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Summer Program Ideas

Summer Program Ideas

Looking for summer ministry ideas?

Summer ministry offers a wide variety of opportunities to get out in the community.  Plan a summer ministry event for your congregation this summer to get you out of your building and meet new people.  Here are some ideas to get you started in summer ministries

You will find: children's day camp, picnic ideas, family night suggestions, crafts, Bible studies, and more!

Summer Outreach 2016 reportSave
Summer Outreach Events

Summer Outreach Events

Celebrate Ministry & Mission!

Congratulations: During 2016  167 CORPS locations organized, executed (and reported in SAMIS) 1,437 SUMMER OUTREACH EVENTS resulting in a total ATTENDANCE of 67,017.

These events were recorded in SAMIS under: Outdoor Meeting, Vacation Bible School, Special Events, Outreach Programs,  Corps Retreat,  Outreach Camp - Other,  Camp At Home,  Corps Fellowship,  Youth Outreach Event/Program, Special Events - Outreach, Day Camp - Corps Run.
Get ideas and start planning an event in your area:  Summer Outreach Ideas
Global Alpha Campaign

Global Alpha Campaign

The Gospel & Transformation

As you are aware the "Gospel & Transformation" (evangelism) is one of our Territory's 7 strategic priorities under the banner of "Mobilize".  This year we are placing renewed emphasis and high priority on soul saving and Kingdom building!

The first action step towards this strategic priority will be an all out involvement in the Global Alpha Campaign // September 2016-2017.  This nation wide campaign will feature Bear Grylls, the face of outdoor survival and adventure who has 1.5 billion fans worldwide.  He will be sharing his journey of faith on Alpha in a way that the world has never seen before.  He has kindly gifted Alpha with the use of his image and story for the campaign over 12 months starting September 1, 2016.

Check out this website:  and register your region, and/or your corps to host an Alpha campaign in the coming year.

Along with Bear Grylls, the Corps Ministries Department and Alpha Canada will be providing a variety of additional supports for you and your campaign.  Regional Alpha Directors will be available in each province to meet with local corps and leaders.  Zoom conference teaching sessions will be hosted by the Corps Ministries Secretary and Shaila Visser, the National Director of Alpha.  Tools, resources, downloads and additional training will all be made available to those leading campaigns on the front lines.

Earth Hour

Earth Hour

Creative ways to recognize this event.

Why not organize an informal event to mark the time.  To help people you know, participate in this international endeavour plan one of the following:

BLOCK PARTY  -  If the forecast is good, plan an informal block party. Invite your neighbours to bring their lawn chairs out to the street, to catch up after the long winter indoors.  Ask a few people to help organize some snacks (maybe hot chocolate and donuts). Don't forget to remind people to turn off all their lights out at home!  Use this opportunity to extend an invitation to your Easter services.

CORPS FELLOWSHIP  - Invite everyone over to the Corps to play table games by camp-light or candle-light.

PRAYER WALK - Here is a great opportunity to get together with a couple of Christian friends, and take a walk around your Corps building or neighbourhood, using the time to pray for those behind closed doors.  Or download a copy of  Prayer On The Move - a community journey visiting places of significance, where groups stop and pray.

FAMILY IDEAS - Take this opportunity to spend time together.  Go for a walk, or set up a candle on your table, and enjoy a snack together, or get a good flashlight and read a story to everyone.  Make the topic of conversation focus on how we treat the earth and the resources that God has entrusted to us.

The possibilities are endless.  If you have an idea to share, use the comment box below to add it to this site.  Since all comments require approval, check back the next business day to see your suggestion.

For free downloadable ideas on fellowships and prayer walks, visit  For more information on Earth Hour visit
Mercy Seat Counselling - A Training Tool

Mercy Seat Counselling - A Training Tool

Great resource!

When was the last time your corps offered training for those who counsel at the Mercy Seat?  Here is a great resource for a three session training - covering information on what the Mercy Seat is, how it should be used, and some very practical, biblical teaching for those who are involved in counselling at the Mercy Seat!

This training tool is a powerpoint presentation which includes complete training notes.

Download the training:  Mercy Seat Counsellor TrainingSave
10 Ways to Get Involved This Christmas

10 Ways to Get Involved This Christmas

It's a time for giving!

10 Ways to Get Involved

Choose at least one way you can impact the lives of others this season!

1.  Help pack Christmas hampers, or sort donations through your local Salvation Army Christmas effort,
2.  Volunteer on a Salvation Army Christmas Kettle,
3.  Support Gifts of Hope by purchasing goats or chickens for families in needy countries, or encourage a group you attend to raise funds for a Gift of Hope.
4.  Volunteer with your local Community Care group who visit nursing homes and distribute Sunshine Bags,
5.  Host a group (Youth Teachers, Ministry Board, Musical Sections, Family Services Workers) from your Corps for Christmas Cider and Goodies, and give them a thank you card for their service.
6.  Get sponsors and run in the Santa Shuffle ( - happening in cities across Canada on December 6.
7.  Watch for people in your community who need assistance, and direct them to the local Salvation Army for Christmas relief.
8.  Random Act of Kindness - purchase 10 gifts cards for your local coffee shop with enough money for a coffee and muffin.  Distribute them randomly to people you see in need over the Christmas season.
9.  Invite someone from your neighbourhood to the Christmas Sunday or Christmas Eve service at your local Salvation Army.
10.  Support The Salvation Army Toy Drive in your community with a new, unwrapped toy!


To find a Salvation Army location click here:  Salvation Army Canada and BermudaSaveSave
Community Care Christmas Supplies

Community Care Christmas Supplies

Ordering Deadline: Sept 30

It's time to think about Christmas outreach to hospitals, nursing homes, senior's residences, prisons, group homes and more!  Get your supplies early!  Here is the 2016 ordering catalogue from S & P: Community Care Supplies
5 Must Do's to Encourage Your Guests to Return

5 Must Do's to Encourage Your Guests to Return

It's not too late!

Here are 5 easy things you can do, to increase the probability of having guests return again sooner!

1.­ Make sure you have greeters with name tags at your door, to welcome people, and give assistance as needed.

2.­ Advertise your upcoming sermon series, special community or fellowship events, Easter,  special Mother's Day service, Canada Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and fundraisers - either in your printed material or from the pulpit.­ Remember to use inclusive language.

3.­ Prepare a slide, series of slides, or printed handout to promote upcoming events. Make sure you include your contact information, website or facebook address!

4.­ Use a visitor card system or have your greeter personally introduce visitors to the pastor and collect contact info.­ This gives you even greater opportunity to follow up later.­ But, don't use them and NOT follow up!­

5.­ Place key people at the door as people leave, to recognize and intentionally speak with every visitor/guest.­ Provide a handout as they go, with information and contact numbers.

Winter Outreach - Valentine's Idea

Winter Outreach - Valentine's Idea

Who said open airs had to be boring?

We Love our CommunityHere is an idea to share God's Love with your community and raise public awareness of your presence in the community with one event.  WE (Heart) OUR COMMUNITY - is a corps organized community based event idea, giving your corps an opportunity to get out into the community on a Sunday morning, with the intention of inviting them back to the morning service.

Download this event idea at
Ideas for Meeting Needs

Ideas for Meeting Needs

Innovative Food programs

Here are some innovative ways to meet the need for food in your community!
September 21 - 24th, 2015 is #HungerWeek.  Help raise awareness by tweeting, emailing your members, posting on your website!Feeding Programs

1.  School Snack Program - provide the school with a supply of healthy snack items to be given to students who do not have any.

2.  Healthy Lunch Program - include in your Food Bank items, designated items useful for healthy lunches for children.

3.  Produce Boxes - include a box of fresh produce or provide information for the Good Food Box program - encouraging healthy food choices.  Subsidize families.
To collect statistics for these ministries in SAMIS, check out the options under ACTION -> MANAGE PROGRAM ACTIVITIES.  Activate new items as needed.  Click here for FAQ's about SAMIS.
The Elevator Story

The Elevator Story

A tool for congregations.

Identifying the Elevator Message for our Congregation
In thirty seconds or less, tell me why I should consider attending your church,
instead of the other churches in your town/city.
There are times when we try to invite someone to our church but talk too long and often about the things that don’t really matter.­ That’s why maybe we should teach our congregation how to focus and say the things that are important.
This is sometime referred to as an “Elevator Pitch”.­ The simple definition is as follows;
­ “ An elevator pitch is a brief yet concise speech given by one person to another person(s) in order to explain a product or service that they either represent and/or sell.­ The purpose of an elevator pitch is to quickly inspire the listener to consider purchasing and/or using that particular product or service.­
The Process of Figuring Out Why We Exist and Steps for Creating a “Spiritual” Elevator Pitch
Here are 7 things you would need to define and/or answer in order to create an effective elevator pitch for your church.
  • For what purpose does our church exist?
  • What do we hope to accomplish each and every time we meet as a congregation?
  • What are some of the “key” ministries that we offer/provide?
  • What are some of the “key” ministries that we offer/provide BUT are not offered or provided by the other churches in our community?
  • What are the demographics of the people that attend our church?(Are we a church composed primarily of elderly saints, young families, college-aged young adults, or do we have a diverse mixture of worshipers?)
  • What type of person is our church hoping to attract each and every Sunday?
  • Does our church exist to be primarily discipleship-oriented (ministering to saved Christians) or are we more of an evangelistic, outreach-oriented church?
Okay, okay.­ I know what you’re thinking.­ You’re thinking (“Perish the thought!”) that an elevator pitch sounds a bit commercial, “worldly” even, and you’d never even consider such a thing at your church!­ I suppose that is understandable.
But let me ask you this, if I asked you to tell me why I would want to consider attending your church versus the “popular” one just around the corner, would you have any idea what to say to me?­ More importantly, do you think the average person sitting in your pews would be able to articulate an appropriate answer to me?
Probably not.­­ And that’s just the problem.
Maybe your church should consider developing an elevator pitch? If nothing else, it would spark wonderful conversation amongst the members of your congregation.
And just imagine how valuable a tool it could become with regards to pointing your congregation down the path you’re hoping to lead them!
Excerpts taken from (By Charles Specht).­ This article was included in the Annual Review documents as a suggestion to every Corps.

Summer Park Ministry

Summer Park Ministry

Need a handout? Available in English and French

Evangelism HandoutsThis summer if your corps or ministry unit are going outdoors to evangelize or raise awareness in your community, why not consider ordering copies of these booklets to give out?

"Lots of good stuff comes from the Internet, but with the good comes the bad.  Keep these things in mind when you're online."

Be Smart Be Safe: Safety tips to share with your children and teens (parents)
Designed for the parent, this pamphlet clarifies exactly what parents should be aware of, what children need to know about online safety, what teens should practice while surfing.

World Wide Web or Spider Web? Tips to help protect your children and teens online (teens)
This pamplet outlines tips for young people while using the web, provides parents with safety suggestions and signs to watch for so that they can know if their child is at risk.

Your Safety's On The Line: Heads up for risk-free surfing (for teens)
Besides the basics, this pamphlet outlines truthfully the dangers online of Bullying, Cyber stalking, and Pornography.

These resources were created by Nancy Turley, Territorial Abuse Advisor and are a great way to show parents that you care.

Copies can be ordered through the Online Ordering Catalogue (direct product link)

All About Pioneer Clubs

All About Pioneer Clubs

Read this month's e-TIPS

Find out everything you need to know about running Pioneer Clubs in your ministry unit.­ Great children's ministry option and great for reaching out into the community!

e-TIPS October 2014
Community Care Sunshine Bags

Community Care Sunshine Bags

A sharing, caring ministry!

Every year hundreds of Community Care workers and volunteers gather together during the late fall months, to pack Sunshine Bags (baggies of goodies) for distribution in­ Canadian and Bermudian nursing homes, hospitals and other care facilities.­ These special bags often contain personal care items, such as hand cream and tissues, useful for residents and patients.

Sunshine Bags are distributed during December to thousands of people, along with a blessing and an offer of a Salvation Army periodical.­ During 2013, over 42,000 bags were given out in 65 communities through this volunteer ministry of Salvation Army Corps!

Wycliffe Booklets on Evangelism

Here is a great set of booklets on Evangelism.  They are quick reads, and very practical.  You can get these as free PDF's if you register at The Institute of Evangelism, purchase a print copy, or read it online for free!.Just the Basics

The Wycliffe Booklets on Evangelism
#1 Preaching the Church's Mission
#2 Just the Basics
#3 Unwrapping All Our Gifts: A Neglected Key to Evangelism
#4 Doors Into Faith: Inviting Friends to Join the Big Game
#5 Connecting Young People and the Gospel: How Trinitarian Love Shapes Youth Ministry
#6 From Visitor to Disciple
Street Ministry in the 21st C

Street Ministry in the 21st C

How relevant is it?

Our September Poll focused on the relevance of street ministry.  Here are the results:

How relevant do you think street ministry is in our current cultural environment?
Highly relevant:  15/29
Relevant:  7/29
Mildly relevant   4/29
Not relevant at all  3/29

How often does your Corps/Church hold outdoor meetings in the summer?
Not at all  16/29
Once a week  6/29
Every other week  3/29
Once a month  4/29

While not by any means a conclusive study, it is interesting that while the majority of our readers feel street ministry is 'highly relevant' the majority of our Corps/Churches are not holding any outdoor summer meetings.  Why the discrepancy?

Street Ministry has changed so much in the last 30 years.  The traditional Open Air meeting that most Corps engaged in 30 years ago, has gone by the wayside.

Street Ministry needs to take on a new face.  Give us your ideas about what might work, what doesn't work, and what types of resources you know of or would like to see developed.  Use the 'Add Comment' link below to submit your comments.  Keep in mind that all comments on this site require moderation, so expect some delay in viewing all comments.