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Prayer Requests

If you would like to submit a prayer request to be added to our list, email  Make sure you specify whether you want your request made public on the website or not - if there is no indication it will not be added.

For other prayer requests view the Prayer Guide.


Mount Pearl, NL

Mount Pearl, NL

Sep 29, 2014
Submitted by: Major Gerald Lacey
Please pray for all our soldiers, adherents, recruits and friends as we minister in our city of 25,000. We have a very busy and thriving corps with over 30 ministry activities and opportunities happening monthly! Our youth corps is awesome! Your prayers are greatly appreciated! God bless you for praying for us.
La Scie, NL

La Scie, NL

Sep 23, 2014
Wisdom & direction for us as we lead & shepherd the Corps during the coming months.

For the many young & middle-aged adults who do not attend church & have no personal relationship with the Lord; as well as prayers for the Youth of the Corps & town.

Corps & towns people coping with serious illnesses.
Triton, NL

Triton, NL

Sep 17, 2014
Submitted by: Major Trixie Kean
Fresh touch from Jesus for our sons and their families. Physical healing for our daughters. God's direction and divine intervention for our youngest daughter. God's wisdom and leading for the corps and anointing on our ministry.