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Prayer Requests

If you would like to submit a prayer request to be added to our list, email  Make sure you specify whether you want your request made public on the website or not - if there is no indication it will not be added.

For other prayer requests view the Prayer Guide.


Deer Lake, NL

Deer Lake, NL

Sep 15, 2014
Submitted by: Major Betty Ann Pike
Thank you so very much for the assurance of your prayers on our behalf. We would covet your prayers for the following:

The youth of our corps programs; that God would continue to protect and strengthen them from the lures of Satan.
The much needed leadership for our children's outreach program, Camp Giggle,(God Is Good God Loves Everyone).
The Womem's ministries focusing particularly on the ministry to the younger women of the corps. There has been interest shown from some women who have not been involved in any other programing. God is definitely preparing their hearts for something great!
For the continued growth of the Men's ministries which God is blessing in a marvelous way.
Please pray for the Ministry to our Seniors which involves outreach into the community, ministering within the senior's complex and to those who are now residing in long term care facilities.
Hare Bay, NL

Hare Bay, NL

Sep 15, 2014
Submitted by: Major Debbie Higdon
Please pray for the many families of our community who do not attend church. We also ask for prayer for our Children's Ministry as we look for new leaders to help out.
Summer Camping Ministry

Summer Camping Ministry

May 14, 2014
This summer hundreds of children will be exposed to the message of love and salvation, through the camping ministry in Canada and Bermuda.  Camping ministry is a rich opportunity to teach and encourage children and youth who have already made a commitment, as well as to evangelize and spread the good news through Bible programming and Christian examples.

Over the summer pray for:
  • Children and youth who have never heard about Jesus' love and sacrifice for them
  • Children and youth who need encouragement in their Christian walk, facing the challenges of every day
  • Camp staff and leaders, as they provide for the practical and spiritual needs of the campers
For more information on The Salvation Army camping ministry and a listing of our Canadian camping locations, visit
Perth, Ontario

Perth, Ontario

Feb 18, 2014
Submitted by: Major Malcolm Cameron
As we move to adjust our ministries in Perth please pray for God\'s guidance.

Also, our congregation is working on Renewal through strategic planning and then action on the plan.Please pray for our congregational commitment to the conversation and action.
Yorkwoods Corps, Toronto

Yorkwoods Corps, Toronto

Feb 10, 2014
1) YWCC needs to develop a “music ministry.” At present, we have no band and no songsters. We’ve just begun a new beginners’ band from Jan. 2014. Please pray for the leader and new six members.

2) Our corps is consisted of diverse new Canadians and refugee families, more than 25 different nations' congregation. Please pray for our intercultural ministries ; ethnic background soldiers' and members’ individual spiritual growth so that they may reach out their own community around to witness Jesus and bring people into our corps.

3) We've planned to develop a new website in order to interact and share voices and to promote The Salvation Army’s social ministries surrounding diverse community.

4) Please pray for Tina's younger sister Seoul,Korea. Thanks to God's grace,she received Jesus as her Savior recently since she has been struggling with serious cancer. Please pray for maintaining our (Tina & Thomas) good health.