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Ministry Questions

The following ministry questions have been responded to.

Commissions and Certificates

Commissions and Certificates

Where do I find them?

Are you enrolling new leadership this spring? ­Wondering where to find the proper Commission certificate? Here is a list of the Commissions/Certificates available through [read more...]
What is Baby Song?

What is Baby Song?

A great summer outreach program!

"Baby Song" began as a Salvation Army initiative in Sweden, and quickly spread to both Norway and Denmark in the early 90's. It has since been picked up in other [read more...]
Careforce Lifekeys - Healing and Wholeness

Careforce Lifekeys - Healing and Wholeness

Small group materials for healing ministries

What is it? Through a system of small groups, participants are able to share together in  an environment of unconditional love, acceptance and confidentiality, all [read more...]
Where do I find the O & R?

Where do I find the O & R?

Questions You Asked

Having trouble finding the O & R?  You can access these from the saDashboard, or 'Home' page of your SA Lotus Notes account. Every Salvation Army Location should [read more...]
Spanish Ministry Resources

Spanish Ministry Resources

Where can I find Spanish lyrics?

Are you looking for Spanish Ministry tools?  Here are a few suggestions for music resources that have been useful in other ministries. A great website to check out for [read more...]
Whatever Happened to Corps Cadets?

Whatever Happened to Corps Cadets?

Contrary to popular belief, The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territory did not eliminate the Corps Cadet program in 2002!­ In fact, the Corps Cadet program was [read more...]

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Two Responses

  1. Comment from Alvah Mayo, Nov 30, 2012 1:26am

    Where can I download copies of Salvation Army Orders and Regulations?

  2. Comment from Darlene Stoops, Jul 15, 2013 1:51pm

    You have to access these through Lotus Notes - on the Home Page - in the center under O and R




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