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God is Doing a New Thing Through Women's Ministries

At The Salvation Army Nanaimo Community Church Home League , a new member of Home League stated that God had laid it on her heart to propose a Community Family Potluck.  The event was designed to target two main goals, to reach out to the community and to assist low income families.

The idea seemed to be unreal and challenging, taking into account that the Home League attendance is 13-15 at average.  Nevertheless, the Lord often uses an idea supported by a few people and turns it into a big project.  Everyone was inspired by the idea of reaching out to individuals and families from the community.  The new venture was accepted and the planning begun. The first event happened less than two weeks later.

Home League ladies had decided that this new initiative would be supported solely by their efforts and it would become the Home League Community Outreach Project.  Invitations and posters were designed and printed very quickly.  Several managers from the community stores and gas stations were contacted with the requests to put the advertisements on the front doors of their stores.   The community was invited with postcards, posters, personal phone calls, and word of mouth.

Although mainly supported by the Home League it is the combined efforts of the Home League, Corps members, Kitchen team of The Salvation Army New Hope Center, and the youth in helping with set-up, food, children’s programs and clean-up that the Community Family Potluck has become a huge success.  The preparation process was a learning experience as well with helping each person to discover an area of their giftedness.  Everyone found their unique place in the big family project.

The first Community Family Potluck was dedicated to the Fall Harvest and consisted of prayer, a short message and interactions between Corps people and guests at the tables.  The second event became more creative with a growing number of people from the church and the community becoming involved.  One of the Corps members hosted a "jam" session after dinner featuring guitar, piano, singing, drums, and great entertainment.  Guests have enjoyed listening to the Christian Country music.  Each event attracted about 75 people including the Corps members, their friends and guests.

Not only are we building relationships with the community but building and strengthening relationship between the Corps members in informal settings while the different age groups have an opportunity to serve and spend time together.

The Home League ladies have found it to be totally enjoyable and are looking forward to hosting new families who will be moving into the neighbourhood due to the townhouse construction development across from the Corps building.
Captain Tatiana Kachanova