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“People no longer give to the church simply because it is the church. The church must prove it is worthy of donations through the mark it leaves on the world.”
- George Barna

As a member of the church, Christ’s body, you’re called to leave a mark on the world, something that tells those around you that you’re not indifferent to the suffering and injustice there is all around us. First of all, there’s the call of Jesus to go into all the world and make disciples. That’s certainly making a mark, as is offering practical help to those less fortunate, or doing random acts of kindness in our communities.
In short, to make a difference and leave a mark means doing something and not being passive. We’ve all been given time and talents and treasures, and learning how to use those gifts wisely and well is what stewardship is all about. There are ways we can learn and practice godly stewardship In our homes, our communities and our churches, and here are some practical ways you can find out more…

Crown Financial Ministries is highly recommended to you as a resource provider for stewardship materials that are excellent, known to work well, and applicable for all ages. The spiritual health of congregations is a major goal of this ministry, and they are commended to you.

Small Groups
Small groups are ideal places to share your life with other people, to gain encouragement for the struggles and praise for the victories of life. Recommended group studies in spiritual disciplines and stewardship can be found here.

Debt Free Living
Canadians are in debt to the tune of $628 billion dollars, so if you’re feeling the pinch of too much spending, you’re not alone. There is excellent counsel out there if you desire to get out of debt and experience the freedom of being able to give more freely and cheerfully to God’s Kingdom work. See our recommended resources in this section.

Individuals & Families
No matter what life stage or age you are, there are great tools to help you be a good biblical steward and disciple. Practical helps for children to retirees can be found in this section.

Church Leadership
As a pastor or church leader, you’re called on to provide counsel and help to people in every area of life. Find tools to help you lead effectively in the areas of marriage preparation, stewardship, spiritual disciplines and more in this section.

Time & Talents
You’re gifted by God to help build His Kingdom! Find tools here to find out how you are gifted and how that translates into practical ministry. Discover how to invest your time wisely, as well.

Resources Library
If you’re interested in “one-stop shopping”, this is the place for you! Book reviews, sermon outlines, DVD and video clip recommendations, and more! If you are interested in tools used for a corps ministry analysis, stewardship assessment or recording system, you can find them here.

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