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Mar 7, 2012 Add comment

Without soldiers the Army would die. It depends on soldiers to fight the battle against evil. It needs soldiers who know God’s hand of guidance is on them. It needs soldiers who dare to trust God with their lives. It needs soldiers who obey their Lord, and who know how to say ‘Yes’ to him.”
- Called to Be God’s People

The following are resources and training materials to help you discover what it means to be a soldier in The Salvation Army.

Salvation Story
A comprehensive study of Salvation Army articles of faith, published in 1999 to replace the previous Handbook of Doctrine.
· Includes reflection questions on each chapter
· Suggests ways to incorporate worship into the teaching of Salvation Army doctrine and mission
· Comes with a book and workbook set
· Can be downloaded from IHQ website
Available through the supplies and purchasing Online Store

Manual of Salvationism
Revised in 1985, this has been the standard book for Salvation Army soldiership training for years. However, the text is dense and the student workbook does not lie flat for writing answers. An updated version is planned.
· Comprehensive coverage of Salvation Army doctrines
· Teaching about the Army’s stance on the sacraments
· Information about the Articles of War (now Soldiers’ Covenant)
· Details of the Army’s history and present work
· A glossary of terms and recommended further reading
Available through the supplies and purchasing Online Store

Battle Orders
A well-written soldiership training manual that is appropriate for both teens and adults.
· Organized in a way that makes working through the doctrines simple
· Participant workbook helps focus learning and provides useful questions for discussion
· Leader’s manual provided
· Available in English and Spanish
Available through the supplies and purchasing Online Store

SA 101
This relatively new course, also known as Salvationism 101, provides participants with a “jump in head-first” introduction to The Salvation Army’s origins and present-day mission. Early Army endeavours are described and challenges for the present are given that attest to the level of commitment required of soldiers. Material is offered to cover everything from basic to advanced levels of training.
Available at

We Believe
A DVD produced from a 1996 sermon series in Toronto where Salvation Army officers were interviewed about the doctrines. Includes study questions. Useful to augment traditional workbook-style soldiership training classes.
Available through the supplies and purchasing Online Store

As a Salvationist, many doors of opportunity to serve Jesus Christ will be yours. But don’t expect an easy life; rather, soldiership is about sacrifice and a life lived in joyful service to God and others.

Father, I believe that you want me to serve you as a soldier in The Salvation Army. Please give me the courage to step out in faith and to accept the privileges and responsibilities of soldiership.
- Chick Yuill, Battle Orders


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