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Let Your Light Shine

CCM Sunday 2017

Apr 21, 2017 Add comment
The 2017 CCM Sunday Promotional Materials are included below.  The CCM Sunday is to be scheduled on a designated Sunday anytime up to the end of June 2017.   LAISSEZ BRILLER VOTRE LUMIERE

The following promotional resources for the Community Care Ministries Sunday 2017 are attached for distribution:
  • Legal (8.5"x14") and Letter (8.5"x11") size posters
  • 5x8 inch image for bulletin cover
  • Promotional slide for PowerPoint
  • Blank PPT slide
  • CCM logos with transparent background, large and smallen francais
  • Children's story
  • Theme music "Let Your Light Shine"
  • Sermon
  • Order of Service
  • Information  regarding Order of Service: This attachment refers to the Praise and Worship songs, and after the sermon (Reflection Songs). It contains the lyrics and background information for both the Praise and  Worship Songs and Reflection Songs.  Contains composer, CCLI number and addresses for the author.  The lyrics contained here are for easy reference and for copying and pasting to the powerpoint slides.  
Everything in one download .zip file  -  contains all English files

A La Carte Downloads
POSTER Downloads:

CCM Sunday 2017 EN Poster LGL.pdf

CCM Sunday2017 EN sermon.docx
CCM Sunday2017 EN Songs & Lyrics.docx
CCM Sunday2017 EN Bulletin Cover.docx
CCM Sunday2017 EN Childrens Story.docx

CCM Sunday2017 EN Promo Slide
CCM Sunday2017 EN Slide 1
CCM Sunday2017 EN Slide 2
CCM Sunday2017 EN Slide 3

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