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The Salvation Army Immigrant and Refugee Services

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Finding Our Way

Based on a national, interdenominational study of how congregations are assisting immigrants (, the Guide to Action provides multiple options for working with newcomers to Canada. It is intentionally designed to provide an opportunity for discussion of how the Bible can motivate our care for immigrants, refugees and migrant workers and provokes reflection on the many ways God's people are responding across Canada.
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General Information
The Salvation Army is an international Christian organization that provides support in 400 communities across Canada and over 100 countries around the world. 
The Salvation Army provides settlement services for people already in Canada in various parts of the country.  Use the "Find the Salvation Army" button in the left column of this page to find contact information for the location nearest you.

Citizenship & Immigration CanadaFor information about coming to Canada to Visit, Work Temporarily, Study, Immigrate, seek Refugee status, Canadian Citizenship, Sponsoring Your Family, Adopting a Child, or Hiring a Foreign Worker, visit .

Private Sponsorship of Refugees Information

Refugee Training ProgramIf you are interested in the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program information can be found on the Refugee Sponsorship Training Program's Web site: . The NEW Handbook for Sponsoring Groups can be found under resources and is an excellent source of information.

Private Sponsorship logoThe Salvation Army's Role
The Salvation Army is a Sponsorship Agreement Holder and as such administrates the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program.

For Salvation Army Ministry Leaders – Preliminary Assessment Documents for the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program are now available on Lotus Notes under Notice Board-Canada and Bermuda-Information - Program.
For public inquiries – Please contact your local Salvation Army. To find contact information use the link in the left column "Find The Salvation Army".

For inquires from outside of Canada – We cannot process the number of requests that would originate in other countries. Therefore, requests to sponsor a refugee from overseas must come from people who are currently residing in Canada and are Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada.

You can access the website of the Canadian Visa Office responsible for your country of origin and/or your country of residence by using this link to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website:

Other Information

For additional information regarding refugee matters, you may also wish to visit the websites of the Canadian Council for Refugees at or the UNHCR.
UNHRCanadian Council for Refugees

The Salvation Army is not in a position to offer work to people from outside Canada who want to come to Canada or who are already in Canada and want to remain here and work. In order to come to Canada and work, people who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents must obtain the appropriate immigration documents (entry visas, work permits) from the immigration authorities. For those who have reasons to fear living in their country of origin, pursuing a refugee claim might be an option.

Legal Advice

The Salvation Army is also not in a position to offer Immigration and Refugee law advice. More information about this area of law can be found on the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) at or on the web-site of the Canadian visa office responsible for your country of origin and/or your country of residence at:  'Find a CIC office'.
Immigrantion Refugee Board of Canada
The website of the Immigration and Refugee Board may also be helpful.
If you are trying to find someone who can assist you with a Canadian Immigration and Refugee law matter, please note that The Law Society of Upper Canada provides the contact information of lawyers who are considered to be specialists in this area of law. Please note that, most likely, you will have to pay fees in order to obtain the advice and assistance that you may require.

If you have any further questions not referenced above, please contact the Immigrant and Refugee Services Consultant in the Corps Ministries Department at T.H.Q.