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Holy Week Ministry Resources

Holy Week Ministry Resources
Family Table Devotions50+ ministry ideas for Holy Week AVAILABLE AT:

HOLY WEEK FAMILY TABLE DEVOTIONS:  Print and use around your family table during Holy Week - Bible readings, questions, activities and more!

HOLY WInspiration CardEEK Take-away Bible inspiration cards:  Customize the back to reflect upcoming church events, contact information etc.  Print and distribute on Palm Sunday for congregants to reflect during the week.


Earth Hour

Earth Hour
Why not organize an informal event to mark the time.  To help people you know, participate in this international endeavour plan one of the following:

BLOCK PARTY  -  If the forecast is good, plan an informal block party. Invite your neighbours to bring their lawn chairs out to the street, to catch up after the long winter indoors.  Ask a few people to help organize some snacks (maybe hot chocolate and donuts). Don't forget to remind people to turn off all their lights out at home!  Use this opportunity to extend an invitation to your Easter services.

CORPS FELLOWSHIP  - Invite everyone over to the Corps to play table games by camp-light or candle-light.

PRAYER WALK - Here is a great opportunity to get together with a couple of Christian friends, and take a walk around your Corps building or neighbourhood, using the time to pray for those behind closed doors.  Or download a copy of  Prayer On The Move - a community journey visiting places of significance, where groups stop and pray.

FAMILY IDEAS - Take this opportunity to spend time together.  Go for a walk, or set up a candle on your table, and enjoy a snack together, or get a good flashlight and read a story to everyone.  Make the topic of conversation focus on how we treat the earth and the resources that God has entrusted to us.

The possibilities are endless.  If you have an idea to share, use the comment box below to add it to this site.  Since all comments require approval, check back the next business day to see your suggestion.

For free downloadable ideas on fellowships and prayer walks, visit  For more information on Earth Hour visit

Right Now Media Promo

Right Now Media Promo

Embedded Content

Major Brian Bishop recommends Right Now Media as a great tool to promote spiritual development.   Click here to REGISTER NOW!

Let Your Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine
The 2017 CCM Sunday Promotional Materials are included below.  The CCM Sunday is to be scheduled on a designated Sunday anytime up to the end of June 2017.   LAISSEZ BRILLER VOTRE LUMIERE

The following promotional resources for the Community Care Ministries Sunday 2017 are attached for distribution:
  • Legal (8.5"x14") and Letter (8.5"x11") size posters
  • 5x8 inch image for bulletin cover
  • Promotional slide for PowerPoint
  • Blank PPT slide
  • CCM logos with transparent background, large and smallen francais
  • Children's story
  • Theme music "Let Your Light Shine"
  • Sermon
  • Order of Service
  • Information  regarding Order of Service: This attachment refers to the Praise and Worship songs, and after the sermon (Reflection Songs). It contains the lyrics and background information for both the Praise and  Worship Songs and Reflection Songs.  Contains composer, CCLI number and addresses for the author.  The lyrics contained here are for easy reference and for copying and pasting to the powerpoint slides.  
Everything in one download .zip file  -  contains all English files

A La Carte Downloads
POSTER Downloads:

CCM Sunday 2017 EN Poster LGL.pdf

CCM Sunday2017 EN sermon.docx
CCM Sunday2017 EN Songs & Lyrics.docx
CCM Sunday2017 EN Bulletin Cover.docx
CCM Sunday2017 EN Childrens Story.docx

CCM Sunday2017 EN Promo Slide
CCM Sunday2017 EN Slide 1
CCM Sunday2017 EN Slide 2
CCM Sunday2017 EN Slide 3

Laissez Briller Votre Lumiere

Laissez Briller Votre Lumiere
Les entités francophones peuvent utiliser le matériel promotionnel suivant dans le cadre du dimanche du ministère d’entraide collective (MEC) :
  • Affiches – grand format (8,5 x 14 po) et format lettre (8,5 x 11 po)
  • Image 5 x 8 po pour la couverture du bulletin
  • Diapositives promotionnelles – PowerPoint
  • Diapositives vierges
  • Logos MEC avec arrière-plan transparent – petit et grand
  • Histoire pour les enfants
  • Ordre du service
  • Sermon
  • Musique et chants
  • Chant thème Let Your Light Shine
Instructions :
Sauvegardez tous les fichiers sur votre ordinateur. Nous vous suggérons de créer un nouveau dossier « Dimanche du MEC 2017 ».
Pour imprimer les affiches (format PDF), double-cliquez sur le fichier pour lancer Adobe Reader ou Acrobat (si ce programme est installé sur votre ordinateur).
Si vous éprouvez des difficultés, vérifiez si votre programme est à jour en choisissant Aide (Help) | Rechercher les mises à jour (Check for Updates).
Nous vous recommandons de toujours avoir la plus récente version. Pour télécharger Adobe Reader, allez sur un des liens suivants :
Anglais :
Français :
Pour insérer l’image de la couverture du bulletin dans un document Word, choisissez Insertion (Insert) | Image (Picture).
Double-cliquez sur l’image pour accéder au menu Outils Image (Picture Tools). Cliquez sur Renvoyez à la ligne automatiquement (Wrap Text) et sélectionnez Derrière le texte (Behind text).
Ainsi, vous pouvez déplacer l’image et la placer où vous voulez.
Pour utiliser les diapositives Power Point ou les intégrer à une présentation existante, choisissez Insertion (Insert) | Image (Picture).
Les logos sont en format PNG (deux résolutions différentes) et ont un arrière-plan transparent. Choisissez Insertion (Insert) | Image (Picture), pour les intégrer à un document.
Dimanche_MEC_Suggestion dec hants.docx
Dimanche_MEC_Couverture du bulletin.jpg


Global Alpha Campaign

Global Alpha Campaign
As you are aware the "Gospel & Transformation" (evangelism) is one of our Territory's 7 strategic priorities under the banner of "Mobilize".  This year we are placing renewed emphasis and high priority on soul saving and Kingdom building!

The first action step towards this strategic priority will be an all out involvement in the Global Alpha Campaign // September 2016-2017.  This nation wide campaign will feature Bear Grylls, the face of outdoor survival and adventure who has 1.5 billion fans worldwide.  He will be sharing his journey of faith on Alpha in a way that the world has never seen before.  He has kindly gifted Alpha with the use of his image and story for the campaign over 12 months starting September 1, 2016.

Check out this website:  and register your region, and/or your corps to host an Alpha campaign in the coming year.

Along with Bear Grylls, the Corps Ministries Department and Alpha Canada will be providing a variety of additional supports for you and your campaign.  Regional Alpha Directors will be available in each province to meet with local corps and leaders.  Zoom conference teaching sessions will be hosted by the Corps Ministries Secretary and Shaila Visser, the National Director of Alpha.  Tools, resources, downloads and additional training will all be made available to those leading campaigns on the front lines.


School Supplies and Backpack Programs

School Supplies and Backpack Programs
Get involved in a community effort for children without necessary school supplies.  Have a backpack drive, or school supply drive in your neighbourhood, and donate them to a school in your area.

26 locations running School Feeding Programs
11 locations running Red Cap Anger Management
30 locations providing School Supplies

Meet with respresentatives in your neighbouring schools to assess any need for breakfast, lunch or snack programs.  Provide non-perishable supplies to the school office for students who might not have or have forgotten their lunch. Explore opportunities for a breakfast club providing a nourishing start to the day.  More information about this type of program.

Talk to the school administration about the need for programming such as the RED CAP Anger Management program.  This program is run in the school by TSA trained leaders, to provide constructive anger management tools to children. 

Some schools will welcome the offer of screened volunteers to help with after hour sports programs.  They may also jump at the offer of free snacks periodically.  These are opportunities to get into your community and get to know people.
SAMIS TIPS:  To record statistics for these programs look for these areas in SAMIS: Material Assistance (School Supplies), School Feeding Programs, Youth Outreach/Event Program (for sports clubs). More about SAMIS

The Parables - for LENT

The Parables - for LENT
Still looking for a LENT resource to enhance your walk through this season? 
This daily resource for LENT has been adapted from a 1947 booklet by Mark Beaufoy, and arranged into readings for LENT by Major Lois Garcia.

Download the print ready .pdf that can be copied and shared: Download the pdf

Or click in daily online at

Calling the Courageous - March

Calling the Courageous - March
The focus for March is celebration. There are two resources - the bulletin insert and a DIY CELEBRATION video idea and instructions.

Download the print ready bulletin insert focusing on celebration!



Here are the instructions on how to create your own celebration video and share it with your congregation.
Download the instruction sheet:
DIY Video instructions

Junior Soldier Preparation

Junior Soldier Preparation

The newly written junior soldier preparation course provides young people between the ages of 7-12 with a clear understanding of what if means to be a soldier for God, and a soldier within The Salvation Army. This course has been written to give the young people an understanding and assurance that with God's help they can live up to the Junior Soldier Promise they are asked to make at the end of the 6 week course. Download an Application for Junior Soldier Enrolment
This 6-week course material comes complete with reproducible instructor resources pages and student take-home sheets. The take home sheets have two different reading levels and can be given out accordingly. Also included are reproducible postcards and letters to the parents which can be mailed home each week to help extend the lesson outside of the classroom. The easy-to-use instructor's guide also comes with one full-colour poster which can be used to advertise your course. Additional posters are also available.

Lesson 1 - God's Purpose 
The young people will discover that we are all made in God's image, and that God has a purpose for each of us: to love, worship and serve him.

Lesson 2 - God's Plan
God has a plan for each of us. He has an ABCDE Plan - it's a plan of salvation.

Lesson 3 - God's Protection 
God provides each of us with protection from Satan's attacks, the Christian Armor, but we must first choose to put it on.

Lesson 4 - God's Church
God created the "Church" so that we could encourage each other. The Salvation Army is a part of God's Church.

Lesson 5 - God's Helper
God not only wants us to come together to encourage each other, he wants us to help each other, especially those in need.

Lesson 6 - God's Witness
God keeps all his promises and will help us keep ours. God will help us live up to our Junior Soldier Promise.

Have Questions?­ Email your questions to

Partners In Mission- Introduction

Partners In Mission- Introduction
We have developed Partners in Mission resources to help promote this important fundraising campaign. Focus for 2017 is the Sri Lanka Territory and the Germany, Lithuania and Poland Terriotry. Other resources include videos, photos, printable materials, children & teen resources & more, in both French and English.

The annual Partners in Mission emphasis begins soon - get your resources today!

Visit www.saWorld for further information, resources and ideas!

Right Now Media - EXTENDED

Right Now Media - EXTENDED
Right Now Media websiteThe Canada and Bermuda Territory of The Salvation Army has made the spiritual health and wellness of all Salvationists, employees, volunteers and the people we serve a strategic priority. We are therefore excited to offer this large community of people the gift of PRE-PAID access has been extended until August 2018, to a huge, streaming, online library of over 12,000 Bible study videos, leadership videos, kids’ shows and more. RightNow Media has been described as “the Netflix of Christian videos.”  

Click here to register:
RightNow Media

Feedback from registrants:
"I am absolutely thrilled to have this resource back.  Thank you so much for the investment!"
"Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I am so excited to check out the "Netflix of Christian videos" as mentioned in your message copied below.  I will certainly be passing this info onto our congregation and staff."

BULLETIN INSERT - Copies of the bulletin and poster are available on Lotus Notes.
SHARE - Everyone must register individually.  Corps are requested to share the link with congregations and encourage people to register.
ACCESS - To enjoy this gift, please register here: 

Registrants will have access to thousands of video resources to help you with parenting, marriage, discipleship, kids’ programs and more.  The site includes content for all ages and stages of life, and, you can invite corps members, family members and friends to set up their own accounts.
Before you sign up for your own account, please note that this website is managed by RightNow Media, a company based in the United States and subject to American laws.  As part of the sign-up process, you will be asked to provide certain information, such as your name, e-mail address, gender, birth year, employment status with The Salvation Army and marital status. The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territory does not have access to the personal information that you provide or control over it.  To learn more about RightNow Media’s Privacy Policy, please go to
At the end of this first year of subscription, the Canada and Bermuda Territory of The Salvation Army will decide, based on the feedback received, whether to renew the subscription for this service.  So be sure to try it out,


What Can You Learn - Growth History

What Can You Learn - Growth History
Every year corps submit forms generated from SAMIS (statistical collection program) which show the current information for the unit.  The Growth History Report has been designed to give corps officers and leaders an overview of the current and past statistics that have been recorded in SAMIS.
Rolls and Membership
Spiritual Health programs foster growth and encourage members to develop their faith and action for God!  Categories reflect areas of focus:  Discipleship, Worship, Outreach, Fellowship, etc.  If there are a lot of zero's in this section, ask whether the corps is meeting the needs of the members in these significant areas, and how new programming may enhance their corps community experience.  If there are zero's in areas that you know you have programs - find out how to record activities in SAMIS. (SAMIS HELP)
Spiritual Health
Involvement in the community is a reflection of how a corps is integrating into the community and involving members in the goals to meet community needs.  If you have zero's in this area - consider adding goals to meet a community need in the coming year!

Evangelism outcomes are reflected in the seeker information.  Sr/Jr Seeker - 1st Time - indicates new CONVERTS.  New converts who are embraced by the corps will also be reflected on the Rolls (Friends? Adherents?..... eventually Soldiers!).  Intentional follow up and engaging of new contacts will result in changes in the entire corps overview!  If you have zero's in this area make sure you have acurately recorded information, and consider setting goals in your AMR towards evangelism!
Evangelism and StewardshipSave

Food Bank Network Group

Food Bank Network Group
This information has been received as may be of interest to units who have a food bank.

Thank you for your patience. The winter holidays are a busy time for us, as I'm sure many of you can imagine, and we now have had the opportunity to catch our breath and review work on building a community of practice for aligned food security organizations seeking more peer support. Thanks very much for participating in the survey we sent. We wanted to be sure to review the results of the survey, as well as the next steps we plan to pursue, based upon them.  
Survey Results:
The survey had a 60% response rate (~ 24 individuals), which is quite high and shows the level of sustained need and interest there is in terms of keeping contact with each other. Most respondents were already part of at least one community of practice, formal or informal. The reasons for taking part in a CoP were multiple, and included document and information sharing, better understanding individual organizational strengths, reading case studies and reports, as well as being better able to contact others outside our individual organizations.
The areas individuals most wanted to contribute in were:
•           Programming and Member Engagement
•           Partnerships
•           Public Education/Engagement
•           Food Distribution
•           Strategic Planning
The areas individuals most wanted to learn more about were:  
•           Public Education/Engagement
•           Partnerships
•           Programming and Member Engagement
•           Advocacy
•           Data Collection and Metrics
Next Steps:
We've begun a discussion on how to take these results into a sustainable project that works for the collective group. This includes conversation about where / how to house a community practice - we are meeting with a few other food banks and organizations who have expressed support in this regard. If you know others who are able to help resource this, please get in touch.
We are looking to get in touch again by the end of February with some more opportunities to get in touch, either virtually or in person.
In the meantime, 100% of respondents agreed to share their contact information with others - if you wish to do so please contact Peter_Thomas @can for the document link. Please feel free to have others in your organization or network add to this as a living document to enhance contact and sharing.
Thanks again everyone for doing the work you do and seeking about how we can continuously do this work better. We have really found it so helpful to the health and wealth of our organization to reach out and work with others, and feel that this is one more of this steps.

Calling the Courageous to Self Denial

Calling the Courageous to Self Denial

Calling the Courageous to Self Denial - February Bulletin InsertPoster

Calling the Courageous to Self Denial Poster

Celebration of Culture: A Journey of Reconciliation

Celebration of  Culture: A Journey of Reconciliation
Save the Date
The Salvation Army & Indigenous Pathways 
Celebration of  Culture: A Journey of Reconciliation

Pine Lake Camp
September 8 –10, 2017
Cost: $175 (accommodations & meals)
Early Bird Registration $150  (prior to August 01)
Registration details coming soon!
Open to ALL to learn and experience
Indigenous culture and heritage
Saturday Afternoon Pow Wow with Host Drum:
“Turning Robe”
Master of Ceremonies:
Chief Vincent Yellow Old Woman & Bryan Brightcloud
Supported by:
Commissioner Susan McMillan
Musical Guest:
Cheryl Bear




Valentine's Program Ideas

Valentine's Program Ideas
Looking for ValentineValentine's Card's ministry ideas?

You can find Openings, Outlines, Bible Study, Worship, Fellowship and Games ideas for Valentines
on (link direct to Valentine's ideas).
Sample:  Printable pdf for Valentine's Cards

ALSO, start planning early for Easter program needs.

Over 21 Easter related programs, with ideas for Seniors', Women's Groups, Children, Sermon and Worship ideas and more!Save

SAMIS Rolls Updates

SAMIS Rolls Updates
If you are trying to update your ROLLS in SAMIS, and didn't get time to complete the SAMIS training, here is a document that will outline for you:
-  how to move members between rolls,
-  how to complete your documents for the Corps Ministry Unit Review.

View this presentation - before you UPDATE YOUR ROLLS!


Download a PDF version here:  Updating SAMIS Rolls PDF Handbook