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tips for youth workers                                                                                                   APRIL 2014


If any of you are involved in pre-teen and teen ministry you are very aware of how important friendship is.  Young people want to hang out with their friends, and if their friends are not at church, they won’t want to hang out at church.  This makes it important that we help our children to make friendships that will last at church.  It’s important to build “friendship building” into our ministry.  Here’s a few friendship building ideas you may want to try:
Small Groups.  Build time into your Sunday school or kids program for small group activities. These could be breaking into small groups for crafts, Bible story life application, or prayer groups.  By using small groups you give kids the opportunity to spend a bit of time each week with others around their own age, providing them with an opportunity to get to know one another and share themselves with each other.

Service GroupsWhen people work together to serve others or be involved in a ministry they develop a common bond.  The same is true for children.  If they work together on a service project or join a ministry group they have an opportunity to do good for someone else, but they also connect with each other.  Young people will develop lasting relationships as they spend time at singing company or band rehearsals, drama practice or cleaning nursery toys together.

Social Activities for Families.  If possible try to schedule a monthly family event.  Encourage families to come together to have fun getting to know other families and to encourage their children to develop relationships with other kids at church.  Here are some events you might want to plan (or send us ideas you have used):
January – Sledding or skating party
February –Family Movie night
March – Roller Skating Party
April – Easter egg hunt
May – Gym or Swim night at a local community centre
June – Frisbee Golf Tournament
July – World Largest Water Fight
August – Family BBQ or Picnic
September – Longest Banana Split
October – Hay ride and apple picking
November – Family Games Night (bring out those board games and put a new spin on them)
December – Christmas Party and Carol Sing
(Be sure to check out for more ideas, just search for “family”)

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