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Careforce Lifekeys - Purpose and History

What is it?
Through a system of small groups, participants are able to share together in  an environment of unconditional love, acceptance and confidentiality, all ingredients necessary for recovery.  These programs have been developed by the Board of Management whose members are qualified in areas of social work, psychology, teaching and theology.

History (supplied by and used with permission of Careforce Lifekeys Australia)

Careforce Lifekeys was birthed in 1992 in Melbourne Australia and has been responsible for thousands of lives experiencing a renewal of God’s grace, with countless others receiving Jesus Christ for the first time and joining a local church. Careforce Lifekeys began as a ministry of Careforce Church, Mount Evelyn in Victoria, Australia. This was brought about because of the churches insufficient resources to meet the needs of human suffering through one-on-one counseling. A programme was developed using small groups with trained leaders, along with a competent teacher and a structured teaching programme to assist people both inside and outside the church to experience the grace of God. The ministry was developed by Senior Pastors Allan and Helen Meyer of Careforce Church (formerly Mt Evelyn Christian Fellowship) and came from their passion to see the healing love of Christ touch both churched and unchurched alike.

Careforce Lifekeys Model aims to provide;

  • A way for the leadership of a church to disciple more people,
  • A means to effectively use the healing power of community through the creation of small groups,
  • A place to belong and feel safe to work through issues,
  • An opportunity for people to feel safe because their issues are normalized, i.e. ‘I am not the only person with this problem.’

Careforce Lifekeys does not replace personal pastoring and care!

Careforce Lifekeys emerged in response to the following issues:

  • A growing awareness of the number of hurting people in the church;
  • The recognition that there were insufficient resources to meet these needs through one on one counseling and pastoral care;
  • An awareness that a new way of doing ministry needed to be developed if people were to be discipled from brokenness to wholeness.

An additional motivating factor was the recognition that the community in this post-modern era had moved so far from Christian values that people coming to the Lord often needed to be rebuilt from the ground up with a total reconstruction of mind, heart and lifestyle.

Careforce is founded on the belief that there is healing in the body of Christ, the Church, that can be experienced in small groups.

Christian recovery works in four interrelated areas and aims to address the whole person: actions, thinking, spirit and emotions. Christian recovery seeks to meet people at their point of need, in their trials and allows them to ‘taste and see that the Lord is good.’ Psalm 34:8a It aims to not only restore function and control to wounded people, but to lead them into a whole new level of trust in the Redeemer and a brand new or renewed confidence in the power and truth of His Word.

How Does It Work?

Careforce Lifekeys is a series of 10-week courses focusing on spiritual, cognitive, emotional and behavioral aspects of life and having a format similar to Alpha in that the actual teaching is provided via CD/DVD’s followed by small group interactions.

Careforce can function as a follow-up to Alpha in that it provides depth and nurture for new believers and helps people to divest themselves of emotional baggage within a Scriptural context where the small group experience provides support, processing and accountability. It also functions well in context with the Natural Church Development programme.

The programs of Careforce are based on the words of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5. This forms the Biblical foundation for all of the programs, and is described as The Arena of Healing.

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The Salvation Army Connection:

At the June 2004 Territorial Leaders Conference there was a panel presentation on, ‘Healing and Wholeness Ministries.’

Major’s Howard and Robyn Smartt (Directors of Pastoral Services) came to Canada, from Australia, with experience and training in Careforce Lifekeys. Their presence with us provided opportunity to promote the use of Careforce Lifekeys as a further step in addressing healing and wholeness in the Canada and Bermuda Territory.

In 2005 two delegates were chosen from each Division to participate in the Careforce Lifekeys experience. In this way the development of regional and local capacity can be ensured.

In 2006 the Corps Ministries Department formed an Adult Ministries department to enfold Community Care Ministries, Services to Seniors and Careforce Lifekeys Ministries and appointed an Adult Ministries Secretary to facilitate these ministries across the Canada and Bermuda Territory.

For more Information contact Territorial Adult Ministries Secretary.

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