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Youth Discipleship Program

Youth Discipleship BrochureThis program has been designed to:
• fit every local setting
• address the need for a specific program for Ministry Training and Mentoring.

By allowing the Bible Study component to function independently from the ministry training, more groups across this territory now have the opportunity to use an Army based Bible Study. The addition of the Mentoring component opens up a new opportunity for enhanced spiritual development.

The Youth Discipleship Program provides a biblically based Bible Study with an expansive biblical scope and sequence, upholding Salvation Army Doctrine and Positional Statements and addressing current teen issues. The scope and sequence covers a six year period, and is written for two different levels: Junior High and Senior High.

The Bible Study material includes a leader’s guide and FULL COLOR student pages. Each lesson is designed with FUN starter options, an in-depth Bible Study segment which requires interactive use of the Bible, and a practical application addressing the needs of today’s teens. Each course contains 10 lessons which can be held over a 20 week period, so that Bible Study can be interspersed with Ministry Training. This allows maximum flexibility in planning with your local group, and also incorporates free weeks for those who wish to participate in the Mentoring component, or cover hot topic studies.

GOALS AND PURPOSES: To provide an Army based teen Bible Study that will provide a solid foundation for the development of Christ-like characteristics, leading to vibrant spirituality, enriching fellowship and effective life-changing service. To foster, by example and challenge, in every young person, a love for God, a sense of belonging and a recognition of The Salvation Army as his/her place of worship.

The Ministry Training component of the Youth Discipleship Program, also known as CROSSzone (11-13 years) and CROSStraining (14-16 years), encourages Salvation Army young people to develop and use their ministry and leadership skills. Young people who wish to be involved in this program must also attend the Bible Study consistently. Each Ministry Training workshop includes a one hour training session and one hour hands-on-activity. Outlines and worksheets for workshops can be found in the Ministry Training Handbook, and cover a wide variety of topics such as Evangelism, Counselling, Missions and Christian Disciplines. Leaders may also choose to design a workshop on a subject of interest to their group. The Ministry Training Handbook is available through the Online Ordering Catalogue.

The Ministry Training program can be run separate from the Bible Study if leaders are available, or by the Bible Study leader. Students from both levels of the Bible Study can work together on the Ministry Training workshops. This allows greater flexibility in the planning and organization of these events, and more young people will benefit from the input of various leaders.

Graduation certificates are available following the 3 year CROSSzone and 3 year CROSStraining programs. In order for young people to receive certificates at the end of each course or Graduation certificates at the end of the three year programs, the proper records need to be kept. The Children & Youth Discipleship Record can be found in the Ministry Training Handbook. 

In order to receive CROSSzone (11-13 yrs) certificates young people are required to: Attend/participate in a minimum of 8 of 10 Bible Study sessions, Complete 2 Ministry Training workshops, one of which should involve planning and participation in a public Sunday service. In order to receive CROSStraining (14-16 yrs) certificates young people are required to: Attend/participate in a minimum of 8 of 10 Bible Study sessions and complete monthly evaluation, Complete 4 Ministry Training workshops, one of which should involve planning and participation in a public Sunday service.

The purpose of the Mentoring component of the Youth Discipleship Program is to provide young people of The Salvation Army with a tool to encourage and assist them in developing consistent, focused Bible study along with accountability to a mature Christian who can nurture and guide them in the development of their faith. Any participant who is attending a Bible Study on a consistent basis, and wants to be challenged in their spiritual walk may choose to participate.

The Mentoring program involves regular completion of the Student Connection Planner and a monthly meeting with a mentor. The Student Connection Planner is available through the Online Ordering Catalogue.  It is the responsibility of the local youth worker or corps officer to find a suitable (same gender) mentor for any youth who wish to participate, and ensure that the Screening process is fully completed. The Mentor’s Guide, included with each shipment of planners, outlines other requirements and considerations for mentors.

STUDENT REQUIREMENTS: Complete the daily readings found in the Student Connection Planner, taking time to answer the questions and note specific prayer concerns. Learn and recite the Bible memory verses for the mentor. Meet with a mentor on a monthly basis to discuss answers to the questions and how the daily readings encourage and uphold Christian lifestyle. Have the mentor sign the journal at each meeting, and report to the local youth worker or corps officer that the requirements for completion are being met.

OBJECTIVES: To develop the daily habit of reading God’s Word and evaluating its meaning for day to day life. To develop spiritual accountability with a mature Christian who will encourage and nurture spiritual growth. To read the Bible in a systematic fashion and develop the fruit of the spirit. To cultivate a spirit of prayer.Save
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