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Junior Soldier Renewal

Encourage your young people

Valerie Pavey | Jan 9, 2013 Add comment
The Junior Soldier Renewal and­ Commitment Sunday provides an excellent opportunity for the Junior Soldier program and Ready To Serve to be highlighted and to make the senior corps aware of all that takes place.

This special day each year allows junior soldiers (or members) to be reminded of the promises they made to God and have an opportunity to renew their promises to him. This day should be a special day with an emphasis on the young people. Invite a guest speaker who relates to this age group and have all junior soldiers and junior action participants take part in the program.

Renewal and Commitment Sunday is also an opportunity for the corps officers to see how the young people are progressing in their spiritual development and its an opportunity for him or her to make himself visible to the young people as the pastor of their church. You may even wish to make this a whole weekend centred around the young people with a special supper and social time together on the Saturday evening.

Program ideas can be found on-line at and renewal cards, bulletins and posters can be ordered through our on-line catalogue at

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