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Calling the Courageous to Be Christ's Broken Bread

Calling the Courageous to Be Christ's Broken Bread

Calling the Courageous

Hear the Spirit CALLING THE COURAGEOUS… to be Christ’s broken bread: to live out every area of their lives as a sacrament unto God. 

This bulletin insert and sermon  focus attention on our willingness to be available and used by God to accomplish His purposes.
Calling the Courageous To Be Christ's Broken Bread (Bulletin Insert)

Calling the Courageous To Be Christ's Broken Bread - Sermon Outline
Pentecost Sunday

Pentecost Sunday


Resources for Pentecost Sunday have been added to
  • Sermon Outline
  • Resource Ideas - includes music ideas, video links, song suggestions, prayer, and more
  • Inspirational Graphic for sharing on social media
  • Powerpoint presentation with Responsive reading of Acts 2, and the lyrics for Send the Fire!
  • Responsive Reading print and slide versions

Pentecost Resources

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Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking

Process for planning with congregations.

1. Current Reality - 2. Desired Outcome - 3. Steps to achieveSTRATEGIC THINKING for congregations is essential to healthy congregational life and growth.  Keeping the mission and vision before leaders, and intentionally setting and following goals and objectives, increases ownership and productivity.  The new corps review documents will be highlighting this process, encouraging all ministry units to engage in STRATEGIC THINKING on a regular basis. 
The Corps Ministries Department have prepared a worksheet with instructions for every ministry group, along with concise charts to collect goals and objectives for tracking and promotion.  Following this process each ministry group will evaluate their effectiveness around the Territorial Priorities of Spiritual Health, Leadership Development, Social Justice, Integrated Mission, Children & Youth, the Gospel and Transformation, Discipleship, and identify attainable goals and objectives to move forward.
Follow this link to download the STRATEGIC THINKING Instructions & Worksheet.

Calling the Courageous - Surrender

Calling the Courageous - Surrender

Bulletin Insert

This Calling the Courageous focus is on surrender.  A bulletin insert and a devotional to distribute.

Download the print ready bulletin insert

Devotional on Surrender

Cracked Pots Devotional and Self Examination

Global Alpha Campaign

Global Alpha Campaign

The Gospel & Transformation

As you are aware the "Gospel & Transformation" (evangelism) is one of our Territory's 7 strategic priorities under the banner of "Mobilize".  This year we are placing renewed emphasis and high priority on soul saving and Kingdom building!

The first action step towards this strategic priority will be an all out involvement in the Global Alpha Campaign // September 2016-2017.  This nation wide campaign will feature Bear Grylls, the face of outdoor survival and adventure who has 1.5 billion fans worldwide.  He will be sharing his journey of faith on Alpha in a way that the world has never seen before.  He has kindly gifted Alpha with the use of his image and story for the campaign over 12 months starting September 1, 2016.

Check out this website:  and register your region, and/or your corps to host an Alpha campaign in the coming year.

Along with Bear Grylls, the Corps Ministries Department and Alpha Canada will be providing a variety of additional supports for you and your campaign.  Regional Alpha Directors will be available in each province to meet with local corps and leaders.  Zoom conference teaching sessions will be hosted by the Corps Ministries Secretary and Shaila Visser, the National Director of Alpha.  Tools, resources, downloads and additional training will all be made available to those leading campaigns on the front lines.

Right Now Media Promo

Right Now Media Promo

Major Brian Bishop

Embedded Content

Major Brian Bishop recommends Right Now Media as a great tool to promote spiritual development.   Click here to REGISTER NOW!
Calling the Courageous - March

Calling the Courageous - March

Bulletin Insert

The focus for March is celebration. There are two resources - the bulletin insert and a DIY CELEBRATION video idea and instructions.

Download the print ready bulletin insert focusing on celebration!



Here are the instructions on how to create your own celebration video and share it with your congregation.
Download the instruction sheet:
DIY Video instructions
Junior Soldier Preparation

Junior Soldier Preparation

Start now for spring enrollment

The newly written junior soldier preparation course provides young people between the ages of 7-12 with a clear understanding of what if means to be a soldier for God, and a soldier within The Salvation Army. This course has been written to give the young people an understanding and assurance that with God's help they can live up to the Junior Soldier Promise they are asked to make at the end of the 6 week course. Download an Application for Junior Soldier Enrolment
This 6-week course material comes complete with reproducible instructor resources pages and student take-home sheets. The take home sheets have two different reading levels and can be given out accordingly. Also included are reproducible postcards and letters to the parents which can be mailed home each week to help extend the lesson outside of the classroom. The easy-to-use instructor's guide also comes with one full-colour poster which can be used to advertise your course. Additional posters are also available.

Lesson 1 - God's Purpose 
The young people will discover that we are all made in God's image, and that God has a purpose for each of us: to love, worship and serve him.

Lesson 2 - God's Plan
God has a plan for each of us. He has an ABCDE Plan - it's a plan of salvation.

Lesson 3 - God's Protection 
God provides each of us with protection from Satan's attacks, the Christian Armor, but we must first choose to put it on.

Lesson 4 - God's Church
God created the "Church" so that we could encourage each other. The Salvation Army is a part of God's Church.

Lesson 5 - God's Helper
God not only wants us to come together to encourage each other, he wants us to help each other, especially those in need.

Lesson 6 - God's Witness
God keeps all his promises and will help us keep ours. God will help us live up to our Junior Soldier Promise.

Have Questions?­ Email your questions to
Calling The Courageous

Calling The Courageous

A daring new Soldiership campaign for 2017.

2017 marks the launch of a new soldiership campaign for the Canada & Bermuda territory: CALLING THE COURAGEOUSThroughout the year there will be special emphasis given to fostering, nurturing and supporting soldiership through various types of ministries.
January is typically the month that we are encouraged to reflect and recommit.  Renewal Sunday resources are now available, based on this new theme.  Resources include:  bulletin cover, soldier's renewal card, adherent renewal card, slides (reg and wide), sermon and meeting outline suggestions.
Calling the Courageous Campaign
Download the .zip file with everything in one place.  Soldier Renewal Package,
January Bulletin Insert ,
Calling the Courageous to Self Denial - February Bulletin InsertPoster

Calling the Courageous to Self Denial Poster

JUNIOR SOLDIER RENEWAL - Order your supply from
Junior Soldier Day of Renewal / Ready to Serve Sunday Bookmarks (2-sided)
Set aside one Sunday this coming January to recognize and encourage the junior members of your church and the Ready to Serve recruits. Celebrate their willingness to be disciples of Jesus. This two-sided 7" x 2 1/2" bookmark can be used to encourage the young people in both programs. Use the blue junior soldier side to remind them of the promises they made when they became a junior soldier of The Salvation Army. Or use the orange side to encourage young people to remain committed to their training in Ready to Serve.

Junior Soldier Renewal Bookmark
Junior Soldier Day of Renewal / Ready to Serve Sunday Bulletins
January is the suggested month to recognize your junior members and ready to serve participants. Use this colourful bulletin cover with your congregation. It'll help remind them of the promises our young people make when they choose to become junior members of The Salvation Army. Encourage them to take it home and use it as a reminder to pray for the young people.

SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveJunior Soldier/RTS RenewalSaveSaveSaveSave
Adherent Training Manual

Adherent Training Manual

Everything you need.

This interactive four-lesson manual was produced by the Canada and Bermuda Territory's corps ministries department.  It explains the commitments of membership, what belonging to the Army means and that adherency can be seen as an on-ramp to soldiership.  The manual explains Army history, culture, local mission and ministry, and works as a course for newcomers as well.

Access all downloads:

Thanksgiving Program Ideas

Thanksgiving Program Ideas

Here is a handy list of ideas

Powerpoint Resources:
Thanksgiving Powerpoint Slide BackgroundsThanksgiving slides
Give Thanks - Powerpoint Background

God's Harvest - Print Version (Responsive Reading)
God's Harvest - Powerpoint (Responsive Reading)
Thanksgiving Responsive Reading
Hymns of Adoration - Powerpoint (Responsive Reading)

Thanksgiving Bulletins (Order from Trade)

Barnyard Blast (Halloween)
In The Dark (Halloween)

Thanksgiving Crafts (from
Coloring Pages and Activities (from

Senior's and Women's:
Ways to Help Children Focus on Thanksgiving (Women's Program for Mothers)
Canadian Thanksgiving (Women's Program Outline)
Give Thanks (Senior's Program Outline)
Harvest Basket (Drama)

Youth Group Ideas:
Activities (from

Thanksgiving Music Suggestions - a list of contemporary songs that work really nicely with ThanksgivingSaveSave
Reminders for Movers

Reminders for Movers

Don't forget to do these things.....

Here are some things you need to remember to do, if you have recently changed appointments. -
If you have recently changed appointments and you are registered at either of these websites,, please log in and change your address using the My Account link in the upper menu bar.

SAMIS, CMS, etc.
Don't forget to have the Location Information changed on other system accounts. ­Once you have access to your new location, make this a priority. ­

DID YOU KNOW? ­The public web service for people searching for Salvation Army churches or services, is populated by the information you put into SAMIS. ­If your location information is out-of-date it will not be helpful. ­To check the public information ­available for your current location - visit­

Looking For Inspiration in Spanish Ministry?

Looking For Inspiration in Spanish Ministry?

Spanish Resources

If you are helping to resource Spanish ministry and need some helpful resources for sermon writing, check out the Salvation Army Spanish Sermons posted on ­If you use the advanced search tools for Denomination - and click on The Salvation Army, you will get a lengthy list of sermons - many of which are in Spanish!

Administration de Poste

Administration de Poste


Administration de PosteUn LEADERSHIP EFFICACE au sein de l’Armée
du Salut consiste à encourager la prise de décisions,
afin de donner une direction et d’obtenir les résultats
Chaque poste, peu importe sa taille, doit avoir un cadre pour
soutenir sa mission. Un modèle de gouvernance est ce cadre qui
sert à harmoniser la communication et la prise de décision en ce qui
a trait aux objectifs du poste.  Administration de Poste
The Story

The Story

Great Ministry Resource!

How would you like 31 weeks of your preaching/teaching, Bible Study, and Sunday School curriculum packaged and ready to go for the fall?­The creators of ‘THE STORY’ have done just that!­ The ministry kit includes studies, lessons, videos and more – all ready to go!­ Your children follow the same teaching plan as your adults, and it’s all included!

What gets your attention faster than a good story?­ Jesus’ teaching was almost always in story form:­ The Good Samaritan, The Sower & The Seed, The Rich Man, The Good Shepherd, and many more.­ So here’s a great resource for every corps called The Story.

The Story, published by Zondervan, is an approach to learning and understanding the Bible using the same message and theme for your entire congregation each week for 31 weeks.

I remember being at a hot air balloon festival, where there was a large balloon floating overhead.­ A boy excitedly pointed out the balloon to his parents, saying look – a boat with animals in it.­ No one seemed to be aware that that boat came from a story in the Bible, with a lesson attached to it, with a message from God to His people.­

Many people now a days did not grow up going to Sunday School and hearing the fundamental stories about God’s interaction with His people in the world around us.­Telling The Story responds to our cultural norm where people respond to images!­ We need to be telling and teaching the Bible stories that God has given to His people.­
Imagine the conversations your members could have on the way home and around the dinner table,
talking about what was learned in Sunday school this week by parents
who heard the same portion of scripture taught
in their sermon.



Included in the start up kit are ministry materials and plans for all ages to be studying, adult, youth and children’s ministry.
  • Work through 31 Bible stories in a chronological order.
  • The story of God’s great love us and know and understand your part in God’s plan
  • Gain an understanding of how the Bible lesson works itself out on this earth and how it fits into God’s bigger plan
  • Curriculum and DVD resources for each age group
  • Bibles for each age group that read like a story
  • Materials are also available in Spanish
For more detailed information visit
Order -­­
Harper Collins Canada:
Tony Federici
OR CALL ­1 800 387 0117

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Children's items
Children's Items