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Ministry To Seniors


Services to Seniors exists to provide a caring, supportive venue which seeks to minister to the ‘whole’ person; taking into account the spiritual, emotional, physical and social aspects of the individual.
  • We want to be recognized for who we are—children of God
  • We want opportunity to know Jesus Christ personally
  • We want to be nurtured in our faith
  • We want to enjoy good Christian fellowship
  • We want to gain information
  • We want opportunities to be in ministry
  • We want to share our diverse life experiences
  • We want to use our gifts and abilities


SAMIS STATISTICS: Statistics for this program should be entered into the activity 'OLDER ADULT MINISTRIES''. If you cannot see this on your Enter Statistics page, go to ACTION -> MANAGE PROGRAM ACTIVITIES and locate the activity.  Enter an 'open date' in the form and save.  Starting from the open date you entered, you will see this item listed on your Enter Statistics page.  More SAMIS tips.

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