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Spiritual Formation

Welcome to the new Spiritual Formation area of our website.  On this page you can naviagate to the latest information available on our site using the 5 topics above.

I'm A Leader

I'm A Leader

Scripture Writing Plan

This Scripture Writing Plan focused on leaders and leadership can be used in a variety of ways.  Use it with the Corps Council/Ministry Board; distribute with a journal to new leaders, all leaders; as appreciation for service or to kick off a new season of leadership.

Another option is to save the image below, and use it in an email to the leadership team, share on a website or social media.

I'm A Leader - Scripture Writing Plan (pdf) 
I'm A Leader Scripture Writing Plan
Whole World Mobilizing Movement

Whole World Mobilizing Movement

Now there's an APP for that!

 IHQ has recently released an APP for TWWM.
This "oneArmy" App helps us each in taking a spiritual, social, missional and international approach to the Whole World Mobilising movement.

Download for your device:

iOS - iTunes

Android - Google Play

Other helpful links:

#TheWholeWorldMobilising (Article)
Right Now Media Promo

Right Now Media Promo

Major Brian Bishop

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Major Brian Bishop recommends Right Now Media as a great tool to promote spiritual development.   Click here to REGISTER NOW!
The Parables - for LENT

The Parables - for LENT

Follow this reading plan and devotional.

Still looking for a LENT resource to enhance your walk through this season? 
This daily resource for LENT has been adapted from a 1947 booklet by Mark Beaufoy, and arranged into readings for LENT by Major Lois Garcia.

Download the print ready .pdf that can be copied and shared: Download the pdf

Or click in daily online at
Right Now Media - EXTENDED

Right Now Media - EXTENDED

Salvation Army Partnership

Right Now Media websiteThe Canada and Bermuda Territory of The Salvation Army has made the spiritual health and wellness of all Salvationists, employees, volunteers and the people we serve a strategic priority. We are therefore excited to offer this large community of people the gift of PRE-PAID access has been extended until August 2018, to a huge, streaming, online library of over 12,000 Bible study videos, leadership videos, kids’ shows and more. RightNow Media has been described as “the Netflix of Christian videos.”  

Click here to register:
RightNow Media

Feedback from registrants:
"I am absolutely thrilled to have this resource back.  Thank you so much for the investment!"
"Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I am so excited to check out the "Netflix of Christian videos" as mentioned in your message copied below.  I will certainly be passing this info onto our congregation and staff."

BULLETIN INSERT - Copies of the bulletin and poster are available on Lotus Notes.
SHARE - Everyone must register individually.  Corps are requested to share the link with congregations and encourage people to register.
ACCESS - To enjoy this gift, please register here: 

Registrants will have access to thousands of video resources to help you with parenting, marriage, discipleship, kids’ programs and more.  The site includes content for all ages and stages of life, and, you can invite corps members, family members and friends to set up their own accounts.
Before you sign up for your own account, please note that this website is managed by RightNow Media, a company based in the United States and subject to American laws.  As part of the sign-up process, you will be asked to provide certain information, such as your name, e-mail address, gender, birth year, employment status with The Salvation Army and marital status. The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territory does not have access to the personal information that you provide or control over it.  To learn more about RightNow Media’s Privacy Policy, please go to
At the end of this first year of subscription, the Canada and Bermuda Territory of The Salvation Army will decide, based on the feedback received, whether to renew the subscription for this service.  So be sure to try it out,



Great new DVD study resource

BREATHE - study resourceThis DVD bible study series can be used in a variety of contexts. It includes 12 vignettes by Jason Hildebrand, Canadian actor and performer, and a study guide by Major Ray Harris.  It is based on the premise that we must live close enough to God to hear Him breathe.  This is a free gift to each corps, compliments of the THQ Program Services department.  The study guide is included on the DVD disk, and can be accessed using a computer.
One complimentary copy is being shipped to every ministry unit in the territory.

Watch for your package!
Right Now Media

Right Now Media

New one year agreement for all corps

Embedded Content Register today and share this link with everyone in your corps/ministry unit!  This offer is valid to all members of The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territory.

For more details about this resource click here.
Spiritual Disicipline : Sabbath

Spiritual Disicipline : Sabbath

Resources for August

There are a variety of resources available for the promotion and focus on SABBATH, the Spiritual Discipline topic for August.  Get your resources here or click on the image below.
Devotional Materials

Devotional Materials

Some great resources for you and your family

One of our greatest responsibilities and challenges is to help families encourage their children to regularly spend time with God. Finding the tool that fits each child and family is not always easy. So we've got a few resources that you might want to direct your families to consider: Fine a broad selection of devotional material for children of all ages.  Ordering online only.

Legacy Press - Has a line of devotional books for girls ages 3-5, 6-9, 10-12 entitled God and Me, and a line for boys ages 3-5, 6-9, 10-12 entitled Gotta Have God. There are three books now available for each age level. They also have fictional novels and books to help preteens discover more about themselves as they discover the changes that are happening to their bodies.

Salvation Army Trade - Check out the listings available from Supplies & Purchasing.

Focus on the Family - Developing strong families has always been the mission of Focus on the Family. They have a wide range of family devotional books that can be used around the dinner table to help develop family bonds. (Focus on the Family has partnered with to sell their product)
April is Prayer

April is Prayer

Mobilize: Spiritual Disciplines

Prayer Icon

During the month of April the Spiritual Disciplines focus is on PRAYER.  For resources visit:

For prayer room ideas, prayer walks, and other great ideas to foster more prayer, visit  and search the prayer ideas.  Lots of ideas available for free download.
Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual Disciplines

New Resources!

Practising Spiritual Disciplines is an exciting new resource designed to educate and inspire Salvationists to explore 12 spiritual disciplines which offers practical, hands - on materials that can be used to guide Salvationists on their spiritual journey. This focus fits with the territory's strategic priority of Spiritual Health under the Mobilize theme. Our prayer is that this tool will draw Salvationists closer to God and, in return, bless our community and mission.

Take up the challenge of practising a different spiritual discipline each month for one year: prayer, evangelism, Scripture, solitude, Sabbath, hospitality, tithing, service, worship, guidance, self - denial and confession. Invite God to speak into your life, to show you his glory and to transform you into his image. God will use these spiritual disciplines to strengthen your relationship with him. He has promised: "Come near to God and he will come near to you" (James 4:8 NIV).
Practising Spiritual Disciplines resources
Find the Practising Spiritual Disciplines poster to display in your ministry unit, a suggested monthly guide and 12 monthly bulletin inserts for download in black and white and colour on Also included will be a one - page study guide for each discipline and additional resources. A French version of the materials will be available soon.
One Army LIVE Studies

One Army LIVE Studies

Tune in to a home study in the UK

THE modest living room at the home of Majors Nick and Kerry Coke (corps officers at Raynes Park, United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland) hosted more than 300 people at the launch of the One Army Live series of discussions. Fortunately for the comfort of all involved, most of the hundreds of Salvationists and friends were taking part online, as part of a live, interactive web chat – the first in a five-week pilot.

Hosted by Major Kerry Coke, co-presenter of the One Army DVD series, the hour-long session included contributions from Raynes Park Corps regulars Joe, Viv, Phil, Gill, Morten, Jennifer, Glenys and Malcolm. Supported by International Headquarters Communications team members David Giles and Gary Rose, Major Nick Coke brought in contributions in real time from right around the world.

The internationalism was demonstrated from the outset, as Morten – a Salvationist from Denmark – opened in prayer in Danish. Underscoring the connectedness brought about by the webcast, he was reunited with Stella – a friend from his home corps – who participated online throughout the evening. Commissioner Robert Street, the project manager and author of the One Army materials, joined in remotely from Stotfold Corps.

The One Army teaching programme uses written and video material to provide an understanding of what The Salvation Army is, does and believes. It seeks to ensure that Salvationists and friends from around the world have the same basic understanding of what it means to 'be' The Salvation Army. And, as Commissioner Street is keen to remind people, 'Essentially, One Army material is centred on Jesus.'

In all, 30 countries were represented during the evening, with the specially-built website ( and social media platforms Periscope, Twitter and Facebook all being used to share Bible study, prayer and fellowship as ‘One Army’.

The topics included ‘One Life To Live’, which was enriched by one of the online participants sharing a photo of his newborn baby (‘We can confirm life IS an amazing gift!' wrote Steve from the UK). Cultural and societal differences were highlighted through a number of contributions too, with online contributor Oleg offering a timely reflection from Ukraine on war, conflict and unrest: ‘With all [these] difficulties God cares about everyone! Enjoy what you have.’

As the evening progressed, exploring the lives of Jesus and Salvation Army Founder William Booth, some personal testimonies were shared. ‘Jesus is our salvation,’ shared Malcolm at Raynes Park before admitting: ‘And that’s one of the things that I’ve failed to accept. I struggled for many years to give my life to Jesus … The biggest thing that stops people coming to Christ is that they don’t think they’re good enough. Jesus has already died on that cross for us.’

Reaction to the pilot was positive, with comments among the Raynes Park participants including ‘the community was great’, ‘the next few weeks will be really exciting’ and ‘I’ve really enjoyed it’.

Major Kerry Coke was heartened by the success of the inaugural broadcast. ‘It’s been wonderful to do One Army Live and to have people sharing with us from around the world. It just changes the focus – it makes it a much more international thing.’ Addressing those who might have missed the first online discussion, she adds: ‘One Army is absolutely for you – so make sure you join in next week!’

•    One Army Live continues at 7.30pm GMT each Wednesday until 10 February at, where all the videos and resources are also accessible
•    The site also includes video footage of the entire first session
•    Find out what people thought of One Army Live at

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Peace in Our Time, O Lord

Peace in Our Time, O Lord

Responsive Reading

This resource is a set of powerpoint slides with a responsive reading especially relevant in our unsettled world.  PRAYER FOR PEACE  is a reading using Psalm 46 and excerpts from the hymn by John Oxenham. 

Prayer for Peace Title Slide
Adult Discipleship Materials

Adult Discipleship Materials

Do you need adult Bible studies?

One Army - Bible Study Series (Video & Workbook design)  This resource has 9 units, which cover all the Army positions as reflected in the Doctrines, but is not designed as a Soldiership curriculum.

Word Action Curriculum (  Word Action is one of the children's Sunday School Curriculum promoted by THQ and they have some great adult study series.  These would be eligible for a discount to Salvation Army units if ordered by email through the

Scripture Press adult studies are also promoted from THQ as curriculum options.  They have a number of adult Wesleyan study series. ( These would be eligible for a discount to Salvation Army units if ordered by email through the
Simple Mentoring Guide

Simple Mentoring Guide

Download the Free App

Here is an app useful for officers and youth leaders/workers.  A free application from TSA Australia Territory.

Google Play

Also available on the App Store.

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