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Cleaning Up Your Activity Listing

Screen Capture When you select ACTION -> ENTER STATISTICS, do you see a lot of numbers in the bottom frame, like in this image?­ If so, either your Ministry Unit is very large, or you have a number of Program Activities which have been activated for your unit, but are probably not being used.

Download the following document, and follow the detailed instructions to clean up your listing so that you only have Program Activities available for which you are actually collecting statistics.

SAMIS Clean Up Your Listing.pdf

You Asked - SAMIS

The SAMIS help email address receives many requests for new programs to collect monthly statistics in SAMIS.­ Many of these requests are for programs that are already available in SAMIS, but units are sometimes not aware of the steps to activate programs for their ministry unit.
If your ministry unit is running programs that do not currently appear in your SAMIS listing, use the 'Request a New Activity' button to submit the details and we will respond with the information you need.
Screen Capture Steps

For instructions on how to activate a program/activity for your ministry unit, view this page: Activate/Deactivate
The following is a list of requested activities, and the 'Activity' in SAMIS that units were instructed to use for collecting their stats.
Requested PROGRAMS Use This in SAMIS

Baby/Children Dedication

Cradle Roll - count the children dedicated
Special Events - if the Dedication took place in a service other than Sunday worship, but attendance & #mtg here
If Dedication took place during Sunday worship, don’t count the meeting or attendance­ separately.


Weddings - yes, there is an activity where you can count this.

Community Outreach Events (Rally Day picnic, BBQ, etc)

Special Events - Corps­­

Walk Off The Pounds

Outreach Programs­ OR WM - Healthy Lifestyles

Youth Drop-In

Drop-In Corps­­ OR Youth Outreach Event

Community Outreach

Outreach Programs

Coffee House

Drop-In Corps

Prison Ministry
Worship Service in an Institution

Outreach to Social Services

Sports Outreach: Adult & Children

Outreach Programs

Senior’s Home Service

CCM Nursing Home Visits­ OR­ CCM Retirement Residence Visits

Church Fellowship Meal

Corps Fellowship

CRU Ministry & CRU Call Outs

Disaster & Emergency Response

Student Placements

Volunteers - Regular

Community Response Vehicle - non emergency runs

Street Ministry­ OR Outreach Programs


Outreach Programs

Ministry Board/Corps Council

Ministry Board/Corps Council

Fun & Food Camp (week long day camp at corps)

Day Camp - Corps Run

Sports Camp (run at corps during day)

Day Camp - Corps Run

Sponsored Campers

Camps - Sponsored Campers­ *this item is designated DHQ USE ONLY, however, CORPS must count sponsored campers here

Adult Athletics

Outreach Program

Corps Bridal/Baby Shower

WM - Special Events­ OR­ Special Events - Corps

Baby Song

Baby Song

Community Dinner (3 x year)

Community Feeding Program­ OR Outreach Programs

Soldier/Membership classes

Soldier/Membership Preparation Classes

Women’s Support Group

WM - Healthy Lifestyles


Vacation Bible School

Bible Studies - multiple groups

Prayer or Bible Study Group - count # groups, then combine totals for # mtgs and #attendance­

Youth - Jr. & Sr. Planning Meeting

Community Ministry Management Team Meeting

Committees- Other

Provide lunch for school

School Feeding Program

Pioneer Club

Pioneer Club

Jr. Music Program (not band, singing co, or timbrells)

Music Education Program

Mid-Week Worship

Worship - Non Sunday

Caregivers Support Group

­CSP - Support Group

Post Review Updating Rolls in SAMIS

Following the Ministry Reviews it is often necessary to adjust the figures that appear in SAMIS to reconcile the end of the previous year.  In order to do this, the designated divisional representative has been given system permission to re-enter 2014 and adjust figures as needed.

Click the image below to zoom.
Screen Capture Steps

WM Integrated Roll

Starting in 2015 Women's Ministries require ministry units to keep a WM Integrated Roll.  This roll keeps track of every woman who attends any group, and also records which groups each woman attends.
Integrated Roll

The total count of women on this list is to be entered into SAMIS under WM - Members - # WM Integrated Roll.  The other members are still to be entered into SAMIS separately:  # HL Members, # Jr Miss Members, # Outer Circle, # Life Members. (These are all now moved from the various Activities (ie. WM - Home League, WM - Jr Miss etc) to WM-Members.

Download the WM Integrated Roll


SAMIS - Changes to WM Membership

There have been changes to SAMS affecting where to collect members for Women's Ministries. Beginning in 2015 members for all groups are entered into the Activity WM - Members.

This item has been activated for all corps units. The boxes for entering # members in WM - Home League, WM Jr Miss, WM - Outer Circle, WM - Life Members have been moved inside this new Activity, and you will not longer see WM - Outer Circle, WM - Life Members in your Program Activity list.
Screen Capture Steps

ALSO included is a new box # WM Integrated Roll. This number should reflect the total number of names on the new Integrated Roll. Units are no longer required to enter # Regular Attendees in the other WM groups, but each name should be counted once on the WM Integrated Roll.

Screen Capture Steps

WM Integrated Roll word document.
Revised WM SAMIS monthly collection brochure.

SAMIS Rolls Updates

If you are trying to update your ROLLS in SAMIS, and didn't get time to complete the SAMIS training, here is a document that will outline for you:
-  how to move members between rolls,
-  how to complete your documents for the Corps Ministry Unit Review.

View this presentation - before you UPDATE YOUR ROLLS!


Download a PDF version here:  Updating SAMIS Rolls PDF Handbook


Women's Ministries SAMIS Collection Form

Use this form to help you collect statistics for Women's Ministries.  Just download, copy and distribute monthly.  Then collect and submit to your SAMIS representative!

Download the form:  WM SAMIS STATISTICS

Collection Form

Please note changes starting in 2015!

Growth History Overview


The Growth History Overview is part of the 2014 Corps Review process.  This document is generated from SAMIS based on the statistics you have entered for your location.  To make sure that your GH Overview report accurately reflects all ministries at your locaiton, make sure you have entered all your relevant 2014 statistics.

Some of the changes to the report include:  reflection of Music and Gospel Arts activities, more Children & Youth activities have been included in the calculations, a reflection of Community & Family Services statistics.

To run a sample of your Growth History Overview report log in to SAMIS, choose CREATE REPORTS, choose the 'Growth History Overview' report, set the dates to Jan 2014 - Dec 2014, choose submit.  View your report on the View Reports tab. The system generates an Excel document, however, fields are locked and cannot be edited. 

It is important that you make sure all your 2014 statistics are completed as soon as possible, since SAMIS will be closing soon for 2014 entry.

What's New

Activate - Deactivate Activities

Keep your SAMIS account current by activating new programs as you initiatie them! View other articles under SAMIS help for tips and tricks that will help you manage SAMIS!

The SAMIS committee have received many requests for New Program Activities showing a wide variety of interesting new programs taking place across our territory.­ Things like Coffee House, Slow Cooker Class, Toy Lending Library, Laundry and Shower, Homework and After School Clubs, Prison Ministry, Sports Clubs and Anger Management are just a sampling of requests.

To Activate/De-activate items for your location:
1.­ Log in to SAMIS
3.­ Using the Activity drop down, find the Activity you want, and click 'Select' in the right hand column.
4.­ Enter an 'Open Date' and 'Save All'.
After you do this, you will be able to see the new Activity listed in your customized Activity list on the Enter Statistics page (beginning from the date you entered).

If you have questions about where to put statistics for programs you are running, email

What the Statistics Tell Us

We have such variety and diversity of services carried out by Ministry Units across Canada and Bermuda, that it is sometimes difficult to get a good summary picture of what we do.­ Here is a graphic, taking into account all kinds of ministries - everything from Toddler outreach to visits to Nursing Homes, and summarizes our imact to the communities we live in.­ These numbers represent totals for the 2013 calendar year, as indicated on the diagram below (click the image for a close up view).
2013 CMD Stats

New in SAMIS

Here is a list of NEW activities that are now available in SAMIS for statistic collection.­ If you are running any of these programs, you need to activate the items in SAMIS so that you can enter statistics.­ Follow this link for details on how to 'Activate' an Activity.

Outreach to Social Services - Any outreach to a social institution excluding CCM, such as visits, conducting services or events
Partnership Outreach - Any outreach or service in partnership with another Church, Service Group or Organization.
Soldier/Member Preparation Classes - Jr or Sr - Classes to disciple and educate into membership. Only collect Junior Soldier Preparation classes here if you do not count them in Junior Soldiers.
Youth Mentoring - Any formalized mentoring program for youth, involving a mentor and mentee, for the purposes of spiritual discipleship or leadership development.
Ready To Serve - A DVD based Army discipleship curriculum.
Day Camp - Corps Run - A full day program run in the Corps for children or youth, with a focus to Outreach.­
CCM Other Institutions and Centers - Regular visits to other institutions and centers, ie - social institutions,
Counselling - Other - For units who offer individual or group counselling, other than spiritual counselling.
Committees - Other - Finance committee, Advisory committee for Thrift Store, Committees for special corps-run events, Special Focus Committee, Youth Committees, etc.­ NOT TO BE USED for Ministry Board /Corps Council
Parenting Group - Any group which meets for the purpose of improving parenting skills, communicating or education about parenting.
Feeding Program - Other - A local, regular, feeding program, other than Community Feeding Program and School Feeding Program.
Music Education Group - Programs to teach music, particularly for outreach purposes into the community.
Leadership Development - Youth - A youth program designed to foster leadership in youth.
Mens Focus Group - Regular group held for men on various topics - spiritual development, men's issues, etc.
Preschool Sunday Time - Sunday Infant-Toddler or nursery time - NOT already counted in Sunday School or Sunday Worship - AM.
Warming Cooling Centre - Opportunity for people to come in from extreme weather.

SAMIS - Closing Date

CLOSING DATE:  The closing date of a prior year of statistics in SAMIS is scheduled near the beginning of a year, and affects the prior annual period.  Your statistics for 2013 should be entered now!

WHY DO WE CLOSE SAMIS?  The system must get closed so that THQ can collect the final numbers for the IHQ report.  Any figures in the system as of March, are the figures that will be used for the IHQ report.  Closing the year ensures that the statistics that are sent to IHQ will not change as we move forward.

Here is a check list of things to do before SAMIS closes.
  1. Make sure all your statistics have been entered.
  2. In order for you to ensure that your membership rolls are correctly updated, it is important for the YP and SR  Pastoral Care committees meet to discuss membership and roll changes.  These changes will be finalized when the Annual Review is completed for your location, but need to be entered into SAMIS so that the reports reflect these changes.
  3. If you have been running programs, and not entering them into SAMIS because you are unsure of where to count them, email with your questions.  We will tell you where to count the stats.
  4. Activate any new program activities that you need to complete your statistics.
  5. In order for your financial information to be ireflected on your reports  make sure your SHELBY entries are also up to date.
  6. Review and update your LOCATION information. 
  7. Run a test set of REVIEW documents, to make sure the information you get is what you expect.
  8. Check to make sure all months are 'Closed' once you are done entering/editing your stats.
If you need assistance/information on how to perform any of the above tasks, check the SAMIS HANDBOOK - available on Lotus Notes home page, upper left corner link to IT ONLINE TRAINING -> SAMIS - you will find a link to the handbook in the lower right hand corner.

Community and Family Services Programs

Are you running Community Kitchen, English as a Second Language (ESL), Computer Training, Community Garden, 12 Steps, Budgeting, and Employment Programs

If you are running any of these programs, whether you are a Corps or a Community and Family Services unit, make sure you have the Program Activity  CSP - Lifeskills activated. 

For information on how to activate/de-activate programs for your ministry unit, visit the SAMIS Help area of this website.

SAMIS Revised handbook

Brush up your SAMIS skills, and get a copy of the revised handbook.­ You can find the revised version handbook on the Lotus Notes Notice Board, under CANADA AND BERMUDA -> INFORMATION-PROGRAM -> TRAINING called Documentation - SAMIS.

SAMIS Updates

The following new functions have now been added to SAMIS. 

1) The menu item 'Activate-Deactivate Program Activities' has been changed to 'Manage Program Activities'.  Select this menu item to open, close, or rename a Program Activity for your location.

2)  You can now RENAME some Program Activities so that your Enter Statistics list displays your local names.  (eg.  Rename Seniors Fellowship to 'Dinner Club')  

Examples of items that CAN be changed include activities such as:  Adult Fellowship, Men’s Fellowship, Older Adult Ministries, some music items. 
Examples of items that CANNOT be changed include:  Social Services items, Women’s Ministries Items, most Administrative items such as Finance, Sunday Worship AM.

This means that you no longer have to rely on memory to remember where you collect statistics for programs for which your location is not using conventional names. 

In order to rename a Program Activity,  choose  ACTION -> MANAGE PROGRAM ACTIVITIES.  Find the Program Activity you wish to rename, and 'select' it.  In the area on the right enter your new Local Activity Name, choose 'Save Local Activity Name'.

Your new activity name will now appear both in the drop-down selector list, and in the table listing.

3) The Update Rolls page has been enhanced to display ALL CHANGES for ALL ROLLS for the selected month.  

4)  Adjustments to the Women's Ministries (Enter Statistics items) include carrying forward the #groups, #members, and # regular attendees, and auto-filling the input boxes so you don't have to enter these numbers every month unless you have a change. To make a change, highlight the number in the box, delete, enter the new number and save. 

Download the attached document: SAMIS Rename Activites, Rolls Updated Chart Instructions
For help updating SAMIS, see the SAMIS handbook, available on the home page of SAMIS, or email