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Reaching Families and Children is vital to our church ministry.  There are many ways that we can reach out to families in our community such as special occasion programs, Pioneer Club, Vacation Bible School or Day Camps, Youth Group activities, but have you considered reaching out to the youngest member of the family?  We’d like to challenge you to consider building relationships with families in your community through “Baby Song”. 
Here’s what you need to know about Baby Song:
  1. Baby Song is an outreach program for babies, toddlers and their parents/caregivers in your community.
  2. Baby Song allows babies to experience developmentally appropriate songs, activities and games. 
  3. Baby Song helps parents build relationships with other parents from the community.
  4. Baby Song provides an opportunity for parents to gain parenting tips and information through the use of special guests with backgrounds in child development and health.
  5. Baby Song stimulates positive contact between parent and child, especially the opportunity for singing together.
  6. Baby Song stimulates a child’s linguistic, musical and motor skills development.  The use of music through singing and actions helps develop language skills, enhance motor skills, and develops a feeling of togetherness and belonging for the child.
  7. Baby Song can create an atmosphere that leads to conversations about life and God.  Baby Song has a welcoming atmosphere that puts parents at ease and helps them feel comfortable sharing their lives with others in the program and those leading the program.  Trust and safety will help new parents feel at home in the church setting.
  8. Baby Song can be run as an eight to ten week program.  Providing parents with a modular program encourages them to make a commitment to being as regularly as possible in their attendance.  Each 1 ½ hour session is divided into two sections:  music and fellowship.
  9. Baby Song Resource Book has all the information you need to organize, start and run your weekly program.  The Resource Book is available through our on-line catalogue at  Order your copy today and plan now to reach out to families in your community.
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  1. Comment from Laura Hickman, May 5, 2014 12:15pm

    I recently discovered the "CHAT Prayer Plan" and thought it could be useful with older children.
    C- Cheer God on for who He is (what about God makes you glad? Example: God You are an awesome God)
    H- Humble Yourself (If Jesus were to tour your heart or journey with you for a day, what would he find? Asking forgiveness for times we've made mistakes)
    A- Appreciate what God has done (expressing thanks to God)
    T- Tell God your needs

    This can be found at: