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As the Salvation Army moves into the 21st Century, the Great Commission mandate to make disciples of all nations is as foundational a command to His church as ever. But the challenge to which we must rise is that of contextualising this mandate in a rapidly changing world, a world unwilling to slow down and wait for the church to catch up. As disciples, our task is to reproduce ourselves, to see new disciples as the result of our ministry.

Church Planting - At the heart of corporate discipleship is church planting, the establishment of new congregations, and the replanting of selected congregations which have experienced significant decline.

Divisional and Territorial Headquarter are committed to facilitating, supporting, helping resource and providing consultation for church planting across Canada and Bermuda.

To find out more about The Salvation Army and church planting please contact us.

Natural Church Development (NCD) is a tool available for our congregations to analyzeand improve the quality of church ministries. The Leadership Centre Willow Creek Canada, BC, spent years in intensive international research in over 1,000 congregations to put together this tool. Since 1999 the Corps Ministries Department has been working with Divisional Headquarters implementing and processing NCD throughout this Territory. To find out more follow the link above to Natural Church Development.

Stewardship - The goal of the Salvation Army Stewardship program is to assist the corps leadership in education and mentoring of financial stewardship, for corps, small groups, and families.  Several tools are available for this use.

Multi-Cultural Ministry - To reach out and incorporate believers from every nation is the ideal for The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda.  Find resources for reaching out to new groups, and ways of incorporating all groups into regular worship and the congregation.

Senior Soldier Renewal Sunday

Feb 17, 2015
Senior Soldier Renewal Sunday
Here are some resources, developed especially for Senior Soldier Day of Renewal.


Print-ready, four to a page -  print on light card stock and trim to the edge (finished size 3.25" x 5").  Designed to be folded in half, becoming wallet size.

VERSION 1 - MY PROMISE                                     Download



VERSION 2 - MY COVENANT                                              Download



Available as a large print version, folds to 1/4 letter size paper - half cut, no trimming required.

Renewal Journey - Tele Learning Events

Oct 20, 2014
Renewal Journey - Tele Learning Events
Upcoming opportunity...
Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at 1:00 pm (Eastern Time)
Deadline for registration: Thursday, October 23, 2014
Topic: The Renewal Journey provides a pathway for moving from the downward side of the congregational life cycle to the creative formative stage. The process creates space for conversation and prayerful discernment of new direction.
Presenter: Kathryn Smith provides mediation, facilitation of congregational meetings and training to congregations interdenominationally. She is an associate of Associates Resourcing the Church (

These seminars present an opportunity for very focused learning on particular subjects. They are intentionally very short (generally one hour) to allow for corps officers and their leaders to participate in the midst of busy ministry schedules.

Registration for these seminars is limited to allow for interaction and generally available on a first come, first served basis. If you would like to participate, please contact James Watson, Consultant for Church Planting and Congregational Revitalization through ( to register and receive log in information.

Thanksgiving Program Ideas

Sep 15, 2014
Thanksgiving Program Ideas
Powerpoint Resources:
Thanksgiving Powerpoint Slide Backgrounds
Give Thanks - Powerpoint Background

God's Harvest - Print Version (Responsive Reading)
God's Harvest - Powerpoint (Responsive Reading)
Thanksgiving Responsive Reading
Hymns of Adoration - Powerpoint (Responsive Reading)

Thanksgiving Bulletins (Order from Trade)

Barnyard Blast (Halloween)
In The Dark (Halloween)

Thanksgiving Crafts (from
Coloring Pages and Activities (from

Senior's and Women's:
Ways to Help Children Focus on Thanksgiving (Women's Program for Mothers)
Canadian Thanksgiving (Women's Program Outline)
Give Thanks (Senior's Program Outline)
Harvest Basket (Drama)

Youth Group Ideas:
Activities (from

Thanksgiving Music Suggestions - a list of contemporary songs that work really nicely with Thanksgiving - submitted by Kim Garreffa



Great Easter Program Ideas

Find lots of great ideas to get ready for Easter on (More)

Careforce Lifekeys 2007 Conference - Report

Careforce Lifekeys 2007 Conference Afterglow “A Living Jesus for a Dying (More)

Senior Soldiership Training Resources

1. A DVD called “We Believe” is (More)

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