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Community and Family Services

Community and Family Services

Support from Corps Ministries

Corps based Community and Family Service support has been an obvious need for some time.  Typically the Social Service department has been the support for this doing most of the heavy lifting, However, we recognize that for smaller corps based centres that are not accredited the standard of services and support for program development has been a struggle. CFS is our largest and most community connected work across the territory.  As a result the CMD will soon be posting for a new position of a consultant in this area.  To support this work an operating resource template has been developed to guide corps officers and their CFS workers with an eye on supporting our reach into the community. 
Rural Ministries Round Table

Rural Ministries Round Table

CMD News and Updates

This work began with the agreement we would meet annually in a face to face meeting and two other meetings per year by teleconference.  The final face to face meeting of that journey is planned for October 11-13, 2015 in Halifax.  At that meeting we will be determining what next steps look like for rural ministry.
Songbook App for Devices and PC

Songbook App for Devices and PC

Easy, free access to songs, authors and historical information!

The USW territory has developed a great mobile apps site and you may like to access it:  visit - go to the Song Book tab and click - you'll find this is an easy to use app and lets the user see words, music, information on the song or author, related songs, alternate tunes and has a built in player so that they can hear what the song and it's most familiar tune is like.  It's FREE and very user friendly!  And yes we know that a new song book is coming....but in the meantime.
Shelby and Rolls Management

Shelby and Rolls Management


With the conclusion of Shelby and our migration to Agresso many have asked what will happen to their membership rolls that are currently managed on Shelby.  With the current hold on new programs during the IT review we have been unable to resolve this issue entirely.  Of course the system of white binders and paper rolls is available for corps who wish to migrate to that but admittedly many will not.  Shelby can be kept in service for the interim and it is our hope we will have a solution shortly.   We are exploring off the shelf solutions as well as software developed by other territories.
Senior Soldier Renewal Sunday

Senior Soldier Renewal Sunday

Resources for Renewal Sunday!

Here are some resources, developed especially for Senior Soldier Day of Renewal.


Print-ready, four to a page -  print on light card stock and trim to the edge (finished size 3.25" x 5").  Designed to be folded in half, becoming wallet size.

VERSION 1 - MY PROMISE                                     Download



VERSION 2 - MY COVENANT                                              Download



Available as a large print version, folds to 1/4 letter size paper - half cut, no trimming required.
Thanksgiving Program Ideas

Thanksgiving Program Ideas

Here is a handy list of ideas

Powerpoint Resources:
Thanksgiving Powerpoint Slide Backgrounds
Give Thanks - Powerpoint Background

God's Harvest - Print Version (Responsive Reading)
God's Harvest - Powerpoint (Responsive Reading)
Thanksgiving Responsive Reading
Hymns of Adoration - Powerpoint (Responsive Reading)

Thanksgiving Bulletins (Order from Trade)

Barnyard Blast (Halloween)
In The Dark (Halloween)

Thanksgiving Crafts (from
Coloring Pages and Activities (from

Senior's and Women's:
Ways to Help Children Focus on Thanksgiving (Women's Program for Mothers)
Canadian Thanksgiving (Women's Program Outline)
Give Thanks (Senior's Program Outline)
Harvest Basket (Drama)

Youth Group Ideas:
Activities (from

Thanksgiving Music Suggestions - a list of contemporary songs that work really nicely with Thanksgiving - submitted by Kim Garreffa
Corps Planning Calendar

Corps Planning Calendar

Here's a list of special dates!

This is the time to set all your dates for the upcoming season!­ Here's our list of recommended dates to keep in mind, with quick links to hundreds of resources!­ CORPS CALENDAR
The Elevator Story

The Elevator Story

A tool for congregations.

Identifying the Elevator Message for our Congregation
In thirty seconds or less, tell me why I should consider attending your church,
instead of the other churches in your town/city.
There are times when we try to invite someone to our church but talk too long and often about the things that don’t really matter.­ That’s why maybe we should teach our congregation how to focus and say the things that are important.
This is sometime referred to as an “Elevator Pitch”.­ The simple definition is as follows;
­ “ An elevator pitch is a brief yet concise speech given by one person to another person(s) in order to explain a product or service that they either represent and/or sell.­ The purpose of an elevator pitch is to quickly inspire the listener to consider purchasing and/or using that particular product or service.­
The Process of Figuring Out Why We Exist and Steps for Creating a “Spiritual” Elevator Pitch
Here are 7 things you would need to define and/or answer in order to create an effective elevator pitch for your church.
  • For what purpose does our church exist?
  • What do we hope to accomplish each and every time we meet as a congregation?
  • What are some of the “key” ministries that we offer/provide?
  • What are some of the “key” ministries that we offer/provide BUT are not offered or provided by the other churches in our community?
  • What are the demographics of the people that attend our church?(Are we a church composed primarily of elderly saints, young families, college-aged young adults, or do we have a diverse mixture of worshipers?)
  • What type of person is our church hoping to attract each and every Sunday?
  • Does our church exist to be primarily discipleship-oriented (ministering to saved Christians) or are we more of an evangelistic, outreach-oriented church?
Okay, okay.­ I know what you’re thinking.­ You’re thinking (“Perish the thought!”) that an elevator pitch sounds a bit commercial, “worldly” even, and you’d never even consider such a thing at your church!­ I suppose that is understandable.
But let me ask you this, if I asked you to tell me why I would want to consider attending your church versus the “popular” one just around the corner, would you have any idea what to say to me?­ More importantly, do you think the average person sitting in your pews would be able to articulate an appropriate answer to me?
Probably not.­­ And that’s just the problem.
Maybe your church should consider developing an elevator pitch? If nothing else, it would spark wonderful conversation amongst the members of your congregation.
And just imagine how valuable a tool it could become with regards to pointing your congregation down the path you’re hoping to lead them!
Excerpts taken from (By Charles Specht).­ This article was included in the Annual Review documents as a suggestion to every Corps.

Reminders for Movers

Reminders for Movers

Don't forget to do these things.....

Here are some things you need to remember to do, if you have recently changed appointments. -
If you have recently changed appointments and you are registered at either of these websites,, please log in and change your address using the My Account link in the upper menu bar.

Don't forget to have the Location Information changed on other system accounts. ­Once you have access to your new location, make this a priority. ­

DID YOU KNOW? ­The public web service for people searching for Salvation Army churches or services, is populated by the information you put into SAMIS. ­If your location information is out-of-date it will not be helpful. ­To check the public information ­available for your current location - visit­

The Story

The Story

Great Ministry Resource!

How would you like 31 weeks of your preaching/teaching, Bible Study, and Sunday School curriculum packaged and ready to go for the fall?­The creators of ‘THE STORY’ have done just that!­ The ministry kit includes studies, lessons, videos and more – all ready to go!­ Your children follow the same teaching plan as your adults, and it’s all included!

What gets your attention faster than a good story?­ Jesus’ teaching was almost always in story form:­ The Good Samaritan, The Sower & The Seed, The Rich Man, The Good Shepherd, and many more.­ So here’s a great resource for every corps called The Story.

The Story, published by Zondervan, is an approach to learning and understanding the Bible using the same message and theme for your entire congregation each week for 31 weeks.

I remember being at a hot air balloon festival, where there was a large balloon floating overhead.­ A boy excitedly pointed out the balloon to his parents, saying look – a boat with animals in it.­ No one seemed to be aware that that boat came from a story in the Bible, with a lesson attached to it, with a message from God to His people.­

Many people now a days did not grow up going to Sunday School and hearing the fundamental stories about God’s interaction with His people in the world around us.­Telling The Story responds to our cultural norm where people respond to images!­ We need to be telling and teaching the Bible stories that God has given to His people.­
Imagine the conversations your members could have on the way home and around the dinner table,
talking about what was learned in Sunday school this week by parents
who heard the same portion of scripture taught
in their sermon.



Included in the start up kit are ministry materials and plans for all ages to be studying, adult, youth and children’s ministry.
  • Work through 31 Bible stories in a chronological order.
  • The story of God’s great love us and know and understand your part in God’s plan
  • Gain an understanding of how the Bible lesson works itself out on this earth and how it fits into God’s bigger plan
  • Curriculum and DVD resources for each age group
  • Bibles for each age group that read like a story
  • Materials are also available in Spanish
For more detailed information visit
Order -­­
Harper Collins Canada:
Tony Federici
OR CALL ­1 800 387 0117

Easter Slide Backgrounds

Easter Slide Backgrounds

Resources for Palm Sunday

Kim Garreffa
Here are some Slide backgrounds that are free to use. Use the link underneath each image to download a full version of the background.

Download Download
Download Download
Download Download
Looking For Inspiration in Spanish Ministry?

Looking For Inspiration in Spanish Ministry?

Spanish Resources

If you are helping to resource Spanish ministry and need some helpful resources for sermon writing, check out the Salvation Army Spanish Sermons posted on ­If you use the advanced search tools for Denomination - and click on The Salvation Army, you will get a lengthy list of sermons - many of which are in Spanish!

Church Plant or Corps Plant?

Church Plant or Corps Plant?

Tell us what you think?

Major Fred Waters
The Canada and Bermuda Territory hasn't planted a new corps - new church - in quite some time.  In fact looking at the stats we've been doing more amalgamation and revitalization than anything else.  I'm not suggesting for a moment that those are things we shouldn't be doing but I'm wondering about doing something new.  With the Territorial Review taking place in April we've been talking about how we define a church plant and how long does it remain a plant.

At one time we thought of a new corps as a plant for the first 5 years.  Some research suggests now that 5 years is no longer enough time to establish a new corps, that it takes as long as 10 years.  And beyond the age of a plant what should be the markers that mean it is now a corps?   Is it established leaders and a stable set of programs?  Is it financial stability?  Some of our corps that have been operating for 100 years struggle with financial stability.

So far we know a plant is not a corps - has not reached those determining markers.  And we know that a plant is not something that is 25 years old.  But what is a plant?  We are suggesting we define it is "where things are focused on starting".  And of course in revitalization we speak of things being focused on re-starting.   What's your thinking?  We would love to have your feedback. 

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A New Book on Preaching

A New Book on Preaching

By Major Julie Slous

Here is a great book on Wesleyan heritage and preaching.  

Here is the description from
"John Wesley was once asked why so many people came to hear him preach. His response was, “When you set yourself on fire, people love to come and see you burn. While the question pushed to understand why the masses were so intrigued with Wesley’s pulpit, we might well ask today, what is really happening in our pulpits to capture the interest and the attention of today’s listener? If we were to survey local congregations, perhaps we would be surprised to learn how many people would like to see a little more fire burning in the pulpit on a Sunday morning! It presses us to ask what preaching is accomplishing in today’s contemporary world. Is preaching waking people up or is it painfully lulling them to sleep? Is preaching inspiring, motivating and reaching people where they are, or has the relevancy of this time-honored tradition within the Christian Church lost esteem and effectiveness?

Using these initial questions as a launching pad, the pages that follow seek to put the reality of the contemporary pulpit in conversation with a place in history where homiletical fires burned with notable intensity. Drawing from the richness of The Salvation Army’s story, we reach back into the Victorian and Edwardian eras (1819-1930) to encounter the aggressive proclamation of a disturbing gospel.... Is there still a place for confrontational preaching in the contemporary pulpit? Does this approach to preaching help to address some of the very real challenges we are facing in engaging today’s listener?"
You can order it online, through S & P, or download it from Amazon for Kindle.

Father's Day Give Away

Father's Day Give Away

A new product from Promise Keepers

Promise Keepers have developed a devotional that can be given out on Father's Day, complete with 5 weeks of devotions by great authors/leaders such as Mark Buchanan and Laird Crump.  If you are ordering between 50 - 99 they are $1.35 each.

Get your order in early!!!

For more information visit the website:  Promise Keepers - Father's Blessing

For free downloadable program ideas, check