking pictures on the night. Some of his photos are included below.

The Salvation Army Online Locator

Apr 8, 2010
The Salvation Army Online Locator

Did you know that visitors to our website can find the corps, social service, thrift store or ministry unit closest to them by using The Salvation Army Online Locator?  Information is drawn directly from SAMIS (Salvation Army Management Information System), and reflects up-to-date information submitted by local and/or corps officers.

To try out this feature, use the link in the left column of this page "Find The Salvation Army".  Choose to search by Facility or Program, enter your city and the kilometer range that you are interested in. 

Try out this feature today and give us your feedback by using the Rate this Article or Add Comment link below.

Worshipping The Saviour - WEEK AFTER EASTER

Mar 26, 2010
Worshipping The Saviour - WEEK AFTER EASTER
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Resource Links
Text to Sermon Notes (Bruce Power): Sermon Notes
Bible Study guide (Ray Harris): Bible Study
Worship Tools (Kim Garreffa):  Worship

Summertime Ministry Curriculum Discounts

Mar 23, 2010
Summertime Ministry Curriculum Discounts

We're excited to be able to offer you new lower prices on both WordAction and Scripture Press Sunday School Curriculums.

Those prices will be even sweeter if you order your materials before April 8, 2010 and take advantage of our 25% discount.
(Orders received after this date only receive a 15% discount and might not make it to you for your first week of the new quarter)

Looking for WordAction Summer Quarter, use this link: WordAction

Looking for Scripture Press June Quarter, use this link: Scripture Press

Looking for SONday'SCOOL summer materials, use this link: SONday'SCOOL (Be sure to check out their 10-12 week alternate materials that are perfect for use over the summer months!)

The Risen Saviour - EASTER SUNDAY

Mar 22, 2010
The Risen Saviour - EASTER SUNDAY
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Resource Links
Text to Sermon Notes (Bruce Power): Sermon Notes
Bible Study guide (Ray Harris): Bible Study
Worship Tools (Kim Garreffa): -Music
-Children's Activity
-Easter Backgrounds

NOTE: Use this link to search Easter program ideas for every age group on
Use this link for a list of Good Friday resources: Tenebrae ServicesPrayer Walks

The Saviour is Crucified - GOOD FRIDAY

Mar 17, 2010
The Saviour is Crucified - GOOD FRIDAY
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Resource Links
Text to Sermon Notes (Bruce Power): Sermon Notes
Bible Study guide (Ray Harris): Bible Study
Worship Tools (Kim Garreffa): -Song Suggestions
External content from Theme Online Theme Online

National Music and Gospel Arts Camp - 2010

Mar 17, 2010
Dates:  August 28 - September 4, 2010
Location: Jackson's Point, Ontario
Guests:  Colonels Glen and Eleanor Shepherd
Application: National MAGA Application
Scholarship:  Scholarship Application

The Saviour Enters the City - PALM SUNDAY

Mar 16, 2010
The Saviour Enters the City - PALM SUNDAY
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Text to Sermon Notes (Bruce Power): Sermon Notes
Bible Study guide (Ray Harris): Bible Study
Worship Tools (Kim Garreffa): -Worship
-Slide Backgrounds

Mission of Salvation

Mar 9, 2010
Mission of Salvation
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Text to Sermon Notes (Bruce Power): Sermon Notes
Bible Study guide (Ray Harris): Bible Study
Worship Tools (Kim Garreffa): Worship

Good Samaritan and Good Student

Mar 2, 2010
Good Samaritan and Good Student
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Resource Links
Text to Sermon Notes (Bruce Power): Sermon Notes
Bible Study guide (Ray Harris): Bible Study
Worship Tools (Kim Garreffa): -Worship
Music: Others
Music: Reach Out
**Songs from Luke 6 work well here also.

Saving Life and Losing It

Feb 25, 2010
Saving Life and Losing It
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Resource Links
Text to Sermon Notes (Bruce Power): Sermon Notes
Bible Study guide (Ray Harris): Bible Study
Worship Tools (Kim Garreffa): -Worship Songs

What's In The Bible

Feb 23, 2010
What's In The Bible
"From the man who made vegetables talk, a ground breaking new series that walks kids through the entire Bible."

DVD resource.

Available through

Order by: Friday, February 26, 2010

Salvation As Healing

Feb 16, 2010
Salvation As Healing
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Resource Links
Text to Sermon Notes (Bruce Power): Sermon Notes
Bible Study guide (Ray Harris): Bible Study
Worship Tools (Kim Garreffa): Worship
Beauty For Ashes

Ministry to Children and Youth Update

Feb 16, 2010
Ministry to Children and Youth Update
In the past three years there have been three major studies/forums conducted that have resulted in recommendations that have influenced and are helping to shape the ministry/mission and goals of the Children And Family Ministries, and Youth departments:

International – Winning Children for Christ
  • Renewed practice and priority in pastoral care for children
  • Renewed practice and priority in prayer for children and The Salvation Army’s ministry to children
  • Relevant training tools and delivery methodology
  • Resource discovery, development and distribution
  • Most effective use of human resources
  • Accountability

Canadian Territory’s Symposium 2008
Two of the 5 propositions specificially highlighted our ministry to children and youth:
  • Proposition #2. The Salvation Army is intentional about discipling its soldiers and members. The Army provides resources and encourages mentoring. Through discipleship Salvationists/members can articulate their plan for spiritual growth and holiness.
  • Proposition #3. The Salvation Army is creatively connected to children and youth culture to engage and empower them in godly living.

Canadian Territory’s Young Adult Research Project (conducted by James Pedlar)
lead us to the following findings:
- Foster Authentic Discipleship
- Focus on the Post-Secondary Transition
- Increase Opportunities for Mission

As we continue to respect these studies and forums, the children and youth department personnel with other consultations are focusing on two areas:

1. The development of a new Discipleship Program for children. This program will be use modern media formats (video/internet) to engage children and leaders alike – learning together how to live out a vibrant faith within The Salvation Army.

2. A re-write of our youth curriculum materials, better known as CrossZone and CrossTraining. This new curriculum will maintain a solid biblical basis, while also incorporating Salvation Army distinctives (bringing the fire of the past to bear on the issues of today). The re-write will address concerns about accessibility and flexibility, and will also promote the integration of discipleship into the lives of youth (individually as well as in a group setting).

God has blessed us with incredible opportunities for ministry among children and youth. As we take seriously our responsibilities to disciple them well, God will continue to raise up an Army from among our children and youth who will be the transforming agents in a desperate and needy world.

Luke's Journey - Discussion

Feb 10, 2010
Also add comments to the article "Luke, Haiti and the Olympic Torch".

Salvation as Forgiveness

Feb 4, 2010
Salvation as Forgiveness
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Text to Sermon Notes (Bruce Power): Sermon Notes
Bible Study guide (Ray Harris): Bible Study
Worship Tools (Kim Garreffa): Worship

Luke and Lent

Feb 4, 2010
Luke and Lent
The global church is about to enter the season of Lent. Beginning with Ash Wednesday on Feb 17, much of the church will frame its journey to Easter using Jesus’ “forty days” of testing in the wilderness as a guide. The word “Lent” comes from the old English word, “Lengten.” In the Northern Hemisphere is refers to the “lengthening” of days as we move from winter into spring. The church traces the lengthening journey of Jesus to Easter, with its cross and resurrection.

For the past few weeks, we have provided resources based on Luke’s Gospel. It is evident that the image of “journey” is important for Luke. Often Jesus is depicted as “on the way.” The Book of Acts, also authored by Luke, speaks of the early Christian community as people of “the way.” The early chapters of Luke portray the public ministry of Jesus in Galilee [see 4:14 ff]. Here we see Jesus engaged in a ministry of healing, teaching, and forming the nucleus of a community of disciples. It’s clear that this public ministry also threatens those in power, so that tensions emerge early on. A significant moment comes when Luke says, “When the days drew near for [Jesus] to be taken up, he set his face to go to Jerusalem” [9:51]. It is this journey to Jerusalem that will form our focus during the season of Lent.

For the past few weeks, resources have been provided on The Salvation Army’s web site for worship, preaching and leading Bible Studies based on Luke’s Gospel. We invite you to become part of this journey with us. We invite you to make use of the “Discussion” link to share resources or ideas you may have. We also invite you to share some of the insights you are gaining from Luke, or actions your community is taking in response to this Gospel. There are some wonderful artistic resources we can draw upon during this season. For instance, I have become aware of a You Tube video which shows the Dave Brubeck Jazz Quartet performing his composition based on the temptations of Jesus, “Forty Days.” [See]. The dissonance of Lent creates movement towards Easter.

Blessings as you join us in this Journey Towards Easter…and Beyond.

Bruce Power [Major]
Kim Garreffa [THQ Music and Gospel Arts]
Ray Harris [Major]

Teaching on the Plain

Feb 2, 2010
Teaching on the Plain
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Resource Links
Text to Sermon Notes (Bruce Power): Sermon Notes
Bible Study guide (Ray Harris): Bible Study
Worship Tools (Kim Garreffa): -Worship
-Responsive Readings
Music Extras - Compositions by Kim Garreffa Through Your Eyes - Words
Through Your Eyes - Music
My Brother's Keeper - Music
Listen to Through Your Eyes:

Social Justice Resources

Feb 1, 2010
Social Justice Resources
The Vineyard Anti-Slavery Team has launched a new area of the their website, where they plan to resource those in ministry with information and tools against Human Trafficking.  They state:

"The Vineyard Anti-Slavery Team (VAST) is gathering and connecting those who have a heart for this ministry of justice for the oppressed. Justice Response is a resource site and a connecting place for us to come together to learn more about human trafficking in order to: train the people in our churches to respond thoughtfully and strategically, pray against it and intercede for the victims and survivors, empower those within our communities who are at-risk of being trafficked, and effectively serve victims and survivors."

Visit :  Vineyard Anti-Slavery Team

You can also find information from The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda on justice issues at  Regular events and information connect young people in raising awareness of Human Trafficking and call to action.  View the Justice League calendar.

COMING SOON... Speak Out - Justice Web Conference

Join others from around the world for this online social justice conference – an e-summit. You don’t even have to leave your own home to participate in this conversation! Let’s learn from each other, and share our social justice thoughts, opinions and expertise. Represent the youth voice in the conversation!

WHEN: March 22-28, 2010
WHERE: Online
COST: Totally FREE!
More information:  Justice Web Conference

Emerging Tensions

Jan 26, 2010
Emerging Tensions
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Resource Links
Text to Sermon Notes (Bruce Power): Sermon Notes
Bible Study guide (Ray Harris): Bible Study
Worship Tools (Kim Garreffa): -Worship
-Worship Extras

Call and Commitment Sunday

Jan 26, 2010
Call and Commitment Sunday
If you're struggling with sermon starters/ideas for the Call and Commitment Sunday in February, please check out sermon resources at (H.E.L.P.S), detailed outlines and sermons from some of our finest across the territory.

We are deeply grateful to General Bramwell Tillsley, Lieut.-Colonel Doug Moore, Major Cathie Harris, Major Winn Blackman, and Major Mark Wagner for their contribution as we continue to challenge men and women to obedience in responding to the call of God.

The Saviour's Community

Jan 25, 2010
The Saviour's Community
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Resource Links
Text to Sermon Notes (Bruce Power): Sermon Notes
Bible Study guide (Ray Harris): Bible Study
Worship Tools (Kim Garreffa): Music Suggestions

The Saviour's Keynote Address

Jan 14, 2010
The Saviour's Keynote Address
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Resource Links
Text to Sermon Notes (Bruce Power): Luke 4:14-30
Bible Study guide (Ray Harris): Bible Study
Worship Tools (Kim Garreffa): Music Suggestions

Luke's Journey to Easter (Text Outline Chart)

Jan 14, 2010
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(Bruce Power)
Bible Study
(Ray Harris)
Worship Aids
(Kim Garreffa)

Luke 4:14-30

The Saviour’s Keynote address Text to Sermon Notes
Bible Study Music

Luke 5:1-11

The Saviour’s Community  Text to Sermon Notes  BibleStudy -Worship Resources

Luke 5:12-6:11

Emerging Tensions  Text to Sermon Notes Bible Study -Worship
-Worship Extras

Luke 6:17-49

Teaching on the Plain  Text to Sermon Notes    - Worship


Through Your Eyes - Words
-Through Your Eyes - Music
-My Brother's Keeper - Music
Through Your Eyes - mp3

Luke 7:36-50

Salvation as Forgiveness  Text to Sermon Notes Bible Study  Worship

Connecting Luke and Lent

Luke 8:40-56

Salvation as Healing  Text to Sermon Notes Bible Study -Worship
-Beauty For Ashes (pdf)

Luke 9:10-27

Saving life and losing it Text to Sermon Notes Bible Study  -Worship Songs

Luke 10:25-37, 38-42

Good Samaritan and Good Student Text to Sermon Notes Bible Study -Worship
Music: Others
Music: Reach Out
**Songs from Luke 6 work well here also.

Luke 19:1-10

Mission of Salvation Text to Sermon Notes Bible Study  Worship

Luke 19:28-40

The Saviour Enters the City (Palm Sunday)  Text to Sermon Notes Bible Study -Worship
-Slide Backgrounds

Luke 23:1-49

The Saviour is Crucified (Good Friday) Text to Sermon Notes Bible Study -Music

Luke 24:1-35

The Risen Saviour (Easter Sunday) Text to Sermon Notes Bible Study -Music
-Children's Activity
-Easter Backgrounds

Luke 24:36-53

Worshipping the Saviour Text to Sermon Notes Bible Study Worship

Have you got youth with rhythm?

Dec 9, 2009
Have you got youth with rhythm?
Here's a great way to bring Timbrels into the 3rd millenium.  Watch this video to see a timbrel number to rock your socks!

Then give some thought to how you can encourage musical young people in your sphere of ministry to use their talents for God.

Social Justice Monthly Focus

Dec 3, 2009
Social Justice Monthly Focus
Here's a tool to help you celebrate Christmas, and raise awareness of Social Justice issues at the same time.

Every day you are challenged to put aside a specific amount of money, depending on the privilieges you enjoy (ie. hot water).

At the end of the month you can donate the money put aside to a social justice cause.

Visit for more articles, and updates on events.
Download a pdf version of this calendar: Social Justice Advent Calendar
External content from CSB - Canadian Staff Band CSB - Canadian Staff Band

Fall Festival and Parade Weekend

Nov 27, 2009
Fall Festival and Parade Weekend
Massed bands play Songs of Newfoundland
On the weekend of November 14-15, 2009, Salvationists in Toronto and nearby Whitby, Ontario, were treated to a little taste of “The Rock.” The occasion was the visit of St. John’s Citadel Band, which travelled from Newfoundland to take part in the Canadian Staff Band’s Fall Festival and march in the Toronto Santa Claus Parade.
Visiting band members were kept busy from the moment they arrived, presenting a concert to a packed house at Whitby Community Church on Friday evening. The audience appreciated the warmth and humour of the guest musicians who presented a variety of music to suit all tastes.
After a busy day of rehearsals on Saturday, the visiting group joined the Canadian Staff Band and Ontario Central-East Divisional Youth Chorus to present an enjoyable concert at Scarborough Citadel. Participating in the program were Commissioner William W. Francis, territorial commander, and Lt-Colonel Alf Richardson, divisional commander for Newfoundland and Labrador. CSB items included William Himes’ festival march Milestone and the bright and energetic Hallelujah! by James Curnow, as well as two larger works, Robert Redhead’s Corpus Christiand Dmitri Shostakovich’s lively Festive Overture, arranged by William Gordon.
The youth chorus under leader Cathie Koehnen added significantly to the program with their enthusiastic presentations of Praise the Lord, All You Servants of the Lord, an arrangement of Psalm 134 by Canadian Jason Locke, and the dynamic Alive Forever Amen. More meditative selections included Come to the Water and Nothing But Thy Blood with soloist Melanie Pond.
St. John’s Citadel Band under Bandmaster Derrick Moore showed the diversity of their repertoire by playing everything from the contemporary song arrangement Make His Praise Glorious to Eric Ball’s classic The Kingdom Triumphant. In between the audience was treated to Barrie Gott’s Swingtime Religion, Len Ballantine’s Wade in the Water, Brian Bowen’s stirring festival march The Southern Cross, and cornet soloist Aaron Tansley in To Worship, a meditative setting of the familiar worship chorus I Love You, Lord. A particular highlight was the band’s moving rendition of John Williams’ Hymn to the Fallen from the 1998 film Saving Private Ryan. This was presented as a tribute to Canada’s fallen soldiers from the current Afghanistan conflict, and during the music pictures were shown of all 133 Canadians who had lost their lives since the mission began in 2002. Afterwards the audience stood for a moment of silence to honour their memory.
The evening concluded with the massed bands playing Norman Bearcroft’s scintillating Songs of Newfoundland (pictured above), with of course the audience (many of them Newfoundlanders) standing for the majestic Ode to Newfoundland at the conclusion. Then it was off to billets in preparation for the day ahead.
Santa Claus ParadeOn Sunday morning, the visiting band participated in worship at Toronto's Bloor Central Corps. The guest band presented Dean Goffin's The Light of the World and the CSB sang O My Jesus. Then it was off to march in the 105th annual Toronto Santa Claus Parade. With the St. John’s Citadel Band and Canadian Staff Band, as well as players from many other corps bands in and around Toronto and southern Ontario, this year’s group of 165—including territorial and divisional leaders, the colour party and timbrellists—was the largest since The Salvation Army re-commenced participating in this event in 2005. It was a tremendous witness to the 500,000 who lined the parade route as well as the millions more who watched the event on TV throughout Canada and around the world.
The Canadian Staff Band was pleased to host the Newfoundland visitors for what it hopes to become an annual event on its fall calendar. Plans are already well underway for next year’s Fall Festival and Parade weekend. Details will be announced in due course.

Anti-Trafficking News Updates

Nov 18, 2009
Anti-Trafficking News Updates
The Salvation Army United States National Headquarters have created an Initiative Against Sexual Trafficking, and are providing regular updates on news and initiatives.

If you would like to subscribe to their newsletter, you can email your request to

Also visit  for the latest news and updates.

Excerpts from a newsletter sent out Monday November 16, 2009 reads:

"Due to the efforts of a group called Plan, 40 million children have had their births registered. While this may not seem like big news to some, in the world of anti-trafficking this is a huge development. Lack of birth registration sets children on a path where they are denied many of the basic rights and privileges of citizenship, and puts them at serious risk for trafficking (it's easier to traffic children that don't "officially" exist).

That's why Path's undertaking may represent one of the biggest and best anti-trafficking initiatives launched to date. Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Forty million lives registered; forty million lives with more protection and rights and access to education; countless numbers of trafficking cases prevented!"

Use this link to read more about this story:

Subscribe today, or pass on this information to people you know who are interested in progress in this area.

The Youth Have Spoken

Oct 15, 2009
The Youth Have Spoken
Read the results of two years' worth of research conducted by James Pedlar as part of his doctorate studies in systematic theology.  Find out what the current trends are in retention of youth, what influences their decisions, and what is most important to them.

Read an article at
Download the report: Territorial Young Adult Research Project
External content from Theme Online Theme Online

Christmas CDs for sale at amazing low price!

Sep 9, 2009
Christmas CDs for sale at amazing low price!

(Click here to enlarge CD cover photo)

For only $1.25 each* (Canadian funds), you get an hour of Christmas music featuring some of Canada's best brass bands, Songster brigades, and solo artists. It makes an easy stocking stuffer or substitute for Christmas cards. The CDs come to you opened so you can insert your own specialized Christmas greeting. Sealers are provided so you can seal them shut afterwards. There is room on the back of the CD for mailing addresses and stamps.†

* plus shipping           †CDs must be mailed as "non-bendable mail".

Click here for ordering information.

Artists contributing to the CD are as follows:

North York Temple Band:   "A Great and Mighty Wonder",  originally recorded for their upcoming Christmas CD "O Holy Night". 

Celebration Morning:  "Rise Up Shepherd" - remastered from their 1976 LP, written and conducted by Leonard Ballantine

Stephen Huntley:  "By the Light"  - written and recorded for this CD, mastered by John Murphy of Simple Productions.

Basakoli:  "Noël", written for this CD by Jérôme Nzaou and Roger Ludiazo. Basakoli is a French African ensemble hailing from The Salvation Army Bloor Central Corps in Toronto. Click here for English lyrics.

The Canadian Staff Band:  "Gentlemen's Carol", written by Ian Robinson, and originally recorded at the 1996 Festival of Gospel Song held in Toronto Ontario.

1996 Festival Chorus:  "Deck the Halls", arranged by Norman Bearcroft.

Commissioners William & Marilyn Francis:  "A Starry Night", written by Joy Webb, and recorded especially for this CD.  William and Marilyn are currently The Salvation Army's Territorial leaders for Canada and Bermuda.

Cariboo Hill Temple Songsters: "Normandy Carol", arranged and conducted by Judy Touzeau, and originally released on the British Columbia Salvation Army recording "Christmas Reflections". 

Chris Tidd:  "O Come Emmanuel", recorded especially for this CD.  Chris is the lead singer for the new contemporary Christian band "Hold Fast Hope". Find them on Facebook. 

Major Kevin Metcalf & Major Ken Smith:  "Away in a Manger", recorded especially for this CD.  Kevin is the current Territorial Music Secretary and Ken is the current Assistant Territorial Music Secretary, for Canada and Bermuda.

Intrada Brass: "The Festive Season", originally recorded on their Christmas CD "That Holiday Feeling".

St. John's Temple Band:  "Go Tell It", written and conducted by bandmaster David Rowsell, and recorded especially for this CD.

The Sovereign Brass:  "Carol of the Bells", originally released on their CD "Christmas with The Sovereign Brass".

Joy Slous:  "O Little Town of Bethlehem", accompanied by Kevin Norbury, and originally released on the 2001 CD "Christmas Presence". 

London Citadel Band:  "Il est né", written by Kevin Norbury, and originally released on their CD "The Festive Season". 

Cariboo Hill Temple Band: "The Glory of Christmas", written by William Gordon, conducted by Dave Michel, originally released on the CDs "Christmas Celebration" and "Carols in the City Volume Two". 

Major Ken Smith:  "I Saw Three Ships", arranged by Ken Smith, and recorded for this CD. Ken is a published brass composer, and Salvation Army bandmaster.

Yorkminster Citadel Songsters: "Hark! The Glad Sound", originally recorded in 2004 but never released until now, conducted by Donna Colley.

Mississauga & Yorkminster Songsters:  "O Holy Night", originally released on the 2001 CD "Christmas Presence". 

Marked by Love:  "Christ is Born in Bethlehem", originally released on their CD "Things Thought Impossible". 

Glen Soderholm:  "What Can We Do for You", written by Glen Soderholm for his CD "Rest", and generously donated for our use on this CD. Catch Glen on itunes.

A Bite From The Big Apple, New York, New York!

Jun 15, 2009
A Bite From The Big Apple, New York, New York!
This year the theme was A BITE FROM THE BIG APPLE, NEW YORK, NEW YORK.  Campers  experienced all aspects of this wonderful city, right down to an OFF, OFF, OFF, WAY OFF... BROADWAY presentation of 'Cats' later in the week.

Wednesday, "Open Camp Day" we hosted many 'potential' campers and those who can only make it up for the day. The morning featured NY Ground Zero presentation, also a power point presentation on The Salvation Army in China in the 1920's, "Theme Bags' auction, and then Canal Street - Chinatown adventure with a Chinese Buffet at suppertime and early evening featured a group of young Celtic Dancers.

Trade came on Thursday morning, then Heritage Brass in the afternoon, and Brian Bishop (Mjr) and Cameron Rawlins Thursday evening with the Northridge Praise Team and YP Band.

Friday we rented a bus and went into town, Saturday we had the Richardsons (Lt.-Colonels) join us and Alf dedicated the Shuffleboard Court and equipment which the ONGL Experienced Generation donated to Jacksons.

Saturday night we had Kevin Metcalf (Major) and Curtis Metcalf visit with kids from Pickering College for a jazz night and then Sunday we worshipped at Georgina Corps and Alf and Ethel Richardson specialled for Mother's Day.

New Canadian Staff Band Recording

Jun 1, 2009
New Canadian Staff Band Recording
The Canadian Staff band have released a new CD called Festivity, the first recording since 2004 and the first under Bandmaster John Lam.

For details and a list of songs included on this recording use this link to read the article posted on

To order your copy visit the using the link in the left column.

Crash Course

May 7, 2009
Crash Course
This five-part small group or individual Bible study is intended to help you ignite your passion for God and His ways through a look at the disciplines of prayer, Bible reading, Christian fellowship, tithing, and sharing your witness.

The good news is that God’s transforming power is awesome! God created you for a purpose. No one has trusted God to make their life better and been disappointed. His track record is spotless.

The bad news is it takes work. It takes a disciplined life to receive the characteristics of a follower of Christ.

Order multiple copies for small groups online through the Online Ordering Catalogue (link in right column), or download a pdf version from HELPS (see link in right column).

New Mentoring Resource

Apr 22, 2009
New Mentoring Resource
Mentorship: A Guide for Developing Healthy Mentoring Relationships by Beverly Ivany

This new resource for people who are engaged in mentoring relationships outlines over twenty conversation directives by topic. It includes topics such as: family, peace, faith, goal setting, kindness, and inner life.

"The pages enclosed are to help those who feel called to "mentor" others.  They are conversational starters.  They are subjects that might spark dialogue as mentors and "mentees" get to know one another, build trust with each other, and explore the spiritual journey - together." Beverly Ivany (Major)

This resource is written by Major Beverly Ivany and available through the Online Ordering Catalogue (see link on this site) for $1.50.  This item is also available as a free pdf download from H.E.L.P.S. (see link on this site).

Partners In Mission Weekly Challenges

Apr 16, 2009
Partners In Mission Weekly Challenges
This resource idea will help your church families become involved in raising money for Partners in Missions, but more importantly it will challenge them to think of all the resources we have so readily available to us. Encourage your corps/church to take the Challenge!

This idea was submitted by Major Beth Pearo and Catherine Rawlins of the Richmond Hill Community Church, and Captain Brenda Allen of Mississauga Temple, Ontario Central East Division.

Download the pdf file from H.E.L.P.S. (Helping Every Leader Prepare for Service) under Missions, using the link in the right hand column.

Stress Relief

Apr 6, 2009
Stress Relief
I’ve often been fascinated with the popularity of movies where nothing on screen is realistic or familiar; where the characters have to battle fictional monsters or travel in vehicles that only exist in the film producers’ imagination. Well, movies can be fun to watch, in the first place, and they help us to escape reality. For just a few hours, we can immerse ourselves in something other than what is really happening in our world, and if our stress level is over the top, it probably gives our brains a little needed time-out.

Perhaps your experience of reading is like that, too. Fantasy novels, science fiction, mysteries, and even romance all transport us somewhere else, and we can read about someone else’s struggles for a little while, and forget our own. It’s interesting to note that reading the Bible can have that effect, too, but with a key difference. While we read about David’s escape from Saul, or Daniel facing the lions, or Paul caught in a shipwreck, we are engaged in their drama, and captivated by the fact that they were real people, who served a real God, whose promises to them are true for us today.
So if you’re in need of some stress relief today, look at what God has promised us in his Word. Each promise is a reminder of God’s care, his love, and his awareness of all that concerns us. May you know that he loves and values you and is faithful to all He has promised. Try reading each of these promises aloud, twice through; the first time at a regular pace, and the second time more slowly, pausing between each promise to meditate on its deeply personal message.

God has promised to each person he created and who loves him in return “I will never leave you alone” (Deuteronomy 31:6)
God has promised to each person he created and who loves him in return “There is no where you can go that is hidden from me” (Psalm 139:7-12)
God has promised to each person he created and who loves him in return “I am the One who comforts you” (Isaiah 51:12)
God has promised to each person he created and who loves him in return “When you ask me to forgive your sin, I will do it and I will never remember it again.” (Psalm 103:12)
God has promised to each person he created and who loves him in return “There is no where you can go that is outside of my love for you.” (Romans 8:38-39)
God has promised to each person he created and who loves him in return “I have engraved your name on the palms of my hands and I will never, ever forget you.” (Isaiah 49:15-16)

Spiritual Formation is Really Spiritual Transformation

Mar 30, 2009
Spiritual Formation is Really Spiritual Transformation
When was the last time you heard a really great, inspiring testimony? Hopefully you can remember without too much difficulty, and as you think about the story you heard, wasn’t it thrilling to share in that person’s experience of change, of redemption? For me, the joy of hearing another’s testimony is that it reminds me of the reality of Christ’s life within us, permeating our lives and transforming us, literally shaping us into his likeness.

In 2 Corinthians 3:18 (NIV), Paul wrote about this experience. “And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.” The Message says here, “And so we are transfigured much like the Messiah, our lives gradually becoming brighter and more beautiful as God enters our lives and we become like him.”

A great thinker and writer about Christian spirituality, Dallas Willard, said this about spiritual formation when he spoke at the inaugural Pastor’s Convention in early 2001.
Spiritual formation is shaping the inner person in such a way that the words and deeds of Christ naturally flow from us. It is the inward transformation of the self that makes it easy and natural to do the things that Jesus said. Christian spiritual formation is the process. What we call spiritual formation in Christian circles now, is really spiritual transformation. Formation has already happened and that is a major part of the problem. We have already been formed spiritually and we need to be transformed. It is holistic; it applies to all of us. It is not just a matter of changing the center part. It is a matter of the transformation of the self so that now your body is going to be set to do righteousness, as previously it was set to do what was wrong.

In one of those serendipitous moments that can happens when you surf the Internet, I came across something I had never seen before, called “Cardboard Testimonies”. The woman writing said that when her pastor announced that the following Sunday, there would be testimonies from thirty people, she knew she’d better bring a snack and comfortable pillow to church! But what happened was not at all what she expected. Rather than explaining the experience to you, why not watch it for yourself?

Embedded Content

As you watched these testimonies, what did it make you think….about God’s grace….about your own life…about what your own cardboard testimony would say? For me, it was particularly compelling to see those whose testimonies said they were still waiting for their miracle of transformation, because they knew it was something only God could give. Try watching the video again with one or two others, or show it to your small group and ask these questions. Maybe you will be inspired to take it to your congregation as something to try doing yourselves.

Whatever happens, you can be confident that the life of Christ within you is transforming you into His image, as you learn complete dependence on Him, so that we increasingly reflect his character. Created in the image of God, yet marred by sin, we can have that image restored in us….“our lives gradually becoming brighter and more beautiful as God enters our lives and we become like him.”

Multi-Age Small Group Resource

Mar 23, 2009
Multi-Age Small Group Resource
Do you remember being a kid and feeling impatient to grow up and be old enough to stay home by yourself, earn a decent allowance, or even to drive? Then something happened and you found yourself celebrating a “milestone” birthday. Maybe you’re a reader who’s reached “forty-something” or more, and you still feel young inside!
If your small group has members of all different ages, that’s great. Your group benefits from a broad range of perspectives, opinions, life experience, and ideas of what makes comfortable seating! Among other things, your group has:
• The youth perspective or “why TV is lame”.
• The senior perspective or “how the more things change the more they stay the same.”
• The middle age perspective or “why do I need to play BrainAge™ again?”
Whatever the age demographic of your small group, there’s an excellent resource you should know about. Here’s what it has going for it:
• It’s downloadable and free
• Each study is just two pages and encourages group interaction.
• Each study includes Welcome, Word (Bible),Worship, Action Points, Useful Resources – music, movies, websites, books, and a short leader’s guide.
• Geared to youth/young adults but good for all ages.
• A short time commitment to each topical study. Each is just four weeks; then you can try another one.
• Wide choice of topics: social justice, community, end times, identity, sexuality, salvation, doubt, belonging, art and design, scriptures, gospel of Mark, gospel of Mark 2.
• Produced by The Salvation Army in Australia South. 2Love is a cousin to “Alove- The Salvation Army for a new generation” based out of the UK.
• Easy to find: Go to: Then under “Think”, go to “Cells”, where you’ll find all twelve different studies your small group can simply download and explore together.
So why not give these studies a try and discover all God has to teach you…young, old or somewhere in between! Remember what “The Power of Positive Thinking” author Norman Vincent Peale had to say about age - “Live your life”, he said, “and forget your age.”

Red Cap Goes Down-Under

Mar 12, 2009
Red Cap Goes Down-Under
On February 26-27, 2009 Red Cap Trainer Pat McInnes and Valerie Pavey travelled to the Canberra City Oasis Corps to conduct Red Cap Train the Trainer.  The 13 delegates (and one very large huntsman spider) from the Australian Eastern Territory who participated in the training were from a variety of ministries including school chaplains, children social workers, corps officers and divisional youth officers.  Pat led the trainers through the Red Cap materials using the well designed and interactive training materials from the Canada and Bermuda territory and challenged them to consider their own anger, its source and how they deal with it, so that they would be better equipped to help elementary age children deal with their own anger issues.

The delegates enjoyed the opportunity to received this training and new resource which they envision putting to use almost immediately with their current in-school ministries.

Use this link to find out more about Red Cap: Anger Management for Elementary Age Children.

To receive training to be a local school facilitator in your community, please contact your divisional headquarters and ask the divisional youth secretary when their next training is scheduled.

Ideas for Setting Up Prayer Room Stations

Mar 10, 2009
Ideas for Setting Up Prayer Room Stations
Often prayer rooms are centered around a theme, and it can help your thinking and planning to consider what elements might go well together for participants using a prayer room. For example, if you took the theme of “Life” for your prayer stations, you could focus on the following:

Life is a Gift.
Use Psalm 139:13-16 as your focus. Include a symbol such as a partially knitted garment to help people reflect on how God “knit us together in our mother’s womb.” Offer opportunity to give thanks for this gift in some tangible way—such as a written prayer attached to a clothesline.

Life is a Journey.
For a visual symbol and take-away reminder, provide cross sections of a tree, about 3” in diameter with a hole drilled in the top. Instruct participants to take a pen and write on the tree ring words that describe significant points of his or her spiritual journey. In the act of writing and remembering, they can thank God for his presence in those times.

Life has Anxiety.
Have Matthew 6:25-34 written out for people to meditate on. Provide a two-foot length of string or wool per person and invite participants to put a loose knot in the string for each anxiety or burden they are experiencing. Then invite them to spend time in prayer, and as they feel each knot in the string, to untie it and understand that the burdens are not theirs to carry, but the Lord’s. Provide a Bible, cards and pens for people to write out Matthew 11:28-30 to take with them and carry as a reminder of the rest Jesus promises his followers.

The Life Christ Offers is Eternal.
Invite participants to reflect on Romans 6:15-23 (MSG) where it says in verse 23, “Work hard for sin your whole life and your pension is death. But God's gift is real life, eternal life, delivered by Jesus, our Master.” To express thanks for this gift, suggest that participants sign a card you’ve prepared called a “spiritual birth certificate” with the promise “..the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

You will think of other ideas once the idea of a theme presents itself. The main thing is to keep each station simple, meaningful, and to provide something tactile for participants to experience.

Find a number of Prayer Room ideas available for download free from: (Search: Prayer)

Praying for the World

Mar 6, 2009
Praying for the World
Have you ever been browsing in a gadget type store and thought to yourself, “Isn’t it amazing that I’ve lived without all of these things?” Our consumer culture certainly would have us believe that having things is the most important goal there is. What would you say is a priority for followers of Christ? Romans 10:13-15 (NLT) helps us to identify what’s most important.

For “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them? And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent? That is why the Scriptures say, “How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!”

Does the thought of God wanting to use you as his messenger give you thrills…or chills? There are lots of ways you can equip yourself for sharing the story of Jesus, and here are just a few we recommend.
  • If you want to learn how to be a light to the Buddhist world, go to:
  • If you would like a 30 day prayer booklet that focuses on praying for Muslims during Ramadan, go to: A version for kids is also available.
  • If you would like to know more about the work of missionaries and unreached tribal people, visit New Tribes Mission at:
  • If you’d like to know how the 1 out of 3 people who haven’t yet heard about Jesus are being reached for Christ, go to: Click on “news”, then “free resources”, then “infobyte animations” to see ten short presentations on the state of world missions.
  • If you can minister by helping build homes for those who need them, contact Habitat for Humanity at:
  • If you’d like to hear how Jesus might speak to leaders and followers of other worldviews, you may enjoy reading a series of books by noted Christian Apologist Ravi Zacharias. “Great Conversations” book series give the reader a vivid, engaging peephole into imaginary conversations between Jesus Christ and people such as Hitler, Buddah, Krishna and Oscar Wilde. Less than 100 pages each, these books give the reader a helpful glimpse into the “gentle, respectful approach” commended in 1 Peter 3:15-16.
“And if someone asks about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it. But do this in a gentle and respectful way. Keep your conscience clear. Then if people speak against you, they will be ashamed when they see what a good life you live because you belong to Christ.

Titles: The Lotus and the Cross: Jesus Talks With Buddah; Sense & Sensuality: Jesus Talks to Oscar Wilde on the Pursuit of Pleasure; The Lamb and the Fuhrer: Jesus Talks with Hitler; New Birth or Rebirth: Jesus Talks with Krishna. All from Multnomah Press.

If you’d like to equip kids to pray for their non-Christian friends, find out about the great T.H.U.M.B. cards, each letter representing prayers for Tribal, Hindu, Unchurched, Muslim and Buddhist brothers and sisters. Find out more at:, look under Suggested Resources and then T.H.U.M.B. cards. See a sample at:

Mexico Women Visit Canada

Mar 3, 2009
Mexico Women Visit Canada
Partners in Mission took on a whole new meaning when the Canada and Bermuda Territory hosted thirteen women from Mexico October 9 – October 27, 2008. The team was led by Colonel Ruth Cerezo, the Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries, supported by Major Irma Martinez, (Divisional Secretary) and Major Bersabe Vera, (Mexico City Children’s Home) and ten beautiful, amazing women.

They varied in age from thirties to seventies, and included a lawyer, nurses, hairdresser, sales representative, retired teacher, grandmas and stay at home mom. The group raised their own funds to travel here, and were billeted by officers and Salvationists during their stay.

Upon their arrival they had the opportunity to attend the Ontario Central East Divisional Congress – a highlight for many of them, especially the music.
Translators and equipment were provided so that they could understand what was taking place.

Thanksgiving Day was spent at the Toronto Harbour Light where they assisted in the preparation and serving of Thanksgiving Dinner for several hundred people.

During the first week they visited various ministries in the city of Toronto, spent a day at Niagara Falls, conducted chapel service at THQ, toured the building and shopped!

The second week they were divided into three groups of four and visited Ontario Great Lakes Division, Ontario Central East Division and Quebec. There they also visited a variety of ministries, and participated in meetings and programs – as well as sight-seeing and enjoying local attractions and prominent sites.

Their visit ended on a high note as they attended and participated in the all Ontario Women’s Camp, held at Jackson’s Point Conference Center. What a colorful addition they were as they expressed their love for the Lord in song and dance!

Our “Partners in Mission” were a delight to host and brought much joy and blessing everywhere they went.


Journeying With Jesus

Mar 2, 2009
Journeying With Jesus
Journey with Jesus as he visits the home of friends, teaches his disciples, prays in Gethsemane, is denied by Peter and is tried and crucified. Five prayer stations help focus attention on Jesus' last days on earth and give the opportunity for personal reflection and prayer. Can be used in a corps setting or for personal devotions.

This Easter week idea is available in H.E.L.P.S. online as a free pdf download.  Use the image link to H.E.L.P.S. in the right column of this screen.

Whatever Happened to Corps Cadets?

Feb 27, 2009
Whatever Happened to Corps Cadets?
Contrary to popular belief, The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territory did not eliminate the Corps Cadet program in 2002!­ In fact, the Corps Cadet program was restructured to make it more flexiable, more attractive, and more current under the names CROSSzone and CROSStraining.

Corps Cadets:­ Under the old corps cadet program, students learned the same Bible material, and answered questions depending on which age category they fell into.­ At the time, corps cadets were either in lower grade (for ages 12 - 14) or in higher grade (15 - 16).­ Each lesson encouraged students to participate in their local ministry in some way, for which they were rewarded points.­ Exams were marked at Divisional Headquarters, and graduates were given certificates after five years in the program.

Bible Studies:­ Under the new system, students ages 11 - 13 are called 'CROSSzoners'­ and use the Junior High Bible Study, and those age 14 - 16 are called 'CROSStrainers' and use the Senior High Bible Study.­ ­ One of the reasons for the change was to include those caught in the gap, and keep them attending a program (rather than have them quit and not wish to resume at age 12).

Under the new system, both levels of study (CROSSzone and CROSStraining) are written separately and are age appropriate.­ Instead of a book, lessons are provided on full color worksheets.­ There are no written exams, but CROSStrainers complete a verbal dialogue with their instructor at the end of the unit to see what has been learned.

Scope and Sequence:­ Another important part of the Bible Study program is the intentional plan to cover a selection of Biblical material (Old and New Testaments), while at the same time addressing issues that are current to youth culture and Salvation Army distinctives.­ Details of­ the entire Scope and sequence and breakdown of lesson topics for each unit can be found through the Scope and Sequence page.

Ministry Training:­ Now that there are no points for participating in ministry events, all CROSSzone/CROSStraining participants are encouraged to learn something about involvement in Ministry through regular Workshops.­ These workshops are available in a number of topics which include:­ How to Write a Testimony, How to Visit in a Hospial, How to Manage Money, How to Witness to Friends, and much more.

Students who wish to particpate in Ministry Training are required to be a part of a reguarly weekly Bible study.­ If their location does not offer a youth Bible study, they are free to attend an adult Bible study, or a Bible study through another local church.

Mentoring:­ Within the new program, students are encouraged to be mentored by an experienced Christian from their corps/church.­ Using the Student Connection Planner, students choose a yearly Bible reading plan, and commit to memorizing scripture either monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly.­­ Once a month students meet with their mentor, who has also committed to the same Bible reading and memorization plan, to discuss what they have learned.

So, while the term Corps Cadets may not exist, and there are no higher/lower grade exam books, there still exists intentional discipleship through Bible Study, Ministry Training and Mentoring.

To find out more about these programs, use the links in the text.

All materials are available for ordering through the Online Ordering Catalogue.

Canadians Going Green

Feb 26, 2009
Canadians Going Green
CBC News had an intruiging report recently about how Canadians are being encouraged to try one new thing each day to be “green” and in doing so, help the planet. The report encouraged viewers to visit the website - and find many ways to do just that. The idea behind the campaign is that “…one small act can make a big difference.” Maybe you’d like to brainstorm how to get involved and motivate your friends to do the same.

There are always those who are skeptical about the power of influence, and don’t believe one person’s action can have a big impact. Well, consider what Anita Roddick, founder of the retail giant, “The Body Shop” is famous for saying, “If you think you are too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.” No matter what your place of influence is, and no matter what you spend your time doing, God’s Word says,

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. Colossians 3:23-24

Nowhere is the impact of one’s actions felt more than by those you are closest to. In the body of Christ, we are interconnected, and to suppose that holiness and spiritual formation happen best in isolation is an incomplete picture.

The fellowship we have with other people is directly impacted by how we are either growing or not growing in our spiritual growth. The Bible repeatedly describes how believers are to relate to each other, with God’s help. Here’s something to try – take this list of “one anothers” found in Scripture and put an asterisk (*) beside any that you feel are working well for you, and a checkmark beside any you would like to work on more. Spend time in prayer, asking the Lord for his help and then think about how your “one small act” of love toward another person is shaping both of you into closer followers of Jesus!
  • Be at peace with each other. Mark 9:50
  • Love one another. John 13:34
  • Be devoted to one another. Romans 12:10
  • Stop passing judgment on one another. Romans 14:13
  • Spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Hebrews 10:24
  • Honor one another above yourselves. Romans 12:10
  • Forgive one another. Ephesians 4:32; Colossians 3:13
  • Be kind and compassionate to one another. Ephesians 4:32
  • Teach and admonish one another with all wisdom. Colossians 3:16
  • Comfort one another. 1 Thessalonians 4:18
  • Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. Ephesians 5:21
  • Encourage each other. 1 Thessalonians 5:11; Hebrews 10:25
  • Be patient, bearing with one another in love. Ephesians 4:2
  • Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Ephesians 5:19
  • Accept, receive, and welcome one another. Romans 15:7
  • Serve one another in love. Galatians 5:13
  • In humility consider others better than yourselves. Philippians 2:3
  • Instruct one another. Romans15:14
  • Carry each other’s burdens. Galatians 6:2
  • Build one another up. Romans 15:2; 1 Thessalonians 5:11
  • Greet one another. Romans 16:16
  • Meet with one another. Hebrews 10:25
  • Care for one another. 1 Corinthians 12:25
  • Minister one to another. 1 Peter 4:10
  • Show hospitality to one another. 1 Peter 4:9
  • Do not slander one another. James 4:11
  • Don’t grumble against each other. James 5:9
  • Confess your sins to one another. James 5:16
  • Pray for each other. James 5:16
  • Clothe yourselves with humility toward one another. 1 Peter 5:5

Church Planting Personnel

Feb 19, 2009
The Corps Ministries department is pleased to welcome James Watson as our Consultant for Church Planting and Congregational Revitilization.

James and his family live in Kitchener, Ontario where they are part of a church plant in a neighbourhood that is immigrant rich – rich in culture and relationships. This is the second church plant in which they have been directly involved.

James has completed a M.Div. through McMaster Divinity College and is in the process of completing a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies through Fuller Theological Seminary. He has previously worked with Outreach Canada for five years as a congregational resource person and is on the national leadership team of Church Planting Canada as well as the Advisory Council for the Centre for Research on Canadian Evangelicalism (Evangelical Fellowship of Canada).

For information and assistance with Church Planting or Congregation Revitalization email:

Journey to the Cross

Feb 12, 2009
Journey to the Cross
Don't miss this great resource, written by two acclaimed Salvation Army Officer scholars:  Major Bruce Power and Major Ray Harris.

The Journey to the Cross contains seven weeks of sermon foundation thoughts based on events leading up to the cross as found in Luke's gospel. 

Titles include:

The Tempataion of Jesus
The Transfiguration
Following Jesus
Stories of Lostness
The Greatest and the Least
Easter Sunday

For a free copy of this pdf download and many other great resources, visit H.E.L.P.S.Online using the button in the right column.

Community Care Paws to Help

Feb 5, 2009
Community Care Paws to Help
Pet visitation therapy is a great way to reach out to senior's.  Studies have shown that seniors benefit physically, mentally and emotionally from interaction with pets, however, seniors who live in residences and need support care have to give up their pets. 

Pet visition ministry allows residents the opportunity to spend time with a gentle loving animal.  Community Care worker Dennis Miner brings his dog Sydney to the senior's residence in Parry Sound for just that reason.

Careforce Lifekeys Resources

Jan 30, 2009
Careforce Lifekeys Resources

This program was developed for small groups with trained leaders, along with a competent teacher and a structured teaching to assist people both inside and outside the church to experience the grace of God. The ministry was developed by Senior Pastors Allan and Helen Meyer of Careforce Church (formerly Mt Evelyn Christian Fellowship) and came from their passion to see the healing love of Christ touch both churched and unchurched alike.

Find more information use the drop-down menu above under Adult/Carefoce Lifekeys

Sacred Rhythms

Jan 28, 2009
Sacred Rhythms
For the most part, people today do very well with staying busy and feeling rushed much of the time.
What we perhaps are less skilled at is the art of staying still. Yet for Christians, without stillness, solitude and attention to Sabbath, our experience with the Lord is impoverished.

If the idea of learning more about prayer, solitude, Sabbath, self-examination and more appeal to you, then you will find deep refreshment in this book by spiritual director Ruth Haley Barton.

The approach she takes in this book is both informative and practical. After teaching the principles of each spiritual discipline, Barton invites the reader to put it into practice and gives suggestions. Pick up a copy of this book and learn how enriching it can be to put aside busyness and embrace the quiet.

Purchase at:

Ministry Outside Our Walls

Jan 14, 2009
Ministry Outside Our Walls
Every year the Corps Ministries department from THQ make a special Christmas visit to the Jessie Manson Centre, a workshop for handicapped adults located next door to THQ.  In preparation for our visit we obtain and wrap 85 individual Christmas gifts for  the clients that work at the centre, and plan an exciting hour of carols, Christmas stories, and special guests.  This year the clients were actively engaged by Randy Hicks and his puppet  'friends', who helped everyone to focus on the sounds, smells, tastes and sights of Christmas, finishing with the image of baby Jesus.  A brass ensemble helped us with our carol sing, and we were treated to a flute medley-sing-along.  Approximately 30 representatives from several departments at THQ joined us in bringing cheer to our neighbours.  Many thanks to those who helped and supported, and to Kim Garreffa who organizes this effort.

Get Engaged in Stamping Out World Hunger!

Jan 14, 2009
Get Engaged in Stamping Out World Hunger!
The UN World Food Program (WFP) has created a website devoted to vocabulary building! For every correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated. How? Corporate banners show up on the screen for every correct answer, and the money generated from the banners helps pay for the rice.

From the website:  “So by playing, you generate the money that pays for the rice donated to hungry people...consider that in its first five months, FreeRice generated enough rice to feed more than one million people.”
It’s a win-win game—why not try it today?

Like to know another way to get involved in eradicating world hunger?

An initial visit encourages you to click on the “Click here to give—it’s FREE” button. Immediately, you’re told you’ve “given the value of 1.1 cups of food to the hungry.” From the website: “On average, over 220,000 individuals from around the world visit the site each day to click the button. To date, more than 300 million visitors have given more than 500 million cups of staple food.” You can help further by shopping for fair-trade & handmade items at their store.

A Year of Reaching Out

Jan 7, 2009
A Year of Reaching Out
- providing meals to bereaved families
- visit sick and shut-ins
- visit nursing homes, retirement homes, private homes, hospitals, correctional centre for women
- deliver Christmas sunshine bags
- make phone calls, send cards,
- conduct 'cottage meetings'
- one CCM held appreciation dinners for teachers and staff of the 2 community schools
- distribute Faith and Friends, other literature,
- part of school breakfast program - on call for emergency response
- give out fruit baskets, flowers to sick and shut-ins.

Trainings held at Red Deer, Fort McMurray and Grande Prairie. Maple Creek reports that they held a special Sunday led by the CCM members. Volunteers were acknowledged and given flowers. C.O. writes, ‘Community Care Ministries may very well be the single most valuable ministry happening in the community. Why? Because it reaches out to those who are vulnerable, most weak and most need our care.' Together with a host of volunteers, Audrey has spent years ministering to seniors, sick and shut-ins throughout the year. From providing music and speaking, to feeding, visitation and providing Christmas ministry, the CCM members work tirelessly. The need is growing and we believe that this is an open door that God has given us to minister in the community and to those in need.

Basic Training held at DHQ with 27 in attendance. Most of our units visit the nursing homes and hospitals regularly and conduct worship services also providing spiritual care and emotional support. In addition they conduct seasonal celebrations such as Remembrance Day, Easter, Christmas as well as conduct a Bible Study which includes a fellowship time. Erin Mills has a greeting card and telephone ministry which is used to bring comfort and encouragement to people. Some CCM include the practical ministry of Meals on Wheels and Compassionate Hope gift baskets for the bereaved, sick and shut-ins.

Held Divisional Enrichment Day, two events at opposite ends of the division, providing 2-3 hours of fellowship time, training and sharing for CCM members and potential members, starting with a breakfast buffet at one end of the division and repeating the event in the afternoon and finishing with a dinner. Special guest s were Major Bea Connell and Captain Tracy Keats from Pennsylvania. The theme for the day was, “Change the World”, with sub-topics, ‘Even When It Seems Crazy’ and ‘Every Chance You Get’. Guest soloist was Mr. Bill Brown. There were 180 in attendance.
Burlington Corps hosted a buffet breakfast followed by CCM Basic Training, 30 in attendance. The day concluded with a prayer circle. The members of Action get together the 2nd Sunday of each month for lunch before heading off to the residential Seniors’ Home for visitation and to conduct a Worship Service.
Essex reports a very active CCM who visits monthly at two Nursing Homes. Held CCM Sunday with members participating, reading Scripture and personal testimony of what CCM has meant to them. Theme, “Who Are The People In Your Neighbourhood” based on the Good Samaritan.
Meadowlands CCM co-ordinator spoke on the work of the CCM resulting in a couple of people wanting to get involved and do the Basic Training. Band, Songsters and Singing Company assist on a regular basis with monthly Worship Services at two Nursing Homes, also a group attends the Booth Centre each month to provide music. Three homes are visited 3 - 4 times a year including a visit at Christmas, 3 other homes visited at Christmas, Faith & Friends distributed and each resident receives a calendar. The ministry is well received and the residents look forward to each visit.
Simcoe held a roast beef dinner to raise funds for Sunshine Bags, 7 people attend the Basic Training. Suncoast, two faithful CCM members continue the visitation of sick and shut-in. At Christmas 732 Sunshine Bags were handed out in 4 communities and 10 institutions.
Westminister Park visitation at Nursing Homes during Christmas.
Woodstock regular visitation of Nursing homes, band and Singing Company to accompany during the Christmas carol sing which is enjoyed by both residence and staff.

Park Street held special CCM weekend, dinner followed by bowling, Sunday services with special guest Major Betty Boyd and involvement of CCM members.
Botwood held an appreciation dinner for members and enrolled two new members.
Deer Lake held training and enrolled three new members; a special CCM weekend included the members of the Corps Pastoral Caregivers/Shepherding Program. Two services on Sunday conducted by members of both groups, Major Shirley Dawe (rtd.) was special speaker for the weekend. During the morning service two candles were lit in memory of two members who were Promoted to Glory in the past year, Coleen Harnum and Derek Fudge.

Four Corps conducted a CCM Sunday with eight corps presenting Training and recognitions certificates to new members and those who attended the advanced training. Corps Officers conducted the CCM Sundays with members p articipating. A CCM Training was held in Barrie, April 26th, with 46 in attendance, representing eight corps from the south part of the division. Basic training conducted by Major Sandra Cooper (from Bracebridge ) who also gave a short presentation on Care Force Lifekeys Advanced training conducted by Majors Ernie & Sandra Reid Session 1 - DHQ staff and CCM members presented the ‘The Friendly Visitor’. Session 2 - Visitation: ‘Now What Do I Say? (a sharing of experiences) by Ernie – excellent discussion including scripture for each response. Session 3 - Visitation: a) ‘Conducting a Service – some enrichment’ by Sandra Reid – interactive & an excellent learning experience. ‘What was Jesus’ Style of CCM?’ – Ernie – very devotional.

Cedar Hill, CCMS networks with Politician, Businessman and Police re Forum on Neighbourhood Crime and Drug Control. Sponsored a Service to Seniors Worship and Luncheon, maintained MAWI< Lorraine Rest Home, Christmas Care, private homes and homeless feeding. West End C.C., a very productive Soup Run resulting in making significant community relations, very good phone ministry along with a vibrant hospital and nursing home and prison ministry.

Brandon implemented a greeting card ministry, regular visitation of nursing homes, distribution of Faith & Friends to sick and shut-in. Worked on becoming more intentional in caring for members of own congregation.
Dauphin, monthly meeting held at the local Manitoba housing facility - The Highrise, all eagerly support the work of the Salvation Army. Additional services are held during special seasons of the year. An average of at least 2 CCM outings a month. December Sunshine Bags are prepared and distributed, there 6 homes that come under Dauphin’s care. Flin Flon CCM regular visitation and Worship services at the Senior Care facilities, weekly Bible study in the Manor.

Bridgewater conducts a Christmas service at nine homes and does regular services throughout the year at two residence, a seniors home and the Veteran’s Unit at the hospital.
Halifax Citadel: visitation to sick and shut ins, assisted a widow during the illness of her husband and then helped her pack, clean her home and move to an apartment. Provided meals for a lady and help with housekeeping during her chemo treatments. Provided transportation and meals for a gentleman during his treatments. Held a bean supper and men’s bake-off the help raise funds for Christmas project.
Halifax Fairview busy with Christmas Sunshine bags.
Liverpool, two ladies visit the hospital. Sydney holds group meeting bi-monthly. A number of home visits made to Corps members including making lunch and sharing with them in their home. When visiting sick and shut-ins either food or a plant is brought along, between visits cards are sent as a means of keeping in contact. Coffee and sweets were provided at the Corps a couple times of year by Co-CCM Directors in order to promote and a time of fellowship and to socialize with new church members. At Christmas teddy bears and/or cookies will be distributed to the various institutions. Prayer Shawls distributed, a picture is taken and placed in a special album, at each meeting of the CCM

Use this link for more information about Community Care ministries.

Red Deer Reach Out to Seniors

Jan 6, 2009
Red Deer Reach Out to Seniors
As new relationships are built with others in the community, I am aware that the Salvation Army Community Care in Red Deer is an exciting ministry. This is no longer something that happens only when the time is available, but it is now the full time focus for each day. The nursing home and lodge receive us each Sunday for songs, visiting, and scripture. The Sunshine Bags were again a seasonal highlight. I’ve included some photos. After all the Sunshine bags were completed, we began reaching out to others in need. We gave gift baskets to eight people from the church, and gifts and cards to others who would be unable to make use of the basket items. God, have mercy on your servants.
"Remind us always to seek you and to saturate each visit, gift, phone call, card or other event with prayer. Amen."

Senior's Resource Kit - Winter 2009

Dec 25, 2008
Senior's Resource Kit - Winter 2009
The most recent edition of the Senior's Resource Kit is filled with great ideas for your winter fellowship!  If you have not received your copy you can download a free copy from online, or email to be added to the mailing list.

This Senior's kit includes program outlines for Winter.  The outline includes games, a responsive reading and devotional.

Community Care Training in Barrie

Dec 18, 2008
Community Care Training in Barrie

Community Care training in Barrie included both instruction and practical exercises.  Pictured here are members in training class, and a skit exercise to help them put into practice what they learn.

Halifax Citadel Pack Sunshine

Dec 10, 2008
Halifax Citadel Pack Sunshine
Halifax Citadel Community Care workers packed 1,133 Sunshine Bags which will be distributed over the next couple of weeks to residents of local institutions and hospitals.  The Community Care Workers met and packed all the bags in just over an hour, and enjoyed some refreshments together. 

Many thanks to all the workers and to their leader Judith MacDonald.

DECEMBER 7, 2008

A resident of Northwood Center was playing his guitar as workers passed his room, so they stopped to share in singing together.

DECEMBER 12, 2008

Halifax Citadel Band Members help to spread the cheer while CCM members visited 290 residents.

Wiarton Community Care Reach Out

Dec 9, 2008
Wiarton Community Care Reach Out
Wiarton Community Care Ministries reach out to the community, sharing the love of God through care baskets.
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New Christmas Song Ideas For Your Congregation

Dec 2, 2008

There are a lot of congregational-friendly Christmas songs out there that will give you options beyond our Salvation Army songbook.  Here is a list, with online sources from which you can download the music:


(all are available through except “Mary’s Little Boy Child” and “Rose of Bethlehem”, available through


There’s a Song in the Air

O Sing a Song of Bethlehem

Rose of Bethlehem (Alexander)

How Great our Joy

Huron Carol

Mary’s Little Boy Child

The Birthday of a King

The Light Has Come (Chuck Yuill)



Contemporary worship
All songs are available through CCLI’s Songselect Advanced or Premium service, or through, unless otherwise noted

Welcome to Our World (Chris Rice)

What Kind of Greatness (Graham Kendrick)

Offering (Paul Baloche)

The Glorious Impossible (Cartee, Beck, Wills)

Immanuel --- From the Squalor of a Borrowed Stable (Stuart Townend)

Rejoice! (Rebuck, Huntsinger)

Emmanuel (Buchan, McGee)

Hallelujah, He is Here (Darlene Zschech)

One Small Child (David Meece)



 Put a picture of the baby Jesus on your  PowerPoint screen, and then sing these hidden ‘Christmas’ gems! They work!  All songs are available through CCLI’s Songselect advanced or premium service, or through


Here I Am to Worship (Tim Hughes)

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Lift Up Your Heads (Steve Fry)

Hope of the Nations (Brian Doerksen)

You’re Worthy of My Praise (David Ruis)

Jesus, We Enthrone You (Kyle)

When the Music Fades (Matt Redman)

O Praise Him – All This for a King (David Crowder)

Open Our Eyes Lord (Cull)

Enough (Chris Tomlin)

Come, Now is the Time to Worship (Brian Doerksen)

Jesus, What a Wonder You Are (Bolton)

Isn’t He (Wimber)

I Stand in Awe (Mark Altrogge)

We All Bow Down (Lenny LeBlanc)

You Are My All in All (Dennis Jernigan)

When I Look Into Your Holiness (Perrin)

Oh, Lord, You’re Beautiful (Keith Green)

Get All Excited (William and Gloria Gaither)

I Lift My Hands (Kempen)

Jesus, Name Above All Names (Hearn)



Christian lyrics to secular carols: 

Deck the Halls (Ken Bible) (available through CCLI’s Songselect Lyric service)

Silver Bells (download here)

Ring the Bells (to the tune of “Jingle Bells”) (download here)

We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Cloninger) (available through CCLI’s Songselect Lyric service)

Christmas Time is Coming Once Again (sung to "Winter Wonderland") (download here)



 Christmas lyrics to well known hymn tunes:
(All are available through except as marked)

Child in the Manger (Macdonald) – to the tune of “Morning Has Broken” (download lyrics here)

Down from His Glory (Booth-Clibborn) - to “O Sole Mio”

When Christ Was Born – to the tune of “How Great Thou Art” (download lyrics here)

The Star of Bethlehem’s Road (Birt) --- to the tune of "Flow Gently Sweet Afton"

Lord Jesus, Our Saviour (Cloninger) --- to “The Ash Grove” (available through CCLI’s songselect lyric service)

I Cannot Tell --- to the tune of “Londonderry Air”

The Saviour Was Born in a Manger (Birt) --- to the tune of "Yes, O yes"



Popular Christmas solos  (all available through

All is Well (Michael W. Smith)

A Strange Way to Save the World (Dave Clark, Mark Harris, Don Koch)

Ordinary Baby (Gloria Gaither, Dony McGuire)

He Made a Way in a Manger (Lee Black, Steve Merkel)

Joseph’s Song (Michael Card)

In the First Light (Bob Kauflin)

Bethlehem Morning (Morris Chapman)

Breath of Heaven (Chris Eaton, Amy Grant)

I Call Him Lord (Dottie Rambo)

Mary Did You Know (Buddy Greene, Mark Lowry)

We Are the Reason (David Meece)

Worship the King (Billy Smiley, Bill George)



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Benefits in Brass

Nov 29, 2008
On Saturday, November 15, the Canadian Staff Band was privileged to participate in Mississauga Temple Band’s fifth annual Benefits in Brass concert. An annual event, proceeds go to various Salvation Army overseas missions projects. This year, funds were earmarked for the Army children’s home in Acupulco, Mexico.
In addition to the CSB and Mississauga Temple Band (under CSB alumnus BM Rob Miller), the program featured the debut performance of the new Ontario Central-East Divisional Young People’s Band. Under their new name, Blood and Fire Brass, and led by YP Band Leader Derrick Fishwick, the group made an admirable first impression, presenting a variety of items from Stephen Bulla’s arrangement of Crusaders’ Hymn to the upbeat Dance Like David (arr. Mackereth), which brought the house down.
Mississauga Temple Band opened the program with a sparkling rendition of Peter Graham’s march Shining Star (Peter Graham). It also featured the tuba solo Frosty the Snowman (CSB alumnus Rob Brown in a virtuoso performance) and Eric Ball’s classic suite Songs of the Morning.
CSB contributions included Leslie Condon’s demanding work Festivity, Bruce Broughton’s cornet solo Pleasure In His Service (Major Kevin Metcalf) and Paul Lovatt Cooper’s Vitae Aeternum. It was a great night and we were pelased to participate in such a worthwhile event.    

Coffee On Us!

Nov 28, 2008
Coffee On Us!
The Corps Ministries department is offering free Tim Horton's coffee cards in return for submission to H.E.L.P.S (Helping Every Leader Prepare for Service).  This online resource makes program ideas, outlines and much more, available as free downloads.

Programs eligible for a Tim's card must be your own original ideas for program outlines, devotionals, crafts.

Submissions can be sent by email to

Certain restrictions apply.

Christmas All December!

Nov 26, 2008
Christmas All December!
Looking for a great way to teach children about Christmas during December?

This Christmas idea helps children learn a new name for Jesus every day during December.  Each day provides a scripture passage that can be read focusing on a different name.

Bring your children closer to the 'Truth' this Christmas season with a Names for Jesus Advent Calendar.  To download a free copy, register at  Not only will you find this program but over 40 Christmas programs for groups of all ages.

Senior's Resource Kit - Fall 2008

Nov 19, 2008
Senior's Resource Kit - Fall 2008
The most recent edition of the Senior's Resource Kit has gone out in the mail.  If you have not received your copy you can download a free copy from online, or email to be added to the mailing list.

This Senior's kit includes program outlines for Thanksgiving.  The outline includes games, a responsive reading and devotional.
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World Missions raises funds through special CD project

Nov 17, 2008

click here for larger photo

An international project more than two years in the making, this historic 4-CD set brings together 15 internationally acclaimed Army music sections, with all proceeds going toward Salvation Army overseas projects. 

Featured groups include:
Amsterdam Staff Band
Amsterdam Staff Songsters
Canadian Staff Band
Chicago Staff Band
International Staff Band
International Staff Songsters
Melbourne Staff Band
Melbourne Staff Songsters
New York Staff Band
Norwegian Territorial Band
Sydney Staff Songsters
U.S.A. Eastern Territorial Songsters
U.S.A. Southern Territorial Band
U.S.A. Western Territorial
National Capital Band, Washington, D.C.

Pieces include:

Windows of the World (Peter Graham)
I've Found a Friend (Charles Fry, Brian Hogg)
Joy Dance (David Ayma)
Sovereignty (Brian Bowen)
Lord, You Know That We Love You (Howard Davies)
Kerygma (Steven Ponsford)
Take Time (Kenneth Downie)
Radiant Lord, Majestic Christ (Yvonne Field)
Wade in the Water (Leonard Ballantine)
Remember Me (Ray Steadman-Allen)
The Lord Bless You (John Rutter, arr. Olaf Ritman)
Victors Acclaimes (Bramwell Coles)
Praise Him (Stephen Bulla)
I Feel Like Praisin' Him (Clifford C. Yearwood, arr. William L. Rollins)
All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name (arr. William Himes)
Ascalon (arr. Ralph Pearce)
You're Mine (Rob Little, Stuart Watson)
Victory in Jesus (Kevin Larsson)
Post Bellum Rhapsody (Erik Leidzen)
There is a Redeemer (Melody Green, arr. Harold Burgmayer)
Christ Hymn (Robert Redhead)
O Lovely Name (Ray Steadman-Allen)
Universal Message (Leslie Condon)
Blessed Be the Lord My Strength (Ray Steadman-Allen)
In Primus (Alfred Wilfong)
Swingtime Religion (Barrie Gott)
God With Us (arr. Kevin Norbury)
On to the War (Erik Leidzen)
Poor Wayfaring Stranger (arr. Thomas Mack)
Milestone (William Himes)
On the Cross of Calvary (Sarah Jean Graham, Thomas Hastings, arr. Graeme Press)
'Mid All the Traffic (Leonard Ballantine)
Then My Living Shall Not Be in Vain (Alma Bazel Androzzo, arr. Dick Krommenhoek)
Anthem of the Free (Dean Goffin)
City of Three Spires (Leslie Condon)
Down in the River (arr. Thor-Erik-Fjelvang)
Pressing Onward (Erik Leidzen)
Finale from William Tell Overture (Rossini, arr. Dean Goffin)
I Can Be Glad (Brian Hogg)
Fanfare to Worship (Steven Ponsford)
Reasons Why (Ian Feltwell)
If I But Knew (Harry Read, Dick Krommenhoek)
Deep Harmony (arr. Juel Stavik)
Grant Us Thy Peace (Ivy Mawby, George Marshall, arr. Graeme Press)
Psalm 91 (Stuart Watson)

Total number of pieces on CDs: 45.   Price of 4-CD set: $45.00 (Canadian funds)

To order, contact Paula Marshall at THQ Music & Gospel Arts:  416-422-6108 or via E-mail:

Symposium Delegates Agree on Five Territorial Priorities

Nov 2, 2008
On Saturday, November 1, Symposium 2008 delegates outlined propositions on the five key themes that they wished to put forward for voting by all delegates. Then, as the delegates ate supper, members of the steering committee arranged these propositions into common groupings and categories to avoid duplication.

Following supper, delegates were given a printout of all the propositions which were each numbered according to their group or category. Each delegate was also given a numbered ballot, encouraged to pray over the propositions and then select 10 that they felt should be priorities for the territory.
Members of the steering committee (and also a delegate from the symposium chosen to oversee the voting process for transparency purposes) then tabulated all of the votes for the propositions. The top 12 propositions where then identified and shared with Symposium 2008 delegates.

Each division and region selected one member to represent them in the Unanimity Council, where they were tasked to seek unanimous agreement on these 12 propositions. The Unanimity Council prayed and discussed together well into the next morning before coming up with the Five Territorial Propositions that they unanimously agreed on.

These are the five propositions with unanimous consent:

1. The Salvation Army uses appropriate attire as a tool to reach the world for Christ. Where the uniform is worn it will be modern, affordable and identifiable and includes clear identification as The Salvation Army by word or symbol.

2. The Salvation Army is intentional about discipling its soldiers and members. The Salvation Army provides resources and encourages mentoring. Through discipleship Salvationists/members can articulate their plan for spiritual growth and holiness.

3. The Salvation Army is creatively connected to children and youth culture to engage and empower them in godly living.

4. The Salvation Army connects to its communities in relevant ways and with Spirit-filled direction. Through this, it develops concrete plans for outreach to the community. Salvation Army ministry units are committed to adapting our ministries to meet the specific needs of our diverse and multi-cultural communities without compromising our mission focus and values.

5. Whenever appropriate, corps and social service centres are linked, empowering members of the congregation with the opportunity for ministry.

Symposium 2008 delegates will continue to participate in worship, prayer and discussion on Sunday before returning to their homes and ministries across the territory. All of the information gathered throughout Symposium 2008 will be shared with territorial and divisional leaders who will be meeting together in two weeks at the Territorial Leaders’ Council. At this point, leadership will discern ways to ensure these five priorities are carried out across the territory and to also discuss the many other themes and issues raised during the symposium.

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Windows of the World CDs Now Available

Nov 1, 2008
Want a great way to support world missions?
And enjoy the best in Salvation Army music? 

An international project more than two years in the making, this historic 4-CD set brings together 15 internationally acclaimed Salvation Army music sections, with all proceeds going toward Army projects in developing countries around the world.
Featured groups include the International Staff Band, Canadian Staff Band, New York Staff Band, Chicago Staff Band, Amsterdam Staff Band and Melbourne Staff Band, as well as the International Staff Songsters, Amsterdam Staff Songsters, Sydney Staff Songsters and Melbourne Staff Songsters. Also heard are the U.S.A. Southern and Western Territorial Bands, the National Capital Band from Washington, D.C., the Norwegian Territorial Band, and the U.S.A. Eastern Territorial Songsters.  
Retired Canadian Staff Bandmaster Brian Burditt, now director of world missions for The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territory, first conceived of this project several years ago. “The idea,” he says, “was to use the talents of some of the best musicians in The Salvation Army to raise funds to provide practical assistance to those in need around the world.” Brian has been overwhelcmed at the response of the musicians who have all wholeheartedly come on board for this very special project. “From a musical standpoint,” he continues, “this recording is a first-class historical record of Salvation Army music making. From a practical perspective, the funds raised will support the humanitarian work of The Salvation Army in a very special way.”

Windows of the World is available for $40 CAD from The Salvation Army Music and Gospel Arts, Canada and Bermuda Territory. To get your copy, phone or e-mail Paula Marshall at 416-422-6108 (
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Visit to Ontario's Bruce Peninsula

Oct 23, 2008
On the weekend of October 4-5, the Canadian Staff Band launched our 40th anniversary season with a visit to three communities on Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula, in between Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. Responding to an initial invitation by a non-Army group to do a Saturday evening concert at Lion’s Head, we were happy that both Owen Sound and Wiarton Corps were able to host us for the Sunday, thus enabling us to touch three different communities.
Close to 200 people attended the Saturday evening concert at Bruce Peninsula District School. Organized by Ken Hodge and Bernie Webber, both of whom had previous Salvation Army connections, the program was held in conjunction with the 125th anniversary of Christ Church Anglican congregation in Lion’s Head, who would also be hosting a CSB ensemble Sunday morning. A variety of new and old repertoire was presented by the band to a very appreciative audience, including Where Eagles Sing (Lovatt-Cooper), Salvation’s Song (Gordon), Malaguena (Lecuona) and Dean Goffin’s classic Symphony of Thanksgiving. Also on the first half of the program were the first movement of Stephen Bulla’s Concertante for Band, featuring the cornet section, and solos by Ron Heintzman and Noel Samuels, playing Concertpiece for Cornet (Curnow) and Rimsky-Korsakov’s Flight of the Bumblebee respectively (not easy on a tuba, but Noel did a fantastic job as always).
The second half of the night featured Hallelujah Parade (Norbury), Wade in the Water (Ballantine), Dance of the Comedians (Smetana), and percussionist Leigh Rowney showing off his dexterity in the xylophone solo Joyous Rhythm (Grainger). Two hymn tune arrangements – Abide With Me (Burgmayer) and Amazing Grace (Himes) – helped inject some spiritual moments into what otherwise was really a secular concert. Under vocal director Steve Brown, the band also sang Michael W. Smith’s Shine On Us. To end the evening, Bandmaster John Lam chose another new piece, Vitae Aeternum by Paul Lovatt-Cooper, resident composer with Britain’s Black Dyke Band. Then following a standing ovation by the appreciative crowd, we ended the night with Montreal Citadel.
On Sunday morning, the band split into three groups to minister at Owen Sound and Wiarton Corps, as well as Christ Church Anglican in Lion’s Head. By all accounts each ensemble was well received as it participated in the various worship services at each location. Coming together again for the afternoon, we presented a second full-length concert at St. John’s United Church in Wiarton. Organized by the local corps, the event raised more than $1,500 for the Home Energy Assistance Trust, which assists low-income families throughout the peninsula pay their heating bills over the winter. The program featured a wide variety of music, including God With Us (arr. Norbury), Celebration (Condon), Be Thou My Vision (arr. Woodland) and Martin Cordner’s Lord of Sea and Sky.

The CSB feels privileged to have touched three communities in its weekend ministry. It was a tremendous start to the year and a wonderful opportunity to impact lives for God’s Kingdom.
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Children of a Lesser God: A Parable

Jun 20, 2008
– Len Ballantine
Adapted from the original article printed in THEME Apr-May-Jun 2005

Because movies are nearly as commonly referred to in conversation as weather, I delight in discovering illustrations drawn from the silver screen. I share this one because it is musical in nature, and because it powerfully illustrates a recurring theme that you will find in here in this website…

The Parable
The film Children of a Lesser God is set in a school for the deaf, where a beautiful young deaf student (Marlee Matlin) falls in love with her ‘hearing’ teacher (William Hurt). As a child, something has arrested her emotional growth and now as a young adult she appears to be a deeply brooding individual with hidden issues which erupt regularly into fits of rage. The story of their relationship is marked by many arguments and highly charged scenes, where William Hurt’s mastery of sign language and the accompanying emotions were brilliantly put to test.

On one such occasion, William Hurt’s character is trying to encourage his lover to attempt ‘real’ speech. After all, hadn’t he learned sign language? Marlee resists. In fact, she has always resisted, pretending not to have even attempted lip-reading, let alone speaking. William pushes. “Why not try? Use your God-given voice!”, he implores. “Why should I?”, she responds, “What is so good about your hearing world, anyway?”

The scene melts into icy silence, mirroring the world which is constant companion to the deaf. She retreats to the kitchen. He retreats to the stereo. He puts on some music, and Bach’s winsome Largo from the Double Concerto for Violins begins to seep into the room. He falls into a calm reverie. She emerges from hiding.

Prodding him further, Marlee insists that he ‘tell’ her what the music is like, why it moves him, and what she is missing. He prepares to answer, listening with fresh ears to the music which now fills the room. The first solo violin begins a soul-filled theme. Then the second soloist joins in answer. Slowly the two melodies mingle and become a rich counterpoint of highest art. Hurt closes his eyes, lost in the sacredness of the moment. We see his face respond to the music, and somehow we know he hears it and loves it both emotionally and intellectually. Such beauty. Such artistry. How can he share this complex hearing world with one who has never heard a sound of any kind?

Clearly, he must hear for her, and sift his own responses for a way of conveying the impact of the music. He reaches upward with his hand, one finger lifted to trace the arc of the melody. With the other hand he describes the supporting role of the counterpoint, then the divine interplay of the lines as they melt together. In a moment of sheer inspiration he points longingly to the heavens where he senses his heart has been taken. But then . . . a grimaced, bittersweet look overtakes his face, betraying the frustration of his failure. He shakes his head. He cannot do justice to the sublime. It is too difficult.

The Parable Unpacked:
The Bach Double Concerto for Violins in Children of a Lesser God is like the Word of God. We are William Hurt. We love the Word of God. We appreciate it and know how beautiful it is. We want desperately to convey something of its meaning and worth so that someone who has never heard it might come to love it, too. In fact, everything about God and faith and Scripture is foreign to them and we find the task of standing in the gap a compelling if daunting one.

Think for a moment how different the scene would have been if William Hurt hadn’t really loved the Bach Double Concerto for Violins. If he didn’t appreciate its artistic merit, if it had no meaning to him, if it had never reached into his soul and touched him with its divine inspiration . . . would he have been able to communicate anything of its goodness or worth to another? Would he even bother trying?

The Parable Repacked:
The Word of God is living and active. Do we know this for ourselves? If we do not, our craft as communicators through music and the dramatic arts will be a pitiful waste of time. If we do not love the Word of God, if we do not appreciate its living reality ourselves, God help us if we stand in the place of ambassador, of singer, of player! Our signs will be hollow and our meaning base.

“The Word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart” (Hebrews 4:12).

This illustrates the high calling of Salvationist musicians. We love our art. We understand its power. But we love God more and hold his Word as the essence of what we are ‘signing’ to the spiritually deaf in our world.

May God grant us creativity, and wisdom, and heart, for this amazing task.