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­The Youth Discipleship program encourages the use of the Student Connection planner as a mentoring tool.­ Student should be connected with a mature Christian (guidelines are sent with journals) for accountability and guidance with their daily Bible reading plan, scripture memory, and prayer focus.

When using the Mentoring Program­as part of the CROSSzone/CROSStraining program, it is designed to enhance the biblical learning that takes place in the Jr. High Bible Study (CROSSzone) or Sr. High Bible Study (CROSStraining) through consistent interaction with a mature Christian.

Using the Student Connection Planner each student and mentor make a commitment to a Bible Reading and memorization plan, and an intentional monthly appointment for accountability. The program is intented to be used by students who are regularly attending Bible study and wish to develop their spiritual walk.

FEATURES:­ This planner has all the features of a student planner, with the added benefit of providing a Bible verse for each day, a thought provoking question each day, the chapters/verses for a Bible reading plan (student choose from three different plans), a prayer focus for each day.

Inside view:

Download and print the Student Info Guide and Mentor Information pamphlets. (Find French version below)

Learn more about the Mentoring Program.(pdf)

To find out more about CROSSzone and CROSStraining follow the 'Discipleship Programs' link at the top of the page.

ORDERING:­ For the student journal, units can order­directly from Bible League of Canada. ­Journals cost $2.95 each, and include free shipping in Canada. ­These journals are no longer available on

FRANÒªAISDes Mentors Le programme de mentorat a pour but de fournir aux jeunes de l’Armée du Salut un outil qui les encourage et les aide à poursuivre leur cheminement spirituel de façon constante, particulièrement par l’étude de la Parole de Dieu, sous la responsabilité d’un chrétien mature capable de les encadrer et de les guider dans le développement de leur foi.

Programme De Mentorat

Programme de Formation De Jeunes Disciples

"The pages enclosed are to help those who feel called to "mentor" others. They are conversational starters. They are subjects that might spark dialogue as mentors and "mentees" get to know one another, build trust with each other, and explore the spiritual journey - together." Beverly Ivany (Major) Written by Beverly Ivany (Major)

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