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LIFEWALK The LIFEWALK mentoring program is designed to develop and refine leadership qualities in young adults. Mentoring is a critical link in developing, protecting and enhancing Christian leadership. It is a significant relationship with specific goals in the area of spiritual, leadership and skill development.

Mentoring is a relationship with intention. While programs themselves do not make leaders, programs facilitate, or provide a catalyst for the process to happen. One of the best ways to guarantee spontaneity is to plan very carefully! A process (program) with a clear goal will facilitate the development of a purposeful relationship. LIFEWALK is designed to facilitate an effective mentoring relationship.

LIFEWALK is an independent study to be accomplished under the direction of a mentor who is chosen in consultation with the participant. The program has three main components: personal Bible study, leadership and personal skill development.

The mentor must:be consistent, show concern, and commitment; be a person who is permitted to provide guidance and direction for someone who is younger or less experienced; be a person who enters a voluntary relationship of trust and mutual respect with another person in which learning is a by-product.

Mentors must remember that their primary job is to come alongside a young person or allow a young person to come alongside them.

The purpose of LIFEWALK is to provide further opportunity for leadership development for:

Young people (17- 20) who: have completed at least one year of CROSStraining; indicate the desire and have the potential to become a local officer; are willing and able to commit to a one or two year mentoring relationship

Young adults (21+) who:indicate the desire and have the potential to become a local officer; are willing and able to commit to a one or two year mentoring relationship.

LIFEWALK is designed to provide a structure, a framework for the development of a mentoring relationship between a corps local officer and a young adult. This mentoring relationship will assist the participant in the development of particular skills and abilities such as practical and spiritual leadership, which will enable the participant to confidently fulfill a leadership role.

The mentoring program exists to reach the following objectives: to help young adults reach the goal of leadership; to develop leaders for the local corps; to encourage and support a young adult; to increase awareness of leadership possibilities in The Salvation Army.

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