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Calling The Courageous 2017 marks the launch of a new soldiership campaign for the … Jan 20, 2017
Transformed Into God's Image Find these great resourses provided by IHQ on the theme of T… Jan 13, 2017
Soldiership Renewal, Officer J… SaveSaveSave Jan 10, 2017
Women's Ministries Statistics … Here is a quick tip sheet for cleaning up or managing your W… Jan 5, 2017
Creative Ways to Pray With Chi… One of the greatest things we can do for the young people we… Jan 4, 2017
Great Seasonal Ministry Idea Did you do something new and innovative over the Christmas s… Jan 3, 2017
Men's Ministry Sunday If you are holding a Men's Ministry Sunday or retreat, h… Jan 3, 2017
Seek God for the City 2017 Join with thousands of North American Christians on a Lenten… Jan 3, 2017
Learning Cohorts Learning Cohorts are opportunities for learning integration … Dec 20, 2016
Men's Ministries Logo There is a new logo for men's ministries in the Canada a… Dec 19, 2016
10 Ways to Get Involved This C… Choose at least one way you can impact the lives of others t… Dec 5, 2016
Community Care Mobilize your volunteers!  During the Christmas season … Dec 5, 2016
Christmas Resources SaveSave Nov 22, 2016
Welcoming Newcomer Families at… Tips for Set-up Try to avoid too much noise or confus… Nov 18, 2016
All Saints Day What is All Saints Day?  Here is a quote from Christian… Nov 1, 2016
Caleb Project Here is another great resource from the USA Western Territor… Oct 24, 2016
Territorial Prayer Wave, Soldi… Hover over the articles in the newsletter for links to downl… Oct 21, 2016
Battle Ready This 14-session senior soldier preparation course is designe… Oct 18, 2016
Strategic Thinking STRATEGIC THINKING for congregations is essential to healthy… Oct 18, 2016
Best Practices for Men's Minis… Check out this resource from the USA Southern Territory whic… Oct 11, 2016
Senior's Ministry Survey This is an invitation to all Corps Officers and those involv… Oct 6, 2016
Corps Treasurer Update from CRA on Offering Envelope Retention Th… Oct 5, 2016
Adherent Training Manual This interactive four-lesson manual was produced by the Cana… Oct 3, 2016
Mobilized for Mission This resource is an 11-lesson in-depth study of Salvationist… Oct 3, 2016
Call To Arms This colourful resource was published in the Australia South… Sep 30, 2016