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tips for youth workersMAY 2015


Who says that a VBS program can only be run as a one week day camp?  Who says summer ministry is no ministry?  Who says that summer time at the corps is dull or non-existent?  Here are some ideas for you to think about, make your own, and then put into action in your community.  We challenge you to mix things up this summer!
  1. Host a VBS Day Camp.  Make your VBS program longer by having the “campers” bring a bag lunch (or you can provide one) and use some of the extra VBS materials you have never used.  Take the “campers” to a park, a farm, or field trips into the community or work on a service project together helping others.
  2. Run a Weekend Retreat.  Using a VBS package for the Bible-basis take your church families to a local camp ground and spend the weekend together – growing in relationship with God and growing in relationship with each other!
  3. Have a one-day a week VBS.  Depending on how many volunteers and children you have you could divide up into age groups and different ages come different days of the week.  Terrific Tuesdays are for Pre-Schoolers, Wacky-Wednesdays are for older elementary kids and Tremendous Thursdays are for your elementary-aged kids.
  4. Try the 3-3-3 Plan.  With families taking extra-long weekends over the summer, consider having your VBS on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays for three weeks.  You will need to add more lessons to the traditional VBS Kit, but it will provide a way of making sure kids are getting the most from your program and it helps fit into family schedules.
  5. Consider Family Nights.  Using your VBS material as the Bible-basis again, invite families to the church for an active, fun-filled evening with a great VBS Bible lesson.
  6. Try this twist: Split Week A.M./P.M.  How does this look?  One week you have a daytime VBS and then the second week you have an evening VBS.  This will help you reach more families in your community and again helps fit into more families’ schedules.
  7. Plan a Super Saturday.  If you plan to start this day at 9:00 a.m. and end at 7 p.m., this will give you an opportunity to use three VBS lessons and a number of the games, activities and crafts.  Invite families to come and go as they wish, or to stay for the entire day.  It also can provide you with an opportunity to showcase other ministries you run throughout the school year.
*Ideas gleamed from Gospel Light’s VBS Smart Pages – order your copy from the

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  1. Comment from Laura Hickman, May 5, 2014 12:15pm

    I recently discovered the "CHAT Prayer Plan" and thought it could be useful with older children.
    C- Cheer God on for who He is (what about God makes you glad? Example: God You are an awesome God)
    H- Humble Yourself (If Jesus were to tour your heart or journey with you for a day, what would he find? Asking forgiveness for times we've made mistakes)
    A- Appreciate what God has done (expressing thanks to God)
    T- Tell God your needs

    This can be found at: