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Right Now Media Embedded Content Aug 17, 2016
RIGHT NOW MEDIA, Home Missions… The Canada and Bermuda territory is promoting new resources … Aug 11, 2016
Right Now Media The Canada and Bermuda Territory of The Salvation Army has m… Aug 10, 2016
Stock Up on Useful Pamphlets The Corps Ministries Department has a number of useful pamph… Aug 3, 2016
August: Children's Ministry Pray for the following ministry units that are conducting ch… Aug 1, 2016
Curriculum For Fall- Order Now Order now for timely delivery. CROSSzone / Jr. Highers (a… Aug 1, 2016
Spiritual Disicipline : Sabbat… There are a variety of resources available for the promotion… Aug 1, 2016
Looking For Inspiration in Spa… If you are helping to resource Spanish ministry and need som… Jul 27, 2016
Reminders for Movers Here are some things you need to remember to do, if you have… Jul 27, 2016
Weekend of Prayer September 25, 2016 has been designated as the Day o… Jul 27, 2016
Summer and Fall Resources New Alpha Campaign focus, Program Services Report 2015, Rall… Jul 19, 2016
Home Missions - Order Now!  Home Missions Focus Fund resources are available as… Jul 18, 2016
Mercy Seat Counselling - A Tra… When was the last time your corps offered training for those… Jul 14, 2016
Celebrating Soldiership Enroll… View the celebration video of enrollments which took place d… Jul 8, 2016
Devotional Materials One of our greatest responsibilities and challenges is to he… Jul 6, 2016
Get Your Teens Into Bible Stud… Curriculum for Teens Every lesson comes complete with… Jul 6, 2016
Cleaning Up Your Activity List… When you select ACTION -> ENTER STATISTICS, do you see a … Jul 4, 2016
Program Services Report 2015 The Program Services department has published a report embra… Jul 1, 2016
Summer Children's Ministries Children's Summer Ministries to pray for: Camping m… Jul 1, 2016
Corps Ministries Newsletter Ju… The Spiritual Discipline focus for July is SOLITUDE. Don'… Jun 23, 2016
Farewell Orders It's that time of year again in the Canada & Bermuda… Jun 23, 2016
National Aboriginal Day June 21st is National Aboriginal Day in Canada, when we cele… Jun 21, 2016
Summer Program Ideas Summer ministry offers a wide variety of opportunities to ge… Jun 16, 2016
Canada Day Ministry Resources Canada Day weekend is a time of celebration, relaxation and … Jun 15, 2016
Global Alpha Campaign As you are aware the "Gospel & Transformation"… Jun 6, 2016