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One Army Series

Are you wondering what its all about?
­WHAT: Our unique international teaching resource, using Video, and Bible curriculum.
WHY:­ Devised to explain the nature and purposes of ‘the Army’, One Army brings together Salvationists and friends the world over.
  • For those who want to know more about The Salvation Army, this is the most up-to-date, informative and concise guide available.
  • For Salvationists who want to confirm their own faith and mission, this is as reliable and authentic guide you will find anywhere.
  • For those who want to broaden their horizons, support and encourage others around the world and learn about other cultures, this will achieve all those aims.
HOW:­ Workbooks and videos are vailable online ( or in hard copy.­ LEADERS guides can be downloaded only after you create a user account and log in.
CONTENT: A series of twelve studies, focusing on One Army In Calling, Covenant, Christ, Truth, Purpose, Prayer, Fellowship, Service, Faith, Holiness, Hope, Love.­
FORMAT:­ Each series contains several group study outlines, complete with Video, Leaders' guide (books delivered to each Corps), Participant's workbook (downloadable), Discussion Questions (for group study and online).

One Army LIVE Studies

One Army LIVE Studies

THE modest living room at the home of Majors Nick and Kerry Coke (corps officers at Raynes Park, United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland) hosted more than 300 people at the launch of the One Army Live series of discussions. Fortunately for the comfort of all involved, most of the hundreds of Salvationists and friends were taking part online, as part of a live, interactive web chat – the first in a five-week pilot.

Hosted by Major Kerry Coke, co-presenter of the One Army DVD series, the hour-long session included contributions from Raynes Park Corps regulars Joe, Viv, Phil, Gill, Morten, Jennifer, Glenys and Malcolm. Supported by International Headquarters Communications team members David Giles and Gary Rose, Major Nick Coke brought in contributions in real time from right around the world.

The internationalism was demonstrated from the outset, as Morten – a Salvationist from Denmark – opened in prayer in Danish. Underscoring the connectedness brought about by the webcast, he was reunited with Stella – a friend from his home corps – who participated online throughout the evening. Commissioner Robert Street, the project manager and author of the One Army materials, joined in remotely from Stotfold Corps.

The One Army teaching programme uses written and video material to provide an understanding of what The Salvation Army is, does and believes. It seeks to ensure that Salvationists and friends from around the world have the same basic understanding of what it means to 'be' The Salvation Army. And, as Commissioner Street is keen to remind people, 'Essentially, One Army material is centred on Jesus.'

In all, 30 countries were represented during the evening, with the specially-built website ( and social media platforms Periscope, Twitter and Facebook all being used to share Bible study, prayer and fellowship as ‘One Army’.

The topics included ‘One Life To Live’, which was enriched by one of the online participants sharing a photo of his newborn baby (‘We can confirm life IS an amazing gift!' wrote Steve from the UK). Cultural and societal differences were highlighted through a number of contributions too, with online contributor Oleg offering a timely reflection from Ukraine on war, conflict and unrest: ‘With all [these] difficulties God cares about everyone! Enjoy what you have.’

As the evening progressed, exploring the lives of Jesus and Salvation Army Founder William Booth, some personal testimonies were shared. ‘Jesus is our salvation,’ shared Malcolm at Raynes Park before admitting: ‘And that’s one of the things that I’ve failed to accept. I struggled for many years to give my life to Jesus … The biggest thing that stops people coming to Christ is that they don’t think they’re good enough. Jesus has already died on that cross for us.’

Reaction to the pilot was positive, with comments among the Raynes Park participants including ‘the community was great’, ‘the next few weeks will be really exciting’ and ‘I’ve really enjoyed it’.

Major Kerry Coke was heartened by the success of the inaugural broadcast. ‘It’s been wonderful to do One Army Live and to have people sharing with us from around the world. It just changes the focus – it makes it a much more international thing.’ Addressing those who might have missed the first online discussion, she adds: ‘One Army is absolutely for you – so make sure you join in next week!’

•    One Army Live continues at 7.30pm GMT each Wednesday until 10 February at, where all the videos and resources are also accessible
•    The site also includes video footage of the entire first session
•    Find out what people thought of One Army Live at

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One Army Study Series

One Army Study Series

Here is what the IHQ have said about these studies:
"... integral aspects of the Army will be presented for information, inspiration, discussion and response. They will show what the Army is, what it teaches and what it does. The series will be presented using various forms of communication and include participation and interaction. Especially, it will be presented in the context of how each life can find its own place in the will and purposes of God. This being so, One Army can:

Give everyone an opportunity to find the joy of using their one life for their creator God.
Show how a life given back to God can be transformed and enriched, and of a quality only he can give.
Reveal how The Salvation Army emphasises personal relationship with God as being at the heart and meaning of life."...­ (read more)

EVERY ministry unit in Canada and Bermuda have now received a copy of the ONE ARMY binder, DVD, and first study book.­ To find out more about this series visit:


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