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Baby Song

Baby Song Baby Song is an exciting Salvation Army outreach program for babies, toddlers and their parents. Baby Song provides an opportunity for: parents to assist their babies in language development and interaction through music; babies to experience developmentally appropriate songs, activities and games; parents to build relationships with other parents; parents to gain parenting tips and information; and the churh to reach out into the community.

Baby Song HandbookThe Baby Song Resource Book is available through­ This book includes ideas for running the program, and a collection of songs to begin with.

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SAMIS STATISTICS: Statistics for this program should be entered into the activity 'BABY SONG' or 'WM - Pre-school FOCUS GROUPS'.  If you cannot see these on your Enter Statistics page, go to ACTION -> MANAGE PROGRAM ACTIVITIES and locate the activity.  Enter an 'open date' in the form and save.  Starting from the open date you entered, you will see this item listed on your Enter Statistics page.  More SAMIS tips.