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Curriculum For Fall- Order Now Order now for timely delivery. CROSSzone / Jr. Highers (a… Apr 21, 2017
Earth Day Bible Study Earth Day!  Are you looking for a Bible Study to use wi… Apr 21, 2017
Let Your Light Shine The 2017 CCM Sunday Promotional Materials are included below… Apr 21, 2017
Spring Program Ideas If you are looking for some ideas for spring programs, here … Apr 21, 2017
Holy Saturday Prayer Vigil Here is a document that outlines several ideas to co-ordinat… Apr 10, 2017
Global Alpha Campaign As you are aware the "Gospel & Transformation"… Apr 7, 2017
Mother's Day e-Blast Graphic Use this graphic to remind your congregation about your spec… Apr 6, 2017
Holy Week Ministry Resources 50+ ministry ideas for Holy Week AVAILABLE AT:  www.Min… Mar 27, 2017
CMD Newsletter March Mar 16, 2017
Laissez Briller Votre Lumiere Les entités francophones peuvent utiliser le mat&eacu… Mar 16, 2017
Right Now Media Promo ‚ÄčSchool Supplies and Backpack P… BACKPACK AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES Get involved in a community ef… Mar 10, 2017
The Parables - for LENT Still looking for a LENT resource to enhance your walk throu… Mar 6, 2017
Calling the Courageous - March The focus for March is celebration. There are two resources … Mar 2, 2017
Great Easter Program Ideas Find lots of great ideas to get ready for Easter on www.Mini… Mar 1, 2017
Junior Soldier Preparation The newly written junior soldier preparation course provides… Mar 1, 2017
Mercy Seat Counselling - A Tra… When was the last time your corps offered training for those… Mar 1, 2017
Partners In Mission- Introduct… We have developed Partners in Mission resources to help prom… Feb 20, 2017
Right Now Media - EXTENDED The Canada and Bermuda Territory of The Salvation Army has m… Feb 17, 2017
February News for Corps Minist… Feb 15, 2017
Food Bank Network Group This information has been received as may be of interest to … Feb 15, 2017
What Can You Learn - Growth Hi… Every year corps submit forms generated from SAMIS (statisti… Feb 15, 2017
Calling the Courageous to Self… MONTHLY FOCUS & BULLETIN INSERT Calling the Courage… Feb 13, 2017
Celebration of Culture: A Jou… Save the Date The Salvation Army & Indigenous Pathway… Feb 10, 2017
Valentine's Program Ideas Looking for Valentine's ministry ideas? You can find … Feb 8, 2017

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