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Calling the Courageous to Be Christ's Broken Bread

Calling the Courageous to Be Christ's Broken Bread
Hear the Spirit CALLING THE COURAGEOUS… to be Christ’s broken bread: to live out every area of their lives as a sacrament unto God. 

This bulletin insert and sermon  focus attention on our willingness to be available and used by God to accomplish His purposes.
Calling the Courageous To Be Christ's Broken Bread (Bulletin Insert)

Calling the Courageous To Be Christ's Broken Bread - Sermon Outline

I'm A Leader

I'm A Leader
This Scripture Writing Plan focused on leaders and leadership can be used in a variety of ways.  Use it with the Corps Council/Ministry Board; distribute with a journal to new leaders, all leaders; as appreciation for service or to kick off a new season of leadership.

Another option is to save the image below, and use it in an email to the leadership team, share on a website or social media.

I'm A Leader - Scripture Writing Plan (pdf) 
I'm A Leader Scripture Writing Plan

You Asked - SAMIS

You Asked - SAMIS
The SAMIS help email address receives many requests for new programs to collect monthly statistics in SAMIS.­ Many of these requests are for programs that are already available in SAMIS, but units are sometimes not aware of the steps to activate programs for their ministry unit.
If your ministry unit is running programs that do not currently appear in your SAMIS listing, use the 'Request a New Activity' button to submit the details and we will respond with the information you need.
Screen Capture Steps

For instructions on how to activate a program/activity for your ministry unit, view this page: Activate/Deactivate
The following is a list of requested activities, and the 'Activity' in SAMIS that units were instructed to use for collecting their stats.
Requested PROGRAMS Use This in SAMIS

Baby/Children Dedication

Cradle Roll - count the children dedicated
Special Events - if the Dedication took place in a service other than Sunday worship, but attendance & #mtg here
If Dedication took place during Sunday worship, don’t count the meeting or attendance­ separately.


Weddings - yes, there is an activity where you can count this.

Community Outreach Events (Rally Day picnic, BBQ, etc)

Special Events - Corps­­

Walk Off The Pounds

Outreach Programs­ OR WM - Healthy Lifestyles

Youth Drop-In

Drop-In Corps­­ OR Youth Outreach Event

Community Outreach

Outreach Programs

Coffee House

Drop-In Corps

Prison Ministry
Worship Service in an Institution

Outreach to Social Services

Sports Outreach: Adult & Children

Outreach Programs

Senior’s Home Service

CCM Nursing Home Visits­ OR­ CCM Retirement Residence Visits

Church Fellowship Meal

Corps Fellowship

CRU Ministry & CRU Call Outs

Disaster & Emergency Response

Student Placements

Volunteers - Regular

Community Response Vehicle - non emergency runs

Street Ministry­ OR Outreach Programs


Outreach Programs

Ministry Board/Corps Council

Ministry Board/Corps Council

Fun & Food Camp (week long day camp at corps)

Day Camp - Corps Run

Sports Camp (run at corps during day)

Day Camp - Corps Run

Sponsored Campers

Camps - Sponsored Campers­ *this item is designated DHQ USE ONLY, however, CORPS must count sponsored campers here

Adult Athletics

Outreach Program

Corps Bridal/Baby Shower

WM - Special Events­ OR­ Special Events - Corps

Baby Song

Baby Song (If sponsored through anything other than Women's Ministries)
If sponsored and conducted by Women's Ministries enter statistics into WM - Preschool Focus Groups.

Community Dinner

Community Feeding Program­ OR Outreach Programs

Soldier/Membership classes

Soldier/Membership Preparation Classes - Jr and Sr.

Women’s Support Group

WM - Healthy Lifestyles


Vacation Bible School

Bible Studies - multiple groups

Prayer or Bible Study Group - count # groups, then combine totals for # mtgs and #attendance­

Youth - Jr. & Sr. Planning Meeting

Community Ministry Management Team Meeting

Committees- Other

Provide lunch for school

School Feeding Program

Pioneer Club

Pioneer Club

Jr. Music Program (not band, singing co, or timbrells)

Music Education Program

Mid-Week Worship

Worship - Non Sunday

Caregivers Support Group

­CSP - Support Group

Pentecost Sunday

Pentecost Sunday
Resources for Pentecost Sunday have been added to
  • Sermon Outline
  • Resource Ideas - includes music ideas, video links, song suggestions, prayer, and more
  • Inspirational Graphic for sharing on social media
  • Powerpoint presentation with Responsive reading of Acts 2, and the lyrics for Send the Fire!
  • Responsive Reading print and slide versions

Pentecost Resources

View all these FREE resources!


Summer Program Ideas

Summer Program Ideas
Summer ministry offers a wide variety of opportunities to get out in the community.  Plan a summer ministry event for your congregation this summer to get you out of your building and meet new people.  Here are some ideas to get you started in summer ministries

You will find: children's day camp, picnic ideas, family night suggestions, crafts, Bible studies, and more!

Summer Outreach 2016 reportSave

Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking
1. Current Reality - 2. Desired Outcome - 3. Steps to achieveSTRATEGIC THINKING for congregations is essential to healthy congregational life and growth.  Keeping the mission and vision before leaders, and intentionally setting and following goals and objectives, increases ownership and productivity.  The new corps review documents will be highlighting this process, encouraging all ministry units to engage in STRATEGIC THINKING on a regular basis. 
The Corps Ministries Department have prepared a worksheet with instructions for every ministry group, along with concise charts to collect goals and objectives for tracking and promotion.  Following this process each ministry group will evaluate their effectiveness around the Territorial Priorities of Spiritual Health, Leadership Development, Social Justice, Integrated Mission, Children & Youth, the Gospel and Transformation, Discipleship, and identify attainable goals and objectives to move forward.
Follow this link to download the STRATEGIC THINKING Instructions & Worksheet.


Calling the Courageous - Surrender

Calling the Courageous - Surrender
This Calling the Courageous focus is on surrender.  A bulletin insert and a devotional to distribute.

Download the print ready bulletin insert

Devotional on Surrender

Cracked Pots Devotional and Self Examination


Summer Outreach Events

Summer Outreach Events
Congratulations: During 2016  167 CORPS locations organized, executed (and reported in SAMIS) 1,437 SUMMER OUTREACH EVENTS resulting in a total ATTENDANCE of 67,017.

These events were recorded in SAMIS under: Outdoor Meeting, Vacation Bible School, Special Events, Outreach Programs,  Corps Retreat,  Outreach Camp - Other,  Camp At Home,  Corps Fellowship,  Youth Outreach Event/Program, Special Events - Outreach, Day Camp - Corps Run.
Get ideas and start planning an event in your area:  Summer Outreach Ideas

Capacity Boost Grant

Capacity Boost Grant
The Capacity Boost Grant is made possible through the generous support of the Walmart Foundation and Walmart Canada to increase the capacity of food bank organizations in Canada. This fund supports food bank organizations in implementing the infrastructure needed to improve their organizational capacity  with the ultimate goal of increasing the amount of food, including both perishable and non-perishable, they are able to accept and expanding the organization’s ability to meet community needs.
The 2017 Capacity Boost Grant is open to all provincial associations as well as food banks that are members of their provincial association. If you are uncertain whether you are an affiliate food bank, please contact your provincial food bank association.
· Organizations applying for a grant may only submit one application for funds.
· Organizations who were successful recipients of a 2016 Retail Capacity Grant will not be eligible to apply for a 2017 Capacity Boost Grant.
· Applications from organizations who have outstanding grant reports due to Food Banks Canada will not be considered until those reports are received and reviewed.
To be eligible, organizations applying for a grant must have at least one person on staff or a volunteer who has completed safe food handling training by a recognized source (e.g. public health, Food Banks Canada, etc.)
How to apply:
Information is also available through the Food Banks Canada online Resource Centre at:
When is the deadline to apply?

The last day to apply is Friday, May 26, 2017.
If you have any questions about the Retail Capacity Grant or how to complete this application, please do not hesitate to contact Glenn Court, Program Officer at or 905-602-5234 ext. 234 or toll free at 1-877-535-0958 ext. 234 for assistance.

Whole World Mobilizing Movement

Whole World Mobilizing Movement
 IHQ has recently released an APP for TWWM.
This "oneArmy" App helps us each in taking a spiritual, social, missional and international approach to the Whole World Mobilising movement.

Download for your device:

iOS - iTunes

Android - Google Play

Other helpful links:

#TheWholeWorldMobilising (Article)

Spring Program Ideas

Spring Program Ideas
If you are looking for some ideas for spring programs, here are a few suggestions - programs which are available as free pdf downloads through our program resource website:

Decision Sunday program:­ Righteous Rain
Decision Sunday in Spanish:­ Righteous Rain
Sunday/Kids Club:­ Creation Celebration
Decision Activity:­ Get the Dirt
Fundraiser: Partners In Mission - Olympic Theme
5 Week Opening Series:­ Spiritual Fitness
Penelope Green Story and Slides
PIM Children's Story:­ An Enchanted Evening

Fair Trade Awareness:­ Amazing Grace
30 Hour Famine

Joy Senior's Meeting

Beauty Within
Decorating A Home Without Creating Debt
God Created Lavender

Partners In Mission Fundraising
Go Challenge - Six weeks of sermon ideas, coupled with a fundraising challenge for Partners In Mission
Partners In Mission Challenge - Get the whole family involved in fundraising

Let Your Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine
The 2017 CCM Sunday Promotional Materials are included below.  The CCM Sunday is to be scheduled on a designated Sunday anytime up to the end of June 2017.   LAISSEZ BRILLER VOTRE LUMIERE

The following promotional resources for the Community Care Ministries Sunday 2017 are attached for distribution:
  • Legal (8.5"x14") and Letter (8.5"x11") size posters
  • 5x8 inch image for bulletin cover
  • Promotional slide for PowerPoint
  • Blank PPT slide
  • CCM logos with transparent background, large and smallen francais
  • Children's story
  • Theme music "Let Your Light Shine"
  • Sermon
  • Order of Service
  • Information  regarding Order of Service: This attachment refers to the Praise and Worship songs, and after the sermon (Reflection Songs). It contains the lyrics and background information for both the Praise and  Worship Songs and Reflection Songs.  Contains composer, CCLI number and addresses for the author.  The lyrics contained here are for easy reference and for copying and pasting to the powerpoint slides.  
Everything in one download .zip file  -  contains all English files

A La Carte Downloads
POSTER Downloads:

CCM Sunday 2017 EN Poster LGL.pdf

CCM Sunday2017 EN sermon.docx
CCM Sunday2017 EN Songs & Lyrics.docx
CCM Sunday2017 EN Bulletin Cover.docx
CCM Sunday2017 EN Childrens Story.docx

CCM Sunday2017 EN Promo Slide
CCM Sunday2017 EN Slide 1
CCM Sunday2017 EN Slide 2
CCM Sunday2017 EN Slide 3

Earth Day Bible Study

Earth Day Bible Study
Earth Day!  Are you looking for a Bible Study to use with a small group?  The Salvation Army Ethics Centre, study on the Environment is a good start!

Find this image on our Facebook page and SHARE!


Curriculum For Fall- Order Now

Curriculum For Fall- Order Now
Order now for timely delivery.

B Tru 2 UCROSSzone / Jr. Highers (ages 11-13)
B Tru2U (details)
In this course you will help your students discover a new way of thinking and living as taught by Jesus in the Beatitudes and Parables. Exploring the paradoxical truths of the Beatitudes and discussing relational behaviours will challenge them to develop in new ways

You're a VesselCROSStraining / Sr. Highers (ages 14-16)
You're A Vessel God Can Use! (details)
God has called us into fellowship with Him for a purpose. Discovering and being part of a mission are important to young people. Help them see their part in fulfilling God's plan through this Bible Study unit.

­For Jr. & Sr. High  leadership training experiences, click here:­ Ministry Training Handbook

Mentorship: A Guide for Developing Healthy Mentoring Relationships, by Major Beverly Ivany (for use with teens and adults), ORDER NOWSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

Holy Saturday Prayer Vigil

Holy Saturday Prayer Vigil
Here is a document that outlines several ideas to co-ordinate and execute a prayer vigil on Holy Saturday.
"On this Holy Saturday, after the devastation of the cross on Good Friday but before the joy of the empty tomb on Easter morning, let us sit vigil for those who live in the in between. Let us pause before rushing forward to the joy of Easter to remember millions of people don’t know if they will ever have a place to call home again."

Holy Saturday Prayer Vigil

Global Alpha Campaign

Global Alpha Campaign
As you are aware the "Gospel & Transformation" (evangelism) is one of our Territory's 7 strategic priorities under the banner of "Mobilize".  This year we are placing renewed emphasis and high priority on soul saving and Kingdom building!

The first action step towards this strategic priority will be an all out involvement in the Global Alpha Campaign // September 2016-2017.  This nation wide campaign will feature Bear Grylls, the face of outdoor survival and adventure who has 1.5 billion fans worldwide.  He will be sharing his journey of faith on Alpha in a way that the world has never seen before.  He has kindly gifted Alpha with the use of his image and story for the campaign over 12 months starting September 1, 2016.

Check out this website:  and register your region, and/or your corps to host an Alpha campaign in the coming year.

Along with Bear Grylls, the Corps Ministries Department and Alpha Canada will be providing a variety of additional supports for you and your campaign.  Regional Alpha Directors will be available in each province to meet with local corps and leaders.  Zoom conference teaching sessions will be hosted by the Corps Ministries Secretary and Shaila Visser, the National Director of Alpha.  Tools, resources, downloads and additional training will all be made available to those leading campaigns on the front lines.


Mother's Day e-Blast Graphic

Mother's Day e-Blast Graphic
Use this graphic to remind your congregation about your special service for Mother's Day. ­Available at, along with many other Mother's Day program ideas.

Send out an email invitation, or use it on your church/corps FB account to remind everyone to come out.  Find the free download at, sample below.
Mother's Day Invitation


Holy Week Ministry Resources

Holy Week Ministry Resources
Family Table Devotions50+ ministry ideas for Holy Week AVAILABLE AT:

HOLY WEEK FAMILY TABLE DEVOTIONS:  Print and use around your family table during Holy Week - Bible readings, questions, activities and more!

HOLY WInspiration CardEEK Take-away Bible inspiration cards:  Customize the back to reflect upcoming church events, contact information etc.  Print and distribute on Palm Sunday for congregants to reflect during the week.